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This is a personal website/blog. So it does not have any option for reader’s recipes.

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  1. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a very big Fan of your website, I followup regularly for new posts. Pls let me know if I can submit a recepie, If yes, how ?

    Shilpa: As I have already mentioned above, there is no option for reader’s recipe as of now. Sorry.

    1. Hi Ms.Shilpa,
      Just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I lost my mother in Jan this year. She was in my hometown Hubli and I Iive in Mumbai. I would call her to seek help on any recipe. She was my google, encylopedia everything… Now that she isn’t there, my dad stays with me and Iam cooking for him until I find a cook for us. Your website helped me cook some Konkani dishes and he liked them. He was very happy that I could cook traditional Konkani dishes.
      Thanx again to bring all Konkani recipes on one portal and making it available free. Its a great service you are doing. One shouldn’t mind even being a paid member to such a wonderful blog site. I miss my mom but atleast her recipes will remain with me through your blog. keep continuing the good work as there will be many like me who miss there moms food for some or the other reason. God bless….

    2. Thanks for your kind words Nagraj. Precisely that is the reason I started this blog. I did not want all our traditional recipes lost. Our next generation may not even know the food we grew up eating, I hope this way atleast some people will be encouraged to cook Konkani dishes. I have tried to gather as many possible from my aayi and other elders in the family. I am so glad it is helping all of you. Keep visiting.

    3. Manubhai P Merchant

      I read your article about Kokum.A very good presentation with lot of interesting information.I am seventy years of age and I find kokum tel very much effective for kracks on the heels of feet and I use a lot.This is usually available in Bombay and I always use it.Unfortunately I am running low.Can you pl inform me whether it is sold anywhere here in US.I live in Pennsylvania near Phhiladelphia. I would also request you let me know if you know the malyalam name of Kokum tel as one of my friends is coming from Kerala and I can request him to buy for me from shops selling ayurvedic
      herbs in Kerala and bring for me here.Thanks

    4. Hello Shilpa,

      I make veg and non veg samosas using the spring roll wrappers. I want to know why does some batch turn black when I put it in oil. What could be the reason. Please let me know as soon as possible

      Thanking you

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  2. Dear Madam/sir,

    i am interested in learning cake making.pls suggest.

    warm regards,

    Shilpa: There are many cake recipes on this site which are very simple. Give them a try.

  3. Hi,
    Love most of the recipes… I especialy like it when you write some amchigale phrases. It is hoot when my son tries to read it!!
    I am trying to find a good recipe for alvathi. I could not find it on the website. Do you know of a sure fire fool proof method?

  4. dr shilpa,

    how ru, wrote in to wish you parents a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, may they enjoy many more years of togetherness.



    Shilpa: Thanks Smitha.

  5. Hello,

    Just wanted to know if you would be open to selling advertising on your site

    I am looking to buy an advert for a store selling Caribbean & Jamaican food products. A simple text link advert from your site’s left or right panel should do.

    Please let me know if you are interested and I will let you know further details.


    Shilpa: Sorry, I am not showing any more advertisements on the site as of now. Will contact you if i decide otherwise in future. Thanks

  6. I visited a place called Pinguli adjoining Mapusa – Maharashtra boder village (Rawool Maharaj village). There I had Kokkum sherbat and bought kokkum seeds wax. I ate lot of konkani style food.

    Your website is good.

  7. Hi,

    This is Ashok Gupta, starting a Food processing company in Chennai. We need some skilled persons to make Appalam, Papad and Pickles on large scale. We will offer attractive salary and all support required to work in Chennai.
    Can you please recommend some people for this position?
    Work location is Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

    Looking forward to your positive response.

    Thanks & Regards

  8. Hi Shilpa ,

    My Daughter just delivered. She is breast feeding her son. I would like to ask what vegetables ( karwari food ) can she eat so that it is less gassy for her and her baby?
    Can you comment?

    Shilpa: Sorry, I don’t know.

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I’m trying to look for a good Mutton recipe, but cudn’t find one, I’m so happy with the dishes on ur site n the ones I’ve tried, so tot, will give a try to a new mutton dish. Can u please help, is it ter and i can’t find it.

    Thank, awaiting ur assistance


    Shilpa: Sorry Smitha. I don’t cook mutton. So I won’t be posting any mutton recipes here.

  10. Rashmi.Kulkarni

    I would like to post my few selected recipes o this site.what is the procedure.?

    Shilpa: Please read the post above. I do not have option for reader’s recipes.

  11. Hi Shilpa,
    Really you have wonderful collection and such huge archives, I also loved reading on the brahmi and other herbs posted by your aayi. thank you
    Many years(15) ago-i had attended a wedding in goa-they were nayak’s n the food was all authentic konkani-there was a dish sounding something like “udak methi” had asked some aunties over there-all i remember is methi , jaggery -but it was amazing- do you think you can help me out on this one?
    thanks a lot,

    Shilpa: I think you are talking about udid methi

  12. Hi Shilpa,
    Could you tell me what English names are given to:
    1. Harave Soppu in Kannada, Bangalore side
    2. Sapsigey Soppu in Kannada, Bangalore side.

    awaiting for your reply

    Shilpa: 1) Amaranth leaves 2) Dill leaves

  13. Hi Shilpa: Pls advise a good natural remedy (vegetable) for Hi Blood Pressure

    Thank u.

    shilpa: Sorry, I don’t have anything as of now. Will keep an eye

  14. Kind Attn: Shilpa,
    I Hav Gone through your web site ,My mom is a big fan of yours she had ten fifteen recipies of yours
    and it was amazing ,to be frank this mail is regarding my buisness related work ,i just wanted to ask you
    that wether you use Duplex cartons Or flexible materials for food packing purpose and we are in the
    Packaging buisness since from 1991,we are serving prestigious companies like NESTLE,CAMPCO,HINDUSTAN Since from 18 years, so if you can provide me your mail id Ill mail my company kindly consinder us and reply back.
    Kind Regards,VISHAK NAIK.

    Shilpa: Thanks Vishak for your kind words. I do not have any food business, so I don’t use any packaging materials.

  15. Can you please use the metric units (such as 250 ml) instead of using words like 1cup?
    The problem with Cup is that in USA, it means 250ml but in India it means 200 ml.
    So it is always confusing.

    PS: What does 1 Cup mean on your site? 250ml or 200 ml?

    Shilpa: US measuring cup.

  16. Shilpa,
    My hushas bought a big ball of gouda cheese from gujrat. Though internet provides lots of continental recipes using it, pl suggest any Indian vegetarian one if u are aware. I do not have an over either.

    Shilpa: Sorry, Never used this cheese. Will find out more about it.

  17. Hi Shilpa,

    Your website and receipes is excellent, Infact I have learnt and understood most of it, though not being a GSB by birth.

    If you have a few minutes to spare can you please give me details about Vain Pooja during Ganpathi.

    I want to know all the prayers also that are said during this pooja.

    You have shared information on ur website for this but it is very limited.

    Awaiting your reply

    Shilpa: Vina, Every family has their own tradition for any pooja. That is why I do not post any details on the site. I will ask aayi what she follows and mail it if possible (it is not possible to reply immediately, Sorry)

  18. Have a friend that has grandaughter 7 yrs old. Has a disorder that requires a special diet to prevent seizures. Her special dietary requirements prevent her from having any sugar or any sugar subst. No carbs allowed. She is allowed fruit. Her birthday is end of June. Would like to make her a birthday cake but parents are stumped. I told them I would research for them. She likes chocolate but they told me she is not allowed it since it contains sugar or sweetners. Do you have a recipe for a cake, or an idea for a birthday cake/treat?
    anything that ends in ‘ose’ means sugar, so it is not allowed.
    She is allowed heavy cream, so i was thinking a cheesecake but can you make it without sweetners or is anything else that will imitate sweetness? Natural vanilla I found might be a good choice. Also must be egg whites, not whole eggs.

    Shilpa: Sorry, I don’t know.

  19. Hello Aayi,
    I just wanted you to know that I blogged about your mango lassi and gave you full credit for it. It will appear tomorrow, Thursday, June 25 on the blog I cited above. It was so good. My brother and I loved it!
    Do you have any other similar drinks from Asia (non-alcoholic?).

  20. Hi Shilpa,

    can i get a pdf copy of al the recipes in this site.. i really need to take a print out of these for easy access while cooking.. plz help in this regard..

    Shilpa: I don’t have a print option as of now. Will provide it when I get time.

  21. Hey Shilpa,

    I am a big fan of your website. I am a student in the US and started cooking after coming here; as I didn’t have an option…;)… But I somehow started liking cooking and was interested in trying different recipes.
    I was always on the lookout for recipes of our Amchigele cuisine and stumbled upon your website once. Since then, I have been trying your recipes one by one and they have always turned out good…:).Thanks…:)


  22. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried many of your recipes.Loved it.
    But I have request to be made.Do you know how to prepare bhakarvadi.Its very famous in pune.I would be glad if you can post this recipe.

    Thank You.

  23. hi…

    your site is wonderful looking at how itsjust managed by one..& wow..u have touched almost all categories of indian cooking & that too with pics..
    Bravo!!..i’ll keep this site as my cooking guide.
    Also wanted to share a recipe with u…u cud post it if u find it good.
    This is a simple & easy kheer….with ingredients taht we most often have at home & also good fr babies(>6 months to the elderly as its easy to digest-its good ppl with indigestion etc.

    Milk-1/2 litre
    Rice Flour-3tbspns
    sugar-3-4 tbpsns
    Fresh coconut powder- (optional)- 2 tspns
    khus khus(gasagasalu)- soaked & ground-2 tspns
    Dry fruits & nuts cud be ground coarsely & added-(Raisins,Cashew,Badam,etc)

    1.Bring milk to boil in a pan & when boils add rice flour & stir to avoid lumps.
    2.Since we add rice flour it cooks very quickly (approx-1-2 mins). Add coconut powder & khus khus paste & stir
    3.Cook for a minute.Add coarsely ground nuts.
    4.Let it cool a bit & add sugar as required.

    (For babies skip coconut & khus khus & add more milk. I feed this to my nephew when I run out of cerelac & he loves this!!!)

  24. Dear Shilpa,
    Can you please create a seperate catagory titled “recipe request” where we can put in our requests for certain recipes?
    Can you please post recipe of a very popular snack in Mumbai-Dabeli,also pronounced as Dhabeli.

    Shilpa: There is “contact” section already. You can put the requests there.

  25. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a regular reader of your programme. Could you tell me ” how to prepare wheat flour halwa “. I assume this is a north indian dish.

    thanking you

    Shilpa: I don’t have the recipe, but will look for it.

  26. Hi Shilpa…
    I recently came across a way to cook dal in a vessel instead of a cooker. I am not sure how to go about it. Should the dal be soaked overnight n cooked next day. Also, should the water used for soaking dal be used for cooking? what are the advantages/disadvantages if the dal soaked water is used for cooking dal next day… when dal is soaked overnight… ?

    Shilpa: Never cooked this way, I always use cooker as it makes cooking a lot easier. But I have seen rajma being cooked in same water that is used for soaking.

  27. i know cooking in pressure cooker would be a lot easier… but i believe the taste of dal is different and better when cooked in a vessel. do let me know if you come across something… i really like this blog… i m a foodie and i love cooking… your site is really refreshing…

  28. Hi Shilpa,

    I have been looking around for a good recipe to prepare the authentic baby bolu(bola pito) as we call it in konkani…. some of the ingredients are like ragi, wheat, parboiled rice…and many more…. it would be great if u can get me the exact recipe for this….

    thank u.

  29. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a huge fan of your site, still learning how to cook many of the dishes I am sure that you find easy to make.

    I was wondering if you post a recipe for channa palak.
    I searched your site and did not find it.

    Also, there is a dish that I tried recently made with eggplant, okra and tomatoes. It seemed to have masala garam base, but I am not 100% sure. Does any such dish sound familiar to you?

    Thanks in advance,


    Shilpa: Sorry, don’t know any such dish.

  30. i really likes your recipes . your recipes are gud in test as well as they are very simple and easy. can u send me the recipe og ur eggless pineapple cake . it was gud . i think u removed that page plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me



    Shilpa: Sweta, Many people mentioned the pineapple cake recipe didn’t work out for them, so I have removed it from the site. I will put it back once I try it again.

  31. Reading some of your recipes. Very nice. When you say green chillis, or chilli powder, what exactly are you referring to? Jalapenjo, poblano, thai, etc. And when you say chilli powder – the kind you use in Chili? Curious.

    Shilpa: No, these are the chilli powders/green chillies available in Indian stores. I don’t know of any specific name.

  32. Dear Shilpa,
    I met two konkanis at my sanskrit class. One is more Bangalorean than konkani and the other is a typical saraswat konkani, I told her about your website and the recipes i have tried so far. One difficulty i found was to pronounce several things as you do because as they were written in English. Kindly help me to sort this out. She has promised to bring Teppal in our next class. Will try and message.
    I read a very nice recipe for Appam(kerala) in a tamil magazine and it really turned out to be fanstastic with this measurement
    1 cup boiled rice
    1 3/4 cup raw rice
    a hand ful of urad
    2 handsfull of poha
    2 tsp methi
    Soak for 4 to 5 hrs and ground along with a little sugar and salt
    ferment for 7 to 8 hrs and make appams
    I tried and they tasted divine, i immediately thought of your love for dosas
    pl try
    All the best

  33. Hi Shilpa,
    I have been following your blog for close to 3 years now and it has been an immense help for me whenever i feel like having a home cooked food. My dad is from mirjan near kumta and Mom from honnavar, so i have grown up eating konkani food. When i came to know that you too stay in Kansas city, i had to write this.
    Well i have been trying to get surmai here and had no luck getting it from anyplace. And then i read that you found it in the Chinese market. Is it the one in river market or any other one. Will be glad to hear from you.

    Shilpa: Subhash, we used to get it from Citimarket in downtown. But these days we buy from Whole foods (near Ambica, 89th and Metcalf).

  34. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for the neeru dosa recipe… sorry I did not search by the name coconut dosa troubled you…
    Now I am troubling you for another recipe…. Chocolate… I searched in this website and in many websites like Sanjeev and tarla dalal, but there is not direct recipe for chocolate… the one which my mom says is that of chocolate burfi.( she adds a tsp of maida..) .. when you take a bite of this you actually do not get the taste of actual chocolate.( you can taste the coarse powder in it).. but one of my colleague prepared it and it tassted like the real chocolate.. her recipe has nothing in it.. equal amount of milk compound and chocolate bar !! … I want the recipe to prepare that chocolate …using which ppl prepare other delicacies.. do you know how to prepare chocolates..?? I have bought everything today.. condensed milk, cocoa pwd, plain butter… but the proportions and all I have no idea.. could you please help??

