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38 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. Dear Shilpa,

    I have found your site very intresting and very different from other recipes sites. Especially your personal interaction with your users.

    Well, I run a Photo contest website for kids – http://www.nanhiduniya.com
    Recently I have added a Recipe Contest for Mommies.

    I want you to get associated with my website and publish kids or vegetarian recipes.
    Or may be answer queries to my users.

    In return let me know what I can do for your website. Regarding monetary returns I’m running my website for free and trying to get sponsorship or ads.
    Once I start getting ads then only I will be able to pay you.

    Kindly reply me back on my email id. whether you are intrested or not.

    Thanks ‘n’ Regards


  2. Hi Shilpa,

    I really appreciate your toil in making of such a wonderful recepie site.
    I have got a lot of inspiration from your site to develop my interest in cooking.
    I do visit your site often and take my cooking lessons, keep trying them and feels wonderful when it turns out great.

    Thanks a lot !!!


  3. Awesome website. Tried your vermicelli idlis and they turned out really good. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up!!!! and Kudos

  4. Hi Shilpa:
    I am thrilled to come across your wonderful website. Appreciate all your hard work . It’s an immense help for people like me longing for a taste of some unique Karnataka food. I made the stuffed brinjal dish (ennegayi) and it was mmmmmm…mmmmmm…good. I have a question for you and your readers…are any of the fancy Food Processors (Cuisinart etc.) and Kitchenaid Mixers any good for Indian cooking.Thanks Again!

  5. Suresh,Thanks for your kind words.I use a blendmaster for all my cooking. Even though it is not as good as the Indian mixers, it does a pretty decent job. I have been using it for all my cooking for more than 1 year now.

  6. Is there a site where I can find and purchase Mangalorean products in the USA ? There used to be a site called mangaloreproducts.com but they seemed to have closed. I am looking for products like “Mirsange Happolu” etc.

  7. Hi,

    I have been searching for some recipes (authentic karnataka dishes) and I came across your site. Indeed its awsome. I have added your site as my fav in my blog and also in my browser. Keep the blogs coming..and ofcourse thanks a lot for sharing it all with such passion.

    🙂 Shimsha

  8. Maya,
    Thanks for sending me the Bombaylimited.com site. I tried it but all the Mangalorean produsts are “out of stock” and they have no plans of getting any more. Thank you.

  9. Dear Shilpa,
    I was quite pleased to find this site giving our Konkana recipes. With advent of working families, chances of recipes getting transferred to next generation is becoming slimmer and hence your website is great service. Have you publised your book of recipes?

    Shilpa: No subdh, I have not published any book so far. Thanks for your kind words.

  10. Hello Shilpa,

    Do you have added authors to your recipe index or is it that only you and your aayi contribute? I was just curious about this . I would love to contribute one or two articles though I am not an expert as you or your aayi.

    In any case you have a great website!

    Shilpa: IC, this is my personal blog and I post something I have tried and tested. So only my mom and I post here. Thanks for the kind words.

  11. Hi!Shilpa! First of all let me congratulate u on a beautiful recipes and websites! i stumbled upon ur website by chance and now completely hooked on to it! Ur detailed description , stepwise method is very informative and helpful . It has renewd my interest in cooking and baking! Beautiful photos too! I am a gsb based in Gulf and working mother too ! Your passion for cooking shows in your web page .I tried a few recipes from ur website nankatayye date and walnut cake and spinach poori. All dishes were an instant hit!Thanks a ton! U were right though abt cake fever!
    Please keep up the good work of preserving traditional recipes and inspiring lazy cooks like me to attain amazing feat!
    Thanks a ton.

  12. hi shilpi,ur blog is very informative and very nice. not only ur cooking site but also ur craft.i like the interactive part in ur blog. can u give me some tips too if u dont mind.thanks .will be a regular visitor 🙂

  13. Hi Shilpa
    Few days ago when my hubby who hails from Kumta was craving for North Canara dishes and he was just remembering his grandmother’s cooking n was bugging me to try out some konkani receipes. Apparently I belong to North karnatak and had no idea how on the earth the konkani receipes are prepared. That’s when i started googling and thanks to you and your mom’s contributions it really helped me to try out few dishes and impress my hubby.
    He was overwhelmed to see the typical konkani descriptions for the dishes you provided and was really praising you for the effort put to make such great website.
    More good part is the images of the ingredients n process, i guess that’s quite a lot of effort one could do to make the dish more understandable and explinatory.
    Now every holiday I look upto Aayi’s receipe to try out new konkani dish.
    our genuinue regards to you n Aayi.

