The best Konkani Recipes – Top 10

This is a collection of top 10 authentic Konkani recipes, my favorites. These are like ‘must have’ in our homes, the ones that I grew up with. Many listed here are so popular in my native coastal Konkan region that they deserve a special mention on Aayi’s Recipes. This by no means is a final list and There are many more Konkani recipes on the site.
Give them a try and enjoy the unique flavor that comes with these.

Vegetarian Konkani Recipes

  1. Dali thoy – Simple dal with seasoning that goes best with rice, favorite to most Konkanis
  2. Kolmbo – A Konkani style sambar, again favorite to most Konkanis
  3. Muga mole randayi – A must in devals (temples) functions, weddings and thread ceremonies
  4. Airawat – A sweet, sour and spicy delicacy, taste to remember
  5. Gajbaje – Another amazing randayi, a tough competitor to Muga mole randayi
  6. Soyi polo – Breakfast in many Konkan homes, a favorite of kids and adults alike
  7. Biscuit ambado – Konkan style vadas, a must in most functions, weddings and festival feasts
  8. Pathrode – Coastal delicacy made from Colocasia leaves – Unforgettable taste
  9. Jeer mirya kadi – A konkan style kadhi to savour with rice
  10. Kadamb – An idli like dish made with Cucumber – a favorite in the rainy season

♥ Non-vegetarian Konkani Recipes

  1. Khubbe/tisre vade – A konkan style clam vada
  2. Sukkil sungta kismuri – A dried shrimp chutney
  3. Alle kande ambat – A fish curry with Ginger and Onion flavor
  4. Tepla ambat – An amazing fish curry with a special pepper flavor
  5. Sungta hinga udak – A shrimp gravy, konkan style
  6. Kurle ambat – A crabs gravy
  7. Fish fry – A fish fry
  8. Chicken gravy – A traditional chicken gravy
  9. Egg curry – A konkan style egg curry
  10. Khubbe/tisre ambat – A clams gravy with a unique unforgettable taste

91 thoughts on “The best Konkani Recipes – Top 10”

  1. What about khotto and shevai? Its definitely in my top ten list:)

    Shilpa: I need to update this list…There are too many…

  2. Such a delicious list! I have tried klmbo, and love it…now I need to work my way thro’ the list. You are so awesome for sharing these recipes!!

  3. Love this compilation!
    Tepla ambat is one of my favorites! It can be with ‘sungat’ o even the veg version with potatoes, or peas!
    Give me tepla ambat and i’m a happy camper! M’s first love is ‘pathrodo’!

    Heh, what do you think of “kadgi chakko” and any of the sukke’s, like bhende sukke?

    Sukil sungata kismur – yumm! hopefully I will get to try some of that on this visit! 😛

    Shilpa: Tepla ambat is one of my hubby’s favorites too. Give it to him anytime and he loves it. I will have to add a lot to the list. May be will change the name from Top 10 to Top xxx :).

  4. I like tepla ambat and kokam kadhi very much .

    Shilpa,this collection is awesome.I had been to my native place near Honavar (Mugwa) this June and had Ambey Humanney after a long time. Reminded me of my annual visits there every summer, when I used to relish that.It was really mind blowing

  5. Hi Shilpa, Greetings frm Mumbai! I can never make up my mind which I like more, your site or the yummy dishes-both are so good. I have been seeing it for almost two years now and it is wonderful to see how it has grown! I also refer it to any one who has a requirement. Keep it up and I hope some day I can also have such a satisfying site. Loved your art work too. I am not a very regular visitor but saw it last time. I’ve given a link in one of my post too. Rgds, Deepa

  6. hey shilpa…

    m here in switzerland since few months..and havent got all mixie and stuff bac frm amgele coconut maslache recipe kami karche ..though i use coconut milk sometimes..but still dont get that authentic taste..and now i feel like having tamboli yaar..but wid thin cocunut milk tht wont be done rite?cud u plz suggest smthing abt this?

    Shilpa: Anisha, I feel a blender would help till you bring your mixie. I had a blender for over a year which I used for everything before I bought Sumeet mixer. Consider buying one blender, they are usually available for cheap. I agree, tamboli might not taste well with coconut milk

  7. Hey Shilpa,
    Thanks so much for the lovely recipes…comes very much in handy to a newly married girl like me who knows not a think about authentic amchi cooking…
    keep up the good work!!!

  8. hey shilpa..ur simply amazing….m so proud dat u’v got a website wid amchi recipes..its d first time i had a luk at ur website..
    i love gajbaje…had it 4 d first time durin ganpati last yr…
    i gess u cud add madganne(channa dal kheer) to ur top ten recipes rite?!

  9. u must be a saraswat — good for me and my sis cause my mum can take a breather …..
    nyways searching stuff from the raschandrika is quite boring …

    for anisha
    dealers in crawford mkt mumbai that also ship the sumeet akm world over i think plus braun is pretty good as my sis uses it — i think u could use shredded coconut and milk together they are a mean combo or the next best thing

    1. Amma gave me the best tip ever. Grind dessicated coconut flakes in a coffee grinder. Mix in a bowl with warm water and you have the best coconut gravy imaginable that also has substance.