    Shilpa: sorry, I don’t have it.

  35. hi shilpa

    thx for replying,this recipe is gud , i tried it,if u dont want to load it its ok can u send me in my ID.if possible

    thanks s


    Shilpa: The email id that you used here is not working. Please leave your id and I will send it. (I normally dont email recipes, but since I have removed it from the site, I will send you.)

  36. Hi Shilpa,
    Have been going thro your blog for a long time now… It really good.. Thank you. Keep blogging in all quick & easy recipes.
    I wanted some suggestions: I yesterday made panner bcoz the milk got spoilt.. So there was lot of water left after the panner was set. Guess it is called Whey not sure. Can you suggest if I can really use that water to prepare something. Please suggest. Thank you so much.

    Shilpa: You could use it while making chapati dough/ making rice.

  37. Hi Shilpa,

    I like this website a lot and has helped me cook better. I used to know only dhali tooy, rice and some basic stuff. Now i know a lot more. I keep looking for new posts on ut website.
    Thanks a lot.


  38. Dear Shilpa,

    Just visited your Aayi’s Recipes today. However we have been brought up since our childhood on Batatya Song but made differently. It has boiled potatoes, onions, tamarind paste, kashmiri chilly powder, jaggery and generous amount of pure coconut on top with salt as per taste. The consistency is like thick curry and tastes hot and yummy. My parents come from South coastal Kanara and I have tasted the same in most of our relatives whom we have visited.
    Expect you to put some of your insights.


    Shilpa: Sorry, I have no idea what Sheera rice is. We make a sweetdish called Sheera, if that is what you are looking for.

  40. Hi Shilpa,
    I went thru ur blog, n found it very intresting, d recipes are yummy n tempting. I am from Goa, presently in US. plz if u can post d recipe of bebinca- it’s a goan dessert n tastes too gud.


  41. Hi,
    Your site is really good. I had tried many recipes from it and enjoyed them.
    Thanks for all these recipes.
    I had found eggless pineapple cake recipe on your site few days before. But now I am not able to find it
    on your site.
    Can you please post it on site or email me.

    Thanks and regards,

    Shilpa: I removed it from the site because many people said they didn’t get it right. I did not see anyone who said it worked for them. I will post it after trying it once more.

  42. Hi Shilpa,

    Congratulation to you for such a wonderful site. It has been of great help to me many a times.

    Please reply by email to carry out further conversation.

    Thanks and Regards,

  43. Hi ,
    I stay in Aurangabad and am married to Konkani, I am from Andhra.
    Recently My husband brought kgs of whole Ragi from his village.
    How to use it apart from making porridge which I used to make when my son was a ababy.
    This site is good and informative specially for people like us.


  44. I liked new look of the website.. But i think the older one was better.. This looks quite professional one.. Aayi touch is less..But then again, when we look at the recipes, Aayi is there again.. 🙂

    1. hello iam a kannadiga residing in agra(city of taj mahal), my wife is from rural area,i found during google search,i liked ur recipes very much as i searched for her(sorry for us) and now i am enjoying,thank u shilpa madam and ur collegues for the effort..thank u..

  45. Hi ,
    I’m writing first time though I follow your recipes from long time . If I want to cook some vegetable differently apart from our andhra style the first site I look is this. Hats off to your effort. So far my family didn’t say “not good” to any recipe I tried from this site. Thank you !
    Recently I brought massor dal (both whole and split) from shop. I was using the dal like regular toor dal but one of my friend said that masoor dal is not good and it is banned in India. As I’m from Andhra mostly we use toor and mung for daal recipes. I thought let me try this dal and brought masoor .
    So can you please tell me is it true that masoor is not good?
    I searched on the net but cldn’t find anything .

  46. Shilpa Bhopatkar

    Ever since I found your blog last year, I have become a better cook. My husband will often comment when something I make turns out well (and when it turns out not so well, much to my chagrin) and when it turns out well, I am invariably using YOUR recipe! Today I bought a cabbage and was going to make a side dish with it, but before being left to my own devices, I decided to check and see how YOU make it. Your website has become a household name. So thank you for having this blog. I am learning so much.

  47. dear madam, it is good that you have modified website. now it is looks like a advance website, if you remember me, when i was in Germany, i have some problem to look the photo of bread, and you reply me. actually i am Design Engg, and also making good recipe at my home with my wife.
    PANDYA VIJAY 9427313490

  48. Where in mumbai i will get breadfruit.We need urgently so please reply us. I loved all d fish receipes my mouth started watering….

  49. Hi Shilpa,

    Great work….you have managed most of the GSB ritual information. I have a suggestion that it will be great if you add the mhalay paksha recipes ( not available on the web) since these are specific recipes. I am maharashtrian married to GSB and having tough time following the religious rituals specially food preparation. Your site helps with daily stuff but its difficult to get information on what is MUST on certain ocassions. The Vayana Pooja directions were great and came handy…

    Good Luck and Keep it up… You have no idea how much helpful you and your site is to those who are willing but dont have clue on how to proceed…..


    1. Thanks Aarti for kind words. I will surely try, but cannot promise. Aayi is having some trouble with her internet connection and I am too busy with work :(.

  50. Hi Shilpa,
    I have tried many recipes from your blog and each one has come out very well.Thank you so much.Can you post the recipe for fried moong dal something like haldiram’s. I tried it once, but it won’t be so crispy and expand as we get in bakery.Even I used baking powder while soaking. But after frying it will be shrinked.


  51. Hi,
    I am a GSb married to a north India. I like my moms chakali she used to make during Diwali. My MIL think i am of no use as i dont know to cook much as i maried very early.After 7 yrs of marriage and witha new dil this diwali my mil thinks she will make me feel Low. Well i know i need not write this but i want to make some kodbaloo & Chakuli(using coconut milk). Can u pls forward me the recipe or the link where i can find

  52. Hi Shilpa!

    Thanks for a wonderful website. Presently I am in the UK, working and trying to learn cooking. Your site has helped much to improve my skills.

    Could you please tell me how to prepare ghee rice and avalakki usli

    Thank you very much

  53. Hi Shilpa,

    Please help me with this…

    What is the script followed by the book “Amgele Khana Jevan” (hope I got it right) ? Where can I get it, specially outside India ? And also ouside Karnataka ?
    What is the gauranteed place to get one ?

    I have the English version but as you know, it does not cover everything. Do you suggest any set of books which should be ready reckoner for Manglorean cusine ?


  54. Shilpa

    I have tried the pineapple eggless cake and it has come out good except that it would be a little dry. I then tried adding apple sauce and it came out good, not as dry as with the original recipe.

    If you dont mind giving me the recipe please email it to me.


  55. Hi shilpa..great blog..iam from Andhra but did my Btech in bhatkal,northcanara..i found those delicious konkan dishes again after a long time here in ya blog..i really miss them..Thanx a lot for wonderful work..

  56. Shilpa,
    Even though I do not know you, your blog makes you seem like a family member. I have no passion for cooking, I just cook as I love to eat. AS luck would have it, my better half loves to cook and is particular about taste. But since finding about your blog, I have tried many of your recipes and they turn out great everytime. Now my culinary skills have improved drastically,partly because of my Aai(who had to give me crash course when she visited) and due to you. Growing up , my neighbours were konkani, my Aayi and ajju, as we called them. I have practically grown up at their house, so konkani food is very dear to me. And now due to you , it is near me too! thank you ,wishing you all that is the best in the world.

  57. Hi Shilpa, Thank you so much you have done a wonderful job here. People like me who has zero interest in cooking this website is very helpful. Want to know something immdly I just log in and get the info and ‘coz you got the pictures also it makes it so simple and I don’t freak out if I am doing it in the right way .. pictures are really really helpful. Alright now I need to know do you have any north indian recipes on the website .. my husband is big into north indian dishes so if you can guide me to it, it would be great. Thank you once again.

  58. HI Shilpa,

    This is the first time i am browsing for receipes and i saw your website. all your receipes are very nice. I am from Rajasthan. It would be nice to see some rajasthani dishes. I can give you an idea for receipes since i am not a pro like you i do not have exact measurings. But there are a few very good dishes that everybody might like. Let me know if you are interested.


    1. Thanks for your offer sapna. As of now, I am concentrating on traditional Konkani recipes and some more that I try and there is no option for reader’s recipes.

  59. Hi Shilpa, I was wondering if there is currently a way for us readers to sort the recipes alphabetically?

    I was searching for a recipe I had seen in your site long back and took a long time to find it as i didn’t remember the name of the recipe.You have 71 recipes under gravies , so I felt there could be an easier way to search within the category which I might be missing.Please let me know.

    1. Ramya, I did not realize we lost the feature when we redid the site. It used to get sorted alphabetically within category. I will try to get it back. Thanks

  60. Hi Shilpa,
    I’m a konkani guy living in London. I recently got married and both my wife and I enjoy trying out your recipes – authentic Konkani! Fantastic, you should really consider publishing a book with all these!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    P.S. I’m a web developer – so if you need any website-related work done, I’ll be more than happy to help.

  61. Hi Shilpa,

    I’m a GSB married to a Kokanastha Brahmin. My husband loves to eat a lot of North Indian delicacies as well as other Maharashtrian Brahmin stuff. We have recently purchased a new microwave oven. My request to you was, could you introduce a special section in your blog wherein you could write about recipes for microwave?

    If you already have such recipes, could you please guide me to find them on your blog(as in, give me a link to those or something like that)?

    Thanks and regards,


    1. No, I don’t have such section as of now. I normally don’t use microwave for my cooking. I feel most (atleast 80%) of the dishes you make on stove top can be made in microwave

  62. hi shilpa
    im a konkani from kerala…i loved your blog so much…as per your y’days tip,today i hav tried the semiliquid rava upma ..nd it came out well…i used 3 cups of water for 1cup fried rava nd 3o ml oil for seasoning…as you said by adding more water nd oil, it turned out tasty soft semiliquid upma as of restaurent type…thank you for your guidance,shilpa…always i will visit your blog for sure…

  63. A very funny thing happened today. Bhendichi bhaaji like my mom makes it is my absolute favorite bhaaji ever. It turns out just right between crispy and soft and has sola in it. So I called her up at lunch time ( which was 11.30 PM in India ) and asked her to tell me exactly like she does it.

    She tells me – oh I have not made it in a while – let me look it up on

    I love your website and I visit it all the time but to me it was the funniest thing in the world that I called my Aayi and she said she would go to your site to get some recipe hehehe!

  64. Sangeetha Prabhu

    Hi Shilpa,

    I just love your site and i hv been referring to it for a long time. The photos of your recipes are too good. But your previous page with the yellow background was very nice why the change!!!
    Have u posted your photo on your site, would really love to see u, as u feel like a part of my family. Your comments feel like you are speaking to us directly. I am a GSB married and staying in Mumbai. Everytime i visit your site i am inspired to cook something new. Keep up the good work. I have also told a lot of my GSB friends about your site as THE place for amchi recipes. Regards.

  65. Hi Shilpa,

    I really like your site. I’m a journalism master’s student and am doing a project on Indian Food blogs from North America. Would I be able to interview you for my project?





  67. Hi Shilpa,

    Browsed some of your recipes. Bookmarked the site for further reading and reference. Good to know the recipes from Konkan region which remains a black box for many.
    Best wishes.
    sanjeeta kk

  68. Hi Shilpa,

    Your site was a real boon when i was staying alone in the US. And after coming back to India, i showed my mom and dad your site, They loved it and have complimented you for the articulate details ! Do you know the “nachani satva” raagi pudding. Could you add the recipe for that ?

  69. Hello. You make mention of using chili powder often. I am in Northern California, and here chili powder is more of a Spanish or Mexican variety of spices. Is this the same as what you use, and if not, what are the ingredients and where can I find the mix? Also, where might I find curry leaves?
    Thank you, Kat

    1. Both from Indian grocery stores. Chilli powder is a powder made from dried red chillies. A very basic ingredient in many Indian dishes.

  70. I needed anaarase recipe , a very popular maharastrian festival delight,
    I would appreciate to have it.
    Thank you,

  71. Hi Shilpa,

    I have tried several recipes from your websites and they have almost always turned out great. (I had some problems with the vermicilli idli, they turned hard. Is it because I hadn’t beaten the curd?).
    I would love to have a recipe for cheesecake, specially eggless. Can you please post it?

  72. hi,
    can u plz provide a recipe for masala puri in which some curry like is used in streets along with all those is that masala(curry)prepared?
    waiting for your reply.
    thank you..

  73. Hi Shilpa,

    Am a regular visitor to ur site.My hubby always says that my day starts with seeing ur site..:)!!Anyways am happy that i learn to cook by seeing ur site..:)

    Just wanted to know if u stay in Seattle??We r planning to reloate to seattle from CA as my hubby got project in Microsoft.So let me know if u can help me in finding apartment etc etc..Its not a must!!!!If ur busy np..:)Anyways take care..n i just love ur site..:)


  74. kavita khandeparkar

    Hi Shilpa,

    I am a GSB and staying in Mumbai. Even though i am married for the last 17 years, i still feel i have learnt very much from your different recipes. can u plz provide me with Mutton recipes as my son loves eating mutton and kheema, like kheema frankie or Mutton roganjosh. awaiting ur reply.


  75. Hi…I recently heard that starting one’s day with some soaked, mashed horse gram is excellent for weight loss. My understanding that it is different from brown lentils and I cannot find it anywhere in south Orange County California. Do you have any ideas?
    Thank you!


  76. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a regular visitor of your site and it is the best. Thanks for all your effort in putting up the recipes. I was looking out for Ginger Chicken in the search option. The Recipe showing on the website is Cardamon – Ginger Chicken. But while clicking on the link there is no page displaed it shows an error saying that the page is not found could you please look into it. Thanks a lot. Appreciate all your hard work. Thanks again.


  77. Hi Shilpa,

    Yours is a Wonderful site. This is the first site I look into whenever I feel like trying something new. Thanks…I get toor dhaal from many shops nearby my house. Can you please give me some suggestion in identifying the good quality one?


  78. Hi dear Shilpa,

    I am regular visitor of ur blog.I tried many of ur recipes several times and it came out very well.The tips for ur biriyani making were very very useful for me.Thank you very much for all ur efforts.

    Now I have to ask u one doubt.Can u suggest me a good food processor/mixer?Food processor or Mixer what will be suit for a family of 4 members?Please help.

    Regards to u and ur aayi,

  79. I like your aayis recipes very much. Just give me one pickle recipe of GSB kumta style

    on my above mail address. I eagerly waiting for your reply.

