Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.
-George Bernard Shaw

From time immemorial, culinary has remained an important skill which has been passed on from one person to another and most of the times from mother to daughter. The word “skill” itself speaks something which can be learnt over a period of time provided one has certain degree of inspiration, interest and perseverance. This certain or rather I must admit most part of inspiration has come to me from my mother or as I fondly call ‘Aayi‘ in my mother tongue Konkani. Hence is name, Aayi’s recipes. Coming to interest part of it, I assume I have it enough without which I would not have had enough patience to prepare these dishes and draft the recipes. The last but not least, perseverance, I would leave it for you to understand. Only thing I can assure is this site will keep getting updated with my almost every visit.

The style of recipes would be Konkani homemade, originated in and around North Kanara district of Karnataka. May be even down South in Mangalore or up North in Goa, or may be even they match Maharashtrian food. But its individualistic taste stands apart from the rest.

I will also share some of the recipes which are non Konkani traditional food. I have learnt them from different people, books, watching different TV programs, internet etc due to my interest in cooking and the guidance from my Aayi & Pachi.

As mentioned earlier, my Aayi is the person from whom I learnt cooking. My mother’s sister Pachi is also a good cook, albeit all her preparations are simple ones. So these two sisters, by and large provided basic ‘ingredients’ for this site. My father and brother though by profession are doctor and engineer respectively, they are good cooks too. Their caustic comments added much essential ‘spice’ to this site. My husband, who is also a software engineer, is responsible for look and feel of this site. In other words he is responsible for ‘garnishing’ of Aayi’s recipes site. Last, but not the least, my sis-in-law, who has the entire hard copy of this site, mostly does the proof reading of every new posting. These are the people whom I owe a lot for this site becoming a reality. Above all, some one needs to be there to relish as well and I anticipate you would do that job for me. Please come up with your thoughts. Whether good or bad, I will oblige your responses.

Finally, something about myself, I am a software engineer by profession. Born and brought up at a tranquil place on the banks of river Aghanashini. This is a tiny place in North Kanara district of Karnataka state on West coast of India. I did my engineering from Belgaum and worked in Bangalore for nearly 4 years as a software engineer. Currently I am living in Kansas, USA with my husband. Apart from this, I don’t have much to say about myself, perhaps someday I may have or may be this site will do the job on my behalf.

I am dedicating this blog to my father and mother. Above is their picture infront of my home at native.

Come! Savor the delicacy.

– Shilpa

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  1. Hi,

    Got to know about this site from your cousin Maneesh. Both of us work in the same company. You’ve really done a great job by seeting up this website. I am from karnataka myself and love home cooked food. Me and my roommates started a kitchen yesterday night itself… Now will take one recipe everyday and start experimenting…

    Keep up the good work,
    Take Care,

    Varun Giridhara

  2. Hey Shilpa,

    A big hi to a fellow amchigelle.

    Your new site is superb. Great to see a site with so many konkani recipes. My hubby is very fond of cooking and he too has a site on recipes. Currently its on hiatus, will let you know once. Do visit it and let us know your comments.


  3. Varun, Try out the recipes and let me know if you like them :). All the best.

    Shraddha, I was waiting for you site. I read in some group where you had mentioned you are working on the site. So I even serched in google, but could not find one. Pls let me know when it is ready. I will love to visit it.

  4. Hey Shilpa,
    My grandma’s place is Kumta and I have visited Kodkani a few times.Good site.Keep up the good work.I will share a couple of my mamama’s recipes with you.

  5. Subhash Gaitonde


    Came across your site while googling.
    Thanks for this wonderful site, helping me and my wife rediscover our ayi’s cooking,


  6. Hi Shilpa

    Since i know you about a month back after we both arrived in the States. But now, when i switch on the PC every morning, my first site to open is aayirecipes.com and see what new shilpa has posted so that i can make something new. I love cooking and my hubby too is fond of good food. Thanks for the good site….. Good Job Shilpa.

  7. Thanks a lot for those kind words Aruna. Its such comments from all of you that encourages me to post more and more :D.

  8. Dear shilpa,

    Came across your site when i was searching for some reciepe.
    i should say that your site is really good and is of great help to me.. thanks to you.
    i am just a begginer in this field and like trying out new recipes everytime. got married a few months back and now in the US without any cooking experience.
    tried out a few of your reciepes, turned out well.
    thanks once again and keep up your good work.

  9. Hey Shilpa,
    The George Bernard Shaw quote is a fantastic intro to your website. I am very fond of Manglorean food. Mangalorean stew and neer dosai are my favourites! Like you, I too share a penchant for age old time tested recipes, which are truly unmatched in taste and flavour compared to the ready to eat fast food dishes oft eaten today. Your sev bhaji recipe sounds wonderfully appetizing. I’m sure a chat freak like me would truly relish it!
    Meenakshi at PRITYA

  10. Hi,

    Came across your website by chance and I just love it. My Mother comes from Kumta and she has always made the same dishes. I was longing to see a website which would have all those dleicious recipes and the same Konkani names and talk.
    Keep up the good work.


  11. Thanks Meenakshi. I visited the Pritya site. I think it is a great job you guys are doing. There is nothing comparable to authentic recipes :).
    Samyukta, Thanks for dropping by. I hope you will keep visiting here :).

  12. Hi Shilpa,
    Got the link to this website from my brother Varun at Mumbai!!I am at Dallas and love to cook. Please let me know if I can also contribute some recipes??And how??

  13. Prema, I have added you to my blogroll :).
    Chaitra, yes you could mail me the recipes. I would try my best to post them here (it would take some time though..because I never post anything without trying it myself). Thanks for your interest :). Looking forward for your recipes…

  14. Hi,
    I found your website while getting nostalgic about grandma’s cooking and childhood Ganesh chaturthi memories, googling saraswat recipes. Enjoyed the recipes and will be spending the rest of my evening getting homesick…sigh.:-)


  15. This site is simply put mind blowing. I am from Mumbai but my mom’s from North Kanara.The recipes remind me of the time I spent my summer holidays in my grandmom’s place. Each time I visit this site I am transported to North Karnataka. Incidentally this site was referred to me by my mother’s cousin. As the McDonalds’ ad goes ‘ I am lovin’ it.

  16. Sharmila, you can cook some of these recipes and feel at home :).
    Pranay, Thanks a lot for the lovely words. Keep visiting.

  17. Dear Shilpa……I got to know about this site from Mangaloreworld.com. Doc Baab had posted a recipe in his site and dedicated to you and asked us to check it out. em happy I visted it. Great site and lovely recipes…I have a passion for cookin so its gud for me. Keep up the gud work, lookin forward to more recipes. I love the authentic traditonal recipes of North and south Kanara. Thanks you once again……..Have a nice day

    Shilpa: Welcome to aayisrecipes Reshma. I have read your recipes on MW.com. You have a great collection. I am happy to know you liked my site. Keep visiting. 

  18. Great site. I accidentally found my self into this site (fortunate accident). This is mimd blowing stuff. My mother is from north kanara (mavinkurve) and this reminds me of the stuff she used to make at home when I was kid. Thanks for the loads of info you provide on food and also for the memories this site brings back.
    Shilpa: Thanks Navin for the kind words :).

  19. Dear Shilpa,

    I just browse thru ur site whenever i get the time. But I must say…ur hard work definitely reflects to every reader. Your site is truly helpful to all the konkani community around the globe. As U are in the US…i’m sure u must be aware of the North American Konkani Association existing there. They have a news letter being circulated called “Khabbar”. Although i reside in Kuwait i’m well accquainted about the events in US as the editor to the News letter is my maternal uncle (Mr. Vasanth Bhat). Do try and get your link associated with them….. It will do a lot good to the Konkani community who are not aware of ur site…and U never know …Fame wud be knocking your door soon!…Good Luck /Cheerz

    Shilpa: Seema, I have no idea how to reach them :(. Will try to find out.Thanks for your kind words.

  20. Hi Shilpa,

    Came across you site through some other blogs and I must say…….. its truely worth archieving…….. hope to see more veg food on your site…. haha… being a bit selfish there…… πŸ˜‰

    Shilpa: Rooma, there are more vegetarian dishes here compared to non veg. I will try to post more of veg dishes in future. 

  21. Wonderful site! Makes me want to learn about your country. Keep up the good work…


    Siew: Thanks for visiting my site. Please keep visiting.

  22. Hi,

    I came across your website from nandayala and wow I was thrilled to see konkani recipes.
    Thnaks to your blog, I dont have to call my amma back in India for ghashi and ambat recipes!!! All I gotto do is log in and even tomato saaru is here!!

    I love your website….pls post more konkani recipes.


    Shilpa: Even I was calling my mom always for recipes. So I started this blog where I could post them all. I am happy to see you  liked my site.

  23. the recepies r wonderful im from mysore but now im in canada settled happliy with a baby i was missing our dishes but now i keep trying your recepies and enjoy thanks a lot

    Shilpa: Thanks for visiting Anitha.

  24. Hi,

    This site is really amazing.. my parents are from North kanara (we stay in mumbai now ) and I have my relatives in kodkani. Yes this site has made me nostalgic too…
    Keep up the gud work.


    Shilpa: Thanks Roopa

  25. Hi!
    Loved all the receipes that I tried from your website. Like your updated receipes and felt very much at home reading all the Amchi names talasani etc.

    Shilpa: Thanks Sonali.

  26. Dear Shilpa,
    It heartening website with tempting recipes, I am from Kumta, presently residing in Riyadh. Upon going thru your recipes it gave me feel of home. I request all visitors on this site from NK to post recipes from your homeland and let grow this site and let to know each other.

    Shilpa: Iftikar, thanks a lot for the lovely words. Good to see you here.

  27. Hi Shilpa,
    I came across this website while I was Googling for Konkani Recipes. I was so glad to have discovered this website. You have done an amazing job. I recently got married and moved to USA and everytime I wanted to cook some konkani dish, I would have to call my Mom. But now I can first try this website before troubling her.
    I have a request. Could you please post recipes to more Konkani Diwali Khaan like teekshe tukadi etc.

    Shilpa: Pareen, thanks for your words. I have posted some Diwali dishes. Please browse through the site (look in festival food).

  28. hello
    I live in India (Pune). i saw your blog some 2 mths back. i like the name of your blog. you have a nice blog. i tried your ragi idli. it came out well. when i visited your blog today (06-11-16), it has changed. i did not see the link of other blogs and other recipe sites you had. you have removed them ?

    Shilpa: Vaishali, the links are still there on the site. You just have to scroll down.

  29. Hey Shilpa,

    My father is from Kumta (baad Kagal). I too went to Engineering College in Belgaum. Your recipes remind me of food I tasted at my close friends’ houses and my mother trying out from her konkani friends. I grew up partly in Ankola. Did you go to Janata Vidyalaya Mirjan-Kodkani?

    Shilpa: Pratibha, yeah I went to Janata Vidyalaya Mirjan-Kodkani for high school. Nice to see someone from Kumta.  

  30. Shilpa,

    Welcome to Janata Vidyalya alumni. I went to PM Highschool in Ankola and JV Dandeli. Did you go to GIT also?


  31. Dear Shilpa,
    First of all, thank you & your hubby for taking so much effort to put up this website with such yummy recipes.
    We share some common things like, I was born in Mangalore (Belathangadi). I studied in Bangalore and am now in US (Maryland). I am a Software Engineer too. I love food. I enjoy cooking. My mother tongue is Konkani.
    I like the look of this website. It is clean, easy to search for items and everything is easily accessible. Thank you and God bless you for this wonderful work πŸ™‚

  32. Hi!

    I came across this website while I was Googling for Konkani Recipes during Diwali. I was so glad to have discovered this website. We have recently moved to USA. The recepies r wonderful. i was missing our dishes but now i keep trying your recepies and enjoy .
    We, me my husband and our daughter love the authentic traditonal recipes of North and South Kanara especially Fish. Please post some more interesting Fish curry recipes.

    Thanks you Ò€¦Ò€¦..Have a nice day.

    Shilpa: Sucheta, just check the “Fish” category on this site. You will find many Konkani fish recipes there. I will see if I can find anymore. 

  33. Shilpa

    This is a great site and I have been researching about this site for some time for some mouthwaterig receipes. I was able to find some good receipes about some and non vegeterian dishes. Surprisingly , i could not find any receipes about lamb or Mutton.. But thank you for all these dishes. I am in a process of trying some a fe ewmore.


    Shilpa: Gollu, I don’t eat or cook mutton or lamb. I don’t post  anything on this site unless I cook it myself. So there is no mutton category on this site.

  34. Hi Shilpa..
    This is a great site..can u please tell me where i can buy Maharastrian nath(nose ring) ..i stay in US…i have this fancy dress comptition ….it would be great help if some one help me

  35. Hi Shilpa,

    This is a great site.Kudos to you.
    I am a GSB residing in Bahrain.
    I love our food.Can you pls give me the recipe for “Sukrunde” – sweet dish & “Vaala Bendi”.
    Once again hats off to you! Great work.

    Shilpa: Sangeeta, Vali Bendi is called vali ambat/randayi at my home. We add a handful of toor daal to give it thickness(in vali bendi version, it might not be there). See vali ambat and vali randayi. 

  36. Shilpa,

    Nicely done. The site came out very nice. All the Best.

    Started trying out the recipes one by one……keep you updated later.

    – Bala

  37. Hi shilpa,
    I am a GSB born in Kumta myself and am presently living in NJ. I also miss a lot of my aayis cooking. Its very heartening to see good konkani recipes on your website and they bring a fragrance of home to mind. I had a lot of craving for the bland haldi paan kheer during my pregnancy. If you ever come to know where you might find these leaves please let me know

  38. Wow! What a site. I savoured some of your recipes right now. It was a real feast for my eyes. I am really happy because you have shared all the good old GSB recipes. Looking forward for many more future additions.


    Hey I make it a point to visit this site on a daily basis and really enjoy trying out the variety of receipes posted by you…I am also v happy to suddenly get hold of ur site….when i was looking for the term in Google ‘kid lunchbox’

    All the very best to you.

  40. your website is so wonderful. .lot of konkini recipes… I am also staying in overland park Kansas.. love to talk to you more..

  41. Jayati Mukherjee

    Hi Shilpa,
    I don’t know how I discovered your site.But ever it has been on my favorite list.My mom is a saraswat and my dad was from bengal.I married a bengali ,but I have grown up eating konkani food all my life.I actually have cravings for konkani khan.
    Your site has been a blessing for me.I visit it once every morning and then plan my menu for the day.
    Keep up the good work .

  42. Dear Shilpa,

    I have found your site very intresting and very different from other recipes sites. Especially your personal interaction with your users.

    Well, I run a Photo contest website for kids – http://www.nanhiduniya.com
    Recently I have added a Recipe Contest for Mommies.

    I want you to get associated with my website and publish kids or vegetarian recipes.
    Or may be answer queries to my users.

    In return let me know what I can do for your website. Regarding monetary returns I’m running my website for free and trying to get sponsorship or ads.
    Once I start getting ads then only I will be able to pay you.

    Kindly reply me back on my email id. whether you are intrested or not.

    Thanks ‘n’ Regards


  43. Hello All Konkanikars,

    Nice to see all Konkani Dishes. I am from Bangalore, but my parents are from Kumta. I have tried most of the recipes listed here.

    Good Job! Keep it UP πŸ™‚

  44. Hi,

    I knew a Shubhada Mavinkurve when I was in school named Holy Cross Convent in Amravati long time back . I am wondering if you are the one I am thinking you are. Were you ever in this place. Do let me know.
    Kalpana Nagarkar

  45. Hi,

    My mom used to make a dish called Daali Bettey when I was a kid. It was primarily made in South Kanara and one of my relatives who hailed from there had taught this to my mom. Do you know what goes in to make this?

  46. Anup Kumar Shenoy

    ???????? ??????? ????? ??? ?????? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ???? ?????
    ??? ?????? ???????? ??? ??????? ??? ????? ??????? ?????? ??? πŸ™‚
    No, just kidding, But do you know the recipe to this Paanak specially made on RAM navami day.If you do please post it…..Thanks….

  47. Hi Shilpa..
    Very nice recipes..awesome work…It’s very good site to instead of asking and calling frnds each time..i just go to Aayi’s recipes everyday..
    will share some recipes with you..

    Good work!!

  48. Hi Shilpa,

    Just happened to visit your site while I was surfing for cake recipes. Wonderful site and of great help indeed.

    I have a small query Shilpa. For baking cakes, what could be the substitute for oven. Can we make it in a pressure cooker? If yes, any care to be taken?


  49. All along my only metric of food that I made or ate was that I had to get the salt right. Your site is compelling enough to make me put some more *thought* into what I cook πŸ™‚

  50. Shilpa,

    Nice web site. My Dad and my husband Prashant’s parents are both from Kumta. I regularaly use your site for good konkani recipes. Thanks for creating this web site. We live in Virginia.

  51. hi shilpa,

    thanks to ur site ,i learnt cooking amchgele food coming out of india

    thanks a lot and keep the recipes updated.

    Mahesh Prabhu

  52. Hi Shilpa,

    Very good site…. cooking style is very simple. many recipes are of my taste. Not to mention I am from North Kendra…

    Thanks for your efforts…


  53. Dr.Namita.Shanbhag

    Hi Shilpa,
    good to know about this website.you have done an excellent job.i have just ref.the URL to my anna.i am also from N.K ,HNR.my grandmother had come out with a exclusive cookery book in kannada quite some time back,all konkani recipes.i am planning to translate it to english for most of my relatives cant read kannada.


