Rice roti(Rave bhakri or Rullavu bhakri)

Do you have a brother or sister whose tastes are very different than yours? I do. While growing up, my brother and I had exact opposite favorites. It was so bad that if he liked something, I would just hate it and vice versa. He never liked crabs and I never liked fish. If idli was prepared, he would always ask for chutney and I would ask for sambar. He liked chicken with chapathis and I liked it with rice. In case aayi made something he liked, I would accuse that she loves him more than me and he would do the same if she cooked something I liked. There were many times, aayi would prepare two sets of dishes just to keep both of us happy.

This is one such dish over which we both would fight. I liked this version very much and he would ask for rice flour bhakri(pita bhakri). Even if he made peace with this, he would ask for onion version and I loved it without onion :).

When we were growing up, the idli rava (rava is also called sooji or rullavu) was not readily available in markets. So it was made fresh at home using rice mills (dante or chakki). Whenever aayi prepared this rava on these mills, she would make it in big quantities and use it for idli, tausalli, kadamb , this simple bhakri and many more dishes. After few years, these mills were completely replaced by mixers. I am a very lazy person, so I use ready made idli rava for it. It makes a very hearty breakfast for me. As soon as I get up, I just mix up all the ingredients and keep it aside. By the time I finish cooking lunch and complete my yoga, this gets ready to go on the pan. I simply love it.

1 cup rice rava or idli rava
1/2 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1/2 tea spn chopped ginger(optional)
1/2 tea spn chopped green chilies(optional)
1 tea spn sugar(optional)
1/2 cup onions (optional)

Rice rava(normally called as idli rava) is usually available in grocery stores. If it is not available, soak rice in water for about 30mins. Drain all water and spread it on a clean towel for about 30mins. Then grind it to a coarse powder (do not add water).

Mix all the ingredients (except oil/ghee) with enough water to make a semi liquid mixture. Leave it for about 30mins.
Heat a tava, apply ghee/oil. Spread the mixture into about 1/2 to 1 inch thick circle using your hands. Fry from both sides. To help in turning the bhakri upside down, use one more tava. When one side is done, lift the tava, cover it with second tava and turn upside down. This can be done with the help of a wooden spoon also, but since this bhakri crumbles easily, I find two tavas very helpful.
Serve hot with honey or chutney powder.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 20mins(excluding soaking time).

25 thoughts on “Rice roti(Rave bhakri or Rullavu bhakri)”

  1. Wow, my sister and I were exactly the same as you and your brother Shilpa… we used to hate each other’ss favorite dishes… I was the one going for chutney when she went for sambar 😀 But our mom never used to make two dishes to please both of us, the rule in our house was that we had to eat whatever was on the table, like it or not… but we made sure we ate it with protest… I guess this sibling rivalry goes on in every household… 🙂

  2. Agree with the dis-agreement on the favourites line. Me and my sis were the same too. Poor mom :). I too agree with your brother on this one, I too like the one with onions, the kaandya bhakri. Like u say, healthy bfast and very filling too..I will try your recipe with the readymade idli rava.

  3. Hey shilpa……i guess every household will have some or the other kind of sibling rivalry!! We had too & every small things become a big matter for us!! 😉 I simply liked the photo of your rice bhakri…i want to have some right now!

  4. lol at sibling rivelry… i guess its same with most of us. my sister and me would never agree on samething and i wonder how amma managed with us two brats 😉

  5. hhi
    interesting recipe….but i think idli rava & rice rava are not the same….find out….i think rice rava is made from raw rice like u have mentioned & idli rava is made from either half boiled or full boiled rice….. they taste completely different…& u get it as different names also rice rava & idli rava….

    Shilpa: Sangeetha, I donno what is available as “rice rava” in markets, but I have tried this both with home made rava and idli rava and I didn’t find any difference in taste. Since home made rava is very fresh, it may enhance the taste a bit( but as I said, I could not make out any difference). Thanks for letting me know about the “rice rava”, I will check for it next time I go to Indian store. I am all curious now :).

  6. Yummy recipe, I’m always looking for a healthy breakfast. Me and my brothers were the same. Call it food fights or power struggle or sibling rivalry. Now I watch my children going thru it and find it soo funny!

  7. Shilpa,

    I actually visit this website the first thing in the morning.
    I have tried so many recipes from here. They all are yummmm.My husband really loves the food i cook for him from this site.
    Thanks a ton. Add me to your list of regular visitors 🙂


  8. we make something similar with rice – call it baath ka thepla. My coord makes this as well and i think they call it otii roti :). Forget the exact way it is said. I have a suggestion. Instead of using 2 tawa’s, wet a hand napkin and pat the roti into a desired shape and invert it into the tawa, and cook in simmer. It does not crumble this way and its easier to turn over once the bottom side is cooked.
    Nice recipe though, we dont add the coconut, but i love coocnut in everything, will try this for breakfast sometime. But dont you think since its raw rice it will need a little more standing time for it to get soaked?

    Shilpa: Archana, usually 30mins is enough. I leave it only for that long.

  9. hi,
    ya in US iam not sure whether u get as different ravas…but in india bangalore we get as different ravas & they taste different & idli rava is esp used for making only idlis(if there r other recipes i don’t know) but never as a substitute for raw rice rava…..
    like shashwati i visit ur site everyday like a newspaper…ha ha ha
    i enjoy u reading ur introductions of the recipes….i envy ur energy…any ways goodluck

  10. hi shilpa,

    just happened to see this site.Must say i am very impressed.very simple recipes.I must tell u that i am a sikh married to a kamath and this site will now help me prepare all the wonderful konkani dishes.I simply love bhakris.I have been trying to get the receipe for the same. Just one question, if i added fresh cocnut to the batter will it still mix well, imean the bhakri i have eaten is without coconut, also just a little confused,the way u have mentioned about bhakri it looks like dosa then how r they different.please reply i am dying to make bhakris athome.

    Shilpa: param, this bhakri is usually quite thicker than dosa. So you spread it with hands and not with spoon. Bhakri is a kind of food just like roti. So it is possible that what you ate is some other bhakri and not this one. This one crumbles easily as it does not have any strong binding material. There are few more bhakri recipes under ‘breakfast and snacks’. Please check them out

  11. Shilpa,

    I have been making the rava bhakri since my mother-in-law taught me the recipe three years ago. Now, my 2 1/2 year old son Ananth loves it. I grate 2-3 baby carrots in the batter to make it softer and add some veggies to his diet. Also, I add red chilli powdr instead of green chillies. He likes the soft, sweet taste of onions and the crispy bhakri.

  12. dear shilpa,
    i thank you for presentation of each and every food in your own special way..
    it makes cooking so interesting..
    similar to above said bhakri, i also know another bhakri called “actual rava(semolina) bhakri”..
    would u pls explore and publish on website..

  13. Hi Shilpa,
    I loved recipes posted by you also the fact that you take pains to post pics at every step which gives a detialed accuracy to with which to proceed…Thnkas..Hey I want to try this recipe but not sure what kind of rava I am using rice or wheat and as I am living in china don’t have a option to buy any other kind… can I proceed it with this rava?? M feeling lazy to make rice rava at home 😉

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