    The recipe name is Mechkuta Lonche

    Thanking you,

  80. Hi Shilpa…thank you so much for this site…
    could you pls tell me what is the difference between rasam and sambar?

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. As I understand, rasam is of very thin consistency and does not have vegetables. Sambar has vegetables in it and of thick consistency. Both have different spices.

  81. Hi Shilpa,

    i just loved ur site, and clarity in all ur recipes. very very helpful to new comers. I also belong to Kumta. (NK), but living in Mumbai.

    I would like to have besan laddoo recipe , as this is my daughters favourite.

    Thanx & Rgdrs

  82. i want to know how to make different types of smooth icing to decorate the cake, what ingedients will require to make icing. i want to make as my son’s birthday is near. please help me

  83. Thanks Shilpa to reply my query about mixers and food processors.Apple cake look delicious.Can I try it in microwave?Which type of oven do u have?

    Ur date cake recipe is still rocking in my family.I tried it several times in pressure cooker and always came out very very well.


    1. I have a convention oven. I never tried baking in microwave. If you have tried any other cake in microwave, this will also work the same way.

  84. hii…since am new …i dont know how to use the oven toaster..i’ve one sanyo model…will u pls help to learn abt it…..for eg-preheating,baking such things
    hop u’ll not disappoint me….thx

    1. Its very hard to know about electrical appliances without seeing/working with them. Everyone has its own settings. You need to refer the manual

  85. hi shilpa, can u share the recipe of whole raw mango pickle, i don’t wht’s it called. it’s a dish of manglore i guess…. can u help me out pls?

  86. Hi! Shilpa,

    I visit your site everyday, to check if you have shared Besan Laddoo recipe.
    Pleaseee share it if you have one. I just love ur site.


  87. Hi Shilpa,

    I had some doubts regarding dosa recipes.For moong dal dosa,should the batter need to be very runny or little more runnier than idli batter?And for potato dosa recipe,u mentioned about using 1 cup of mashed potatoes.Should it be boiled or just mash the raw potatoes?

    Btw,I tried ur spinach soup and it came out extremely well.Thanks in advance.


  88. Hi Shilpa,

    I am newly married and I am learning cooking now. I have tried some of your south India recipes and they were all successful. I consider your website as my cooking guru!!

    Thank you.

  89. Hi
    shilpa wonderful site easy cooking.can you tell me how to cook gobi manchuri without deep fry the gobi. Like shallow fry.

  90. Hi Shilpa,

    First of all I should thank you for this wonderful site. Its really like a God Send for novices like us. I have tried a lot of konkani recipies and they have turned out really well.

    Btw I am also from Mangalore and my husband from Ankola, so we are fond of our Konkani cuisine a lot.

    I would like to know, if you know the recipie for Mango Thokku. I had tasted it at a party and really liked it.

    Warm Regards,

  91. Hi Shilpa,

    First of all I should thank you for this wonderful site. Its really like a God Send for novices like us. I have tried a lot of konkani recipies and they have turned out really well.

    Btw I am also from Mangalore and my husband from Ankola (based out of Mumbai), so we are fond of our Konkani cuisine a lot.

    I would like to know, if you know the recipie for Mango Thokku. I had tasted it at a party and really liked it.

    Warm Regards,

  92. Hello & Help! –
    As I was looking for a recipe on how to make ghee, Google directed me to your website. Thank you for the recipe, I will try it. We belong to Costco also and I also buy the exact same butter.

    I need help on another matter. Could you help direct me on how to make palm sugar paste? We are looking for alternatives to refined sugars, and we have recipes that use palm sugar paste, but we could not find it in the stores we visited. But we did find jaggery at an Indian grocery. The owner told me I could combine it with some milk or water in a saucepan to get the same paste. But I need a recipe.

    Could you help me to get this 1 lb. Indian jaggery (gud/molasses) made into a paste that would be soft enough to spoon into recipes? Here is her link:

    Is it possible to do this paste at home with store bought jaggery, or have I made an error buying this? Thank you for any help in this matter.

    [email protected]

  93. Hey Shilpa,

    Nice job on all recipes. Just love your recipe details. Keep up the good work. Just a quick question. Do you have a mailing list? Whenever you post a new recipe, can you put me in the mailing list?

  94. Hi Shilpa, I love your recipes. You are doing wonderful job. I was just wondering, how can I add some recipes to your blog. let me know. thanks

  95. hii shilpa
    thanks a lot for the recipes
    i got to know abt ur blog thru one of my frnds
    am trying few of ur recipes one by one for the past few days
    it all turned out really delicious!!!
    i think i l b able to surprise everyone in my family with ur recipes!!
    thnks a lot n keep posting ne recipes

  96. hi, i am gargi badnikar. i just went through recipes and they were good . i have questions regarding posting of recipes. even i want to post few recipes made by my aai and myself. how do i register myself in this blog. kindly reply

  97. Hi Shilpatai,
    I love your blog and recipes. You are one of my cooking gurus 🙂
    I guess you are from belgam and I love one of the sweets made exclusively in belgaum named Kunda. I am sure you know about it and miss it here in US.
    Is it possible to make Kunda at home? Have you ever tried it?


    1. No, I am not from Belgaum, but I have lived in Belgaum for 4 years. I haven’t seen any Kunda recipe so far, if I find one, I will post it.

  98. Hey Shilpa,

    I am from India Mumbai to be precise. I have been reading your post for some time and am commenting for the first time.

    I visited a pooja organized at a temple for my friend [some dosha etc] who happens to be manglorean shetty. There after the pooja the food was served prepared by the pujaris or what they call braneir / bhattre na vanas don’t know if it sounds right. The food was divine. The dishes were simple but it had a great aroma and I simply cant forget that taste. There was a dish of pumpkin koddhel I guess. All the dishes had a peculiar taste / aroma.

    Do you know about this. Can you guide me to link that shall provide me recipe for their dishes. I don’t know if it is available as my friend says its their [temple priests] family secret recipe and they don’t divulge it.


  99. Hi,

    Can we cook Indian dishes in Olive Oil as well? Because olive oil is much healthier than normal cooking oil…

    Do let me know! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Some people use olive oil in Indian cooking. It is a personal choice. I don’t use it frequently as I feel it overpowers the taste/aroma.

  100. Hi Shilpa,

    What a wonderful web site discovered today by ‘Mumbai Mirror’s’ issue. Thanks for your generousity of allowing all your viewer’s the taste of your mum’s delicious meals.

    Please let me know if you have recipes for lactating mothers – like dink, coconut, methi ladoos. Besides these some mixture made with various dried fruits.

    Would appreciate your feedback/ recipes of this type other than the above, if there are.

    Thanks in anticipation – Ruby

  101. Hi Shilpa

    I am one of regular visitor to your blog and i love your receipes, especially konani ones as i am a GSB. i dont know you are aware today in Mumbai Mirror (part of times of india published) your blog details published under “website” section, here is the link please check it out.

    All the best keep going


  102. Hi Shilpa,

    Firstly Congratulations, Your blog was featured on Mumbai Mirror yesterday i.e. 14/01/10. And am proud that Aamchi Food is going international, Thanks to you.


  103. hi shilpa
    I am soooooooooooo happy to see konkani recipe.I went thro’ all ur recipe. i feel proud to see konkani recipe on the net.i am from south canara married into north kanara family.i will suggest everyone in my family to go thro’ this website(who r nt aware).


  104. Hi Shilpa,

    Can you come up with an index of vegetables available in chinese stores and indian name or reginal names for it. Will be really helpful for many of us.
    I normally see lot of leafy vegetable at chinese stores but sometimes do not know if that what we get in india. or please share the link if someone knows.
    Thanks So much

  105. Hi Shilpa, I tried your date cake couple of times and my daughter loves it. I baked the same for my friends birthday and everyone loved it.

    Take care,

  106. You have a very informative and well organised web site. Congratulations Shilpa!
    I live in Baltimore, Maryland and can you please tell me where I can get KUKOM seed powder?

  107. Dear Shilpa,

    Place either Twitter or Google Follow links so that your ardent fans can follow your blog/site on a regular basis. I have been following your website every now and then and have been regularly trying out various recipes posted therein to quench my thirst of cooking.

    I am currently drawing up details and content for my portal and shall be done in a couple of months. You may look up around April 2010 for I hope by the fools day, I should be in a position to go on-air!

    Cheerrzzz Satish

  108. Dear Shilpa,
    Thanks for sharing a lot of Goan Recipes. I’m also a Goan and I really love the coconut curry served in Hindu resturants in Goa with vegeterian Thali. We refer to it as Hindu coconut curry. They make it plain or with prawns, do you have the receipe for it. I think the coconut/coriander seeds are lightly roasted for this curry.


  109. Shrinivas Kamath

    Dear Shilpa,

    I have lived in the US for almost 50 years and my wife and I used to attend the AMKA gatherings in Chicago – Ugadi, Deevali etc. As people moved away, I noticed more and more catering getting commercial and the “home” cooking disappear. Your site and its recipes revives Konkani traditional cooking and the food taste that I enjoyed as a kid. Thanks.

  110. Hi,
    I was planning to try the easy spicy salmon recipe on here. Does the recipe not require any water to cook the salmon (you suggest only 2 tsp, that too if needed) and how long does it take in your experience to cook the fish ?

    1. No, it does not require any water. It takes about 10-15mins ( i can’t tell for sure because it depends on thickness of the piece you are using). I keep checking until it is done.

  111. hi shilpa,
    I went thro’ ur date cake recipe.can u please tell me temp setting in mcrowave
    (maximum is till 200’c).can i steam in cooker.which is the better of the two.
    sudha borkar

  112. Hi Shilpa,
    It gives us immense pleasure in nominating you for Sunshine Blog Award. Congratulations. We love the fact that your blog caters to the need for novice cook as well as those who want to experiment. Have tried some and liked them a lot.

  113. Hi,

    I was hoping you could help me identify a fruit that I ate in India. It looked like an edamame/soybean pod with prominent bulges. If you peeled away the green part, the insides were several pods that were pinkish/whitish in color. Not at all sticky. Each pod had a black seed that resembled a tamarind seed. Any idea what this fruit is called? Thank you!


  114. Hi Shilpa,
    Moment Isaw your site , Ihave become a fan of yours
    I told my wife, and Hope to enjoy more our own food.
    By the way my parents are frrom Kumta.
    I am from Belgaum and passout of GIT 87 batch -Now in Pune
    Anything clicks ?
    If possible be in touch.
    Remaining, once I hear from you
    Bye for now

  115. Hi Shilpa
    Thanks 4 this wonderful site as I love Konkani food…
    Can you please post the recipe of Veg Guassi??
    I used to love this when I was in Pune and the hotels used 2 serve excellent Guassi…
    It has cocounut in it and so many veggies also..
    Can you please help??
    its combination is with Appam/Neer dosa..
    Thank u..

  116. Hey Shilpa,

    Just wanted to say hi. We’ve never met but apparently we’re related (your Dad and my Dad are cousins). We visited your parents last month while we were in India. Drop me a line sometime. I’ve tasted your Aayi’s recipes first hand, so thanks for this site, it’s fantastic. You parents are certainly proud!

    Gautam Pai
    Cleveland, OH

  117. Hi,
    I liked your biryani recipes. Im a fan of biryanis as well. But for the last few days i have been searching the internet for prawn biryani recipe n hvnt been able to find it as yet. In particular its mangalorean style prawn biryani tht i have eaten in a few restaurants. Wondering if you wld be able to help.

  118. Hello
    Came to know about this site from konkanirecipes. This site is a boon to hungry bachelors like me, far from home! i love good veggie food and have been trying out stuff posted here.. dont feel like i am away! Thank you so much!!


  119. Hi i just wanted to say thanks for you r easy recipe . i just made some dishes from ur website and it turned out great. thanks …..

  120. Hi there, some of your recipe pics have been posted into facebook, i am not sure whether you are aware of it check out in facebook group KONKANI FOOD LOVERS

    1. Thanks SN. It is very sad that these people don’t understand copyrights. I see my pictures copied and posted on these FB groups so often :(.

  121. Respected Shilpa Akka,

    Megel dhuv (DAUGHTER) U.K university ,Eng. shikchya Gellya, tikka amchi geli food avadata poon karcha ye-na.
    Mhun tugel receipe teeka peteyalati.

    Thanks a Lot, Dev tugel bare karo..

    Chetan Anna

  122. i need to know whether any dormitorys are there in udupi and caters how can arrange for
    morning snack, lunch and dinner.for 15 days.

  123. do you know the recipe for Rodga ? its a maharastrian delicacy, like Baati of daal baati .
    and the eggplant curry that goes with it ?
    I had it in my college days when my classmates made it on a picnic.
    But dont remember.

  124. Dear Shilpa,

    Firstly, I love your blog/site and have been following it for ages! I’m an American expat living in the UK, and love to cook Asian food (I live in Birmingham, so I’m in a really good place for that lol!).

    My only issue with the site is that I haven’t seen an option to print the recipes incorporated into the web page, similar to other recipe sites. I can’t just print the page as is, because then I get all the comments, etc. And it doesn’t work very well to copy and paste the recipe (html document) into Word format.

    So is there any way you could have the site configured to have a Print option for the recipes? That would be incredibly helpful.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work…and wonderful, mouthwatering recipes (and photos!).

    1. Sheri, We added it today. Click on the particular post and at the end of the post, there is a print option. on the print option, you can remove what you don’t need.

  125. Hi Shilpa,
    Tried your recipe of banana peppers and potatoes. Came out nice, little hot then I added little brown sugsrIit is good that u go to American/Indian grocery stores and see available ingredients, and try recipes. Since I am also konkani, I liked ur recipes.Thanks

  126. Namaste

    I have been visiting this site for some time now.. (I am one of those always-hungry-away-from-home people). Being a student i dont like to spend time cooking. But come weekends i do try recipes from here.. Needless to say, amma is pleased! So thank you so much!


  127. Difference between GODA masala and Kala Masala

    Hi Shilpa,

    Really nice recipes you have provided on your site. However I would like to point out difference between Goda Masala and Kala Masala. You have mentioned them as same but there is a basic difference in ingredients among the two masala’s so they are not interchangable as both are distictively different.

    Kala masala has Onion browned in oil as well as ginger garlic. The black colour comes from spices getting wet look from the browned onion. Goda masala contains only spices and never has onion or garlic. Kala masala needs only water to make it into a complete curry anywhere. It also has more ingredients (32 in all).

    I hope this information help you in getting more information about Kala Masala.