  54. Hi Shilpa,
    So nice to see this site.
    I have learnt all my cooking from my mother, who is an excellent cook.
    But, your site still truely helps me with konkani cooking here in teh US.
    I hail from Karwar in North Kanara – however, there is nobody there now as everybody moved to Mumbai.
    Keep up the good work dear.

  55. hai,
    your house is pretty good i would rather call it home…by the way i am soft ware engineer working in bristol and i work 4 orange… i appriciate your hardwork 4 gathering recipees and sharing it with the people. i am old enough to give you my blessings and i wish u all the best

  56. Hi,

    I came across your site as I was looking for Kohlrabi recipes. I am really impressed. I am constantly looking for new recipes to try and I know this is one site I will be visiting very, very often. I am from Goa living in Cyprus and am really heartsick for my motherland. Coming across your website has just eased some of that pain. Thank you!!!

  57. Hi Varun,
    Came across your site when I was searching for some Konkani Recipes. I am an Amchi and I come from Mumbai Nagari but have been in the UK for pst year and a half. I always loved cooking coz my Aayi is a fantastic cook but she never let me in the kitchen saying that I would have to do it when I get married. But due to my immense curiosity and love for cooking I still watched her cook. But your site really helped me a lot as I have forgotten some things which are crucial for some recipes. Like Patholli’s for Upaas etc… Now I can have yummy Amchi cuisine in Freezing UK!!


  58. Sorry Shilpa,

    Instead of typing your name I typed my brothers name!! I was speaking to him about this site and typing a comment for you so got mixed up!! My brother checked out the site and loved it…he is excited about trying some basic and easy recipes right now coz he started cooking just recently (after he landed in UK….heheh)
    Well thanks again for the fantastic recipes!!


  59. hello shilpa, i am avinash, born and brought up in bangalore. i have been living i the uk for the last 4 years. i am a doctor by orofession. i have regular curry nights and stumbled on your website through sheer accident. i was working the night shift and googled lemon rice to show my friend a picture. Lo! your site came up. i fell in love with it especially when i read the word chitranna. this is one of my dishes for curry nights. keep up the good work. i gotta go ‘cos got patients to see. will try to get back asap. maybe i’ll post my own recipes which i are my mum’s but i have made changes to suit my lifestyle in the uk. thanks. bye for now.

  60. hi Shilpa!
    I’m from Goa, settled in California. I’ve been a fan of your site for the past few months now, since most of your recipes are similar to the ones my mom used to make. It’s been exciting to try recipes from your site, they never fail to impress. My quest is to try every single recipe posted here. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  61. Hi shilpa,

    Well done for bringing more spice n colour to “aayisrecipes”.
    I have been a silent reader for past one year.I belong to the present generation of young konk gals who learn cooking only after marriage. Although i had bought a book of konkani dishes by “Jaya V Shenoy” , i preferred refering to this website. The main reason being every recipe had a clear ,elaborate Step by Step procedure along with Do’s and Dont’s which has helped a beginner like me to improve my culinary skills. Also the recipes include items/ substitutes which are readily available abroad. And yeah..the Cake Decoration is indeed a hot topic which has added more zest to this website. Please include topics like food carving/garnishing techniques too.
    Congrats once again & ALL THE BEST !!! U have a long way to go..:)

    Navaneetha Bhat

  62. Hello Shilpa
    your web site & its contents are wonderful.
    I really like the recipes posted on the site and eagerly wait for new post.
    by the way,
    could tell me who is hosting your site and which blog software you are using

    thanks & best regards

    Shilpa: Thanks Mohan for the kind words about my site. We have hosted this site on dreamhost as of now. I am using wordpress.

  63. Hi Shilpa,

    I came across your site when I was searching for some recipe.

    Your recipes are too good. I loved the paneer chilli and the Sambar.

    Keep up the good work.


  64. Hi Shilpa,
    I love your site.I have to glance through it at least once or twice a day!Every recipie that I have tried from your site is great!It is even better as you welcome any suggestions & in the end we get even a more perfect result!I am a Punjabi raised in Bangalore.Speak more of Kannada then Punjabi & also cook food from all parts of India.I applaud your effort & thankyou sincerely.Keep up the good work.

  65. Hi,
    This site is just great. I dont know how I found it…but am glad I did. My family comes from Ankola. I was born and raised in Belgaum. So was very happy to see the connection. I dont speak konkani, but my aayi’s cooking is very much the konkan style.
    My dad says that his granparents were from Kodkani.

    And BTW did you study in GIT??? If you get a chance do write to me offline. Would like to chat with you.

    I love this site. Thank you very much for this.


  66. I am so excited to have found your site!!! I love to cook, and Indian food has always been my absolute favorite. It’s such a pain to sift through all the other recipe sites to find an Indian recipe! I am also a practicing Buddhist and vegetarian- your site is such a great help! Thank you so much!

  67. hello shilpa
    this is harini from mumbai. when i saw ur site. i was thrilled not for the recipe. the way you presented all the recipes alongwith pictures (in a simple language). so that any layman can understand and do the best. even i am mangalorian. but really good recipes. i really feel to chat with u anytime as per your convenienc.

    wish u all the best for the future

  68. You are really awesome! I really appreciate your passion to pursue cooking and also your enthusiasm. Your recipies are so unique and they are the best. You are an awesome cook and I genuinely thank you for sharing your recipies.

    Thanks a lot!

  69. Hi Shilpa

    I have been visiting your site frequently. The blog name itself attracts me to visit your site and learn the aamchi recipes.
    Today I cam across our “About” page and realised that we have 2 common things – I’m (partly) from Belgaum and my post-marriage last name is same as your native place!!

    It wuld be nice to share all the memories of Belgaum.. do drop me a line at my email address.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes.

  70. Dear Shilpa,
    My surname is Kodkani,my ancestors hailed from that place.While searching on Google I came across this wonderful website: ayeesrecipes.com,and am pleased to see that it has become popular in a relatively short time.I will tell my daughters-in-law to visit this website…Vaccunachi tondaak uddak suttata…

    Shilpa: Thanks Sudhirmam. Good to know your ancestors are from Kodkani. I know Konkani family, I think none of them are in Kodkani now. Thanks for your kind words.

  71. I’m actually from Andhra, I spent 2 yrs in Mangalore when my mom was a lecturer in college. Mangalorean cusine is amazing! The Sannas, the fish curries and breadfruit in coconut curry – there’s nothing quite like Mangalorean cuisine. Also used to enjoy eating Ideal ice-creams with my mom and granny. Miss it so much now.

    I tried your Kothimir Saar and it was SUPERB! Thanks and Keep up the great work!

    Shilpa: Thanks a lot Manjari. I am honored.

  72. Sachin Khambadkone

    Hi Shilpa

    I have followed your website for sometime, and have been meaning to write. For aamchi raandap, this is by far the most complete and authentic site. Keep up the good work.
    Always check with your recipes before cooking !

    Shilpa: Thanks a lot Sachin. I am so happy to know you all like my work.

  73. Purushottam and Rishabha

    Hi Shilpa,

    First of all, let me congratulate you on fantastic work , its amazing !! With your help my wife(gujju, now konkani!) prepared amazing vali bhajji ambat , and now tht we have found ur site i will cherish more konkani food . Thank you

    Well my mother is from kodkani and i know your family closely.

    Purushottam & Rishabha

    Shilpa: Welcome to AR :). I think we met in Manipal once. I hear a lot about you from my better half (mostly I keep anonymous on the blog, so I trimmed your comment a little bit. Hope you don’t mind). I am so happy to see you here. Thanks a lot

  74. Ravindra Kamath

    It was great to come across this site accidently looking for Aamchigelle recipes.
    It is a great site with wonderful recipes and great links.
    I have noted down recipe for fish curry and am eager to try it out.
    I am sure it will turn out good.
    Keep up thr good work

  75. Hi Shilpa,
    Congratulations!on bringing out this beautiful site.It is great to see new recipes being added everyday with fabulous pictures showing step by step the various preparations.I must thank my cousin Bakula for directing me to your site.Keep up this good work.


  76. HI Shilpa,

    Got to know abt this great site from ur brother
    Im from kumta too .. This site is too good .. especially for people who are not living in india..
    I have recommended this link to my brother who is in denmark now. I know this site would help him cook some good stuff with what he gets there .. πŸ™‚ .. great going ..

  77. This is one of the nicest sites done by an individual that pertains to foods in India. Congrats! Let me know and I can add you on our site .It will be nice if we can get a mention about our site ( http://www.IdiscoverIndia.com) on your page as well.
    It will be helpful for your readers. Keep up the good work of spreading the Indian culture. Hopefully that will bring more tourists to India and have them see the wonderful land we all know as “India”.

  78. Hi Shilpa,

    Simply mind blowing…you have really cherished the Konkani Cuisine.

    Would you be having the receipe for “Kabbu Ambade Gassi” It is mainly a dish from south kanara.

    Shilpa: There is Ghashi recipe on site. Have a look at it and I am not sure if it is same that you are asking. I am not very familiar with SK names. Will try to find.

  79. Hi

    There is going to be a Blogcamp in India on 16th of June. Around 250 bloggers will be taking part in the event.

    This is what they say on their blog: “The way unconferences work is that, you don’t have an agenda, rather we will put up a white board, where participants will themselves add the topics they are interested to speak upon. Depending upon the number of speakers we will go for multiple threads. There will be some intense discussions, we will have a lot of fun and yes there will be blogging, video blogging, photo blogging, podcasting … everything under the blogger sun.”

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    Check the:
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    official blog: http://www.blogcamppune.blogspot.com


  80. Hi,
    Your send email link does not seem to be working.


    Shilpa: It works. I have changed the id slightly to avoid spam. Just remove all brackets and the letters in capitals.

  81. Kudos! Good deal with the site.

    As a suggestion, it would be really great if you can add a way to make these recipes print friendly.

  82. Hi Shilpa
    Iam new to u r site it is a very good site and i have tried some recipies they r delicious and very tasty and u r great how u r managing u r job and all these things it’s very great keep it up
    It’s very happy to hear that u r parents r coming enjoy the week with ur parents
    Have a nice time

  83. Sunitha Nagaraj

    Hello shilpa
    I had a shenoy neighbour in early 80s, for reasons they had to change their house, my shenoy auntie gave all of us great food,
    I am now in shanghai, china, and hard to keep in touch with her and her family for recipes

    you have done a great job giving the konkani recipes,
    i have tried most of your recipes, gives me that perfect taste and also reminds me of those bygone days,
    love your recipes
    thanks a lot

    have a great time

  84. Hey Shilpa,

    First of all really good work…
    I just love this site.All recipes looks so good so perfect.
    I have tried some of them and almost all came out well.

    I am from a place called gokarna and currently in blore.
    Came across ur site while searching for some recipe.

    Are you a working women?How and when do u get time for all these madam?
    I was thinking probably u r a house wife so u will get time to do all these.
    But while reading abut “AMBE SAATH” i came to know that u alos work.
    Hats of to u.Where there is a will there is a way very true…

    I love cooking and eating good food.
    My Hubby is from Kerala. People do u know that in kerala also there is huge konkani community?
    All recipes that u have posted are mostly from karnatak GSB ones.
    If i find some mind blwing recipes from GSB kerala i would send it across..
    Let me know how will i post it acros to u.


    Shilpa: Thanks for the kind words Prathiba. I have few Kerala Konkani recipes on thie blog. But yes, I will be happy to get more…Thanks for the offer. Please mail them to me when you find them.
    Yes, I am a working women. My day usually start at 5-5.30. I go to office by 7.30 and comeback by 6-6.30. Morning I cook breakfast and lunch and in the evening, dinner. Its my passion to cook. So I manage to do it, even when I am busy. Working timings are bit relaxed in US compared to India. So it is okay.

  85. Hi,

    This is really a great site,I am a Konkana who is from Kerala and I am in Karnataka for past 8 years ,even i have stayed in Mangalore I am a big fan of your site,trust me I have got to know lot of Konkani recipess.

    I made slight change to heat cucumber dosa ,instead of jaggery i added greechillies and salt and coriander leaves,since i dont like much sweets ,its great.

  86. Dear Shilpa,
    This is a beautiful site.
    Like you, I also love cooking.Can we send some receipes to you.?
    i came across your site through google.
    Wonderful receipes, and ghar ka khana

    Shilpa: Pooja, thanks for your kind words. Please mail me the recipes and I will try them here and then post them on the site.

  87. Prathima Rodrigues

    Dear Shilpa,
    I love your enthusiasm for food and for allowing us to recreate some of this magic in our own kitchens.
    Just super!

  88. Hey Shilpa,
    I came across your website when I was net surfing.When I saw familiar words like “Aayi” and “Karnataka” I clicked on the “about me” section.Glad to know you went to an Engineering College in Belgaum. Belgaum is my hometown and I have done my Engg from GIT.
    I love your “taste of home” recipes. Good job girl!!
    I would love to hear from you.

  89. Hi Shilpa,
    Kashi Assa?
    Have been a grad student in the US for 3 years now and looking at all the konkani recipies reminds me of my amma’s cooking. Thanks for the web-site, now I can give my room-mates a taste of amchi cuisine.


  90. WOW, what a find,

    I am an Aamchi, working in Hotels now in working in Japan at the Hilton-my background is cooking from the Taj Days, I currently live in Australia.

    Well done

  91. Hi Shilpa,
    I have been living in US for last 34 years.I still love to eat and cook typical konkani dishes.I was introduced to this web site by a dear friend of mine.The recipes are mouthwatering with easy to follow instructions and pictures.You have done a great job of creating this web site for our konkani community(especially for the younger generation of konkani’s here).Thank you and God Bless you!

  92. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a konkani too.I am not a person who enjoys cooking. But after going through your blog I have started enjoying cooking..

    BTW did you finish your 12th in Ankola (GC college) by any chance?…(just curious if my classmate who used to come from Mirjan by name Shilpa is same..)

    Any way one more popular Konkani dish you can post is Jeere-Mire Kadi..

    keep up the good work..


    Shilpa: Thanks Archana. No, I didn’t study in Ankola. Jeer-mirya kadi recipe is already there on the site.

  93. Hi shilpa,i am preeti..n i am from gokarna(which is very near to ur native),i am so hapy to see your blog.
    I too luv cooking,I have already tried Enagaayi,bindimasala..etc
    Great work…
    I luv the way u represent dishes,Its too good..
    Keep up the good work..
    Happy Cooking..
    God Bless

  94. Hey Shilpa,
    I was googling for something and found this site. Its an awesome site and really well done and presented. I am a mangalorean recently moved to Canada. I am a gourmet and love cooking. Yeah, thats my hobby. I try out a lot of stuff at home. Kudos to you!


  95. Hey shilpa,

    I accidently bumped into this site today, & what a pleasant accident it has been. Some days back I prepared ‘masoor suhke'(almost similar to the one on ur website), and was wondering how to make it even more tasty thats when I bumped into this collection. Congrats!! grt job! I myself have a keen interest in cooking(thanx to aayi & Mom), reading cookery books, and enless written notes of recipes shown on TV πŸ˜‰ & often had this brainwave that I would come up with a website some day – but i think its not required, as I see most of my recipes here :-). I am a Goan,married to a Bengali & now residing in Delhi. My mother tongue is Konkani & we call my grandmother “aayi” so the very word on ur website made my heart feel warm, bringing memories of back home – Goa, where my parents & grandparents reside.Our “aayi” lives with us , & I have learnt my cooking from her.
    Though I have yet to explore the website I know there are a feast of recipes out there. Thanx for making me feel at home!!

    Best wishes,

  96. Hi Shilpa,
    Came across ur site while googling for ragi flour recipes, but you have many more tempting recipes. More than anything your photos are very tempting. Good work, no where have I seen so many photos. I really liked ur site very very much and shall definitely browse it very regularly. I am basically from Andhra and hope you post some Andhra dishes too if possible.

  97. Hi Shilpa,
    I am a regular visitor to your blog these days.I have tried many of your recipes and have left comments too after trying them.All your recipes turn out to be really good.I am from Karnataka also,and I like the kind of recipes you blog.It reminds me of home and mom’s food(esp the coconut-based recipes) and I really get tempted to try them out.All in all a great site with great recipes and I love the way you introduce us to the recipes citing your experiences.

    Though I have visited your blog many times this is the first time I read the About page.It’s really nice to know that your whole family shows interest and helps you with your blogging.Do post in a pic of yours if possible.Would definitely like to see the cook behind all the delicious recipes.

    Shilpa: Thanks a lot for all the kind words SK :).

  98. Hi Shilpa,
    Iam a regular ghost visitor to your site. Have tried and tested some of the recipes today thought I’d take a moment to let you know that I really appreciate your patience, time and effort… your passion for cooking can be seen in your blog and that is what makes your blog so interesting for us.
    Keep up the Great Work and as always will be visiting your site.


  99. Hi Shilpa

    It was so wonderful to see a fellow amchigeli on the net with all my familiar recipes and amchi atmosphere. I will try out some of your recipes- many of them are of course slightly different from what Amma and my Pacchi makes. It will be fun to try out your versions and tell them about it!

    Keep up the good work, Shilpa!! πŸ™‚

    Am in Boston and it’s great to know there are so many fellow Konkanis out there. πŸ™‚ Anyone in Boston area?


  100. Hi Shilpa,
    I am really impressed with the recipe’s you’ve posted here. I am a GSB from Goa (South – Margao) and loved Veg food.

    Keep posting more authentic recipes like so many you’ve!! Reminds me of my Granny and her ways of cooking!!