    -Shilpa Arun Bangari.

  14. Wonderful site! Appetizing and easy to follow recipes!
    (I found a lot of room for learning:) as I found a lot of new items (I am a novice in Indian cooking, but loving it:)) So, I had to copy/paste/Google some names, like ‘Capsicum’, otherwise very easy to follow!
    Thank you very, very much for your awesome site!

  15. Hi Shilpa,

    Nice to see a very resourceful website. Do you have recepie for Chicken Liver Masala ? If you have multiple recepies can you please email those to me or still better, publish it on your website ?


  16. Hi- I visited your website today and was very thrileld with the btful cake decorations that u had done. I was thinkin of joining a wilton class myslf(inspired by u ofcourse).can u let me know how much the supplies would cost and do we have to bake our own cake and take it each time.
    any help that you can provide is appreciated.
    I have not attempted any decorating class before


  17. hi shilpa

    you know about other receipe like dokala,medu dava sambar,coconut chatni(white) etc.
    please discover in site

  18. I hate your website and your blogs as I have put on 8 kilos of weight despite working hard in the gym 🙁 please do us a favour and stop publishing your tasty recipes

  19. Hi Shilpa,

    I’ve been observing your website for quite some time now. To be completely honest I haven’t tried a lot of the recipes but reading your blog and checking out the recipes warms my heart. I’m in NZ and miss India and mummy’s home cooked food terribly. On weekdays I live on anything from noodles to omelette’s to tuna sandwiches to McDonald’s – I know, I know its a terrible diet!On the weekends I tend to cook stuff like rice, daal and fish fry or chicken and parathas (from a frozen pack haha)and more stuff that reminds me of home
    In my opinion, the best part about your website is the fact that it’s made by a like minded fellow Indian living overseas – you have no idea how special that is to me :)Oh and of course the yummy food recipes!!!!!!

    Lots of love and hugs and blessings
    Pooja 🙂

  20. Hi shilpa,
    i like your reciepies sooooooooooo much
    but now i can’t find your receiepies one by one. if i go for sweets it shows only one item[apple halwa], it dosen’t show other. i’m so worried abt that plz maka sahay kar. thank u

  21. hi,
    plz reply for above question?
    i tried bisibelebath, i used 1cup rice & spices as you told. it worked but there was strong flovour of masala. i think it’s bcoz of the proportion.

    thank you

  22. Neatly written disclaimer. I do have one question though.
    Many Indian recipes call for almost same measurement and ingredients. e.g: Idli, Aloo Paratha etc. So if one has these recipes in their blog/website which happens to be on your blog aswell, is that ‘stealing’ of text content?
    Do you expect to ask for written permission before mentioning these recipes on ones personal blog?

    1. HI Shilpa ,
      I am a little surprised by the disclaime too . These are traditional Konkani recipes and no one holds copyright over them .If i or any Konkani person were to publish any konkani recipe it would look almost alike . You are free to hold copyright on your pictures but text i seriously doubt it.

    2. Exactly! this is one question, that has come to my mind even… i have a website http://www.smallday.in/ , that deals with Parenting primarily and oriya food to some extent, but indian foods and dishes are somewhat interconnected… what to do then?

  23. Hi Shilpa,
    I am a big big fan of your website really thanks a lot for this wonderful recipes. Basically I have done my education till my engineering in Belgaum and as my native is Karwar I love marathi and konkan veg, non-veg dishes and also chats from belgaum. Recently I came to Scotland for my masters and was worried about my cooking as I never tried it before but your recipes made me feel home here too.
    I also have suggestion to you please try to add some videos of cooking so that we can come to know what’s the exact style and measurements to be taken while cooking to get the best taste..
    Thank you once again for this awesome website.

  24. Hi Shilpa,
    your wonderful recipes have made my mothermood and life more interesting! everyday i look forward to try them!thanks for sharing! looking forward to many more!


  25. Hello Shilpa,

    I loved your site. Its so much interesting. Your way of writing blogs in interactive manner is too good. Looking forward for more receipes.

    I will love if you can add section for kids receipe espescially for kids between 12 months to 2 years. It will be helpful for all new mom’s like me 🙂


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