  128. Hi Shilpa,

    Your collection of receipes is very nice. I wanted some suggestions from you.
    I’m looking for breakfast/snacks receipes wherein following items are not used:
    rice, poha, sugar, sabudana, bread, maida etc.
    when i think of receipes without the above things i can only think of parathas, daal dosa and upama. but one gets tired of eating parathas everyday… besides i need 2 receipes a day…. can you suggest me some more options?


  129. Hi Shilpa,

    I just come across your blog while browsing the net, it is very much intrested for those who wants to keep fit with the healthy recipes & food, if you have enough content with you then from my end i suggest you to write a book on this both in English & Kannada with offerdable price, that helps lot to many people..


  130. Hi Shilpa,

    I am planning to buy a conventional oven.Can u please tell me the brand that u use or ur favourite one?

    Thanks again!Great going.Keep it up.


  131. Hi shilpa, i was searching the web for authentic kokani receipes and your site is just great. I like the fact that you are giving a ‘back ground’ to every receipe and it makes it more readable and connecting. Do you know some receipe, i just happen to remember the names, kaylolya, suurnolya and spring onion tambli? (i hope i’m putting down the pronounciations properly.

  132. hi,
    i must tell u that u give us some best recipes.
    Before i got to know u i use to search recipes from sanjeev kapoor. But these days i look out recipes from u.U r very clear in instructions and ur food pics give us a clear idea for all.
    once again i would thank u and may god bless u with more good recipe ideas

  133. Nice work Chan vatle aapan aapli sanskuti japun thevali aahe kahi aankhi DRY FISHES chi recipe mi majhya blog var lavkarach post karnaar aahe Jar blog saathi material ready hone baaki aahe aapan hi recipe share Kelya baddal dhanyavad Amhala hi kaahi thoda Kaam kela paahije

    Saprem Abhar

    Mhatre’s Dry Fishes

  134. can you suggest me one thing?
    i saw chapathi & roti maker. i wanna buy it, but i dont know it works good or not, can you tell me whether its worth buying or not.

  135. Poornima Prabhu

    Hi Shilpa
    Can u post fresh Strawberry cake recipe….wanted to try one b4 Strawberry season gets over….Thanx.

  136. Dear Aayi,

    Can you tell me where I can buy unpopped Juwar so I can pop fresh at home. I tried getting from a couple of stores in southern california, but most burnt and were not the poppable variety. Do you have any contact in Pune or Mumbai or elsewhere where I can contact

  137. Poornima Prabhu

    Yeah,i have made that and it turned out SUPERB(my comment is the last one in that:))…….wanted a only strawberry cake recipe(Pink Cake,as my daughter says)if u have one

  138. Hello,

    Hope mom and daughter are enjoying each other’s company!!!

    Had a request for recipe of Dharwad peda. Have been looking but have not found one yet. Do you or Aayi know the recipe? If yes, please share.


  139. Hi Shilpa
    Have you tried melting chocolate for any recipes? If so would love a post on it. Always get scared to do it ..Been baking alot and want to get into frosting/icing the cakes..

  140. prasad thergaonkar

    i must first thank you for all the wonderful meals i have made from your site.

    i wanted to ask if you know of a rasam that is served cold – i used to have it regularly at a friends place in hyderabad, and really miss it. dont remember what it was called but it was typical telugu….


  141. Hi Shilpa,
    Am an ardent follower of your web site since 2 years. Kudos to your effort on making this site so useful to us all.

    Please can you share the Andhra Chilly chicken recipe as they make it in nandhini restuarants in bangalore. I really miss it as am in Doha now.

    Thanks again

  142. HI SHILPA


  143. Hi shilpa akka,
    i am a teenager who is extremely interested in cooking. I found your blog a few years back and since then have been a regular reader of your blog. Inspired by you,I have stared my own blog. It is new and doesn’t have much of anything, but I’d be extremely happy if you would visit it. The link is:

  144. sasikalaaravind

    hi aunty,
    when i was surfing cookery sites.i saw urs.i read some menu and went in came out well and my family members praised me a lot. thanks aunty.i want to join in ur blog as a member and keep in regular contact.

  145. hearty congrats on the new arrival….i have two aged 12 and 2 so for any parenting tips most welcome..


  146. Please inform me from where can I get Betel Leaves seeds
    to grow plant in my small garden.Also inform about Mint seeds,Lemon grass seeds.

  147. Hi shilpa,

    wish you happy Mothers day.
    Do post on your first mothers day celebration when ever you get some time.

    Enjoy your precious moments.


  148. hi shilpa…
    congratulation to u on baby boy…
    i simply love this website… this website really has variety n unique recipes…really wish to meet u in personal..
    ur tips n all activities really make me think ur age so just want to know ur age if u dont mind…u r so talented.. i wonder howcome u can mange ur s/w work, cooking crafts etc at same time.. u r really super women.. as i went thru ur site today i got boost worm seeing ur crafts n activities.. salute u for that…

  149. Hi Shilpa ,

    Great recipes. First logged onto ur site soon after my engagement.The way u put down those receipes gave me good confidence about cooking. Have tried a few dishes from yours and enjoyed them too. Now am also a mother of a baby boy. Am happy to know you are also a mom now, your baby is too lucky to have u mom. Wish you good life.
    Your site is my cookbook 🙂
    Janani Subramanian

  150. Hi Shilpa,

    I started cooking since last year, when I moved out of India. Since then I am following your blog. Have you tried Shev Bhaji, a maharashtrian recipe as spicy as the missal? I hope you try it and publish the recipe on your blog, so that, in turn I can try it out. I simply love shev bhaji, and have tried making it…but I fail everytime :(. looking forward for it on your website.


  151. Dear Shilpa,

    I was wondering if you had found time to read the last message that I sent you, regarding possible affiliation and advertising opportunities with a book publishing house, Constable & Robinson Books.

    We have identified your website as extremely interesting from a publishing perspective and would be extremely interested to speak to you regarding a business proposal, and, more generally, to hear how you have worked with publishing partners in the past, and how you might like to work with them in the future.

    With best regards,


    [email protected]

  152. Hello,
    I wanted the recipe of shrimps and fish curries (pomfret, mackrel, kane) in mangalorean style, could u please help.


  153. mohammad iqbal

    i buy a micriwave oven but i dont no how to operate it it have a four type of cooking microwave combination grill papad naram hone par kya karna hoga use kadak karne ke liye .when i back a cookies ander se poori kaccchi raeh gayi or temprature badhaya to jall gayiand maine jab bhi papad seka its rost 80-85% only .please help me and give me the suggestion to how to operate a microwave

    1. Keep the cookies for little longer on low temperature if they are not getting baked. Try keeping papad for longer time till it roasts completely

  154. Shilpa,
    Greetings from Austin, Texas!
    I wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your reading your recipes and look forward to trying them – spinach cutlets will be my first.
    If anyone reading this post is familiar with Austin and could recommend a good Indian grocery, their favorite restaurant or even someone to share/teach cooking lessons I would be most appreciative.

    [email protected]

  155. Hi Shilpa,

    This is the first time i am posting on your web.Ur site is a blessing in disguise, especially for people like us who have shifted from kumta long ago and now crave to eat those delicious typical kumta food and yummy sweets…Oah!Wow!!I just love the snacks..Yum Yum!!!

    I have tried most of your recipes, they came out really well.Now i can call myself above average cook, Ahem!Ahem!ofcourse the credit goes to you.

    Shilpa, do you know this dish Mutton Noanmiri?[it is actually boneless mutton cooked in only red chillies, its very spicy]…

    How can i share recipes/tips with you? I have a few, i learnt from my mummy.

    Take care,

    Jannat [DUBAI]

    1. Sorry, I have no idea about the recipe. As of now, I am keeping this site for my moms and my recipes as of now. In future I may have a section for reader’s recipes.

  156. Hi,Shilpa,
    Thanks for the effort taken to bring out the website.
    Please why don’t you provide the link of your site for facebook/orkut/google buzz/twitter etc., so that we have an instant post, when something new comes up as well it gives you wider followers.

  157. Hi Shilpa,

    You must have heard this quite a lot of time…your website is just awesome and I love each and every recipes in it.

    I wanted to know if you have recipe to make a simple sponge egg-less cake. I know how to make it but for some reason from last few times…it is not coming very well..So I thout that I will check with you if you have a way to make a eggless cake.

    Thank you for putting your recipes on internet and sharing it with all of us 🙂

    Regards – Anandita

  158. Hi Shilpa,

    Amazingggggg work!!! I am totally hooked on to your blog! You write your recipes in a very simple and easy and the pictures make your site really appealing. Congratulations for completing 5 years! Thanks a lot for all the hard work!


  159. Hi shilpa akka,
    can u publish the receipes with ‘Corn’ rawa. It is good to health.
    All yr receipes are good. That too yr pictorial method is very nice. Pictures are clean. It is very useful for everyone especially freshers. Thanks a lot.
    Congrats for the 5th year. On the foot path of 50th year. Great job.
    Thank u.

  160. I love nutmeg pickle. Do you have any stores where I can order this pickel either through web or by sending Demand draft. Awaiting eagerly for your reply. Thanks

  161. Hi I love your website.I have suggestion and request. Could you please start a Facebook page for aayi’s recipe..It is easier for many like me who access their Facebook more than email.


  162. Hi shilpa hv tried maximum receipes from ur blog al r vry easy as i browse frm my mobile it is vry diffcult for me leave a comment al the receipes r gud. Cn u plz post sweet dishes more like jahangir,jelabi as my son is a great fan of sweets.

  163. hi shilpa
    i absolutely luv ur recipes! cud u pls let me know what kind of pumpkin do u use here in the US? we get the big orange one in india but i have never seen it in the indian store..any variety from the american grocery stores that might be close in taste?

  164. Hi shilpa..i love ur recipes a lot.My mother is from morba(kumta) which is very nearest to ur native..konkani
    recipes and nadavara recipes both are almost similar which
    i came to know from your site.i had so many konkani friends
    infact i love konkani recipes very much where we can find
    veriety of curries,side dishes,desserts.Thank you for all your
    wonderfull recipes shilpa.

  165. Hi shilpa
    I love all ur recipes….i too have some recipes to share can i post them here? are you available on Facebook? am in UK do u knw any konkani here?
    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes…..:)

  166. Dear,
    Thanks for posting such beautiful Recepies & Pictures i enjoyed it very much. Being Chef myself, I say Bravo.

  167. dear shilpa,
    its a very good manglorean konkani food site. could you please guide me to where wiil i get the recipe book of OOta Uphara by Jaya Shenoy in mumbai? if you could help me i would be very much obliged. thanking you.

  168. dear shilpa,
    i find you recipes very interesteting have you published a book on Aayies receipes(Veg) if you have a book pls.let me know i woud like to purchase the book. if its available where in mumbai is it available?

  169. Hello Shilpa,
    Can you please try something with Pudina and post it? Like pudina rice or any curry flavoured with pudina? Pudina gives a very good aroma to food.


  170. sabitha shenoy

    Dear Shilpa & Varadmayi,

    This evening I tried your mushroom fry and Mushroom Pulao with regular button mushrooms. Both tasted very well.They are fast and simple recipes and I could prepare both of them with in 1/2 an hour with very little oil.Both me & my husband liked them very much.Thank you very much for the wonderful but very easy & simple recipe. I have taken the pictures and I am going to post them in face book.
    With best regards,
    Sabitha shenoy

  171. hiii..
    i love your recipies.they are simply great:-)..i just wanted to know if you could post some simple short eats ,coz ramazan is coming up and we need to make a lot of short it would be really nice if you could help me with some simple short eats recipies.thanks:-)

  172. I am so happy I found this site. Even looking at the photographs and just reading the recipes makes me happy actually.:)

    I just wanted to ask you what in your experience would be a decent alternative for curry leaves in Europe?


  173. hi,
    we regularly make biscuit rotti, goli bajje, bebbe upkari etc in our house. another regular for evening kapi is ‘Charmura Upkari” (ie Kurmura (puffed rice) Upkari)

    I tried to search for the recipe on ur blog ( to know if there is any different way to make it)
    couldn’t find it…has it by any chance posted by any different name.
    If not, would love to share this spicy snack recipe with all.

  174. i request you to please post a quick video along with description and all ingredients should me mentioned in hindhi or marathi also bcoz it is dufficult to tell shop keeper to give nutmeg bcoz most of the are unaware so its my humble request to pls post name in hindhi or marathi and also u give cooking classes ?

  175. Poornima Prabhu

    Hi Shilpa,hv u taken off the recipe for Nankatai??…….remember seeing it here but iwas searching & cud not get it….if so,Why??…..wud love 2 hv it ASAP.

  176. Hi Shilpa
    I asked awhile back about a print option for the recipes, which you replied you’ve added. I looked and looked but haven’t been able to find it! At the end of each post is only comments, then the box to submit comments, the then little disclaimer message at the very bottom. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but I can’t find the print option! Help!
    Many thanks!

  177. Shilpa, just wanted to let you know that I think the search is not working. I tried searching for some of my favorite recipes on the Aayis recipe site, but it says “not found”.

  178. hi shilpa..
    i’v gone through ur website several times and its wonderful…and have tried couple of them…and was happy abt the result…just wanted to know how can i prepare kobrimitai without using milk…and or any other sweet dish which doesnt contain milk or ghee or butter(except hesarbele paysa(moong dal)…i’m a kannadiga..and like sweets made of jaggery…
    thank u
    punitha anil

  179. Hi Shilpa,
    This is regarding the search. I tried again and still I am not able to get it to work for me. For example – I am looking for your recipe for Ghee. I tried using the search, and I get the message “Not found”. I could send you a screen shot of what appears on my screen.

  180. Shilpa, I have been thinking of making -Tepla Ambat. Am trying to find Teppal in Indian groceries here in Australia. Do you by any chance happen to know as to under what name is it found in Indian stores? I found something called -pimento, which looks like teppal but doesn’t smell as much like it.If you know, please let me know whenever possible. Thanks.

  181. I request you to also add a new category which would highlight recipes with easily available ingredients. I also request you to make another category which would contain quick, healthy and low calorie eats!

  182. Dear shilpa!
    congratulations on this excellent web site! Have you tried including Oat Bran in your health foods? Its very good for losing weight and cholestrol patients. Apart from the usual and boring porridge I have used oat bran (Not wheat bran) to make dhoddaks with left over upkaris from previous night. Tastes very nice and a healthy too!

  183. Try to give option to convert the recipe in Marathi Language. The recopies are really very nice, but some ppl are nt able to understand exactly.

  184. Good morning,

    I am a regular visitor to the site, I wanted a recipe which is Janmastai special. Its a ‘laddu’ made using ‘channo’ and ‘moog’ I am not sure about the exact proportions, but it has split peanuts, dry coconut pieces, jaggery, channe peet and mooga peet. If you know the recipe, could you post it?