  101. Hi Shilpa,

    I have stumbled on this BEAUTIFUL site while I was looking around for the recipe for
    pomfret masala and Aayisrecipes and great pictures accompanying them really made my day…
    Aayisrecipes.com is a treasure trove for me, a Konkan and I wish I had known about it sooner.
    I am off to try out the pomfret masala.

  102. Hi Shilpa,
    Love your receipes & site & writing style. It shows so much love for cooking, family, hobbies . Great work. I saw your parent’s picture how about putting your own with all the people helping you with this site.


  103. Hi Shilpa,
    I married few months back, as i am working women, i dont know much cooking, i recently got into your site,i have got some interesting and easy cooking. i am trying your recipes, they are turning out well. Thankyou so much. Keep going.

  104. Hi Shilpa,

    Good site…was Googling and found this…good one…planning to try some recipe today

    Keep going..

    will pass u some recipe which my sister-in-law gave me.


  105. Dear Shilpa,
    First of all, I sincerely thank you and your family members for taking so much efforts to put up this website.This website is a complete winner.

    Now to summarise why I liked this website even more and felt connected with it :
    I am a SK – GSB Manglorean based out of Mumbai. I am married to a NK Family settled in Mumbai itself. My Inlaws are from Ankola. My husband and I are both software engineers.As I am mostly working, I have very poor culinary skills. So this site is really a GodSend to me.

    Specially your presentations of the recipies are marvellous and so detailed, that I feel that an amateur can also prepare the dish rightaway.

    Hence Please keep up the good work. Thanks once again.


  106. Geetha Rajendra Prasad.M

    Dear sister Shilpa,
    Thank you for the recipies. I always look forward for some new recipies and try. Your presentation is marvelous. Convey my sincere thanks to all who are supporting you in this effort. Looking for many authentic Kanara receipies.


    Geetha Prasad.M

  107. Hi Shilpa,

    First of all many thanks for the recipes.

    I come from Honnavar. I didn’t have much experience in cooking as I was mostly away from home for studies and then later work. After I got married I had a whole chance to cook and my husband encourages and joins me in cooking. He has bought me many books. Many times I callup my mother, mother-in-law, my aunt, my husband’s aunt to get new recipes. I also had the habit of searching on net for recipes. When I was searching for Ganesha Chaturthi recipes I came across your website. I was surprised to note that all the recipes were typical to North Kanara. And I was extremely impressed to see the step by step procedure and the pictures at each stage. It is simply mind blowing. Now I am a regular visitor of your website and love to go through it and ofcourse I am trying it.

    Infact I have introduced about your site to many of them in my family. Everybody is mesmerised to see the way it is posted.

    Shilpa, really a GREAT WORK. Hats Off to you. I am also shocked to hear that you are maintaining such a beautiful site and at the same time working as a software engineer. Me being a software engineer I know that finding time everyday for hobbies or other things is not possible always. But still you are managing to do everything. Really great. I appreciate it very much.

    Thanks once again.


  108. hi,

    just came across your site throughthe powers of fate and google. πŸ˜€ im 21, from goa and almost never cook.. yes im a blacksheep in the kitchen. only when it comes to creating the food though. not consuming it.

    im glad i found your site. its really nice that you are sharing these recipes with everyone. yet to go through most of the content on this site and i want to try making some.

    πŸ˜€ rambled enough now



  109. Hi Shilpa, so nice to learn a little more about you and your family, and see your lovely parents and the home that you speak of so often πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on your milestone of 500 posts. I have always admired your passion for cooking and your dedication to preserving the traditional recipes you know… thank you for sharing it! πŸ™‚

  110. Hi may i know the person who writes these recipes. Where does she live in united states. I am curious to know.

    Shilpa: Ragini, the basic intention of starting this blog is to save my mother’s recipes. She is a great cook. I live in Kansas.

  111. Oh great. I am a kannada brahmin living in albuquerque.People around my appartment are always talking about ayiiis recipe.All the kannadigas here seem to know ayiis recipe very well.

  112. shilpa it is very nice to know that you ahve mulltiple skills like u are an engineer. u know painting, cooking. Thats really great.Keep it up.

  113. ur house looks very fine at this distance,neverhad hands on cooking till i graduated and i gotmarried
    now we are currently settled in abu dhbai am from chennai,I had been to south kanara to udipi dharmasthala manglore kollur thalakavery area silent valley subramanya.i enjoyed ma trip.here the lebanese food is in much demand they have their arabi bread muthabal(made of burnt egg plant) homos(paste made of chick peas) they r m ore healthy than spicy burgers and pizzas.the arab and lebanese eat less spicy food, to the max it is jus green chillies raw soaked in vinegar

  114. Hi Shilpa,

    Got to know your site thru good ol’ Google..!! I’m a GSB though currently out of touch with the community as well as the food, your site brought back memories of my childhood and ‘amma’s’ cooking.
    Have taken great pleasure in looking at various recipes ( and I must say, looking at the photographs were a great add-on ) over the last week. Though I can, I do not cook regularly, but am compelled to restart very soon having visited your site.
    Thankyou very much for investing so much time and patience in making this site memorable.

  115. Shilpa,

    I have enjoyed going through your recipes and health related tips. You have done and are still doing a great job! Keep it up.

    On an unrelated topic:
    As a matter of curiosity, did your mother too study in Belgaum? If yes, which school did she go to and during what years? I did my schooling (Saint Joseph’s) and college (R.L. Science Institute)in Belgaum. I have not been to Belgaum in 40 years! I am constantly looking for someone from there who went to school/college with me. I currently live in Virginia.

    If you would rather reply to me privately to my email address that would be fine.

    Thank you in advance.

    Prabha Madhavan (nee Rajgopal)

    Shilpa: Thanks for your kind words :). No my mom is not from Belgaum, sorry :(. Few of my relatives live in Balgaum, but they all moved there pretty recently.

  116. Thanks for the response Shilpa.
    Wish you well in your work on this site.
    As I said before, you are doing a great job.


  117. hi, i just came across ur site n i think i’ve found what i’ve been looking for all these days. most other sites seem to feature recipes which call for a thousand ingredients and are quite different from d actual thing. they also tend to be north indian. ur recipes seem to be just like my mum’s! ur site rocks! keep up d excellent work!:D

  118. Shilpa
    You have done a wonderful job with this site. And your recipes are wonderful. I am a konkani from Bombay married to a Kannadiga from Bangalore. It is often difficult to get the names of the ingredients right amongst us – as he knows the english/kannada names and I know the hindi/marathi/konkani names. Life can be so much fun with the confusion. Your site gives me Kannada and Konkani ( which i truly miss). I know i will be stealing your recipes with pride as i feed my family!

  119. Shripad Ankolekar

    Hi Shilpa,

    Nice to see all those mouth watering recipe’s, I am in Boston, MA now, but am a native of Karwar. I am missing talking to people in Konkani, Konkani food and Konkani leisure.

    let me know if there are any Konkani speaking people in Boston?


  120. Hi!
    Well, I am from Dhrawar. I am working in Bangalore for the past two years. I get to eat my moms cooking only once a month, which is quiet a longgggggggg time!! So I decided to take things in my hand and cook the typical Dharwar delicacies myself!! Your website is of great help!

  121. Hi Shilpa,

    Its good to know about your life. Anyway, I born and brought up in bombay, hence I am very familiar with konkani, goans and maharastrian recipe. Konkani and goans food are great in taste particularly non-veg. Though I am brahamin i love to eat their non-veg.

  122. hi shilpa nice website i stumbled on it by accident and baked the date and cahew cake turned out pretty good my dad is from north kanara too kumta and so i can identify wiht your recipees keep up the good work

  123. Hi I was googling to find out links for karathe randai and came across this site…will be trying out one by one πŸ™‚

    I currently live in riyadh.Though this query is unrelated I Would appreciate somebody helping me out..am interested to know whether paneer is available here and if yes where ??


  124. Hi Shilpa….

    I have fallen in love with ur site.Gr8 work.
    The way u have presented each recipe is too good.Amazing………I have sent the link to many of my friends.

  125. I am so proud of you!!!
    This web site is really good!!!Earlier i would call my friend Mithil or her mum in Udupi to get konkani recipes.I just happened to discover this site.I love udupi food and most of all konkani food.
    I have sent this link to all my friends.
    Thank U….

  126. Hey Shilpa,

    Very happy to see your recipe blog.Very helpful and tasty too πŸ˜‰
    Good to know that you too from Belgaum!! I did my engineering from GIT..recently married and me-n-my-wife are using your Aayisrecipe blog as our kitchen guide in US!Food items in your blog remind me of my mother’s home-made food.My mother is also a very good cook.My wife too is doing good in kitchen now.Thanks to your blog!!
    Kudos to you.Keep serving good stuff!!!!

    Basavaraj D K
    Belgaum\Los Angeles

  127. Hello Shilpa,
    I just googled the word ‘Kadi’ since I wanted to cook some. My search led to your site and thank God I found many of my favorite dishes (non-veg especially). It made me remeber my native and then from your profile i came to know u r from Kodakni! I know the place as I m from Hiregutti. Hope u know the place. Anyways, thanks for this amazing website..its really handy for me n my wife (recently married!) currently living in Australia and miss home receipes.

  128. Hi Shilpa,

    I happenned to find this site while googling for Karela achaar. The recipe looks really good. I will try it this weekend.
    But hey! your site is fan-tas-tic. The style of presenting each recipe with fotos is wonderful. It makes it so interesting.
    Thankyou for such a great site.

  129. Hi Shilpa,
    I was searching for some recepies and i got your site, its really good. I am from north of karnataka and i love your recepies. I love to cook new dishes and i will try your receipes.

    Thanks a lot…!!!!

  130. HI Shilpa
    its really a very interesting site, my brother sent me this link and I have enjoyed a lot of recipes from here. I love to browse and try new recipes. I am from Hubli and love cooking and trying healthy recipes for my family. I love raw food.
    Thank you so much. Keep up the work.


  131. I love your site. I am Happy that i finally found a pretty extensive site with many recipes that i love. I can keep making the traditional foods that i love and pass it on to my kids one day. I look forward to visiting this site often! Thank you once again for a great site.

  132. hi shilpa,

    i was regularly browsing through your site until march this year. i used to take printouts regularly of all your posts. due to medical reasons i could not browse and now i find it difficult to catch up with the old postings. earlier i could retrace your postings month wise but now i have lost track. i dont want to miss even a single recipe which you have posted. is it possible to still retrieve them month wise.

    Shilpa: Priya, Hope you are doing better now. I will try to get back the Archive section, I removed it because I thought no one uses it.

  133. hi shilpa

    earlier i was able to retrieve your postings month wise. is it still possible to do so. i have taken print outs of all your postings until march this year. due to medical reasons i was not able to stay in touch with your site. i find that was much easier.

  134. Hi Shilpa,
    I came across your site from a link on my old classmates’s blog (Madhuli)and have been visiting it religiously everyday ever since for almost a year.
    I do not usually leave comments but finally ventured to.
    Your recipes are good and what I like most is the prelude to each recipe (your stories).Also your painting and cake decoration tells me that you have a drive in you to achieve!!
    You seem to be very young having come to US just last year, so I always imagine you as a girl with 2 plaits and glasses.
    I request you to put a picture of your self so that we can associate a face to person who cooks such fabulous meals.
    Thanks again from a fellow amchigele.


    Shilpa: Thanks Anu for kind words. I am glad you decided to leave the comment.
    I neither have 2 plaits nor I wear glasses :).

  135. hi shilpa,

    wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous new year.

    thanks a lot for bringing back the monthly archives into ur page. feels great to have it back again.

    i should say i learnt and am still learning konkani recipes through your site. i follow it word by word. your site was very helpful when i got married. i walked into the wedlock raw hand without any idea about cooking. my mom used to always warn me and was worried about the fact that i knew nonthing about cooking. in the very beginning i had to call amma every day and ask her the method and methodolgies for ghashis etc ., get her scolding for not learning them during my maiden days. but then i was lucky to get introduced to our traditional cooking through your site. thanks to you and your wonderful recipes. both my husband and i have relished the ghashis and other dishes.

    please continue such good hard work. will be very useful for people like me.

  136. Deepa Mohankumar

    Hi Shilpa

    Ur site is good and ur recipes r excellent. I’m basically from Bangalore. I live with my hubby and kid in Overland park, Kansas. Where do u live in Kansas ? Keep up the good work.
    Happy New Year.
    Take cre.

    Shilpa: Thanks Deepa. I am sending you a mail.

  137. Namaskaru Mai
    What is your full name?
    (I know that your name is Mrs. Shilpa but not the SUFFIX Part
    This question to you is out of curosity)
    Yours faithfully

  138. Hi! Shilpa,
    Though i am from North India , currently in Singapore, and not familiar with the names of your recipes but still i love them and the best part is the way in which you have described each step.
    I love the cakes and sweets.

  139. Shilpa, your site is amazing. You are so talented with art, cooking and software skills. You are really an inspiration. I read many of your posts now and through your blog read sree’s too. Congratz to u & keep up the good work. I will come again for more recipes. I am really a pathetic cook, trying to improve and your site is a great help to me.

  140. Namaskar Mai
    A few years back I got an opportunity to take my Mother to her native place KAGAL (Iam put up in Mysore). My father told me take her to GOKARNA first and then to KAGAL via KUMTA, but not via TADADI/TADRI (Because we have to use Ferry Boat to cross Aghanashini River and My father was afraid of this type of journey. My mother neglected my father words and took me to her place via TADADI (by Boat). It was a astonishing experience to me. We went to Ganesh Temple in Aghnashini and took a Tempo to KAGAL and got down near the Government School/Vardha Bank. Behind Vardha Bank happens to be my Mothers place. Behind my mothers house is GAZNI and GUDD KAGAL. One of my relative took me to Gudd Kagal to bring Shrimps (Sunkat) and then they prepared Sunkat Lonche or PRAWN PICKLE.

    Shilpa: Please check the Shrimp/prawn categogy under nonveg and you will find few different kinds of pickles(nonche/kholu). I don’t have karadantu recipe yet, I think it requires some special kind of antu(gum), which may not be available here. So will keep an eye.

  141. Shilpa:

    I found your site when looking for Paratha recipes. My wife (who is from Mexico) and I fell in love with Paratha’s in Abu Dhabi where we could get them frozen. They were made in Malaysia. We had to have Parathas every weekend morning for breakfast and we missed them.

    We liked them so much we bought several dozen when we visited her family in Mexico. There is now a family in Mexico who are fans of Parathas, they think it is a very tasty tortilla.

    We now live in San Antonio, TX, just down the road a bit from Kansas!

    Thanks for your well designed, intelligent and fun site.


    Tom Downey

  142. Dear Shilpa

    Below given is a quick cook recipe my mom gave me. I am food lover and a critic, this one really was amazing wanted to share with you and others.

    Please try this without fail

    First you need to make the BASE POWDER. You can make a lot of this; you can make up to a Kilo and store it in cool dry place. This powder can be used for all vegetable curries for added flavour; it can also be used as a chutney powder for idly, dosa and chapattis.


    PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD OIL IN THE POWDER BEFORE STUFFING IT IN THE VEGETABLES. (like a thick paste) this is because if you stuff the vegetables with just powder the minute these hits the stove it is going to burn.

    I use this for stuffing the following vegetables

    Brinjal / aubergine – White or black long once Γ’β‚¬β€œ slit just half so you can stuff this powder

    Capcicum/ Pepper Γ’β‚¬β€œ any coloured but green is best Γ’β‚¬β€œ just cut the crown off and deseed the Capsicum before stuffing.

    Okra Γ’β‚¬β€œ slit and leave the seeds in

    Bitter guard -/ hagalkai Γ’β‚¬β€œ I shave the skin to remove the roughness and deseed it.

    Although the same powder is used for all vegetables it brings out different flavour from each vegetable.

    1. Stuff the required vegetables.
    2. Put 4 -5 spoons of oil in a pan , once hot put the stuffed vegetables and close the lid
    3. Let it cook in slow heat
    4. Stir occasionally
    5. Once vegetables are cooked put 2 spoons of dry BASE POWDER to the cooked vegetables and stir.
    6. Take it out after two minutes.

    This the recipe for the BASE POWDER

    For 1 kilo powder

    1. Channa daal Γ’β‚¬β€œ Raw ( often used for tampering) – 150 Gms
    2. Roasted channa daal (often used in coconut chutney) Γ’β‚¬β€œ 250 Gms
    3. Peanuts Γ’β‚¬β€œ 200 Gms
    4. Badam Γ’β‚¬β€œ 100 Gms
    5. Cashew nut Γ’β‚¬β€œ 100 Gms
    6. Sesame ( til) Γ’β‚¬β€œ 50 Gms
    7. Red Chillies Γ’β‚¬β€œ 150 Gms ( this depends how spicy you want)

    You have to fry each ingredient separately (without oil) and Grind it to a Coarse powder ( not too fine).

    ThatÒ€ℒs it.

    Hope you like this.

  143. Hello Shilpa,

    I am impressed the way you write. There is a flow in thought which is smooth.
    Also, the language is fluent.

    All the recipes are so familiar to me since I too am a konkani.


