Drumstick soup

A bowl of hot soup is all I ask for in this cold weather. I usually make some or the other kind of soup when I reach home literally shivering. It is very challenging to come up with new soups as we get bored of having same again and again.

I usually keep a big batch of drumsticks in freezer. So  when I saw a drumstick soup recipe in my collection, I wanted to give it a try. I changed it to suit our tastes. Increase the number of drumsticks if you like a strong taste of it. With the following amount, it had a mild taste of drumstick.

10-15 pieces of drumsticks
1/3 cup chopped onion
1 tea spn butter
2 cloves
1 bay leaf
1/2 tea spn pepper

Cook drumstick in enough water. Press it down with a spoon to remove all the juicy flesh or if you have more time, scoop out the fleshy part.

Discard the outer skin.
Blend it along with water used to cook them to get a smooth paste.
Heat butter and fry onions. Blend them to smooth paste.
Mix this with drumstick paste, add powdered cloves, bay leaf, pepper powder, salt and cook till soup thickens a bit. Serve hot with a dollop of butter on top.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15mins

31 thoughts on “Drumstick soup”

  1. Shilpa… You are so creative. Soup out of drumstick is the last thing i can imagine. My son is a is a big lover of drumstick. Planning to try it right away. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, something I would never even imagine making a soup out of..I love drumsticks, keep on chewing on till there is only husk left. Will try this soup for sure…

  3. Shilpa, I have never tried this vegetable, but it seems to be so popular that curiosity will get me to try it. 😀 I am glad that you give details about the outer skin not being eaten or I would be chewing for a looong time!

    Shilpa: Hahaha. It is a very popular vegetable in South India Pel. Tastes great in sambar and other things. It is full of iron. Try it sometime, you may(or may not) like it.

  4. I too have drumsticks in my freezer all the time, just in case I feel like making aviyal, which I don’t normally make… a soup is a great idea, never heard of it before!

  5. Hi Shilpa,

    Ive just discovered all these food blogs and im too excited about it.. I love your website and love going thru all the recipes.. Drumstick soup is so interesting and i just cant wait to try it out..
    Ive been married a year and initially i used to find it difficult to cook coz i really didnt know how to.. And i used to hate it.. But now with all these food blogs ive discovered ive become so passionate about cooking.. Ive improved as a cook, thanks to your website and i cant wait to get home from work and cook dinner trying out some new recipe..
    I will keep visiting for more and hopefully one day ill be good enough to start my own food blog 🙂

  6. Shilpa- Drumstick soup is so new to me.. a.k.a will definitely give it a try soon!..:) and also these days I am a bit lazy to cook, with 15mins of Prep time if I happen to make this soup. then gotta try for sure!


  7. What an original, creative recipe…
    Both hubby and I love Mashinga-Sang and always compete as to who can chew them the most!!!
    Will definitely try this with fresh drumsticks.
    I somehow do not like the frozen or tinned drumsticks – they have a totally different texture.
    Those who are lucky to have a drumstick tree in their backyard, could probably also add the drumstick leaves for added colour and texture.

  8. this is a simply superb idea and i guess i will be having a lot of this when i visit my hubby’s native next month as there is a drumstick tree there and quite a few times most of the drumsticks go to waste even though they get distributed throughout the neighbourhood………its a simply suberb idea…..thanx

  9. Hye Shilpa,

    Really never heard of this but shall give a try.
    One more recipe of drum sticks for you – make two inches pieces of drum stick after washing it add salt, chilley powder and garam masala or kaala masala whichever you use for cooking – as taste required keep it aside for 5 – 10 minutes.

    Heat the frying pan – add some oil and add the drumsticks to it – close it which a heavy lid and cook it on the steam for about 10 minutes, open the lid and fry the other side of the drumsticks – when done – serve it hot as side dish with your dinner or lunch – tastes niiiiiiiiice.

  10. Hi shilpa,

    Drumstick soup (Murungai kasayam), is not a new dish to me atleast . My mother is serving us this for the past 20 years. She has picked up this dish from an old village lady near by coimabatore in tamilnadu. So it must be an south indian old traditonal dish.
    One can add some garlic or spring onion or ginger to spice up. it will be yummy. Mint or corinder leaves also adds different tastes!

    This soup is very good for people suffering with kidney stones.
    It is also prepared as an aphrodisc dish by adding some herbs!!


  11. I tried, must say this is WOW. i love drumstick n my hubby doesnt, so i put some frozen corn into the soup and added some vinegar too..i didnt put onions as i dont eat them, forgot bay leaves n cloves. Just added butter, hing, salt, pepper n some vinegar.My husband relished the soup thinking it was sweet corn soup..ahhahaha…

  12. hi shilpa,

    this is the first time i am reading ur recipes and cant stop reading it.
    actually i have a 10 month old baby boy. i was looking for some tasty soup recepies for him. he has his taste buds very much active at this age only 🙂 and i am sure i can make him happy with this.
    thanks a lot… u made my life easy and healthy 🙂

    i truely appreciate ur afforts!!!


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