  185. I LOVE your blog!
    Esp the part where you give pictorial steps for recipes!!
    Look forward to more recipes..could you post a great biryani recipe??


  186. Iam also konkani and we also do all the disheslike u but slight difference is there.Neer phanas is durion fruit i think it is available in plenty in south east asia.The ripe fruit is eaten just like our phanas.One thing i didnt know is radish also gets pods .and kuvepit we call we make doodali like u.


  187. Hi Shilpa,

    The search feature on the website is not working. Also do you plan to add mobile/iPhone support for your website? (So that its easier to view on mobile devices.)



    1. Sandeep, we were having some technical difficulties on the site and did not find time to work on it. Hopefully it is fixed now. We had iPhone support at some point, have to work on it again when we find time

  188. Dear Shilpa,
    Can you please publish a recipe for stuffed fish – pomfret / bangda. I am esp looking for the green masala stuffing. My Aaji (who everyone called Akka because they were from Belgaum) used to make when we were kids. I started cooking seriously much after she passed, so her recipes are lost to me, but the memories are very much there. It will help immensely if you could publish green stuffing fish fry.
    Many thanks – Gauri

  189. I made rava idli using 1:1 ratio of samolian and yougurt.I addes 1/4 sppon of baking powder in this and when it is done all dark brown why?
    pls explain which soda shld i use is baking powder and soda is same
    pls reply on my email if possible

  190. i think i read that you are in kansas city. i am trying to find fresh or frozen jackfruit and read in one of your recipes that you found frozen at an indian grocery. can you let me know which one – i also live in KC.


  191. I have seen ‘all purpose flour’ as Ingredients for cake recipes. Could you pl explain more about this? From where we can purchase? Any alternative to this? We tried to prepare cake with mainda but it was hard and sticky, also the smell is not good even after adding vanila extract.

  192. Hi Shilpa,
    I am a new food blogger and I love your site. I have already added your link to my site. Please do let me know if that is okay ( a blog etiquette is a bit rusty ). Also if you could pop over sometime and see my blog at
    I cook all kinds of food with emphasis on indian and desserts. If you like my blog, and only if you do please add me to your blogroll too. Aklso would appreciate any advice to improve the blog.
    Thanking you

  193. Dear Mam,
    i am a regular on your site and let me thank u for the authentic recipes which are my all time favourite, I am looking out for a konkani recipe wherein raw jackfruit is marinated in spicy masalas and then i suppose most probably shallow fried(not sure). it tastes wonderful but if u could please give me the recipe for the same, it shall be a favour.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,
    malini vyas

  194. Hi Shilpa

    Mrs. Malini Vyas is talking about ‘kadgi phodi’. In South Canara we prepare this dish and it is a great combination with rice and dali thoy. I don’t know what it is called in North Canara. Raw jackfruit I think is called ‘Susheel’. I am not sure.

    To prepare this dish we need to cut the raw jackfruit into 1/4th inch thick pieces and steam it in idli pedavan. (Some people cook it in a vessel with enough water till the pieces become soft. Then they discard the water).Then apply some chilli powder, rice flour, salt and asafoetida powder. We can tava fry the pieces just like that or apply some rava and then tava fry. Some people also deep fry them.

  195. Hi Shilpa,
    I love all yr recipes.Can we have some healthy recipes for babies.I have a 8 month old son.Would like to know some good recipes for him.Eagerly waiting 🙂

  196. hi shilpa
    i went through your prawns pulav receipe i wanna ask you dat can i marinate boiled prawns in garlic and green chilli paste n den add them with onions for frying ?

  197. Hi Shilpa Akka,

    thanks a lot for the lovely recipes, I request you to let me know the ercipe for Kajjaya prepared during Ganesh festival in bangalore and Kajjaya in Diwali.

    Kadubu is preaerd using the red/pink rice soacked dried and powdered and then it is prepared like a paste in the boiling water just like ragi balls. and seprately prepared stuffing is stuffed inside. the stuffing will be of sweet and also spicy. sweet stuffing is made of sesame seeds (til), Jaggery, Kadale, dry coconut, yalakki etc., Thanks a lot for your help in advance..


  199. Hi Shilpa,

    Great recipes here. I was wondering if you can post recipe for palya bun (masala bun), the kind we get at the bakeries in Bangalore. It is a bun which has potato filling in it.


  200. Hi Shilpa,

    You have an excellent site which has helped me immensely in learning to cook-everybody in my family love all the dishes that I cook from your site on a regular basis.
    Could you please post the recipe for Methe (Fenugreek) Ganji.

  201. Hi Shilpa
    Love your recipes. They come out so perfect!
    I actually wanted to email you as I needed some info on baby food but did not see any email link. My baby was born in April too and am yet to start solids for him(he was premature , so waited till he completed 6 months). Could you please guide me on how to go about it? His ped has asked me start with rice cereal and then mashed veggies and fruits. In India, my mom tells me she started with cerelac and stuff so it’s very different here. Can you please guide me with how much to feed, how many times a day etc. Also any brands for rice cereal which worked for you? All my friends here are yet to have babies, I am hoping you can help me out.Thanks Shilpa!

    1. We started rice cereals (Gerber – organic one with brown rice) when he was 4 months old. We just gave 1 tbl spn initially for about two weeks at night and then we moved it to morning. Then we started veggies in the evening – carrot cooked and ground into a paste. Tried that for one week, then started sweet potato cooked and ground. After that we tried green peas cooked and ground(this creates gas in some babies). Now from yesterday we have started a powder (mixture of different grains/rices/dry fruits etc) that my mom sent from India(I will blog about this soon).

  202. Hi Shilpa!
    I am soooo glad for this site! i am half konkani half maharashtrian brahmin married to a gujju n i miss my aaji’s (from hubli)konkani food i ate konkani food for 25 yrs everyday till i got married n now that my aaji is no more i miss that food just the recipes of sungta amti ma mouth waters i wish my kid cud have tasted that food.May be i’ll try some day …..wish your site reamains ON n free for many more years.wishing you good luck after thought(i wanted paplet amti recipe konkani style)

  203. Sudhir Dharadhar

    Do you have the recipe for ‘panchamrut’ served in Pathare prabhu marriages? If so, please` do send the same. I am a foodie-pathare prabhu married to a bengal tigress…

    keep in touch.

  204. Dear Shilpa,

    Please help me with the Bengali name of Ash Gourd and Bok choy and Choy sum . What is Ash Gourd ? Chinese Vegetables are difficult to find out here . so, I want to use our vegetables in Chinese cooking . In our country , generally available vegetables are :
    SUMMER : Cucumber ,Papaya, Carrot, Green Capsicum , Potato, Onion, Garlic,Green Beans , Kidney Bean, String Beans/Cow Pea(Vigna Sinensis) , Ridge Gourd, Pointed Gourd, Snake Gourd , Bottle Gourd, Yellow sweet Pumpkin, White Pumpkin , Eggplant , Okra, Mushrooms.
    Winter Vegetables ( November – February) : Cabbge , Cauliflower ,Brocoli , Green Onion or Spring Onion ( Scalion) , Green Peas, Turnip, White Radesh , Red Beet
    Seasonal : Durmsticks, Taro, sometimes Water Lily Sticks are also available.
    Please advise which vegetables in my list I can use to cook Chinese vegetables. ALSO ,advise me the Vegetable combinations(which Vegetable goes with what veg.)In our country , in chinese restaurents , they serves a white color vegetable gravy curry with fried rice, it seems they have used only one vegetable; cucumber or Papaya or White Pumpkin(Still I am not sure) , and it seems they used cornflour for the gravy.It tastes very good. Do you have any chinese veg recipe with cucumber or like this ?
    Will be waiting any suggestions from you .
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Sorry, I have no idea which curry you are talking about. When I try some Chinese dishes, I will surely post here. I have seen carrot, peas, broccoli, capsicum. onion etc in Chinese vegetables here.

  205. Dear Shilpa,

    What can I use instead of Butter Milk in your recipe “Ash gourd in coconut-buttermilk gravy (Boodugumbala sasmi)”. Is Buttermilk is Matha or Ghol or Curd ? What is Buttermilk ? Can I make it myself in home ?
    Your recipe looks yellow . Did you use Turmaric powder ?


    1. I think it is called Ghol in Bengali. Sorry, I do not know Bengali language and can’t help much in it(According to this glossary, ash gourd is called Chal Kumbo). No, I did not use turmeric, even if you use it, it won’t make much difference.

  206. hey i am from mount carmel college and we are going to organzie fest in our college…
    will you be interseted to put stall in our college….?

    thank you….

  207. Hi Shilpa You have such amazing recipes and your website is great too. I just wanted to check with you if there is any easy way to search for recipes… you have SO MANY now 🙂 I was looking under breakfasts and there are 12 pages and went back and forth multiple times.Not sure if you have removed that recipe or if I missed it.I will look later again as I loved it when I made it last time.I am searching for it but maybe I am spelling it differently or not using the right name.Anyways not that I am complaining , but after looking for more than half hour I thought I will ask you if you have a recipe index which just lists the recipes you have on the website? I tried looking under categories and used the Search option. Your search is really good by the way … I have bookmarked 3 recipes that were getting listed!

  208. Hi Shilipa , will u please tell me how to make green chutney using ground nuts to make sandwiches. HOpe u will send me ur recipe. Thank you in advance. God Bless U for ur good work of sharing too.

  209. hi shilpa..
    your recipes are wonderful…
    thanks for posting such a good ones…
    i love to try new dishes .. and ur site helps me alot …

    wish to hear from you…

    thank u

  210. Shilpa,
    please clarify my doubt.
    i want to increase the quantity of sugar. do i need to increase the ghee or only just water ?


  211. Hi Shilpa, Just wanted to know if you have posted any green peas curry recipe on this site.. Am new to this site.. hence thought of asking you.. I am looking for aloo muttar, or paneer muttar etc… which involves muttar.

    Thanks in advance.

  212. I tried Your besan ladoos n they came out well.
    i wanted to make medu vadas.Can you tell me which mixer/grinder to good for grinding urad dal,rice and coconut.


  213. hi shilpa
    i am a housewife and i regularly go through ur website to see what new recipe u have added and i have tried many of ur recipies and it all have come out very well and tasty. My husband and kids too like it a lot.i just want to thank u and appreciate ur efforts to keep adding new dishes, it helps housewife’s like me to try out new dishes and bring variety in daily cooking.

  214. Hi Shilpa

    I am newly married with no culinary knowledge. Your website is a great relief for many of us with no cooking know how. Now I feel so confident after reading few recipe tips, it gave me an insight into the world of cooking. Would surely keep posting u comments as n when i cook.


  215. Hi Shilpa,
    Had a question, can we use a couple of photographs of the kokum fruit from your archives. We are introducing a range of natural beverages based on traditional Indian super fruits for N American consumers.
    Incidentally I am from N Kanara (Gokarna) originally, presently call Michigan my home.

  216. Hi,
    I love the recipes that you post, they make cooking really easy and fun! I was looking if you have a recipe for Dhokla!

  217. my mom used to put jummanakayi as well for this recipe.I think u may be knowing about this but we dont get in indian shops.
    How is your little one doing?pls reply shilpa.And pls post that baby food recipe which ur mother sent.

  218. Bende song :My mom used to put jummanakayi as well for this recipe.I think u may be knowing about this but we dont get in indian shops.
    How is your little one doing?pls reply shilpa.And pls post that baby food recipe which ur mother sent.

  219. Hello,

    I tried fruit cake and moist chocolate cake recipes posted in your website. They turned out really really good. I am a vegetarian and don’t prefer egg. Can you tell me what should I substitute in place of egg? for cake recipes.

    Thank you,

  220. Hello Shilpa,

    I love your site, it always reminds me my nagpur days. Actually I was looking for Thane Samosas recipe, Can you please share the recipe if you have.



  222. Hi Shilpa,
    I m a konkani living in US. Whenever I need a recipe..ofcourse apart from calling Mom in India, your website is the other place that I look for recipes..
    I wanted to make appams for my kids. Would you have the recipe for the same.

  223. i want to make blueberry muffins, but what is blueberry call in hindi if u can tell me because i cant find blueberry in Indian market.

  224. Hi Shilpa,

    Your blog is a treasure, and its my tried and tested resort whenever i have to cook a Konkani Dish.
    I am punjabi married to a Konkani.. so this definitely comes to my rescue.
    What helps me is the stepwise pictures of the semi cooked dish.. Which keeps me going even if its a completely new dish which i have never seen/ tasted/tried.

    Hope to see more of you :):)

  225. Hi Shilpa,

    You are doing a great job.. I am amazed that you post recipes even with baby in hand.

    I want to give some baby food ideas to SK and others.

    When your child is 6-7 months old, you can give channa and moong dhal as side dish to rice or wheat porridge..

    Soak channa ovenite.
    Boil it well (give more whistles in cooker than usual) with little salt.
    Peel the outer skin and mash it with hand before you give.

    Soak moong dhal for 1-2 hrs. Boil and mash it with Potato Masher.Moong dhal can be given at the stage when your child gets the first teeth. Your child would learn to chew.

    When your child becomes little older, you can give channa or Moong dhal as “sundal”(in tamil).. Fry it with little oil, mustard seeds, and little shredded coconut.

    You can also give cooked plaintain around 4-5 months. Make sure you plaintain is fully ripe, that is , its skin must be completely black and remove the seeds after cooking.



  226. Hi Shilpa
    Been wanting to write for long ….no excuse other than pure laziness
    Must tell you, that you have been a saviour of my marriage;)
    Did not know how to cook Konkani food before marriage though could cook Punjabi and some other cuisines. Married to a Shenoy from Puttur,and a great connoisseur of Konkani food, I was petrified of cooking Konkani dishes. Chanced upon your site in my pre-marriage preparations and from then this site is something I open a minimum of 2-3 times a week to check recipes.
    I am also from Kodkani, but brought up in Mumbai…Grand daughter of Baleri Shridhar Shanbhag.

    Can you please pass on your email ID..would like to be in touch with you.

    Shweta Shanbhag

  227. Hi, how u?
    kannad dawwra? tum ba khushi iitu nimma site nodi… walle effort hakidira.. alla… ,niwu work madtira?matte US nalli iddiira?
    nawu US ge bandu ond warsha iitu… tum ba bor agute….
    nimma site nodi adrallu ond ondu kannada words use madid nodi khusi aiitu… 🙂



  228. hi shilpa ,
    i am priyanka ,i am web designer and a big big fan of ur website but i feel that ur blog is little simple in looks ,i can make this site of urs more colorful and beautiful if u want and pls its just the guru dakshina i want to pay u as i was really bad in cooking but since i found ur blog i can really cook wel and lots of variety …my husband is also very happy now with my cooking ,he being the army officer is very particular about the food and very often i hve to do parties in my house ……ur blog is making my life ROCK !!! shilpa pls tell me ur mail id ,n ya if u want me to face lift ur blog for free then pls mail me at [email protected] ,will wait for ur reply …bye

  229. Hello ,
    I am from karwar and my mother tongue is also konkani. I am new to this site ,I will surely cook some of ur reciepes,and see their tastes.