  144. Hi! You are so sweet to post these amazing recipes & to dedicate the site to your family. I recently read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri & Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai and have been craving foods with the flavors on your site. Thank you!!!

    fondly, Amy

  145. Hello Shilpa
    Thanks for the recepies. I am konkani too but unlike u I did not spend too much time learning my amma’s recepies when I was young… (I regret that)but now I can see that u have posted the same recepies on your website.
    I dont have to call amma now for the recepies.. I am waiting for her to visit me so that i can show off my expert amchigalle cooking too.
    Keep up the good work

  146. Hi Shipla,

    This is Smitha, am very glad to be here .. I was least interested in cooking but seeing your blogs and easy method of cooking am tottally changed.. I started experimenting ur recipes .. too good ur recipes are.. Am seriously amazed seeing your intrest in cooking being a software Engineer.. As am a software engineer am very bad in cooking… And am proud to say that am fron karnataka.. Recently shifted to US (Boston) .. Nice to see you shilpa… Thank you…

    You are just superr.


  147. Hi,

    My mother was born in Manglore, India. She migrated to Malaysia and she passed away when I was 16. Now, I am in my 40’s living in the US. I never learn how to speak Hindi except from watching Hindi movies when I was young and my mother did not push me to learn as there there were other languages that I had to be proficient in Malaysia. Anyway, I was intrigued to hear that about “konkani”. My mother taught us to call her mother (my grandmother ) Odli mine. She said that meant grandmother. It that right? or was I mistaken?

  148. I was really impressed by your website. I belong to South canara. I too have some good recipes. I wanted to contrubute so that many people could enjoy.
    Thank you Mani

  149. Hi shilpa,
    Got to know about you thru my sis
    Recently got married and my husband is from Kodkani—- your place and is a connisuer of food too– may be the place does it.
    Now everyday I reliously enter aayis recipes instead of my aayis vasari.
    we tried your chicken curry(your favourite) and was superb!Thou I am a veggie—I can tell about a dish by the look,color and flavour it gives.
    We live in Melbourne and everyday have to rake my brains on what to cook—-by evening I have a bunch of hungry wolves getting home—all I do is enter your site,
    Few minutes later my table is set
    Thank you dear

  150. HI SHILPA me and my husband loves kajar ka halwa (cerrot cake) please send me that recipe…thank you..

    Shilpa: Gajar ka halwa is already on the site under sweets section.

  151. Hi Shilpa,
    I came across your site while going through google for some good veg.breakfast recipe. Its a great site. Incidently
    my daughter is also Shilpa and she is a chef. We are also from North Kanara, Shirali to be exact.

    Keep up good work. Your recipes will help new brides to learn authentic konkani recipes.


  152. Hi,

    My parents are from South Kanara (mangalore) but I have been and bought up in Bombay. However, when I seen this website, I was very happy specially it brings konkani and konkan part of India back to me. We always had Konkani food ofcourse from our part of the region. But this website is good and keep it up. All good to Konkani and Konkani cuisine

  153. Hi Natasha,

    This is Florine and I read your post. I come from Mangalore and we (or the christian community) call their grandmothers as wodli mai (meaning big (wodli) mother (mai))

  154. Hi,
    i want some information about this website for my teacher. She likes every thing on this.
    1) what is your full name ?
    2) when did this websit published ?

  155. Hi Shilpa,

    I must say that this site is awesome. The recipes are so simple and tasty that my man is getting converted to a Konkani from a Kannadiga now :-). Keep the good work up!!!

  156. Hi,

    I’m from Bangalore, but studying in Australia at the moment. I was a little saturated cooking the simple few dishes I learnt before coming here and was beginning to feel that my taste buds were getting bored…. Stumbled upon your website while searching for stuffed bhindi recipe, and I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you have put in.

    There are many dishes that I would love to try (can’t try all since I’m a vegeterian), and it should be a good hobby and much needed variety for me and my roommate!!

  157. Monali [Bhujle] Nayak

    Hello Shilpa,
    This website is excellent, helping me lot in my cooking as well improving my cooking skills. I live in Atlanta USA.
    My parents are from Karwar-Kumta. The home photo of your native place has reminded me of my Nani’s home in Kumta and my dad’s home in Karwar.Those memories are like more than gold for me. My husband is from Karkal, Mangalore.on our last visit to Indiain 2006 we have visited all these places.
    Thank you so much for guiding newcomers like me thru ur website.I guess ur in India right now. So, have fun at the fullest and safe trip.
    Monali [Bhujle] Nayak

  158. Hi !
    went thru your site and loved the warmth of a household, which you have managed to bring in to it.
    is it possible to put up Aayi’s close shot ? that is if she doesn’t mind.
    its a neat sit so all the best.
    take care

  159. Hello,

    Please can you give me some tips on how to make the perfect sabudana khichadi. The problem is when i buy Sabudana from the market and soak it in water for the whole night it still is very rubbery and doesnt taste good. I have tried many options, even milk but it doesnt soften at all. Please help…upwaas with Khichadi is boring πŸ˜‰

  160. Hi! I am enjoying looking though your site ad the wonderful dishes you speak of! My “boyfriend” is Bengali so learning more about Asian is very important to me as I think we may be getting engaged soon! I am purely American so getting all the help I can is appreciated! I decorate cakes and, even though his family doesn’t eat many concentrated sweets (his dad is a doctor and they take a more holistic approach to wellness), I am interested in examples of cake recipes as well as any decorative techniques used there in Asia. I also enjoy cooking and was raised in an old-fashioned, family-oriented family (sort of non-traditional for Americans nowdays!) so I learned cooking dishes here at an early age.
    Please help me with my conquest!! Thanks!!

  161. Hi,
    Got to know about this website from a friend. i love all the receipe here. There are so easy to make.
    I need you help to find about “Set Curds”.
    I live in NJ. Do you know where i can find “Set Curds” here? If not, an alternative is good for me. I have seen it in India, not able to find it here..really need your help here..thanks


  162. hi shilpa..
    great work!!!! saw the site while just surfing the net….am getting married in 4 months and was worried all these days how am i going to manage cooking… but no more tension!!! am going to try each of the recipes…. THANK YOU…..

  163. I recently landed in US, I am an armature cook, will surely try your tips and tricks mentioned here.

    I like the idea of opening a picture of common item in new window since most of the terms are new to newcomers like us

    One small suggestion, it may be not be possible.
    The items in recipe required may not be available easily
    if you could list down store address where it is available ( desi or alternate super market), It will be of great help.

    Thanks and happy cooking


  164. Hi Shilpa

    I have just discovered your website, and thoroughly enjoyed browsing it.

    I love your dedication and the picture of your home and your parents. My family and I visited North Kanara for the first time last year and the photo evoked very happy memories.


  165. Hi Shilpa,

    I bumped into your website while I was looking for some malvani/konkani recipes. I browsed through all the different sections and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will definitely try some of your recipes.

    I am a Maharashtrian, living in Montclair NJ. Like you, I too love to try and make all the dishes that my aayi makes. She loves cooking and making different dishes, maharashtrian or non and we all really relish them, including my south indian hubby, who is a big fan of her cooking.

    I think of the items she used to make back home and I call her to get her recipes and try them out, except I never thought of compiling them in one place or sharing them. I appreciate your dedication in posting all the 100s and 1000s of your mother’s recipes. You and your team of family members have done a great job creating this website and sharing the culinary skills you inherited/acquired from your aayi. Keep up the good work!!

  166. Hi,

    Somehow I came across to this site yesterday and saved as bookmark just by looking at name : Aayi – the magic word. In marathi also we call mother – Aayi.

    Just after reading – About – I am writing this. Yet to surf thru. But as they say – Love at first sight… I liked your passionate presentation…well beginning is half done.

    Thanks again,
    with warm regards

  167. Hi,

    Thanks for such a brilliant website. My maternal side is Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin, and your recipes have evoked many happy memories of my great grandmothers’ and grandmothers’ cooking, some of which remains partly forgotten even today.

    Best regards

  168. Hi Shilpa,

    I have finally come across the best site for the kind of recipes I normally hunt for…
    The best thing I liked about your site that compelled me to post a comment is the ‘simplicity’ that comes across through your writing…even your recipes are so SIMPLE to follow! You have done a wonderful job and you are right, this site says a lot more about you than you can!! πŸ™‚

    I am going to be a regular visitor here as I have a lot to learn and experiment. Thanks a lot for sharing…


  169. I bumped into this website by chance as I was surfing the net for some konkani food pictures – mainly Patrado! This is a fantastic site and I wish you all the best. Though originally from Bangalore, I am in the UK for some time and we get a version of Patrado here, in a can! It is called Patra. Though it is not as good as homemade stuff, it is decent enough.

  170. very neat blog. good traditional recipes, easy to browse menu, cool font/color and simple language.
    one thing i found in it different from many other food blogs i’ve seen is that you mention the no of persons served.
    that really is helpful and pretty important πŸ™‚

    thank you.

  171. Hi,

    I love your site. It is wonderful – so many delicious recipes and so much care taken with them and with your blog entries. Please keep it up.

  172. Hi Shilpa, YouÒ€ℒve really done a great job by setting up this website. I came across the website very recently. I am from north karnataka. Great to see a site with so many konkani recipes!

    Your website is the ‘closest’ to me of all the websites i visit for recipes. I have tried a number of recipes from your website of late and all of them turned out great. (…and may be also because I call my mother Aayi as well πŸ™‚ ).

  173. Hi Shilpa,
    This is a very commendable effort. On this lazy Sunday afternoon I was looking for some quick recipes. I discovered your web site through http://mysoorean.blogspot.com.

    Even I studied in Belgaum and am in LA now. Your recipes would help me not to miss Belgaum and my mom’s recipes so much!


  174. hi shilpa…

    as the name so the art in cooking…u sound too good at your site…can i see ur picture…i want to know the fouder…ha ha ha…can i have your darshan mam………every time i switch on the pc…my fingers get on to your site…great going …keep it up..

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    I came across your website while looking for Amchi recipes and it looks really interesting . I shall add it to my favourites so I can have it readily available.


  176. Hi,
    Well….I Came across your site while googling for some fish recipes.
    I’m Software Engineer and belongs to Western Maharashtra(Kolhapur).
    I’m die hard fan of Konkani fish food and since today is weekend and I wanna take a printout of ur recipes and wanna
    try out one.
    Let’s see if I succeed in my great endeavor…!!!
    Note : I know some of the BEST Non-veg food items from my Kolhapur…..will share with you soon. πŸ™‚

  177. hi
    i love the cakes …….can u please eamil me your contact number …….are u in delhi ????please contact me ….thanks and good luck πŸ™‚

  178. Hi Shilpa,
    Came across your site through a search engine. About your recipes, website, colour selection
    I can only say one thing “MARVELLOUS”. I am not avery good cook but I love trying out new things and your site has helped me a lot. I have tried most of your recipes and they have come out excellent. I am from Goa and your traditional fish recipes are too good. Special thanks to your Aayi.
    I visited your knitting pages too, i do knitting using 5 needles (mostly round and oval doilies) and i have tried making some simple patterns for sweaters and socks with two needles for my baby. And one more thing I must tell you U R A VERY GOOD PAINTER.
    Bye for now
    God Bless !

  179. Hi Shilpa,
    Ive been following your blog sometime now – its a great place for non-cooks like me to get started on Konkani cooking, which my mum and MIL are so good at.
    I am currently in the US and doing a lot of baking. However, I am due to return to India soon and want to continue it there too. Once I go there, should I replace ‘self raising flour’ and ‘all purpose flour’ with maida?
    Thanks and keep up the good work

    Shilpa: Prachi, I have never used self rising flour. You can replace all purpose flour with maida.

  180. hi dear
    this is the best site i came across when i was in banglore my sister prachi is a regular visitor on this site i learnt many recps which i think it was very difficult thnx dear n good job


  181. hey Shilpa,

    you still havent responded to my sabudana khichadi crisis, please can you let me know how to make the best sabudana khichadi, as the sabudana we get here isnt that good and after soaking it for a good 24 hrs it still is rubbery, any tips would be helpful..



    Shilpa: I don’t think you had asked this question before. There is a sabudana kichdi recipe on the site. Please refer it for details to make khichdi.

  182. Hi,

    This is a great site. Can you add something on style of cooking, I mean slow fire cooking, high flame, etc? Also, could we have a column on now ‘lost’ recipes from our native region?


    Sameer Wagle

    Shilpa: Can u give an example of lost recipe? I am trying as much as possible to find out them.

  183. Hi Shilpa,
    I am from Mangalore.
    I am Chambakka’s youngest brother,Uday.I browsed this site with my wife,Suman.It is highly informative.I was bored eating mangalorean food prepared by Suman .Now i can enjoy food from our side.We appreciate your effort to post so many recipes.You’ve done a wonderful job.

    Shilpa: Thanks a lot Udaymam. So happy to see you here :).

  184. Loved your website and the recipes. I am a Counselling Psychologist by profession running a Nutrition Club and teaching people how to attain good health. I also teach/advise them how to eat and cook/choose the right food (high fibre, low calorie etc. etc.)

    My suggestion to you (I am not pointing fingers) is to get your website and recipes proof read by an English expert which will change your site from the ordinary to extraordinary.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Ruth Isaac
    (Mangalore-India) Now in Malaysia

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  186. Hi Shilpa,
    I am impressed with your site its really helpful ,I am a Lingayat from Belgaum district born & brought up in Pune.
    I got married & live in Dallas,TX
    Appreciate your hard work!
    Keep it up.

  187. Hi – Thanks so much for sharing your recipes on your website! I live in HKG and I love Indian food very much. But the problem is I can hardly find any cookbooks/recipes in the local bookstore in town. So it’s such a joy for me to find out your site! Thank you.

  188. Amazing Shilpa.
    Undeniably the best blogs on recepies.
    I feel so fortunate to have come across your blog and I do very heartfully appreciate all that you have shared.
    Thanks and wish you lotsa luck .:)

  189. Dear,
    Its a great site. One stop for all homemade receipes. I love cooking, but hardly get time to due to work etc. We have been living in Dubai for the past 14yrs and believe me, i am trying to get good Homemade receipes.
    There is no better way to show your gratitude for your mother than this. Iam sure she will be proud of you. My mom is a very good cook, but since NO non-veg back home, i had no chance for any receipes.
    Wish you all the best.

  190. Hello :),

    Its wonderful to see this site :). I was looking desperately for the churmundo recipe when I discovered this site. I must say all of you have gone that extra mile to make this site “human” :).

    I am a half baliga. I moved to the US with my husband four months ago. I now live in Virginia. Visiting your site brought back a lot of memories of home. It has left me feeling very nostalgic and warm :). Its incredible how many things you take for granted when in your own country. Especially your mum and her excellent cooking.

    Hope to make your acquaintance


  191. krishna mungekar

    Hi , I live in San diego . I had a question about a particular fish that my mom used to cook back home in bombay. It was called modaka or patrya. Its a small white colored fish and she used to simply make it in garlic, oil and red chilli powder, sometimes very dry. It tasted really great with white rice. I wanted to know if it can be found here in the US and by what name. thanks.

  192. Gayatri Sharma

    Today i searched net for Jonna roti and i came across this site. then caually i went through the site and found it very interesting. More than interest it appears dedicated. I liked this site very much and now i will visit this site whenever i find time. Today i will try my Jonna Roti and will let you know the result.

  193. how am i suppose to post a recipe to you.

    Shilpa: Harsha, I don’t take any recipes, I just post here my recipes. Sorry.

  194. Please see my web site and have a look at our string hopp, chakli, muruuku maker also our coconut scraper. I would like your comments on this
    Thank You,

  195. Hi Shipa
    I stumbled across your site having found some juwar flour in the supermarket.
    I shall try your recipe for it!
    I live in UK and love Indian authentic food/cooking so shall try your recipes. My wife who is French and myself are working on a book idea for French cooking, based closely to your theme-that good cooking is passed down from generation to generation.
    How fantastic it would be to produce a book based on your cooking knowledge and to visit the areas of India where the recipes originate…we are keen to explore new possibilities.
    I am putting my idea forward soon to a large publisher…maybe we should co produce a book on your recipes!
    I recently published a local Photographic book of a place i live near to near London and am keen to do more!
    Many thanks for your great site

  196. Dear Shilpa,

    What a wonderful website! My wife is Maharashtrian, and so I call her mother Aayi, as it is the same word in Marathi.

    I am the Editor of http://www.dadinani.com, where we are capturing a variety of Indian memories, including stories of our grandmothers’ lives, and also their cooking – only 1-2 authentic recipes per family spread all over India. We have just got started on the recipes section, which you can see at

    I would love to get contributions for this website from you and the readers of this website.

    With regards.

    Subodh Mathur

  197. jeevan dhareshwar

    Hi Shilpa,
    It is quite some time I browse through your website regularly.
    As my surname indicates I am from N.K. Dhareshwar Born and brought up in Hubli ,since 1966 I am in Mumbai,I have specialised in Plastic Tooling and now am busy with my consultancy.
    I like the recipes published and always look forward to new recipes.
    This is to wish you all the good luck in future.

  198. hi shilpa,

    i thoroughly enjoy your recipes and i follow it word by word. its very very useful for people like me who are beginners in ‘amchigile cooking’. a couple of days ago i tried your mushti polo and in your page on mushti polo i saw a bright red chutney which was so tempting. have you posted that recipe and by the way what chutney is it. if my guesses are right – is it tomato – onion. if you have not posted it can you please do it soon. my mouth is already watering and my husband is very dearly waiting to have the polo with that chutney next time.

    thanks a lot in advance.

    Shilpa: It is losney chutney. Please check under chutneys and powders. I have the tomato chutney on the site too.

