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Kale and white bean soup

Kale and White Bean Soup

Have you caught up with Kale craze yet? I have been reading about Kale so much in blog world and watching it on TV regularly these days. First time I tried making something with Kale, no one wanted to even try it. I tried few different things and this soup is one dish that we …


Broccoli Cheddar Soup

For years I struggled with feeding broccoli to my family. I first saw this vegetable when we moved to US many years ago. Here I see people look at you as you have the most unhealthy food habits if you say you do not cook broccoli on regular basis. I was told I should care …


Asian Ginger Broth

We have become big fans of Sweet tomatoes which is a soup-salad buffet restaurant. We visited it for the first time many years ago and at that time we were not very impressed. We became regular customers here after Ishaan was about 1 year old. This soon became the only restaurant where Ishaan would sit …


Broccoli – Leek Soup

If there is one vegetable that I want to include in our diet and miserably failed, then it is broccoli. My friend keeps telling me how great this vegetable is. Lately I have been a little successful in my broccoli mission :). I include it in soups and pastas, but don’t make it ‘star of …