  230. Hey Shilpa, Just stopped by to wish you a very happy new year! Your baby must be keeping you busy, else I am sure you would have posted some dish for this new year as well 🙂 Have a great year with Ishaan!

  231. Shilpa, would like to thank some of your readers who have advised first time moms like us on baby food – Thank you so much!

    1. Yes, I have heard parboiled rice kanji is good for babies. Cook it well and mash it/blend to a smooth paste. Try with a very little first and see how your baby takes it. My baby loved it

  232. Waw…. Really amazing…
    I fallen in love with your recipes of ‘Saaru’.
    My In-laws are visited to my house. They have more restrictions in their food. So, I was searching for Plain saaru recipes.
    Thanks a lot…

  233. hi shilpa
    i liked almost all ur recipes….i want to know recipe of dal made in manglore temples, they simply taste amazing….specially of anapurneshwari temple, they serve amazing dal…waiting for ur reply…thanks a lot…

    sunita shetty…

  234. Hello Shilpa,

    Some more Baby Food Ideas:

    Dip bread / Biscuit pieces in formula/milk. This can be given as evening snack and is very helpful while travelling. Remove the outer brownish parts when giving bread. Avoid biscuits with nuts.

    When babies turn 10 months old, you can give them all vegetables that is cooked in sambar/sabji/aviyal like Potato, Carrot,ash gourd, Drumstick. Do not give those vegetables when cooked as sidedish as it would be just cooked and not well cooked.

    When they turn one year old, you can give plain cake.

    While giving orange or any juice, give it in spoon and need not dilute. Avoid giving juice in Bottle, your child will refuse to drink water. You can give peeled oranges when they turn one year old. If you want to give apple, cut a very thin slice and cut that again into small pieces.

  235. Hi shilpa,

    thank you very much for sharing the recipes. I tried khara bun… taste was good however it turned out to be a round pizza…. 🙁

  236. Shraddha Shanbhag Bajwa

    Hi Shilpa

    I luv your recipes very simple beautiful I often visit your site for recipes as living in UK rather than calling mom in India I check out ur blog.Also if u dont mind cud u tell me where exactly are u from Kodkani coz my mom is from kodkani when I told her abt ur site she popped out n started asking q/s lyk where which house which side etc since she spend her childhood there she knows mostly evry1 from kodkani,my native(dads hometown)is Kumta so often been to kodkani n stayed during vacations but since marriage very difficult just a visit for a day many memories from kodkani lyk when u used to feel lyk eating a particular fish it wud not cum for sale as u know its a small plce n very very few fishmongers cum to sell but still was fun when we wud hear icecream fellows ringing from far etc wow amazing days…ne ways feels nice when I visit ur site quiet a long msg…
    if possible do reply.

    Thanks & Regards

  237. Hi Shilpa
    I love u’r site.Your recipes are simple but tasteful and with self explainatory photoes. I often visit your site for recipes .
    can u pl post some microwave receipes spec. cakes and biscuits.

  238. Hi Shilpa,
    Your site is just fabulous. My mouth keeps watering even while reading and remembering all the Konkani dishes. Can you put some diet consious – non guilty recipes. Especially Luchbox ones.

    Thank you
    Keep up the good work

  239. Hi Shilpa
    Do you know how to season the chapati tawa we get in Indian stores here? I bought one and I know the black color that it got from heating is supposed to happen but I am not quite sure how to season it evenly.

  240. Shilpa

    Thanks for putting up the site.
    I always worry that these recipes will be lost with the last generation. I worry no more.
    Keep up the good work.

    The photos on the site are also good. Its important to match my attempts with your photos to know if we did the recipe any justice.

    Gratefully yours

  241. hi shilpa. am not a konkani..but am so fond of konkani dishes,,thanx to ur lovely recipes and a grt konkani family loves and relishes all the recipes that i have tried.thanx so much and grt luck to you always.

  242. Hi Shilpa
    Thank you so much for this website – I was told of it by my cousinbrother when I mentioned that I wanted to make jola rotti or bajri rotti and couldnt remember how to make them. My own Amma had shown me when she’d last visited me but she has since passed on and thanks to you I now have it. I dont normally cook amchi food but I really appreciate your website as I can now find the quick/easy or even the old favourites when the mood strikes me. Thanks again.

  243. Hey Shilpa,

    I got just married 2 months ago and i’m new to cooking. I absolutely love your website (I landed here accidently) and I just tried one of your recipes (Sungat with hing water) and it was just the way my mom made it. The instructions are easy to follow and makes me miss home a little less… It helps that my hubby loves the food

    Thank You

  244. Hullo Shilpa, I found your site looking for Indian cuisine
    recipes. It is wonderful, and so many of the recipes bring
    back tantalizing memories of foods I ate and enjoyed while growing up in East Africa. Thanks so much for the delightful recipes and the great pictorial guides that accompany them. It is a the best I have ever run across. I have a number of Quinoa recipes I can send to you if you would like. It is a staple in my house, from the white to the deep red quinoa. Thanks again for your great site. JJ

  245. Can you please give me Kothimbir wadi recipe, where more of coriander is used and less of besan. Most of the recipes on other sites are reverse i.e. more of besan and less of coriander.

  246. Could you please let me know some vegetarian recipes (main-course/snack) which you can make ahead and are good for atleast a week without refrigeration.
    Thank you

  247. Ramchandra Shenoy

    Dear Shilpa,
    Thanks for all the lovely recipes. I enjoyed cooking the Kurle Ambat and also the step by step instructions on cleaning the crab.
    I am based in Vietnam and we get lots of crabs and sea food here. I just enjoy cooking going throughyou recipes.
    Thanks so much. WIll keep trying different recipes from your website.
    Thanks and regards

  248. Hi Shilpa,
    First of all thanks for such a beatiful and useful website….
    This website is having everything what am expecting in cooking… As I am a beginner and learner, I can able learn A-Z items in cooking…. This website is awesome…….

    Thanks for the same….
    Keep up the good work…..

    Bowya 🙂

  249. Dear Shilpa,

    I’m writing to inquire whether you might grant permission to use some of your kokum images to help illustrate a color feature in our magazine, the Fruit Gardener. It is a bimonthly that I produce for the California Rare Fruit Growers, a nonprofit organization. If you are willing to grant permission, we would properly attribute the images to you in any way you wish. Also–and I know I’m pushing my luck here–would you consider furnishing images at their original pixel density? I ask because the ones at the website are necessarily optimized for browser display and will lack the pixel density to reproduce well on the printed page at resolutions that would allow displaying them at reasonable size.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Ron Couch, editor
    Fruit Gardener magazine

  250. Do you have a recipe for macrons – the ones from Mangalore, Karnataka State sold by the brand name of Achal are the best. Could you post a recpe for macrons? You can consider it to be lke a cookie – it is very crispy and dry.

    I have given your recipe website to my adult children and all of my neices, nephews and young konkani adults. Their feedback is that ths is the greatest website for Kokani Cuisine. We are Konkanis and you have done us a great favor!!


  251. Hi,

    I have been a regular reader of your blog.I love you recipes and your date cake has been a huge hit with my toddler.

    I have seen your blog has many fish recipes.Well, I have been a vegetarian all my life,but have just started to taste some fish.
    I was wondering I have to make fish at home,which one should I buy? Which fish has the least odor?


  252. Anirudh Krishna Kamath

    Hello Mai,

    Nice blog. Tried a few recipes came out superb. Please add more traditional Konkani dishes in ur blog.


  253. Amazing site…was really excited to see so many non-vegetarian varieties…tried your rava ladoo today….have to see how it turns out…i am sure it will be great…thanks a lot for this wonderful blog…:)

  254. Hey Shilpa,
    I need a favour from you.I saw lots of fish recipes on your site.And i wanted to try one of your fish recipe,so yesterday i got a fresh Black Pomfret from market (ranch 99). I wanted to find normal pomfret but didn’t find one. So I thought Black Pomfret can be used, in marathi/konkani, is it called Halwa? Is it good and can be replaced in your pomfret receipe? Please let me know. Thanks for your help.


    1. Yes, you can use black pomfret. We use it all the time for same recipes. We prefer white to black one though, as we like white better

  255. Hi,
    Do you have microwave cookbook in Marathi (Veg recipes)?
    If yes, please let me know the name of the book and the store available to buy.


  256. hi….. i adore your cooking.

    im looking for a specific recipe i saw on this site. it is a chilli-coriander chutney and then you spread it over pastry and bake it in small bite size. i think i saw it on your site. can you please give me the correct name of that recipe so i can find it. i do apologize if i’m wrong. thanks.

  257. hi mai and shilpa, found ur blog really good. i’ve made disasters before, so used to avoid recipe’s from sites, but urs is really something which made come back again and again. thank u.
    I’m very much interested in baking. can u suggest what appliance to buy for all that u make? the consumption of energy etc etc whatever u know abt it. i’m from udupi.
    bye, bindu

  258. Hi Shilpa,

    please will you tell me how to get Cocum fruit and some seed to grow. I would also like to get the products but am wary of consuming syrup that is made of sugar that will over load the liver.
    Thank you so much for your efforts
    God Bless,

  259. dear shilpa, I like baking and wud like to buy an oven. Is it called OTG? In India, nobody can guide me abt this. From the net, i came to know abt OTG’s from Bajaj appliances. This is the site.
    Will u pl. guide me which wud be the best to do small scale baking (whatever u do) including breads, cookies and cakes.
    Are these like the one’s u have in the US? Do help.
    Ur site has become like my daily prayers. Don’t like to miss it even a single day. Today i’ll make nippat. I think my mother used to add a bit of roasted udid dal powder to it too.
    Thanks, bindu

  260. Aishwarya Shanbhag

    Hi Shilpa

    Wonderful people touch lives of others in different ways. You have touched lives in a beautiful way. Its amazing, inspiring…..your zest for life. Keep going…

    I accidently reached your blog while looking for a capsicum recipe. After that, I have tried quite a few recipe’s. The first one I tried was mango ginger sasam… and it turned out to be a fiasco. Cause I used turmeric pods in the fridge thinking they were mango ginger. Oh my! My kids and my hubby developed a phobia for aayis recipe! The very mention of your blog gave them jitters. It took me a peas kurma, methi sukke, tangy egg gravy…(ooohh… it was lovely ), carrot halwa, cabbage vada, muska phulla phodi(…was yummy too!!) , chicken with garam masala, methi chicken and now they are your fans. The list is growing… Now they are comforted and reassured. V ( its V here too!) is happy too that I have found a wonderful friend to learn to cook. V is a great cook and I learn from him too… I’d keeping sharing with you when I try my hand at your receipes n probably visit Kodkani and meet Varada Pachchi and Doc Uncle when I go on vacation to Kumta.

    By the way… this is the 421st response on your blog. All the best Shilpa… And thanks a ton for such a wonderful way of touching lives of others…..

    Have a wonderful day….

  261. Hi Shilpa,

    I really Love your site … Its my sole support when I have to cook 🙂 Staying with my in laws for past 2 years i did not do any cooking.. now i have started making breakfast and i refer to your site for preparing breakfast. Love your site.. simple recipes.. and being a Konkani myself, I can relate to each one of them as my mom used to make too.. my hubby is maharashtrian so many of these are new to him.. but he loves them … Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful collection of recipes..

  262. Does ragi have glutton? Is ragi ok for those who are gluten intolerant? I want to try those ragi recipes. Thanks for your help. John

  263. Hi Shilpa,

    I simply loved the site b/c it reminded me of my childhood days. I am now planning to try most of them. Also, on reading I got to know that you finished ur graduation from Belgaum, I too am from Belgaum. It was nice talking to you 🙂

    God Bless!

  264. Hello,
    My name is Amy and I am contacting you from Toluna, an international online market research company.

    I have come across your website ( and I am very interested in looking into the possibility of advertising with you.
    My company has an advertising campaign and I believe that it will be of interest to your site traffic and members.

    I would love to hear from you as soon as possible so we can discuss the possibility of working together.

    Kind regards,
    Amy Lomax

  265. Your site is simply awesome! I’m myself a konkani (mom, dad are from Kumta), and married to a Goan. But I’ve been cooking very few authentic recipes as we are always in a rush and cooking has been reduced to a mere chore although I love cooking! So, thanks for reminding me of so many of my mom’s recipes which i love, and intend to start making!

    U’re doing a fabulous job! keep Going!

  266. Hi,

    Its good to see that you have a new look for your site.. But your site layout before this was easier to navigate. This is a bit difficult.
    Can you get your category links on the left/right panel? This will help to easily switch recipes. Now each time I want to see something different, I need to go to Homepage and then choose next post I want to read..

    Just like you have displayed recent posts on right panel, please see if you could also put Categories listed there..


    1. Thanks for your inputs Shradha. We will be working on that in coming days. It needed a lot of technical work and we could not find time. Meanwhile, please use “All recipes and posts” navigation which is on top.

  267. Hi Shilpa,

    I get Natural Flavored Oats (Kroger Brand) here in Saudi. My Son loves the Apple and Cinnamon Flavor. No child would love to eat normal oats.. I cook and blend it before serving him.. Just wanted to tell you. It is a USA Brand.. I think you would get it..

  268. Hi Shilpa,
    I am already in love with your site…. Its such a great help for beginners like me. I recently got married and shifted with my husband to Qatar… Suffice to say, since I was lazy during my bachelorette days, I didnt watch my mum make those amazing recipes, and hence I was quite scared about cooking in my new home without having some help from mum or mum-in-law…
    Lucky for me, I happened to surf the net for recipes and came across your site, and its made my cooking experience so beaujtiful…. Most of the recipes, which i always thought were difficult, is infact easy. I love konkani food for its simplicity and rich tastes, and my husband relishes the upkaris and rasams that I make with the help of your site!!
    Thank you once again for coming up with this blog!!


  269. Anthony Powell

    Hello Shilpa,

    I have been assigned the task of finding Kokum for a wedding shower of a friend of mine and am having trouble locating a place to purchase it. I was thinking I could purchase it from an Indian grocery store or website and was wondering if you could suggest a website. I live in Western North Carolina and travel frequently to Washington DC if you have any suggestions.