  199. Hi Shilpa,
    your site is awesome ! The recipes are unique , i have tried a few.
    I had created a blog long time back and havent updated it for a while.
    After visiting yours and few other blogs , guess what ? i have started working on my blog ! http://www.appetitetreats.blogspot.com
    Keep up your good work.
    one more thing , i have your site’s link in my blog.

    sathya sankar

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    got to know this site from a friend of mine…..even though i dont know cooking…..am always intrested to know it….and see..WoW… ur site is awesome…………..
    Now will experiment with recipes put here….

    Keep it up……
    U r doing just good………
    take care,

  201. kusuma dilip kumar

    hi Shilpa,

    I had already written a mail for the constipation problem for my son and please do help me with the home remedies for the problem.

    Shilpa: Give water, fluids, banana and any greens. That should help.

  202. I stumbled upon this site only today wanting to get hold of some new recipes online. Great Site! Since I am from Kumta (a havyaka), the dishes here make me go nostalgic. My mother and sis are big in trying out new recipes. I can’t wait to tell them about this site. It is one of a kind site which recognises the cultural diversity we have among the other kannadigas in terms of food.
    Thanks Shilpa!

  203. Sangeeta Sudhakaran

    Hi Shilpa,

    I was just browsing the internet for easy cake recipies and I saw this website which is absolutely awesome!! Its a treasure house of recipies that are so simple. I will bookmark this site and its going to be my textbook to become an excellent cook from an average one.
    Thanks a lot. You are a blessing!

  204. i hope u are fine madam,i created a website for myself with ur inspiration and would like to have you comment as the first one it.i hope u will accept my invitation and visit.I suggest open the link via opera browser so that u can have a look at all the photos also.your comments are very valuable to me.
    Awaiting your arrival and comments

  205. Hi Shilpa,

    This is a great site!!. I was looking for Appe Midi Pickle, got this one. I am from Udupi. I am very fond of my Moms Konkani cooking, when I ever I have free time I cook at home. This site has plenty of items which my cook. Thanks to you and your family. I will book mark this site.
    Thanks again

  206. Dear Shilpa ,

    Good Work . Ur site really helps. I am Newly Married and also love cooking. when i have any doubts i jus click ur website. its really help ful for me . Yaar i have given many mails to u .Try to reply for one.

    Take care

    Shilpa: I did not get any mail from you Swati. I always read all mails and reply when I get time .

  207. Hi,
    Nice to know that you are from NK. I am from Belgaum, staying in Bangalore from last five years, a maharashtrian and a Hotelier by profession. Really liked the recipes you’ve added….. My mom, and aunts make almost all of these…but I am not so good as they are…!
    Take care,

  208. Dear Sir,

    Good Afternoon
    This Narayanarao i have seen your website i am very happy given imformation by you in site. Sir i want some impermission aboubt chapathi manifracture companies in hyderabad . I want to start a new busnies please give suppliers details.
    Yours faithfully

  209. Hi Shilpa, I must say this is perhaps the first time I have come across a site that has genuinely good recipes. It’s very clear that they have all been tried and tested prior to posting.

    I would like to share this with you. I am a Sikh, born and bred in Mumbai. Primarily a vegetarian, I love good food and enjoy cooking as well. I had never tasted sabudana khichdi in my life. One day a friend simply blurted out the ingredients and procedure to me while we were strolling along the beach. Well, I simply fell in love with this fabulous combo of sabudana, potatoes and peanuts with generous sprinklings of lemon juice. Yet, somehow, I yearned to relish the authentic taste of this simple yet mouth-watering preparation because I believed that perhaps I hadn’t got it 100% right. Many rounds of trying this dish at supposed authentic Maharastrian joints actually left me highly disappointed. Until, I came across your recipe.

    Trust me, I was very delighted by your method of preparation. It turned out superb really. That is the reason why I keep coming back here for more. Today, I also stumbled across your information section. I’d never thought in my wildest dreams that IÒ€ℒd enjoy making ghee at home, being in India, I have the luxury of gathering all the cream I want and using the ghee for food as well as sweets. My mother has always used ghee for daily cooking. I personally believe we must never eliminate it from out diet.

    I have a small query if you can help or rather clear one way or another. Is it true that home made ghee is lighter and has fewer calories than the commercial variety? I apologise for my never ending ramblings, and also appreciate your time. Thanks once again for this wonderful gastronomic haven for foodies and recipe hunters.

    Cheers and good luck,

    Shilpa: Thanks for your kind words Daljeet. I don’t know about the calories of commercial variety. I normally make it at home because that way it is always fresh and more fragrant. Also, we can make sure no preservatives are added.

  210. Just happened to visit your site while I was surfing to know abt food blog and tis style. i have also created my own food blog recently. yours s wonderful site and inspires me a lot. Wonderful effort All the best.

  211. Dear Shilpa,

    Your site is really good. I am a North Indian married to a Malvani, and love Malvani preparations. Your native style of preparation is very close to Malvani, so your recipes suit our tastes very well. They are also high on nutritional value, which I am quite particular about. I have tried out several of your recipes, and they have all come out well. I have gained a new interest in cooking with the confidence that here is a collection of recipes that definitely work πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,

  212. hi i am mr. hitesh parekh from Canada, i want to start dosa centre in Canada, i have come to know about your ad through google search, i am interested to open an restaurant in Canada with you if your wish, or if your are giving franchisee, i love dosa in my life food, that why i am interested.
    Hitesh Parekh

  213. Hi,

    During this dussera holidays my wife and kids were away in Mumbai. Thanks to your blog I was able to cook great food and didn’t have to depend on takeaways.

    I survived the last 10 days only b’cos of you. Infact my family ‘s back today and I just finished up cooking for them.

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful site.



  214. Hey Shilpa,

    Thank you for posting all such wonderful dishes from North Karnataka. I tried tomato saar this afternoon and my husband just relished it which gave me confidence to try more dishes (I do not know to cook, am a beginner in the kitchen). I am from north karnataka and I know the variety and methodology of cokking is do different that it soothens your taste buds. Your bolg will now act as a bible for me( i mean it honestly) to prepare some delcious receipes and bring a smile on my dear hubby who is very foddie πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot again. Keep up the great work!!

    Kind regards,

  215. Aishwarya Kamath

    Hi ! Shilpa,
    Just happened to come across this site while googling for GSB konkani recipies.
    It was great to go through various dishes and also cook few of them.
    Thanks a lot. Made by job so easy. Keep up the good work.

  216. Hi Shiilpa,

    One of my freind sent me the link to your site (this is one good thing she did) . It is simply the best so far. I tried few of your receipies and came out well. Cooking is the main time pass in weekends for guys like me here in Germany. Most of the times it will be a R n D activity. With your help now its more productive.

    Keep up the Good work. Now all my freinds know abt this site πŸ™‚

    Thanks & Regards,

  217. Hey Shilpa,
    my name is Chaya, my native is Kumta [Aghanashini] am living in Georgia now,
    was searching for pongal and came across with your blog….will try your version for sure,
    n wanna try more recipes….can i share any recipes with u?
    keep up your good work…good luck.

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    Well it is so good see these many items in a single blog.
    I cant keep myself without appreciating ur patience and dedication towards ur work.
    Really i was pleased by seeing ur recipes.
    So nice, keep working.
    Only the thing what can i say is “ALL THE BEST” and go head i can say surely that u can reach the top no limit for ur hard working.


  219. Hi Shilpa, I have been visiitng ur website for quite some time. Its truly a wonderful job ur doing . A variety of recipes. Seeing ur blog, I have started of my own. U may like to visit and leave comments pls. thanks

  220. Hello Shipa,
    I came across your site while searching for deepawali recipes, It was like finding a lost treasure,obviously I immediately bookmarked this page,.When I was a child I used to watch keenly every food my mother cooked ,some recipes I remember but many i have forgotten,And now i find on your site much more.
    Thanks to you and your mother

  221. Hi Shilpa,
    I just came across your blog and really liked it. It is very obvious that you have put in a lot of effort to make this blog. Great work!
    I come from mangalore and am very familiar with Konkani cuisine. I too am writing a food blog, but i dont find time to update it much. i will let u know once it is ready, please do visit my blog and comment.
    Hey, i have a question. How do u find the time to do so much inspite of ur work???hats off to u!

  222. I came across your site while i was googling for konkani dishes. I am from Karwar. Recently got married and moved to UK with my husband. My hubby is a manglorean and he loves his mom’s food. Although I know a few dishes, I wanted to learn more varities and live up to my mom-in law standards.
    I have to say, i visit your site almost daily now. I try your recipies and they turn out wonderful.
    Amazing varities of authentic konkani dishes. The photography of dishes are a great help.

    God bless & Thanks a ton!

  223. I just noticed that your website is designed very beautifully. Did you do it your self? Good choice of colors and not goddy at all. The imp matter draws attentin.
    Neat work. Bravo.

    Shilpa: Thanks Anjani. Yes, we designed the site πŸ™‚

  224. Hi Shilpa,

    You made our day. We were short of ideas on how to make a crunchy-perfect sugar dry fruit chikki until we came across your blog, and were able to churn out the most fabulous chikkis ever.

    Thank you,

    Nandini, Vijay

  225. Hi Shilpa,

    As I had messaged u before, I have opened my blog to public now. But lots to write and do still. Please visit my site and do give me your suggestions. I would really appreciate it. I would be privileged to be linked with ur site.


  226. Dear Shilpa,
    I stumbled upon this site my chance,because of the name! and I must say I am in love with it. IThe picture of your Aayi and Baba brought back memories long lived but not lost.
    They remind me of my Amma and Appa.I am from south kanara,living in NZ.but even this picture brings me succour.Thanks and God Bless.

  227. By chance i happen to come across your blog. I was looking for kanchipuram idli recipe and was surprised to see typical konkani recepies. Your work is really appreciable which something I always wanted but couldnt. Authentic recipes. Nice to see somebody is taking initiative in documenting the good old recipies. Keep it up!

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    all recipes are quite accurate and work perfect…
    again gr8 job..

  229. Hello Shila:

    I am a great fan of good tasting and good looking food.

    I was going through your website, and found it so extensive. It is like a whole lot of research here on food.

    Though, I am not a great cook, I can say with certainity that all this must make a fantastic trip to tasteland!!

    I congratulate you on having a splendid website like this and for sharing it with all of us.


  230. Hi Shil,
    Can I request something simple please? It is rice (Anna), the way your Mother-In-Law prepares, that soft fluffy rice. I am interested in the way it is prepared in an open bowl (unlike cooker and 4 whistles) I did note ‘how to prepare’ way back in 2003 but have forgotten :-(. Now I want my wife to learn that… could you please help?

    Thanks in advance

  231. Dear Shilpa ,
    I am so exited to know that you are from Kodkani and doing such a lovely work. Really appriciable work you are doing in your busy schedule. I am very proud of you as I spent my lovely childhood in kodkani (in 80’s) and you are from that place.(Kodkani is like my native too.)

    Last week I refreshed recipe of yengai with the help of your website and prepared it. I am forwarding the link to my dear once also.
    I have bookmarked this link and taking advantage.

    Thanks to you for such a wonderfull work and quality of website and information with picture is very impressive.


  232. Hello Shilpa and the Team Aayi, This is a fantastic job!…..both in terms of the presentation of the web site and its contents. Your work is an inspiration …I am from Manipal and currently residing in Bahrain…! Keep you the good work…this way, you can immortalize the Konkani cuisine…Regards…Madhava Rao

  233. Shilpa:

    Have enjoyed your site; I made your airawwaat for Thanksgiving and it was a great hit with all the family; I came from Bangalore at age 9 but feel at home when I read your site; Do you by chance live in the KC area of Kansas; that is my hometown in the US?


    Shilpa: Yes Mala.

  234. haiii
    My name is deepa and have been visiting this site for a while…today i went to the about page to read about u and lo and behold was surprised to learn u live in kansas…I live in kansas city too…Anyways it was a nice surprise…do write back if u can..also keep up the good work..and unlike other sites u have new recipes so often..thanku…

  235. all amchis, we should all get together and chat ? what do u say,I am atula shirur and i live in phoenix, do contact me on [email protected], I would like to be in touch with amchis including u shilpa.

  236. Dear Shilpa, I spent hours today going through your blog. I just read ‘about’ you and find it extraordinary what you are doing. Congratulations! You are helping and making so many people away from home happy. Keep up the good work. I am sure I will have a lot to gain from your recipes (but not in weight I hope :o)! Thanks a lot.
    Wera Wernicke from Germany, originally from Mangalore

  237. Shilpa thanks for your website I was looking for a gajjar recipe and stumbled onto your website. I must say I enjoyed it. I will be trying some of your recipes. Since I am from Pakistan, it really interests me to read about Indian diversity. It will be nice to find out more about karnatka.

  238. Hi Shilpa,
    We are from North Kanara too (Karwar).I came across your site incidentally when searching for a recipe on the net.Must say you have spent considerable effort in making the site a ‘must-know’ for all konkani people.Your recipes combine both the traditional ‘comfort’ food as well as the modern dishes.Good luck and best wishes

  239. Hello Shilpa
    At the onset, an amazingly well done site!!!!! A very good collection of recipes!!!!
    I stay in Belgium and am cooking my dinners. One of the most frequent issue is how much water to add to rice while cooking it. How do I come to know whether the rice is cooked or not?
    While making sabzis (usually potatoes and other assorted available vegetables), I find that the black pepper or garam masala powder gets stuck to the base of the vessel. I add oil first, heat it, add onions, saute them, add chopped chillies, ginger garlic paste and stir, then I add cubed potatoes (raw) with other vegetables, stir them, then I add the garam masala. Should I be adding a little water also? or should I add the garam masala after the vegetable is done?
    Please advice….
    Also, I would be grateful if you could suggest some alternatives for curry leaves, tamarind which are not always available here….

    Shilpa: The time and water for cooking rice depends on the kind of rice used. New rice takes less time and as time passes, it takes more time. Usually, you can start with 1:2 rice:water ratio and 3 whistles in cooker. You have to do trial and error to get the exact consistency of rice.
    Yes, add little water helps. Cook on low medium low flame to avoid sticking.
    There is no general alternative for curry leaf or tamarind. It can be replaced with something depending on the dish

  240. Hello Shilpa,

    My name is Yogesh Prabhu. I live in Sacramento, CA with my wife and two kids. I could not believe I just found your website with “amchigeli” recipes. Well I and kids wanted to surprise her with Idali Sambar and I have no clue how to make sambar πŸ™‚

    My wife is enjoying a ladies night out with her “konkani” friends and will be back in few hours. We have a group of about 12 konkani families here within 15-20 mile radius and call ourselves “AAA” members (Americantu Amchigeli Association).

    I will pass on your website to Jaya; she is crazy about recipe collection and keeps on trying different items.

    Thanks for the recipes and your website.

    With Best Regards,


  241. Just made Mysore Pak again this weekend. Your recipe is the best! I am not Indian. A friend from work brought some back from India and I loved it so much I decided to make it myself. I have tried a few recipes but your’s is the best. The only thing I add, is to sift the besan first. The Mysore Pak is a huge hit at work and I get requests to make it regularily.

  242. Dear Shilpa,

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful website. I have tried most in this. I got to know that you are from Kodkani. Actually i had also visited many times this place as my aunts are from this place.


    Shilpa: Hi Smitha, nice to see your message. I have modified your comment to remove any personal information. Hope you don’t mind.

  243. Hi Shilpa,

    Hats off for your efforts on this site, I also convey regards to your whole family whose has contributed to this website.. its really very interesting and useful…

    I was attracted to this website because of “Aayi” word. Its a nice thought to bring in and also retain ur mom’s / aunt’s recipes and tips..

    Wishing you all the best for ur continuing efforts on this website…

    Best wishes and Regards
    Suma Mahesh

  244. Hi Shilpa,

    I got married 2 years back but still i am biggener in in this field,i was totaly depending on Moms sarina pudi.But now i can prepare curry without that..Thank u very much dear.U r dishes are simple and tasty.Me and my hubbys is big fan of U.

  245. hello shilpa,
    u r sight is too good with simple,easy receipes.
    it’s really useful.
    i just wanted to know the receipe of beetroot vadi.i’m saying it vadi & not burfi as i don’t want to use khava.milk ‘ll be ok.
    pls can u send me this receipe.

  246. Dear Shilpa,

    I came across your site while searching for a recipe and was pleasantly surprised to find so many good simple Indian recipes.

    Just love the house you grew up in. I am from Pune but my aai and babas native place is Lanja in konkan. We have a similar house there and your photo brought back loving memories.

    We that is my husband, my 3 yr old son moved to US last year and while coming i also brought a soft copy of my aai’s recipes πŸ™‚ If you anytime need recipes for Puran poli, Ukadiche modak, Katachi amti please get in touch.

    God bless you and your near and dear ones

    keep up the good work..

  247. Hi Shilpa,

    good job on the website. I am an aamchi and enjoy reading your recipes. Could you kindly suggest few dishes, if i am low on vegetables? Hardly get any time to visit the market, so looking for good varieties in root veggies and pulses.
    Keep up the good work and hear from you soon.
    Bakul K

  248. Hello Shilpa,

    You have a great site. I cook a lot of recipes from your site especially when I am at my wits end as to what to cook other than the usual. I am from Mangalore and so the recipes match my taste too.
    It would be great if there were more recipes with vegetables we find in regular American grocery store.


  249. Hi Shilpa,

    Loved everything about this site. You brought back memories of my mammamma’s cooking tome. I am a shetty grown up bang in the middle of konakni homes savoring the love of mami’s mama’s and above all mammamma (I used to call my neighbor’s mom that and she used to introduce me as her oldest granddaughter :))

    Always loved konkani cuisine and thank you for putting them together here.


  250. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks a ton for all the yummy Konkani and Non-Konkani recipes. I have tried so many of the recipes from your blog and they have all come out delicious.. Kudos to all the mom’s (especially Vranda :), who gave us great food besides inspiration to cook!

    Keep up the great work!

    Regards, Kits

  251. Hi Shilpa,

    This is indeed an excellent website on our Konkani recipes. All these years my wife & I have always depended on the ‘ Rasachandrika’. But this website explores a wider range of Amchingele dishes.

    Thank you for giving us another option to look into .

    Toronto, Canada

  252. Jonathan Kandell

    Sorry to bother you. Do you know any place in USA where one can obtain Karnataka spices like marati moggu and kalpasi? I know there must be an indian shop with connections to bangalore!
    j kandell
    tucson az

  253. Hey,

    Great work. I really admire ur site. All these recipes reminds me of home food cos even i am from north kanara

    Keep up the great work πŸ™‚


  254. Hi,
    You know, i accidentally stumbled on your website n loved it so much!! I am GSB n now a maharashtrian (post-marriage), but i so much miss the amchigele food… Reading your recipes i feel so nice n proud dat I AM A GSB!!! Thanks for all da lovely recipes…..

  255. I love your recipes and the way you have developed your website. Nowadays, if I am at lose ends for an idea I will visit your website and chose an item to cook.
    Your website must take a lot of time and dedication.
    Keep up the great work- I hope you get enjoyment out of this also as it is a lot of hard work.

  256. Hi Shilpa,

    I came across this recipe “Luck by chance” and my first expression was “WoW”…I am not a great cook myself but I miss a lot of Konkani recipes which my grandma used to prepare..like khotu,jeere meere kadhi…
    This site really gives me some motivation to try new dishes..Its really great thing that your entire family has put together..hats off


  257. Dear Shilpa,

    I will never be able to thank you enough for all those wonderful mouth watering recipes that you have posted.

    My name is Deepali and I live in Nigeria with my husband. I am basically from Belgaum. Your website is like home away from home. Almost everything that I cook in my house comes from your website. I really appreciate your hard work and will always be grateful for really saving my marriage (not so seriously), that is I can keep my husband happy because of these lovely recipes.



  258. Shraddha Sohoni Nayak

    Dear Shilpa,

    I am very much impressed with your all recipes. I am also Konkani speaking GSB and love cooking. I also experiment new dishes daily. I have tried most of the recipes from your site. They are just amazing. And now i am introducing your site to all my friends too.. Keep it up and keep posted some new recipes. If you want, i will share with you some of my recipes too. Let me know:) Would love to be in touch with you:)

    Hats Off to your concept,ideas and the way u developed this site:)

    Shraddha Sohoni Nayak

  259. Sunita Parshurampuria

    Hello Shilpa,

    My husband and I came across your website while surfing for Konkani recipes on Google.

    We have tried quite a number of your recipes and the dishes turned out to be extremely delicious.

    Excellent initiative!

    Kind Regards,

  260. Hi Shilpa, I recently visited ur site and I liked it so much that I visit this almost everyday. I liked almost all the recepies that you have posted. Last weekend I tried out some of your recepies and they turned out great. I tried Cabbage vada, Fish masala fry, Spicy egg. I also tried green chillie fritters. I have kept them for drying. I made very little on a steel plate directly. But they are getting stuck to the plate. So today I made some on a plastic sheet. I will check in the evening. Hope they turn out good. My husband also likes cooking and sometimes we cook together. Last weekend he made egg and soya nugget cutlets. They were yummy… Shilpa if you don’t mind could you publish my husbands recepie on your site? Waiting for your reply. Will write to you once I try more recepies. Take care

    Shilpa: Sorry Varsha, I don’t have option for reader’s recipes at this moment. It is very difficult for me to manage if I start this as I am getting a large number of requests from different people who want to publish their recipes on the site. I may start this in future, but as of now, I won’t be doing this. Hope you don’t mind.

  261. Hi Shilpa!
    Just wanted to say that you are a Goddess for us bachelors abroad. Is it possible for you to have a category called “fata-fut” or “Quick dishes” which one can prepare in just few minutes. There probably may be many such dishes in your website, you could augment them along with new and easy dishes and categorize them. Final note: your husband is one of the most luckiest man in India, as is my Brother-in-law (check out my Sister’s blog http://www.thecookscollection.blogspot.com).

    Best wishes from me and other Students Abroad,

  262. Hi Shilpa

    My name is Ruchira, I work with the Weekend Section
    of Hindustan Times in Delhi. I have been going through your blog for a while now and really like all the stuff.

    Well, getting to the point. I am doing a story on Indian food bloggers and how they are
    getting classier with their photographs and their
    recipes and thought I should speak with you.

    Is it possible for you to send me a number where I can reach you? Otherwise, my phone number
    is 09899388238

    Would be great to hear from you soon


  263. cool…
    am from mirjan!!!! i know kodkani each and every bit!!!
    now in manglore…. nice receipes….


  264. Hello Shilpa,

    Your website is just perfect: amazing recipes, step by step details, pictures at every stage, plus you always have a house hold alternative for almost everything.
    Also more so because it is called ‘aayi’s recipes’.

  265. Hello Shilpa,

    Your website is perfect! you have almost all the recipe’s that a Maharastrian-Kokani has grown up eating. Simple n easy steps with pictures make it fun to cook. I also like how you have a house hold alternative for everything!
    I have made my husband happy everytime I have tried your recipes!
    Keep up the good work!
    – Sharvari

  266. hey shilpa!!!

    what’s your father name??

    not possible to identify face clearly in the snap!!!


    shilpa: Your guess is right Pavan. I had to remove the name from your comment as I don’t post my family member’s name/pictures here.

  267. Dear shilpa,
    I am a regular reader of ur blog they are just great. I belong from udupi district the style of preparation is just how my mother makes and ur receipes are simple and they come out very well. I try out ur receipe every sunday ( Cooking is my hobbie) Keep up the good work.

  268. hello shilpa

    doing great job yaar,,,,teaching lot of stuffs,, really great,,i am very helpful from ur blog,,

    somewht excited to see the receipes,,,ella thumba thumba easy mathe channagidhe

    thanks a lot,,,and keep going

  269. πŸ™‚ what an incredibly charming self description! And @ 737 recipesposted, you are amazingly modest!

  270. Wonderful. A software engineer; thus the nice website? I am so glad I found your recipe website; love Indian food, and look forward to making some of these. Thank you.

    No. CA

  271. hay.Aais. i saw ur web site very fantatic recipeis.i try to experiment with my international community firends .very very tasty and simple.in my 15 YEARS servise of saudi arabia iam always serching south indian recipes .now iget from u r web. thank god.and u for given best of the best GOOD FOOD RECIPES WEB.i pray from ALLAH for u r good idias and good helping to SOUTH INDIAN SOCEITY.
    thank you very much.

  272. Dear Silpa,
    I have become a regular visitor and a fan of you. Infact I was deparately searching for authentic Konkani recipes may be two years before. That is when my interest in cooking became serious. I am a konkani based in Kerala. Your site somehow missed about Konkani’s in Kerala. I am also a software Engineer by profession, now looking for a change and cooking is one of my area of interests.
    About this site, It is an unique and great work you have done. Thank you for this. Looking forwad to a reply.

    With Best Wishes

  273. Hi Shilpa,
    Have followed ur blog for a few years now. As a fellow konkani all i can say is that it just brings back gr8 memories from childhood to see my favorite recipes being posted here. I have tried so many of ur dishes with varying degrees of success but nothing can replace “aayis” love in them.
    One question I did have was, is there a way we can substitute some quintessentially konkani ingredients (they r simply not available here) like teppal, pachfonos etc with something which is locally available at walmart or publix…

    1. Thanks for your kind words Deepak. There is no single replacement for all the recipes. Depending on what you are cooking, you can sometimes find replacements. I haven’t come across any replacement for teppal yet. I just leave it out when I prepare any dishes that has teppal in it.

  274. hello, ME very much impressed with your blog ! Me quite a newbie in this blogging and first timer @ ur blog ! and mainly me too typical GSB girl .. so all of your recipes just made me call my Mom and talk about Food !! πŸ™‚ happy blogging !!

  275. hi !! am a regular visitor of your blog and just today tried out the nankhatayi recipes and it came out well. i am a konkani too and an engineer too from bangalore and worked for two years and now am busy trying out all recipes.

    congratulations on your excellent blog and the lovely photographs and the tips. the photos really help.

    all the very best

  276. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks for your reply. I would really love to try to make pachponosa gojju..but i cant get pachponosu here.
    Also have you tried to tweak western recipes to include konkani tastes. The most i tried was to make ravioli stuffed with spicy desi style shrimp…tasted okay…maybe it was too much of a clash…love to hear your thoughts on this..

  277. Hi Shilpa,

    I stumbled upon your website while waiting for my code to get compiled. πŸ™‚

    I am a GSB too and have grown up eating most of the amazing dishes you have described in your blog. However, I spent most of my time studying and playing and never really had a chance to learn to cook these authentic preparations from my ‘aai’. This website is a blessing! It has tempted me to call up my mother and get some of her ‘speciality’ recipies from her, while using your blog as and when I want to try out something new.

    Thanks a lot!

  278. First of all, I love your site! Beautifully written and presented and such delicious recipes. I’m not from India but I have always loved eating Indian food and have been cooking it for 20 years. My sister in law who has lived and worked in India got me started and my husband who has traveled visiting friends there encourages me. We have a number of friends who go back and forth so I’m always checking with them as to how things are tasting. Good luck with your blog, it’s really wonderful.

  279. Came across this website while looking for konkani recipes. I’m konkani by birth and my grandmother and mother used to make these dishes. Its easy now to call and ask the recipe directly from the source, but great to have these online where they form my own recipe book for easy access. Thanks for compiling these.
    btw, I learnt later that you are N’s sister and that made it even better to follow this site. I studied with N and your Pachi is my maami-by-marriage. And I agree, she is an awesome cook. I have a few recipes I picked from her too.
    Thanks for the effort put into this website and I hope you continue this great idea.

    1. Hi Mayura, very nice to see you here. Yes, I remember meeting you in Belgaum. (I modified your message to remove my bro’s name just to be anonymous, hope you don’t mind). Keep in touch.

  280. Hi Shilpa,
    I love this website and I admire your passion for cooking and sharing this with the world!

    I am konkani from Mangalore but born and brought up in Sydney and married to a kutchi Jain. I am based in Sydney now. WellI love to eat but was never into cooking before marriage.

    Had a tough time initially cooking but now I am used o it and infact I am falling in love with it. Fortunately for me though my husband is a vegetarioanhe loves differnt cuisines. Hence, cooking different dishes is something I look forawrd to.

    Your website offers a variety of simple, delicious choices and love glancing through it everyday. I now don’t have to think of what to cook in the evening. I just select a dish from your website.

    Thanks a lot to you and all other for blogging


  281. Hey shilpa,
    I’m a konkani GSB…i’m currently studying in USA…away from home…away from home-made konkani food…but you site helped me a lot to recover from the nostalgia. thanks…

    P.S: I’m Looking for ananas saasam receipe…can you help me…

  282. Hi shilpa,

    I am also a konkani speakin (Konkaan maratha) After marriage i abelong to same place as yours Kodkani.I was just searching for kankani receipes as my husband is very much fond of Konkani food.And luckily you came to my help.millions of thanks to you Shilpa

  283. Hi, whenever I want to cook something my aayi used to make back home, I come here and I have always found it — I have never commented to thanked you for it. So, here you go — thank you very much. I love this website. Keep ’em coming!

  284. Hey Shilpa,

    Splendid work on the recipes..some really mouth watering items..just reading through it increased my appetite!! Well i’m a new mom and am always looking for new recipes..was wondering if u’ve a section on that…that wod help tremendously!!just a thought..keep up the great work!!


  285. Hi

    Thanks for the great recipes. I will try posu tommorrow.
    How come you changed your website. This one is nice but i used to love your old website.

  286. Hi shilpa..

    jst came across this blog through net surfing..

    Wht i would like to congratulate u 1st of all is ” your affection towards your mother “..!!

    AAi baddal cha aadar, and aatmiyta hoti jyane u made urself capable of writing.. Be pround on ” AApla culture, Our sanskriti.. ”

    Keep going honey… All the best.. Best wishes..

    -Miss. Ketki

  287. Hi,
    I am from Pune, native place Honavar and mother tongue Konkani. At present am staying in US with my hubby. I am not at all a good cook but your website has really helped me in everyday cooking and also learning our traditional Konkani recipes. I have tried few recipes which really turned out good. Thanks a lot for such good and tasty recipes. I always refer your website almost everyday and try out some new recipes.
    I am searching for Sprouted Moong Randai…. can you help me in this….

  288. Hi Shilpa

    I have tried some of your recipes.. they came out really well, just tried the banana cake yday.. it was awesome , my kids enjoyed it.. thanks for these..

    I am trying to get the mangolorean kanna fry recipes with the masala red masala poured on top of it..

  289. Lara Matossian-Roberts

    Hi Shilpa!

    I love your website. I’m Armenian and I grew up in Dubai, UAE. Six years ago I got married to Rohan, who grew up in Dubai as well, but who’s parents are from Mangalore. I thought I knew a lot about Indian food, growing up here in the UAE, but he and his family introduced me to a whole lot of dishes I hadn’t even heard about!

    Now, thanks to my mother-in-law and my Indian colleagues and friends I have learnt to make many new Indian dishes. My most recent adventure was in making idlis and dosas – just this weekend, actually!

    I came across this site because I wanted to learn how to make puris and chappathis and was interested in increasing my repertoire of chutneys (I know only one).

    I am very happy I came across your website and am really looking forward to trying out the recipes you’ve posted.

    Thank you!


  290. Dear Madam,

    your website is excellent. your recipe collection is awesome. thanks a lot for taking the pain to take pictures of each and every step of cooking a recipe. since this is really helpful for us to see how it looks rather than leaving it to our imagination.

    thank you

  291. Dear Shilpa,
    You and your site are a real life saver for me. I am a scientist who never did have any plans for married life. Happy as I was with my books in early life and experiments later I never took an interest in cooking. Even after marriage as a pampered bahu in India I never got into the kitchen. When hubby decided to shift base to Saudi I was in a real soup πŸ™‚ …that was all I could make… from a packet. I learnt cooking from scratch from your web site. Simply followed your recipes like I used to follow my protocols…including researching some of the steps to understand the whys and hows. Now thanks to you I have become a famous cook. Just goes to show how wonderfully meticulous you are in profiling your recipes. Thank you very much. Hope to learn more from you……Dont let my mom or ma-in-law know all this. They think Iam a magician :).

  292. Hey Shilpa,

    Thanks for all the lovely recipes you have posted. Going through your wesite has become one of my hobbies during my free time now. I especially like the Konkani names of the dishes you post. I am a GSB originally from Karwar, now staying in the US. So when I read Konkani names of the food items, I get nostalgic about home since we use the same names when mom cooks.

    thanks once again and keep up the good work!


  293. Hi Shilpa,

    Great Work and thanks a lot. I am only a toddler in the world of cooking.
    Your recipes are just good guide to me.

    Thanks a ton.

  294. Hi shilpa,
    I wanted to send you and your husband this Thank you note. You guys have put in so much effort and is commendable. Reminds me so much of home today when you say aayi had to make sambar and chutney both πŸ™‚ I am a jain after marriage and cook little of konkani dishes.But I’m so glad I found this site ,atleast i dont have to think of the odd hours to call aayi asking how to make it!
    Your effort is much appreciated!!!

  295. Hi Shilpa,
    Gr8 blog.. I learnt cooking from so to tell you πŸ™‚
    Apart from cooking, my life just reflects yours.. I am from Kundapur (place near Udupi) . I completed my engineering in 2003 and worked as Software engineer in HP for 5 years. I am now married to a wonderful person for whom I felt I can scarifies my Job and followed him to Lee Summit Missouri πŸ™‚
    Im now sitting at home doing nothing, which makes me, rethink of my job in India but I can not live on the other part of the world without my hubby πŸ™
    May be I need some to adjust πŸ™

  296. Hi ,

    Congrats!!!! your website is on Mumbai Mirror. Jan 14th edition page 22.

    Nikhil Nayak
    Mumbai – Bharat Bhavan (sirsi)

  297. Hi Shilpa,

    Superb work..

    For those who are new to cook and those who are away from “Aayi” and “Maayi”, this is the best website I found…

    One small request.. Can you post some recipes which can be prepared for kids… I have a 1 year old boy “Aadi”…I want to serve him something healthy and delicious…

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Vidya Shetiya

  298. Hi shilpa,
    I am a Konkani too …from Mumbai, born in Karwar…I loved your site …u should put up the dish of ambya sasam and ambya rasayan( made from mangoes) when the season comes…my mom prepares the best in the world ….she’s an exellent cook …and loved ur site too.

  299. Hey Shilpa,
    Came across ur beautiful page here…..Congrats.
    Loved ur recipes n very creative click.
    Will be back for more…hv tagged you.

    PS: Ur parents pic and the background image reminds me of my ancestral home in Mangalore….it is soo similar…:)

  300. Hi,
    Nice to have a website with lots of authentic konkani food. Please also update new recipes. I am also from Kumta (Karnataka).Keep up the good work..

  301. Hi shilpa,
    I am a tamilian girl going to be married into a konkani family,i came across ur site while searching for recipes(esp konkani).i tried out few dishes and it did come out really well and also ur insrtuctions a very simple and easy to follow.hope u keep posting few more interesting dishes so tht i can impress my in-laws after marriage.