    Kind Regards,

  270. Hello Shilpa,

    I watched how to do Fish Biryani in a TV Show. I neither cook nor eat Fish. I think this would be useful for you. As I dont cook, I didnt take down the exact measurements. But I very well remember the method. Here it is:

    Heat Oil. Add Aniseeds, Bayleaf, Cloves, cardamom, Onions, Green Chillies, Ginger-Garlic paste, Pudina and Coriander leaves. Fry till done. Add fish pieces(3 large) and salt. Add little water. Close the lid and cook. When done, remove the fish pieces. Add rice and fry for some more time. Then add water and cook till done. Now add the removed fish pieces. Mix and garnish with Pudina and Coriander Leaves.

    The Chef told when fish pieces are cooked along with rice, it would break into pieces. Hope you know.

  271. Very nice website with a really nice aim. Cant find ppl like you with creative purposes these days. Most of them are driven by commercial interests. Pls continue this the way you are carrying it out,

    I liked the papad making recipe. Thanks for sharing it. I would like to share some info too in return which I have been collecting it from the web.. Could be useful to vegetarians – (yeast is classified as an animal. for vegetarians who dont want to use yeast) (product E codes of packed food ingredients. good to know the sources to make judicious choice while purchasing )

    ** my own mustard dal recipe
    prepare dal the usual way. for seasoning, use mustard oil instead. it will give a great flavour to dal. its a very healthy option compared with groundnut oil.

  272. Here is Egg Bhurji Biryani.. I am not goin to do as my husband does not like scrambled eggs.

    Heat Oil. Add Cumin, chopped Onions. Fry till golden brown. Add chopped Tomatoes. Pour two eggs. Add Chilli Powder, Cumin Powder and Salt. Prepare like Scrambled Eggs. When done, keep it aside.
    Heat Oil. Add Aniseeds, cloves, Pepper Corns, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon and Cardamom, Saffron. Fry and add Chilli Powder and Coriander Powder. Then add rice and water. Cook till done.
    Divide Rice into two halves. In a Serving Bowl, add one half of Rice, add scrambled eggs, and then add the remaining rice. Garnish with Coriander and Pudina Leaves.

  273. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for all ur wonderful recipes. Being a Goan, i adore all your konkani recipes and have tried almost everything 🙂
    I have a quick question –
    A friend of mine has her first baby shower soon and I want to make it extra special for her as her mom is back in India and won’t be able to attend it.

    Do you know/have tried making the dohal-jevan mithais ?
    I remember seeing at dohal-jevans back in india…different stuffed mithais (like karanjee) in various shapes like…sun, moon, zhabalee, etc.

    If you can post some tips / recipes for that…would love it!
    Thanks a lot!

  274. hi,
    Thanks for such a wonderful & helpful website!!!
    Though i’m not a Konkani, but i love konkani food… i have tried your few recipes, especially the fish ones…. & they have turned out really well…

    For a long time, i’m searching for Bombil ch bhujne recipe…………
    If you have than kindly post it on your website

    keep the good work going…. i simply love your recipes

  275. Hello Shilpa,
    i was googling for site which will gimme tiffin recipies for my 3 yr old son and i landed up into your site. its just too good.. !!. he is so small but a hardcore non vegitarian. i try to make different dishes which i think he will like..but he dissapoints me most of the times. 🙁 .. i dont mind he eating non veg once or twice a week but he hardly listens and at times ends up getting what he wants ( sausages.. his all time fav.) or he sleeps without eating.. :((. can you put up recipies which are veg but tastes like non veg……………… now that could be a first for you.. i think. if no.. then pls helppppppppppppp..
    btw, love the pictures and the FONT used for this site.. feel like reading more and more.. !

  276. Hi Shilpaji, Could you please give the recipe for horsegram powder (podi) and horsegram chutney. Thanks in advance and Regards

  277. Chinnu, beautiful web site. Keep it up. Chetan sent the site address to me. Some day I hope I will be able to prepare a dish with you either at Vangani or at Andheri. Hope you are doing well at studies too. Warm wishes from Nona aunty,
    myself and Nigel.

  278. Hi Shilpa,

    Lately I am having phobia of meat. I use to be veg, turned non-vegetarian but now I get the yuck feeling touching meat. Could you tell me how to sanitize after cooking meat. I usually cook the meat and take shower right away but its too much because I am getting nightmares of cooking meat.

  279. Hi Shilpa, I am a BIG fan of your website.

    To my surprise most of the recipes you share are similar to the way my aayi cooks.
    (we come from Konkan as well but never lived there).
    There was a time I would crave for something that I ate as a kid and would call my
    Aayi back home to get recipes. If i couldn’t reach her, I would get upset but since I have
    found your website I always google the recipes for your website and I am very rarely

    Cooking is like a therapy to me and i love making your recipes. I always know that my
    family is going to love it.
    Just want to say a big thank you and keep up the good work!

  280. Greetings! I stumbled across your site by accident. Now I check every day to see if there is a new post! I am totally enthralled with the food you present.The step-by-step instructions and pictures are a huge help to a novice cook in Indian foods. I am fortunate tat I have an excellent “Asian” market not to far away.> Iwould ask that if there are items in a recipe that have more familiar “American” names that would be a grat help , as I am looking forward to preparing several. Ex: Mango? You speak of different kinds. My choices are limited, will the results still be the same ,if I use a South American Mango? Thank you for your great site, give Aayi a kiss from me for all of her input !!! Virginia

    1. Virginia, wherever possible, i do give American names. But in case of mangoes, the varieties available in India are not even available here. I could just say, use anything with lot of pulp.

  281. Dearest Shilpa,

    I would request you to kindly give us the recipies for Mixed Vegetable Ghassi,, Prawn Ghassi,

    & Chicken Ghassi.

    My husband loves binging on the ghassi’s so very often he keeps visiting Mahesh lunch home in Mumbai Fort.

    Looking forward to a favourable reply from your end.

    Archana Rajan

  282. Hey Shilpa,

    Do u have a recipe for the 7 cup sweet(Saath maapa barfi)? I am having a craving for it since so many days. Please post it if u have..

    Shweta Prabhu

  283. Hi!
    I was a very reluctant cook until recently but have started cooking regularly because of the yummy recipes you have given here. All your photo demonstrations are as great as your recipes itself. Thank you for making cooking easier and enjoyable.

    1. What do you mean by join aayi’s recipes? You can subscribe to the feed using the button on top, if that is what you are asking.

  284. Hi shilpa .
    In you introduction yu have written that yu r from kodkarni. even my mom is from kodkarni ( mahamai shanbhag ) I am her daughter(mansi) .I hope yu recognize my mom.Are you on face book if yes then whats yur full name. i will send yu a request. And abt yur website , its really very good. Alot of recipes i have tried.

  285. Madhu Soodhanan Nayar

    Hello Aayi
    I just stumbled upon your recipie,while checking for chicken sukka recipie which my wife (she is from phillipines)loves it as I am chef(italian cuisien) we have an aunty(my sous chef’s wife) who is from udipi,she taught my wife how to cook,,but my wife wants to explore more,,,,is thanks aayi i got some excellent konkani recipies look for more as I am born and brought up in goa,,thanks once again

  286. Hello Shilpa,

    Very good site .. Well maintianed and the recipes ..too good .. I was wondering why I didnt see this site till now .. 🙂 Konkani dishes also … Good job ..Keep it up 🙂

    You got one more frequent visitor in me 🙂


  287. Hi Shilpa,

    I have tried many recipies from your website…its come out very good.
    I am a konkana too and find your website very handy while cooking.

    Can you please help me find more recipes for School tiffiin for Kids.
    I am sure lot of moms find it very challenging to find food that kids will munch on happily …

    Regards Seema.

  288. Hi Shilpa,

    I was really impressed looking at your art campus blog… I knew looking at this website you are an expert cook, but you seem to be an expert at everything …. a real multi talented person….

  289. Hi Shilpa,

    I was really impressed looking at your art campus blog… I knew looking at this website you are an expert cook, but you seem to be an expert at everything …. a real multi talented person….

    Between tried your stuffed eggs recipie… just loved it.. it was awesome….

  290. Hi

    Nobody uses this website as much as i do i can bet..:-) (since am a Bachelor :-(( ) The reciepes are mostly very easy but damm tasty !! I prepared Stuffed Brinjal the other day and i tasted like HEAVEN !! And, as i am a Konkani (from Karwar) i more than often try Konkani reciepe section !!



  291. Hi, Could you please let me know how to receive email updates on my email ? If possible, could you please send me updates of your site on my email ? I am a big fan of your recipes so, kindly send me updates asap.

    Thanks… 🙂

  292. hi shilpa,
    Aayis recipes have helped n also groomed the cook inside me.. i recently got married n was not aware of many recipes as usually many newly weds face.. Aayis recipes has surely helped me a lot.. 🙂
    I wanted to know if can pls tell me some recipes that we can cook during our fast (upvas)..

  293. Hi Shilpa,

    Please give me some tiffen recipes (some bhaji’s or Upkari) to use with chapati or dosa.I recently got married and get stuck what to prepare for tiffen in the morning. This site has helped me a lot.. Please could you give me some recipes on bhaji with chapati’s.
    Veena 🙂

  294. Hi Shilpa, I have been following your recipes (and cooking too) for a long time now. So just wanted to let you know that I am grateful to you for many lunches, dinners and home-sick days. Living abroad, I wasnt always able to get the right ingredients, but with your recipes, it was always fantastic as you always mention what the supplement can be. Really helpful for all the amchi cooking and since I am not a great cook; this helps a lot. I give myself weekend projects from your list to cook on rainy days and have to say, I have a good time cooking and later on licking it empty. SInce most of your measurements are for 2 people, I never go wrong. Thank you very much for sharing your aayi’s recipes with all of us. Thanks to her too.

  295. Hi Shilpa,
    Just heard that u are getting ready for ur India trip ! Happy & safe journey to you ! On ur way back cld u get 2 things that we dont get in US…..1) some “ambaade” ….dont get them raw but instead put them in salt-water(pickled) so the customs dont trouble you on ur return, at the airport in USA. 2) Do get some haldi-leaves…. that we use for the narla-kheeri on Gowri day. Even if they dry up we can still use them for years !!!! When u get back u may contact me at 408-929-3769. I shall pay for these things so let me hv ur address,Shilpa ? Have a safe journey….
    Sheela Kallianpur

  296. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanx for sharing such woderfull recipes. I hav tried lot of them. I wanted to request u fro the recipe of chicken multani. Also I dont get fondant here. Can I replace it with icing sugar? if yes please tell me how to use it.

    Thanking u in advance.

  297. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanx for sharing such woderfull recipes. I hav tried lot of them. I wanted to request u fro the recipe of chicken multani.

    Thanking u in advance.

  298. Shilpa?
    Hey, I am no cook , and my wife is an excellent one. Nor am I a fan for receipe sites, yet wanted to just say thanks for the excellent work you do by documenting these dishes. Konkani food the best. , na?

  299. hello.. Aayi jee i need a simple recipe for making bread/double roti at my home as we a bit far from the city and cant get fresh ones every day.. it wou;ld be a great help if u could come up with this recipe ..
    lots of love

  300. HI,

    i have learnt so many dishes from this website, iam really thankfull to this website. My In-laws are very happy about my recipies(ayyies recipee).

    Please guide some dishes which controll guestic problems.

    Lots of thanks to ayyies recipee.

    Love you ayyie you are like my amma.

  301. Hi Shilpa,

    Would you please post recipe for full( slited in to four) big sized baigans( brinjol) pickle made in konkani/goan style

    Thank you,


  302. hello ,
    i have tried making the Canapes at home, the ones with short crust pastry and baked ..but i want to try the ones that are fried as they are more crisp and last longer if kept in an airtight container..will be obliged…this is good with a filling as snacks..thanks…lea

  303. hi shilpa

    i am gr8 fan your website.i can call myself good cook coz of you.
    Could u please help me wit the below dishes by providing the recipes.
    Mughlai chicken
    chicken lollypop
    Mutton paya
    chicken dry manchurian
    kofta curry (muslim style)
    chicken nuggets
    shahi chicken korma
    chicken frankies
    szechuan chicken

    please help me with these recipes.

  304. Hi,
    Iam regularly following your blog. It is simply superb.I tried all most and if any new one I want to try, I will search once. Your blog never disappointed me.Thanks for giving these beautiful recipes.

  305. Heart touching website.. i can say..

    what a wonderful work has been done. user friendly.

    amazing. fantastic.. marvellous… extrordinary…

    accidently i visit ur website while searching some delecious dosa… beleive me from past 6 hours i am just seeing all the images…,, my favour receipes..

    its just amazing shilpa…

    all lazy womens should see ur blog and need to learn how they should cook. now a days peoples are so lazy in cooking… u know.. ha..

    i want to say something for u.. u r doing just great work..

    r u creating this website ur self because as u told that u are software enginner.

    ya…i can say..

    “anna dhanam param dhanam … vidya danam atha param.”
    “annena kshanika trupthi… yavat jeevantha vidyaya”

    if any one gives food it satisfy for a while. but if we learn vidya it’s everlasting..

    ur doing great work. congrats… god bless u. shilpa.

    r u in facebook. give your email address..


    nijvaglu hotey tumba ooota madidastu kushi aythu.. its the top website i believe..

    pls reply for my comment shilpa.

  306. I am a fan of your site. You are a great cook and an artist.
    I wonder how you manage all your cooking , Office , home , your child and writing to your blog frequently. So it prove that you are very good in time management too.

    I am working in an IT firm and love cooking. I try to make different recipes or do some experiment with our old recipes.
    Thank god my husband loves eating different recipes. It always encourages you to cook different things if the other people have also interest in eating 🙂

    I love baking also and for this we are planning to purchase a Microwave. Till this time I have tried all my baking in cooker(only cakes). but for biscuits and cookies cooker is not a suitable.

    Shilpa, I need a guidance from you regarding this. Can you please suggest me what is good- an Oven or a Microwave?
    Yes its true that Microwave have much more features than Oven.
    but still I am confused in between them. I found you are using Oven almost all in your baking recipes. Is Oven gives better results?
    Please guide me in this.

    and Thanks once again for sharing all your pak Khazina with us.

    1. I would suggest buying something which has both convention oven and microwave. The convention oven always gives a better result for cakes and breads.