  302. Hello! Shilpa
    Just went thru so may of your recipes this morning. Wonderful collection! I was inquisitive to read some information about you and I did. Amazed to find out that you are from Kodkani. My last name is Kodkani, my ancestors hail from Kodkani. Yep! we make all these typical Konkani dishes also. And I have some written down by my Aayi when I came to the United States. Nice to see your recipes so well documented.
    If you do want to connect with me, do send a message back. I would love to know more about you and we might find some common friends or relatives from Kodkani πŸ™‚

  303. Shailesh M. Naik

    Dear Shilpa

    Great to stumble upon this site. I too from Karwar born and brought up devouring fish delicacies prepared by my Ai. During recent visit to India had great time enjoying the fish. But sad to see the quality of the fish has come down over period of time due to lot of unplanned development in and arounf North Kanara.

    Keep up the good work and we will enjoy the Unique Kankani food.


  304. Dear Shilpa,

    I am amazed by you. Your dedication, your painstaking efforts, your eye for details and above all, just benevolent eagerness to share your knowledge with others, truly stands out in today’s world of heavy commercialization. Wish you success and happiness forever!

  305. Hi Shilpa,

    I regularly visit your site for the konkani dishes, am basically from mangalore and i just love all the kokani recipes, due to my hectic work schedule nowadays, i dont find much time to prepare recipes with coconut as they take a lot of time, but whenever i find time, i do check your site and prepare something which everybody loves.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderfull recipes.


  306. Hi shilpa
    Today I prepared masoori bhaji and it tasted awesome,it is similar to goan tonak.By the way i added 2 to 4 garlic clove while grinding the masala.Your blog is a blessing in disguise.I really admire u for being a superwoman

  307. Hi Shilpa,

    I have referred to your site for a lot of recipes. You are definitely an inspiration. I started my own blog recently. Do visit it.

    I was reading yr disclaimers, so have one question. If I post any recipe which I got from yr blog, with a picture of my dish, but link the source to your blog, is that ok?

  308. Hey Shilpa,

    I love ur recipes and follow ur blog .. Just noticed u wrote about “mandar mess” near ur hostel. I did my BE in KLE college belgaum. Just wanted to know if u r from KLE as well. Anyways, u brought back my memories from ” mandar mess” .

    Thanks ..

  309. Hi Shilpa,

    Since you did not reply to my comment, I’m assuming that you are not in favour of recipes getting linked to your blog as the source.

    1. Aparna, Due to my busy schedule, it is not possible for me to immediately reply to all the comments/questions even though I try my best.
      Please post the recipe in your own words and your own pictures and link to this blog if you are using any recipes. I have the same declaimer/copyright as any other blog, nothing special :).

  310. Shilpa:
    I absolutely love your blog – thank you.
    I grew up in Visakhapatnam, and so even though both my husband and I are Konkani, I don’t know a lot of Amchi recipes beyond the basic. You help here! I have lived here ( now in Vegas) since 1973 both as a single and married person, so had no chance to learn form my MIL either.
    Where do you live in Kansas? We lived in Garden City, where my son was born., 1972-77. Punda went to K-State.

  311. Dear Shilpa,
    I have been visiting your website and cooking for self and hubby for a while now. I would like to thank you sooo much for this wonderful website which is so well organised and all the recipes that I have tried so far have come out really well.It works wonders especially for working women.
    God Bless you!
    Thank you soo much and you are one of the very few women who are running such successful websites like these!
    Keep up all the good work and all the best in whatever you do!
    Cheers and good luck,

  312. Gayathri sivakumar

    Dear Shilpa,

    I am a great fan of your site now. When I came to California, I was “below average ” in cooking.. Now I would say im pretty smart in cooking. Its all coz of you..(your website) I have started with your simple and easy ..now ive tried almost all your recipes (vegetarian) ..luckily all of them came out well.. thnx a lot for sharing yummy recipes..keep goin..:)

    God Bless you

  313. Sandhya Mahale

    I am delighted to find this web site catering to the taste of Konkani people. More so gladdening news is that we are almost from same area. My grandmother’s place being at Hegde, our family resided there for fourteen years before shifting to our native place Ankola in the year 1964. Besides, we had relatives from Baleri family at Hegde, and, they had strong connections at Kodkani. We are kulavis of Laxminarayana Mahamaya Temple, Hanumatta, Ankola. Baleri families of Kodkani are also devotees of this temple. This coincidence may find interesting.
    Hope your new born male child is fine. What is his name.


    R U Mahale

    Ramachandra Upendra Mahale
    610, 10th Cross, A1 Block,
    3rd Stage, Vijayanagar,
    Mysore 570017. India

  314. Hi Shilpa you have a great list of recipies specially your biryanis(you made it look so easy to make biryani).My boy friend is a food maniac,always asks me to try new dishes.You solved my quest for gud recipies.Bookmarked your blog πŸ™‚

  315. Hi,

    Even my mother’s native place is Kodkani. She was born and brought up there. I enjoy reading recepies on ur site and even have tried some. Most of them are same as my mom makes them at home.


  316. Dear Shilpa

    Thanks for coming up with this blog.. I am a north Indian girl but married to a Konkani Family. Before my marriage i had absoulutly no clue about south indian food. You wont believe i used to run away just by the name of idili and dosa.. today i cook everything.. funny. Your recepi reminds me of my Mai and Mau who are my teacher.. still sometime it is difficult for me to understand the glosaary. Why dont you have a glossary link.. i still dont understand the difference between ambhat and gozzu. After moving to States I am following a konkani cooking book. But it is difficult to follow as without seeing the picture and without even tasting it i have no idea how it should taste like.. It will be big help if you guide me about basic of konkani cusine. Me and my husband we both are vegetarins.. I guess a basic fundamental knowledge will be great

  317. Dear Shilpa,

    I came across your wonderful website today and found it to hold a wealth of information and lots of new recipes to try. I am from Ireland, living in Germany and learned Indian vegetarian (and Ayurvedic) cooking when I lived in Maharashtra. I’m alway on the look our for something new, delicious and nutritious to try and I have bookmarked your page so that I can return and be inspired!
    Thank you and all the best to you!

  318. Hi Shilpa,
    Iam a very regular visitor to ur blog, but very rarely comment. Ur recipes are wonderful. Iam also a working mother and your recipes are so good. They are so easy to understand and cook – big relief for me πŸ™‚ I have tried many many recipes from ur blog and they have all come out very good. Thanks a lot for all the good work you are doing and keep up the wonderful work!! Congrats for completing 5 years, hope this Aayi’s recipes blog completes many more succesful years (may it go on and on!!!).


  319. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried the bell pepper recipe that you have posted in your website and it was absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am keen on trying few other recipes that you have mentioned in your blog. Especially the konkani dishes, because I am a konkani too. πŸ™‚ and my native is north karnataka.
    Also, it was nice to see some similarities I share with you, we both being engineers (i have done my engineering in belgaum as well) and moreover cooking is one of our hobbies.Cheers.

  320. I luv this site for its simplicity. I always browse frm my mobile so i wont be able to leave commets bt to tel u frankly i hv tried maximum dishes thank u shilpa

  321. Hi Shilpa,
    This is the first time I am on this website. After trying hard I am not able to make a perfect shira and so miss my mum ‘Aai’ who’s in mumbai. I may try to make it this weekend.

    Honestly speaking, what attracted me to go through is the word “Aai”.Thanks for keeping this name.


  322. Thrilled to read some of your recipes. Goan Portuguese influenced cuisine has claimed the limelight so much that very few people know of Konkani cuisine. This indigenous, lively and subtle cuisine has evolved over Centuries, using artistically the special ingredients available on the rain forest climate zone of the Malabar coast. No web page, at least none I have so far seen have done justice to this wonderfully skilled culinary tradition as you have done! Indeed it is a pleasure to go through your blog!

  323. hats off to u shilpa..just love recipes u make…now wenever i want to prepare something new my husband says ‘aais recipes hai na’:)

  324. Hi Shilpa,

    Your website has become a ready-reckoner for any doubts while cooking. Though I am not a konkani (But Sis-in-law is) I love your konkani receipes, ( I love all kind of food ) and keep trying my hand with all types of receipes. A good presentation especially for starters. I keep discussing your receipes with my friends here in Bangalore and try with a bit of variation.


  325. dear shilpa,

    i was looking for a chicken recipe & came across your site,the word AAI caught me as i called my mum as AAI & i lost her a year back, so i really miss her. i am from belgaum,currently in sydney.i wish u all the very best in life.


  326. Hi Shilpa,

    Great work, thanks for sharing all those nice recipes. Found your nice blog while me and my son was searching for some chicken recipes on the net. I am from Bangladesh running my own recipe blog in Bangla, trying to write and share all my recipes in my recipe blog. And that is favorite in Bangladesh and people speaks in Bangla.

    Your recipes are so details, and looks delicious. I would love to try those, would you mind if I customize some of your recipes and put those in my blog, I will give your site a credit as the source of the original one.

    Your blog is excellent, and inspiring. My son have bought a domain for my blog, its , but could not manage to make it live. He looks after all those technical issue of my blog.

    Oh! I have listed your blog to my recipe blog named Vulu’s Recipe (http://vulusrecipe.blogspot.com). Give it a visit sometimes.

    Thanks for such nice work.
    Vulu (Vulu’s Recipe)

  327. Hi shilpa i was looking for prawn recipe and came across your site. I am from Belgaum now residing in Ireland.
    I am not a good cook but your site has helped me improve the way to cook.last week we had my daughters birthday party and i selected 3 dishes for your site . Methi Egg Masala
    Chicken or Prawn Xacuti/Shaguthi/Sagoti,Chicken ghee roast
    and the turned out to be excellent every one liked and appreciated me for the recipes.its all because of you that the cooking was a success thanks

  328. Hi Shilpa .

    Firstly thanks for the website. … its such a relief to find a recipie in ur website as it can assure a wonderul dish .

    BTW am also from Kumta and a Konkani too. So its good to see people from the same place doing such good things.

    Well all the best and God Bless.

  329. Hi, just happened to land on your site when I was looking for a kerala fish pickle recipe. listened to your friend sunil koshi’s song…and felt homesick…! i am from kerala and live in switzerland….you have a nice site…om shanthi πŸ™‚

    1. In the update email, you will have a to unsubscribe. Please click that and you will be unsubscribed. This cannot be done from my side here

  330. i jus went throuh your website…really kool one…basically i love cooking and your recipes have helped me a lot …thaks aayi….my husband really apreciates me well for my cooking (he doesnt know its urs..heeheh)nyways gud luck….


  331. Very good site. I am also from Karnataka. So nice to see all our dishes here. I will definitely try some of them. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  332. Hi Shilpa, I’ve tried your date cake recipe several times and it has been a great success every single time! It’s such a simple and rewarding recipe. Thanks so much for posting.

  333. Hi Shilpa
    Today I prepared tricloured chappathi for my daughter and it turned out well. My 4 yr old daughter liked it very much. Thank you so much for the for posting the recipe.

  334. Hi Shilpa,
    I am a British woman who loves Indian cuisine. What we are used to from most takeaways here in the UK is nothing like what you have on your blog. There is only one place in my home town which makes anything at all like your food and discovering those tastes was like falling into taste -heaven. It inspired me to look around the net for authentic Indian recipes and I am drooling over everything I read here and can’t wait to get cooking ! It’s am amazing blog πŸ™‚

  335. Hi,

    Chanced upon your this wonderful blog.I too live in the US and your pic of parents in front of your ancestral house took me to the trip we took years ago to interior Karnataka.It was heavenly..I am from Kerala and my father’s ancestral house looked similar to yours when I was a child.The river Aghanashini sounded musical to me. I am sure you know that AGHA means SIN/PAPA and NASHINI -Destroyer.We have a river PAPANASHINI in South Kerala too….Your cakes look out of the world.I make plain simple cakes and am keen on learning some cake decorating…Any suggestions???


  336. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for sharing your recipes……Very good site. Its very nice to see all our dishes here. I love ur blog very much…. I have tried some of the recipes and it has come out very well….
    I also like the description u give to each and every recipes before starting the recipes…also pictorial steps helps me a lot for understanding the steps easily…

    Thanks for everything and loads of best wishes to you and your family…


  337. Hi Shilpa,

    I visit ur site quite often and really like it.I am from Karnataka(Belgaum) too.
    All ur recipes look yummy!
    I went thru ur profile, your info about you and ur family really adds a personal touch to ur blog.
    Keep up the good work :o)

  338. Hi Shilpa,
    Thank you for the wonderful photos of your cooking with the recipes. It makes me miss USA and Indian food so much now that I live in Sweden. Keep it coming. Mahalo! Tack! Shookriya! Thank you!

  339. You are great. I am following ur site up-dations since last 2-3 years. When i first visited ur site, i got interested because of its name. It is the best u can do for ur mother… I really appreciate the efforts u r taking to maintain this site. Moreover, today i read this home page of ur site and i felt, really it is such nice idea to preserve our culinary art. I am also Maharashtiran but born and brought up in Gujarat. I visit ur site regulary whenever i get time or whenever i feel like entertaining my husband and kid’s apetite.

    so all i can say is Thank You and keep up the good work….


  340. Gomathy Gopinath

    Dear Shilpa,
    Your family and you are blessed. Thanks for the site giving all these recipes. You have done a great job. Your family must be very proud of you. I am going to try first the ones, which are simple. You have presented each one with care and love and I hope to reproduce them as you intended.

  341. Hi Shilpa,

    I really like your website and thanks for posting pictures along with the recipes.Most of us have forgotten lot of
    konkani dishes and this website is very helpfull.I wanted to write a recipe of prawns gravy(Sungta Kholu) which is a popular dish in western ghats near gokarn,kumta.Should i mail the recipe or write it in comment box,please let me know.

  342. Hi Shilpa,

    Everytime I did a google search for some recipes, Aayi’s recipes would always be there in the search results. It remained in the back of my head always, as the name is unique. Superb recipes and I happened to read the about me section, its a little similar to mine. Am a software professional, decided to take a break for my little boy, launched my website on which I intend to cover all possible topics on earth. Loved the nice look and feel and the content which I feel is really good.

    Tc πŸ™‚

  343. hi shilpa !
    iam from goa and i have recently tried some of your recipies they are really great . i enjoy cooking now thanks for making cooking so simple thanks again.

  344. venkatesh kamat

    Dear Shilpa,

    I really like the recipes u have posted. tondak uda aile.Even i am from Hiregutti.But i am currently residing in Bangalore.

    Can you please tell me how to prepare baangada dhodak and bendyache hugge

  345. Hi Shilpa,

    I came across your blog quite some time back … and had subscribed to the rss too [ I was there from before your blogspot move to this doman ] ….. and although I do enjoy reading the recipes .. I did not try any dishes ( anything more than 5 steps is too much work for me ! πŸ™‚ ) until I saw your spaghetti recipe. I had been struggling with getting this right for sometime …. and my daughter rejected everything that I had tried till then !! So I thought I should thank you for that one ! πŸ™‚

    I am married into a Konkani family now so the Konkani recipes interested me too. My cooking is a mixture of cuisines though and all very simple since I try to spend very little time in the kitchen ! πŸ™‚

    About your blog – I like your style of writing but the hook that got me was the step by step pictures ! Very clear and easy to follow.

    So ….. are you planning on making white sauce pasta anytime soon ? Do post it if so …. ! πŸ™‚

  346. Our site,Liveligood.Org, is dedicated to helping people lead healthy lives. As a part of the site, we offer resources for people to learn about healthy recipes around the world. We are inviting chefs around the world to showcase some of their best and healthiest recipes.

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    Please let me know if this is something you will be interested in, and I will send you further details about the logistics.

    Warm regards,

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    Seattle, WA
    (425) 883-0664

  347. Hi shilpa..nice site …felt happy after reading u r blog…even i m from BELGAUM studied there in LINGARAJ COLLAGE..presently i m living in BANGALORE…:) wil go thru all u r recipe and wil let u knw how they are..i hope u wil b there to guide me if i went wrong or if i get confused..actually i was searching BELGAUM style biriyani..and i found this this link…and i m very happy to get connected with u…
    best regards….

  348. I just wanted to take the time to tell you thank you for all your hard work on these recipes. I refer to them frequently and my husband and I have become immense fans of Indian food. I began experimenting and trying out things little by lttle about 5 years ago and I know that our love for this has been able to grow thanks to your good information. You made me brave! Thanks to your Aayi also.

  349. Dear Shilpa,
    Thanks for taking the time to script out these wonderful amchigele (Konkani) recipes along with pictures. I too live in the US, New Jersey and turn to your website for all my konkani dishes. You have maintained it very well and done a wonderful job.You are the best. I tried many recipes posted on your website, they turned out good. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  350. Babita Manjeshwar

    Today’s Ganesh Chaturti & I remember my darling Amma so much. On this day, until May of this year, we were blessed with her presence. I am becoz of her, my culinary skills is passed on to me, thanx to her. Need to commend you on this blog where its evident ur sharing our exquisite konkani recipes. Good food, I believe is the hallmark of all ‘amchis’!!!! Happy to belong to our special amchi community. God bless you.

  351. Hi Shilpa,
    I really like ur blog as it has unique name which pulled me to see ur blog. quite interesting and will try. basically I’m south indian so bit struggling to understand the ingredients….I’ m posting the comments at the sec after seeing ur blog. I like the persons who adore their parents very much,no matter even i dont know about that person.Your parents {saw your parents pic}must be gifted to hv U.
    Thank u ,

  352. Hi Shilpa,
    This is my first comment in my life.Your blog name made me to do. Its nice and overwhelming after read about u.
    God bless u.
    renu raj


    I am regularly visitor of chakali.blogspot.com, which is site presenting veg recipes. While surfing the web to know fish curry recipe, I came across aayisrecipes.com and delighted seeing the content of the recipe.

    I will be regular visitor to your website henceforth.

    T K Suryawanshi.

  354. Hi Shilpa,

    My name is Shamlee. I have been following your blog for a few months now and tried out a few of your recipes which turned out great πŸ™‚
    I was living in Champaign, Illinois until last month and just moved to kansas city, KS. I was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime. Do email me at [email protected]. I would like to meet up with you.


  355. Hi Shilpa,

    nice to see your site growing over the years… This is my comment on your site after two years… Good work… Many times referred to your site for cooking…

    Thank You

  356. mind blowing website.. very good work.. r u in face book shilpa..

    i seriously became ur fan… pictorial representation is very neat and clear.. hats of u. osam.

  357. Dearest Shilpa,

    Thanks a ton. These days i stopped calling mom πŸ™‚ just following your site and I really started liking the food I am making.


  358. Hi Shilpa..
    I just moved to Toronto last week, and the first place i cam to check a recipe for the first meal i’m cooking in this home is yours!
    I followed your website back home in Mumbai as well, and i just love it.
    Thanks for all your help and inspiration

  359. Hi Shilpa,

    My name is Varsha. I have been following your blog for a few months(as I came to Seattle in Jan 2011) and tried out your recipes which turned out great !!!!!
    Initially when i came here I used to ask my aayee for recipes but after i came to know about this blog I just refer to ur blog…Now I have started liking what I make..
    Your site is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!


  360. Hello Shilpa,

    So happy to visit your website.. I was long looking for someone who can teach me local reciepes from and around karnakata. I will definately try your reciepes and post further comments.. thank you so much for your great work and efforts. Best wishes. Kruti

  361. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks a lot for such a great collection of wonderful recipes.I
    used to cook all these…some times…Got great help to reconnect.I was looking for “Batate Haapla Recipe”…I stumbled upon ur site.Just wish to know if you can help me with it.I tried to recollect,made some..but did not turn out as I used to make it.Thanks a lot.

  362. Wonderful pages and great recipes!
    I reside in sydney but living in Kodkani sounds much much better!
    We are relocating to bangalore at the end of this year and I intend to spend my retirement studying Street Foods of india.
    I am a Chef by proffession but simple food hacatches my eye not the fancy stuff served up in Star hotels.
    Good Luck and I shall keep vsiisting this page for help.

  363. Loved your blog! I am a GSB and not too great at cooking our traditional dishes. But your site is giving me confidence to go ahead. Thank you so much for taking time, patience and interest in letting us be better cooks.

  364. Oh my !Your website is a goldmine!I cannot tellyou how many recipes O have marked to cook in the future. I am sitting here and salivating! You are so talented! YOu should write a book. I would buy it!


    hi shilpa

    nice to read and try afterwards at my home ur few receipies. i like ur receipies because in that ur love and simplicity reflects which made me to try out ur receipies hope to see some more too.

  366. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks a lot for posting all the recipes here. For the first time in my life, I had to cook today and I wished my Aayi was here to teach me some of her recipes. I just stumbled upon your blog and felt that my prayers were answered.

    Thanks once again for everything!


  367. hey! going to try your solkadhi today. compared it to at least 7 other recipes online. found your the most simple to make and easy to access!! (more important). will defi update on results.

  368. akhishitha gujja

    Hi shilpa

    Loved this blog…i dont know were i’m looking for receipes till now its the best receipe site….good wishes to u

  369. Ritesh Mayekar

    Hi Shilpa,

    This is one of my favourite websites for food and my favourite cuisine Konkani. I live in Mumbai and by and large there are hardly any restaurants that serve authentic Konkani cuisine. Your simple style and pictures are amazing. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  370. Hi Shilpa,

    thank you for a great site! It inspired me to venture out and learn and try new recipes. Very warmly presented, informative, and lively! I’m leaving your site smiling:)


  371. Hey Shilpa,

    Great blog..Thanks for sharing some awesome recipes.BTW you mentioned that u r from Kodkani.My mom is from Kodkani as well..

  372. yessss.How did u guess??Small world eh..I remember coming to your house to get medicine for my amma. That was many years ago though..Mom dad are here with me now πŸ™‚

  373. Hi Shilpa,
    Im from Bangalore living in Vancouver but my roots are from Mangalore. I miss my amma’s food and cooking so much and unfortunately she passed away as soon as i got married! im glad to have found your site, i find most of the recipes i used to eat at home. This picture of ur house is so nostalgic, love the houses built in our native and ur blog just completely takes me back to my roots πŸ™‚ thanks!

  374. hi shilpa I live in KC kansas 66223 just came across this site today loved it would luv to meet if you arearound here………….

  375. Your site caught my eye because of the name. And must say it does full justice.Authentic konkani recipes are hard to come by and I cant wait to try some from your collection.Lovely home and a picture perfect place to grow up in. kudos to your aayi she sure is talented and you are doing a wonderful job of preserving her expertise and knowledge.A mother would not have asked for more!

  376. Hi Shilpa
    I have stayed in manipal for many years, nice to c all the familiar recipes. I want to try many of them. Can u give me the recipe for menaskai.
    thanks n best wishes

  377. It is nice way of propageting our past and remembering our ansisters.Congretulations on your bold initiative.

  378. Hi Shilpa. Lovely job done on this site. The whole thought, concept and execution. My mother’s no more, so I really treasure whatever she’s taught me. And she’d actually typed out some of the recipes on her computer- so you can imagine how I guard it with my life.

    Good luck to you!

  379. hi shilpa.. i love aayi’s recipes alot.. n m also frm north karnataka, dandeli.. so many of ur dishes r similar t my mom’s recipes.. n m pursuing M.tech in belgaum..

  380. Hi Shilpa,
    Your blog is fantastic. I can identify with your passion for good food which you seem to have inherited from your aayi coz i share the same passion. My baba (father) was an avid foodie which always kept my aai on her toes to create something new and innovative all the time. I have recently started my own blog for Maharashtrian koknastha brahman recipes. Do visit my blog on http://www.paripoornapaksiddhi.blogspot.in and share your views. Keep up your good work and Keep blogging. Thanks

  381. lovely website and I made the baked oats recipe ..turned out yummy.
    Shilpa while going thru the recipes came across one recipe of a cake which you mentioned that when your Aayi made all asked a lot for the recipe and it became very common and the same happned to u…I tht I ll make a note latter and cant remember which of all the recipes it is….plz if uot remember …hahahah ..imagine i still remember the comment you made but not the name of the cake…

  382. hi shilpa,
    just came across ur blog…i too am from belgaum so thought of contacting u.nice too see our people growing from different fields. i have recently started my blog……looking forward for ur support……..as u have good expierence in this field. pls do guide me as im new to this……….thank u.

  383. Your recipes are very very good. Whenever I am cooking, I take guidance from your website. I love trying many of your recipes.

  384. CookingAndMeNoWay

    Hi shilpa,
    I am such a bad cook i ended up hating to cook. But have to cook to eat food when u are away from motherland…. no choice πŸ™‚ .Yesterday i tried the Beene Dosa like the one in Vidyarthi Bhavan. Yummmmmmmmm… Unbelievable too good.
    Planning to try more recipes from your website.
    God bless you
    Thanks so much.

  385. Trikannad Rajkumar

    I liked your site and the intro to all of your famiy who shared &encouraged you. Great Blog- very nice and it came to my attention through a friend -when I posted a pic of Shri Mangesh Temple Flower selling selling fresh “”- I am a Saraswat settled in Chennai ; My late Mother used Teppal and liked it in cooking although it is not much seen her
    -Your Blog data on Teppal is very informative –excellent.
    Many Thanks—Bless you

  386. hi,
    I am new to ur website,my baby is eight month old,and i am looking for indian food
    can u give me some recipes
    Thank you

  387. Hello Shilpa.. i have just developed intrest in cooking and look for you blog as my guide… all the best to me …You have a ocean of recipes…. and u make sound so simple..make me wonder if cookin so easy :):) i always thought it was a difficult task.. and i will never learn… and i am surprised u started to write all this since 2006…tats quite long..Woww πŸ™‚ All the bestt.. keep writin more…

  388. Hi Shilpa
    I happended to just browse through and could check your site. This site will make all the Aayis proud as whatever they have been cooking and we have been eating since childhood (especially the north kanara crowd) are all put up so well on this.
    I too belong to kumta honavar and was amazed to find something like jeera mirye kadi. Simply Superb !!!

    Your site is a BIG SALUTE to Aayi.

  389. hai

    my son is 12 months old now he is not eating well , and i don’t no what to cook for him.can you give me sum suggestions and can you give me sum links.he is indian . please please


  390. Dear Shilpa, it has been a long journey..the one that has brought me to your website.
    But I love reading it and the recipes and whenever I need inspiration I fnd it here. Also my vocabulary is growing slowly since so manywords are foreign to me.
    Thank you and please don’tever stop cooking with such love and devotion.
    By the way. I read a lot of Ayurvedic information/tradition and I am certain many things are based upon it!
    Sincerely, Norma

  391. my hobby is cooking
    This is definitely a great work
    I wish to share this on my face book so that new generation learn the rich food habits of our ancestors

    Thanks very much for the information shared

  392. Hi Shilpa,

    You have an amazingly beautiful blog. I have used it endless no of times, more so after we moved from the city of Mumbai to opt for a rural life in Chitrapur – Shirali. Your entries on Kokum, Jacfruit and a lot of other things which grow here locally have been of immense help since I had absolutely no idea how to handle these harvests from our farm. I have learnt a lot along the way and been inspired enough to start my own blog ( http://www.ourfarmatchitrapur.blogspot.in ) on my experiences on our farm. We travel to Mumbai once a month to take care of our business here and each time I pass the beautiful Aganashini river, I think I must write to you. So finally …. Really love your blog and specially love some of the posts that your aayi has done! Wish I could meet her in person and you too when you come to your beautiful village . Warm Regards – Tanuja Nadkarni

  393. Hi Shilpa

    I was looking for some authentic amchi recipes and came across your website. My mother is from the Konkan coast. Your recipes are great and although it’s hard for us to get some of the ingredients, the food comes out real nice. There are some words I don’t know, but then we learn as we go, right?


  394. Hello Shilpa

    What a wonderful site…simple and elegant. I loved the introductory quote. You have given the ‘About’ section an extra personal touch.. I am from Maharashtra and even we call mom ‘Aai’ in Marathi…
    Looking forward for more posts…


  395. Sanket Phalgaonkar


    I am a graduate student studying in Greenville,SC. I am originally from Canacona, Goa. I love to cook authentic goan recipes! Your website has helped me learn a lot about it. I am very glad you documented all the recipes. I admire your work.. hope to see more exciting and variety of recipes..

    Sanket P Phalgaonkar

  396. hello Shilpa!

    thank you very much for this website.. i always wondered and worried that GSB recipes would get extinct. thanks to your efforts, which by no means looks less than running a small company on your own, i can now rest in peace.

    I’m trying your BF recipes one by one, with some specific custom inputs from my mom (i just have to, everyone loves what their mom made LOL). but in general, i get good guidance from you recipes.


    HARI OM!

  397. Dear Shilpa, I,ve tried this recipe and I must thank you because it was wonderful to taste again such a delicacy after my honeymoon in India. I’m form Italy but I absolutely adore Indian food. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  398. Hi Shilpa,

    I have a question about the freshly extracted coconut oil that we now make here. It is fine for cooking, but the minute I use it to make dosas, they stick to the pan. I am used to making dosas and have never had this problem ever. so I am wondering if it the unprocessed oil that is causing this problem. When I asked the locals here in Chitrapur, they tell me that they dont use the coconut oil for dosas. Is there anything that I can do to solve this problem – does your aayi use mill-pressed coconut oil?

    Thanks in advance.

  399. Maithili Basrur

    Hi Shilpa,

    I am Maithili from Bombay but my native place is Shirali, North Kanara. Being a foodie I am totally impressed by your site and the recipes!! Your recipes remind me of my maternal grandmother whom i used to call “Aayi” too. Her cuisines and delicacies were so typically konkani and i used to enjoy each bit of my meals during vacations in my native place!
    Your recipes are totally mouth watering and just by reading them I feel so connected to Amchigele food and feel proud that Konkani food is so vast and varied with so many spices and flavors like none other!
    You have done a wonderful job by posting these amazing recipes and tips for cooking! Keep up the good work! I m your big fan! πŸ˜€

  400. Awesome site. Am spell bound seeing this. Will start trying the recipes from this site. Will start with dates eggless cake πŸ˜€

    God Bless!!

  401. A fantastic site!

    Wish there was one like this in 76 when I spent 6 weeks i W kansas (COLBY/PHILLIPSBURG/HAYS/GREAT BEND/CLAY CENTER/SALINA) on a Rotary ProgramMost of my host families had no idea of Indian food Let alone Konkani food.When I arranged to get tender cashew from a relative in LA it was a revelation and it was hilarious to see a group of ladies trying to follow the cooking instructions!
    Will recommend your site to my daughters in Vienna VA Medford ma as they bth love our food.
    Cashew reminds me of Goa where I lived for 5 years (71_76) and mymany trips to Kodial(Mangalore!)
    your site is wellknown in Blore where i live now.I still meet many people who are unaware of how a cashew fruit looks like.

    One of my childhood memories is watching my grandma making BIBBE HUUMAn

    my congratulatios and good wishes.

    Arvind Baliga(age 71!!)

  402. Hi Shilpa,
    Browsed through many of your recipes and they look yummy. Special Thanks for sharing. I have just started blogging few months back so still learning.Do visit my blog and let me know how I am doing.
    Keep up your good work and keep in touch.

  403. Gladbel Pereira

    Dear Shilpa


    Kindly advise me with your contact number has i would like to get in touch with you with regards to an Opportunity

  404. Hello Shilpa,

    i am quite a foodie and love your website. I live in London though originally from Mumbai and my parents came from Kumta in North Kanara. I have grown up eating and loving Konkani food. I greatly appreciate the effort you have taken to set up a website on Konkani recipes and that it covers mostly North Kanara style food makes it even dearer. Keep up the good work and share many more recipes with us.

  405. All the best to you, Keep up your good work. I am a Mangalorean myself living in Germany and try to keep cooking Indian Mangi food as much as possible. I have tried many of your recipes and they have turned out really good. Thanks to you ofcourse. Your recipes with pictures step by step just makes it interesting to try any new dish πŸ™‚ God Bless you with all success !

  406. Hey Shilpa,
    I’ve been a loyal follower of this blog from the day i started cooking and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if i said i began learning the art of cooking from you…it’s been quite a satisfying journey till date with this blog but i never got the time to thank you for it….so, thanks a lot πŸ™‚ …
    Thanks to you and the foolproof recipes and measurements of the ingredients you post that i haven’t had many mishaps yet in the kitchen and have always ended up with awesome food… Be it the new gen food ( thats how my amma calls anything non amchi :D) or the traditional comfort amchi randhap… I wouldn’t even know where to go to find the amchigele recipes if not for your site… today cooking has become my passion and a stress buster and i have you to thank for…
    Keep up with the awesome work, i look up to you πŸ™‚

  407. Hello Shilpa Mam, i was searching blogs related cakes and somehow landed on you website, Just read spider cake recipe that you baked for your children ishaan when he as turning 4 year old, You sharing about home made recipes, it was all amazing, I became your fan!!

  408. Hey Shilpa, I have read your blog very carefully. I really like your blog. I have also noted this blog in my favorite list. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.

  409. Most of us would agree, to know what to cook for the day is more stressful than the actual cooking. Since the day I got married and had to make this decision, Aayis Recipes has been my go-to place. Every person who lands here will go back with an interesting answer (read recipe) to their question.
    My husband who is one of your distant relatives introduced me to this website many yrs ago and since then I’m hooked. Any day I’m out of ideas for our konkani randap, I know where to seek. I can’t thank you enough for this one Shilpa. Its a blessing for us!!


    I remember in 1940s “Rasachandrika” is the first Konkani recipe book was published by Mumbai Konkani Mahila Samaj. Later in 1980s Jaya Shenoy from Udupi published “Amgele KhaaNa Jevan”. These two books are stagnant recipes.
    Now at the turn of this century Shilpa opened “AaayisRecipes.com” which is ever expanding / updating compilation of Konkani (exended to others too) recipes with pictures (like 1000 words). It is the “Handbook of Konkani recipes” available to everyone now.
    Thanks to Shilpa for this service.
    Jai Konkani Mata ….one who gave us “Jibbe Ruchi”

  411. Hi Shilpa,
    I am a konkani myself. Born and brought up in a proper “aamchi” household, I miss my mom’s cooking all the time. Aayi’s recipe is just amazing and has helped in getting a lot of konkani delicacies. Thanks for this and keep up the good work. Love the site πŸ™‚

  412. Hi Shilpa, this is the best website for Konkani GSB recipes. Hope all is well and we see more recipes from you. Cheers, Mr.Kamat

  413. I really enjoy reading all your blogs and trying out your recipes. Your site is my go-to for all Konkani recipes. I just had one small observation about the site – I have not been able to find a quick search box to look up specific recipes using keywords. Today I was trying to find the Chana Ghashi recipe and it took me a while to skim through the pages to find it. Thank you so much for documenting all these wonderful recipes for us!

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