  307. Hi Shilpa,
    I have a small receipe. Please try it out
    100 Gms of Toor dal
    Half bunch of Palak
    1 Medium size onion
    1 Medium size tomato
    (Cook the above mentioned in cooker for about 5 whistles)
    For griding
    3 tps of coconut
    1 tps of corriander
    2 garlics
    1tsp of jeera
    2 whole red chilles
    A pinch of turmeric
    A smal ball of tamrind
    (Dry roast the above ingredients and grind into a smooth paste with water)
    Add the paste to the cooked items and add salt and cook for sometime. temper it with mustard and curry leaves

  308. Kainaaz Writer Bokdawalla

    This website is too good not to be bookmarked at my comp.. Lovely recipes n i cant wait to try them..

  309. Hi:

    I dont know if you will consider this request but we are looking for few pictures (of Konkani food) for a promo DVD for Konkani function. I was wondering if we can somehow work on getting a few pictures from you. If you help, kindly contact me


  310. Hi,
    I try Idlis with rice 2 cups and 1 cup udid dal and use your same basic method. I am konkai and used to it but I cannot master the preparation. They become sticky at times. What is going wrong?. Should I make 1:1 or us rice rava instead? Please help

  311. hi! i really like your blog and follow it religiously.
    Can you please tell me how to make fondant at home.
    The recipie which you have posted, i couldn’t follow that one.
    If you could please please send me . I’ll be really really grateful.

  312. hello Shilpa Maain,

    i have been trying in vain to have a chat with you since 2 months now i would be honored if i get a reply from you…… wanted to get in touch with you in India since you have already left back to US i would be glad if you spare some time to have a chat

    thank you

  313. Hi Shilpa,

    Am an avid follower of your recipes. However from a few days back, I cannot access the “All Recipes and Posts” link on your website. It gives an error. That link was a real help since I could find the recipes I wanted easily or maybe look for new ideas when I was lost. Please get that link working.

    Thanks a million for your recipes.

  314. Hi Shilpa,
    hw ru?I’ve been silent reader of this blog for quite sum time now.thank u for all these wonderful recipes.
    could u plz tell me few recipes prepared form udad daal (black gram) but which are not fermented.

  315. Hi Shilpa,

    I browse for some recipes in net, but today i came acrosse ur website and it is really a good and commendable one.. many recipes..i cant imagine…..very ver nice..i went thro some of the dosas, breakfast, egg recipe and Mainly ur cooking tips..

    vare va….very vey useful and nice one…I like ur way of writing…..the recipe with some stories 🙂 . I njoy reading ur recipes….and trying the same…
    Thanks again and very well done..


  316. hi i am going to start a veg south indian restaurant in bangalore. can u help me sending some recipes of south indian tiffin items, like different kinds of dosa, idly uttapam samber and etc.

  317. hi i am going to start a veg south indian restaurant in bangalore. can u help me sending some recipes of south indian tiffin items, like different kinds of dosa, idly uttapam samber and etc. eagerly waiting for kind help

  318. Anthony Fernandes

    I am operating Veg South Indian Canteen. We try our level best to satisfy the customer relating to Sambhar, Rasam, & Tea. We do face challenges. Presently we are using for Tea…Good Life Milk from Nandini which is costing Rs.18 for half-a-litre and tea powder we use either Prakash Tea or Assam Tea. We do not reach the satisfaction level……….Pls help………

  319. Thanks Shilpa for bringing back all the recipes on one page. Really glad and very happy. I am again lost for food ideas today and came looking on your blog.



  320. Hi,
    Would you please recommend some dishes from main course lunch which could be preserved for atleast 4-5 days without refrigeration as I would like to send such cooked meals to my daughter who lives outstation.
    Thank you.

  321. Hi,

    Please let me know if you accept payment for posting articles on your site, I work with freelance writers to create posts on sites like yours that link to a clients page within the context of the post. These are never reviews or advertisements for the link, just informational posts that are tailored to fit the content and audience of the site they are written for.

    Is that something you are interested in discussing? If you are, what are your guidelines for this type of agreement?


  322. lovely blog
    you are awesome
    i just wana know do you use unsalted butter for preparing the cakes? or is it the regular( amul) one?
    if its unsalted, can you recommend me the brands available in India as i feel salted butter always ruins the taste of my cakes


  323. Dear Concerned,
    I wanted to know if I can send few cooking recipes or cooking tips and get them uploaded on your site after they are scruitinized. If you have any procedure as such, please provide the details for the same.
    Thanks & Regards

  324. HI Shilpa,
    Thanks for your posting, It helps me and my hubby a lot, as we are from kumta and we are in feel of taste of Kumta,

  325. Hi Shilpa,
    I am one of your latest fans.I just love your website because it feels great to learn new konkani recipes that i have never even heardoff.I really appreciate your effort that you put in to add all the photos of critical steps in making of classic recipes. Let me tell you i have already prepared karate nonche and capsicum kairas from your recipe list and my hubby just loved it.
    keep up the good work and continue the same

    Akshatha kamath

  326. Thanks for this website I have tried few recepies and it turned out to be very tasty. M happy to get this blog.Few veggies that my hubby use to never eat … thanks to u he has started relishing the sabzis thank you and keep the Good work. God bless u.

  327. Hi- I came across your blog and the recipies look great. I am trying to find recipies using Indian masala blends that you find in Indian grocery stores.
    Do you ever use those boxed or packed masala…like some from Shaan, Khana khazana….if yes, which ones are really good and worth using. the ones I have tried have not come out to be good. so looking for the ones that have been tested and can be used in quick/shortcut Indian cooking.

  328. One word i can say WOW!!!!!!
    Hi my name is Suraj and i am a food lover.. Some days ago i was just surfing and i got this site, and something in my life changed… i was dragged to my old day memories.. this site contains everything of recipe of my interest.. Shilpa u really rock.. i have become a great fan of this site, and the name aayis is an awesome name it works rather than just a name…:-)
    Keep Going

  329. Hi Shilpa,
    I absolutely love your website and would like to thank you for giving us fabulous recipes.
    I was thinking of having a website to list the recipes that I came across and liked. Would it be ok with you if I post links to your recipes on my website? I would never claim them as mine.(No plagiarism!) and your name will always be mentioned. I would also post some of my own recipes/experiments. (they are very few though ;))
    I will go ahead with it only if you give me a green signal.

  330. Rajayika Shanbhag Baleri

    Hi, Shilpa tai! 🙂
    Have you tasted Kumta’s Benne Nayak’s Kajubi Mithai prepared during Kumte ter(jatra)?
    My aayi loves it & badly wants to eat it.
    Unfortunately, it’s not available in the market now.
    I can’t see her craving for it!! 🙁
    Can you kindly let me know Kajubi Mithai(White coloured sugar coated cashew halves) recipe so that I can prepare it for her & make her happy?
    Kindly reply

    1. Hemanth Nayak Benne

      Dear Rajayika & Shilpa,

      There is no special recipe for it. and its not an easy task though,

      I am really Happy with Your comment. As you know that Kaju Mithai is just available during Kumta Jatra but dont worry, I will arrange to send it to you. tell me where do you live, India/ Abroad ?

      Also,We have introduced same with BADAM, PISTA and few other dry fruits but they may not b available now.

      Thanks once again.

      Please do reply me, I will try n send it to you asap.


    2. Thanks Hemant. I live in USA and next time we visit India, I will take ask you for the favor. It has been ages I have tasted these!.
      Are you in India now or in Australia? (I remember aayi mentioning u live in Australia)
      If Rajayika is reading this, hopefully she will reply soon too.

  331. Been following your blog for almost 3 years now. Love it!!! Whenever I have referenced a recipe back to you people have heard of your blog already… Wow! You must be one blessed person for satisfying hungry souls 🙂

    Would you know the recipe for Fish Phanna Upkari or Uppat as some would call it? It is strangely missing from your list…

    Happy cooking

  332. hello shilpa

    thanks for that lovely konkani dishes.

    I have been longing to try some of the amchi recipes. however, i would like to request some recipes from you.

    I want to have recipe for parval/padval chutney, sorry for the spelling error but it looks like tendli, actually it looks like a stout version of tendli. we generally prepare bhajias of the parvel/padval. by cutting it length wise. kindly send the recipe of padwal chutney which is off white in colour.

    you can mail me at [email protected]

    thanks in advance

    sachin puthli

  333. Hi Shilpa.

    Quite interesting site. will visit frequently. just a suggestion – to ferment Idli batter during winters, one can heat the oven ( or micro on convention mode / pre heat on baking mode ) and leave the atta in the micro / oven overnight. this is an excellent remedy for fermenting atta during winters.

  334. Hi Shilpa! I love your site, and since I’m a Mangalorian as well, it’s nice to have a cross reference when I cook Mangalorian dishes.
    My neighbor at my mom’s house was Konkani and I have childhood memories of her sending over yummy gobi pakodas. The batter was not normal pakoda batter, it was red and spicy.
    I hope you know what I’m talking about, I’m craving for these and wondering if you have the recipe or name atleast for these.

  335. Hello Shilpa,

    I have tried two of your receipes (Palak soup and vegetable & egg biryani) and liked the same. Would like to try some more receipes.

    I have decided to go for punjabi samosa but failed to get its preparation on your website. Please let me know.

    Waiting for your kind reply.


  336. Hi Shilpa,

    I am constantly on your site looking for ideas for my next meal idea. Thank you so much for being there in place of my now long-deceased Mum, Bapamma and Dad who may have helped me in the same endeavour. I feel closer to them through reproducing your wonderful recipes here, and for that I am extremely grateful to you.
    I have recently been a bit concerned about levels of privacy on the internet, and found that on doing a search of my name, I found my comments on some of your recipes. While I really have no problem with leaving comments, I am not sure I want it to show up on a google search.
    Is there any way you can
    1) stop these comments from showing up on a search, or,
    2) allow these comments to be turned anonymous, or,
    3) even deleted? (although I agree this would not be the best option for your site)
    Any input from you about this would be great, as I am extremely concerned about just how much of our information is out there ready to be used by anyone who just does a small search!
    Thanks again, and please know that your recipes are a huge source of re-lived memories for me.

    1. I think there are only two comments on this blog by you (searching by your email id). So please let me know if you want me to delete them, and I will do it.

  337. Hai Shilpa
    Today only I visited yr site.Very interesting.My son wants to participate in his college competition for cooking without fire.Can you help with some recipes.Further how to use dry yeast (in granules)for baking.
    The yeast is not at all active and the flour never swells.Awaiting yr reply

    1. Please check the expiry of yeast. It should be kept in warm place.
      For competition, I think he can make some raita/kosambari (Indian) or some kind of sandwich loaded with veggies

  338. Hi Shilpa
    Gr8 work on the site.I am fan of your site.I have tried panpole from your site and it really come out well.
    I want to prepare date cake but problem is i am unable to get baking soda,can u please name of the shops in mumbai where i can get the same.
    I would like to know the magge cake receipe prepared with jaggery.
    Please post some more receipes of kosambiri,raitas and salads,baked snacks.

  339. Hi, My daughter is gluten and dairy intolerant. I love your recipes, can you advise if there are any ingredients in indian cooking which can be used as a substitute for milk,cheese,cream etc. Also, can Jowar flour be used to make a pizza base?? Thanks

  340. i have a cooking without fire competition and i have to make a starter,main course and dessert/drink (non alcoholic) all vegetarian in one hour..please give me ideas..please!!

  341. hi there, i have tried recipe’s from this blog and they are just awesome. i hope you dont mind if i post them on my blog when i start it.

  342. hi
    do u know the recipe of simala mirchi che

    we had a cook pai mama , for the pooja, he use to make it , i know the besic in- gredients like simala mirchi, green chillies, coconut, ground nut power , jagary ,methi seeds, mustard seeds , tamrin, it is like thick , sweat spiecy bhaji cum chataney. i tried a lot to make like him but cannot get that heavenly teast.

    1. Chaitali Shanbhag

      As per my knowledge the ingredients which you have mentioned here are the ingredients for the dish called Panchamrut.

  343. Mivida D'Rozario

    Hi Shilpa, Can you let me know where I can buy some of your pickles and home made masalas in Kolkata as I will be going there in December. Thanks

  344. Hi,

    I have been a reader for a long time and am very thankful to you. A saraswat brahmin brought up in mumbai,we had lost touch with a lot of konkani specialities and your blog has put in back in touch with them. I have been using it extensively after marriage to make traditional dishes for my in-laws and hubby who love amchi food. Thanks again.
    I was actually looking for the recipe for Kayras made with potatoe, capsicum and peanuts but couldn’t find it. Maybe you call it by some other name? Would love if it you do a post about it too.

  345. please post the nanchnya duddali recipe. I made it similar to awrarrot pudding on your blog. duddali turned out as a nanchnya halwa..
    Thanks and Regards

  346. HELLO,i want some recipes for cooking without fire ,oven,fridge.. for my college competation ,competation will be on 26/04/2012 before this day i want recipe so plz help me in this ….

  347. Why dont you, start segment where no-onion and no garlic recipes are featured.
    In south india, some Bharmin family dont eat them and evan Jains too.

  348. Prachi Masurekar

    Hi Shilpa,

    I stumbled on your blog a few weeks back and I cant keep my eyes off it.. its just wonderful.Tried several recepies like ‘Miryakani dali ambat’,’suran tambude’and chicken vindaloo, cant wait to try the next. I really adore the consistency with which you keep posting the recepies, pics and interesting narration. The variety of recepies you provide has given me a fresh enthu for cooking.. something which i immensely love. Being a GSB i can completely relate to some of the traditional recepies with coconut and other spices.Thank you very much.

    Prachi Masurekar

  349. Hi Shilpa,

    When I try to click on the link for your dates cake recipe I get a 404 error.. I just bought a new pack of dates yesterday to try the recipe.. Can you please investigate what’s wrong?


  350. Hey Shilpa,

    The link to the date cake recipe is fixed.. Thanks.. I had noticed yesterday that links to some of your older recipes were giving 404 error.. May be you would want to check those again.. I did try the date cake recipe and it turned out to be delicious..!!


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    I just visited your blog and read some of the articles of your site and I really found them useful and worth reading.

    After seeing this, I would also like to contribute something for your blog. Minimum word count of the article will be 500 words and it may contain some images related to the article.

    The article will be free from plagiarism and it will not be published anywhere. As a credit to my article, I just need a link back to my website.

    I want to get the guest post published on the topics related to food, online food ordering etc. I would like to contribute atleast 2 posts every week for your blog.

    Kindly write back to me for further discussions and suggestions if any regarding the same.


  352. Apropos Deepika’s query about Gobi Pakoras at February 28, 2012 at 5:58 pm.

    We make Kobi Phodyo by replacing Taikilo by Cabbage. What she describes seems to be that.

    One word of caution: Do not SHRED the cabbage – the phodyos turn out to be mushy. CUT the cabbage into squares no larger than 3mm x 3mm. They retain their crunchiness and feel wonderful as you bite into them.