  10. good recipes.since iam a konkani i find it very useful to find the exact recipe in ur website.there can be no mistakes at all.all ur recipes r outstanding .thankx a lot for ur wonderful work and hope to see many more recipes from u.

  11. 1.khubbe/kalva curry………………yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyammmmmmmmmy liked by me and curry lovers in UK.

    2. Chicken Curry………………same taste as my grand mam use to cook…thanks.

  12. This site is simply amazinggggg……
    the pictures and methods and tips listed on each recipe is simply outstanding….
    Keep up the good work

  13. hi shilpa

    its really good to see your 10 konkani receipes. by just reading these receipes i felt like i am in karwar.

    u can add some of my favorites to this list like

    Ukadile kurle
    Binda kadi

    keep the good work of spreading konkani receipes to world.

    u are really doing some different and good work after leaving bangalore.

    -Shrinivas M K
    Cedar Rapids, IA.

  14. Hi Shilpa,

    Browsed the web for sambar powder receipe and found ur website.eventhough the sambar powder ingredients were different from the one we use in Tamilnadu,I was very excited to see the konkani dishes. b’cause i am a manglorien born and brought up in chennai currently living in Uk.My all time favorite is pathrado. will definetly visit ur site for any doubts in konkani receipe.keep up the good work.

    Best Regards

  15. I loved reading thru the Konkani recipes. I am a Gsb, married to a Konasta Brahmin boy..recently got married…and was missing amchigele food…went thru the net..and found ur site…

    Keep up the good work…

  16. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!ur recipies remind me a lot of home.
    Mom in a kannidiga n dad is a konkani.So u see am addicted to all ur recipies.
    Now a days when i feel low n gloomy ,thanks to the never ending winter here in the u.s.
    I just check ur website n iam all cheerfull again.
    Keep up the gud work.
    Rgds Poornima.

  17. Hey Shilpa,

    the main receipe is not there, I am relating to San Polo ie ingredients as know rice, chana dal, cabbage.

    Actually, I wanted complete and appropriate proportion so seek your advise.

    Kindly advise.

    Shilpa: Sneha, this is a list of 10 recipes that I like. There are many more on the site. Sanna polo is also on the site under “dosa corner”.

  18. dear shilpa
    my wife was preparing a fish dish called ‘ kolai’. she was frm mulky. she is no more. however i tried, the same taste could not achieve. i will write the recipe here.
    10 mackeral/ 20 sardines of medium size
    1.) coconut grated+required amount of red chillies +tamarind +salt to taste
    grind coursely without water and keep the masala separately
    2.) chop one big onion and 3 green chillies and ginger piece 1″ length into small sizes
    3.) mix the masala with the chopped onion,green chillies and ginger and make a good paste(no water)
    4.) stuff the mix well into the body of fish both inside and outside
    5.) keep the shallow frying pan on the fire and heat it with he edible oil. place the stuffed fish one by one on the pan .Wash the residue with water and pour the same slowly onthe fish placed in the pan
    fry the same with small the water evaporates go on adding oil till it is baked. Turn over the fish one by one without allowing it to be burnt.
    serve hot with rice.
    This is how i do this item now .Of course ,tastes superb.
    however ,If anybody knows this recipe correctly, pl inform the enhancement in the quality.
    g. pai

  19. Hi ,

    Happend to see this site and very much delighed to see there is a link my favourite konkani recipes.

    I would be trying out obbattu and will let you know as ugadi is coming soon.

  20. too good….
    all my favourites are on the list….
    hmmmm… my mouth started watering….
    look forward to prepare all these by myself by looking into aaye’s recipes!!!!
    one more of my favourites is all kinds of poha…. goddacho masale pittecho… mirsang bhajilo… valli mairsangicho….easy to prepare n yummy to eat n good for health…

  21. thank you very much for helping for jeere mirya kadi, though it was my first time, but the out come was fantastic

  22. Hi Shilpa,

    It’s a good list, but I feel you missed out “Chana Ghashi”, “Kadge Chakko”, “Chana Dali Madgale”, “Pattoli”, “Shevai”. Anyways, its a good effort and I just thought I will update the list. It’s in no way a crticism.

    Shilpa: Pratima, All the recipes you have mentioned are on the site.

  23. I really enjoy cooking your authentic Amchi randayos. I was waiting for recipe of Chow Chow. I normally make my style but this time i will surely try your recipe & give u the feedback. Let me know if i can send some recipes which i would like you to share with others. I will write them to u then u can put it in your blog. Once again thank you for superb recipes.

  24. hello maa’m,
    i really like the way u presented ur website.. its really good… n its good to see our most of the konkani dishes over here… since i’m in starting step of this cooking… it really helps me to see to this n prepare for tommorrow… thanks a lot……

  25. I want to prepare all dishes. I remembered my childhood. The touch of my
    mother in these receipes.Awesome. Thank you.

  26. Shilpa,
    1. KuvaLe sasam is great. It is a popular curry at Manjeshwar Temple and many prepare it on Shashti Day (Nov-Dec). Kanara style is more sour (KumbaLkai huLi) since coconut is replaced with buttermilk. Last year I had a bumper crop of kuvaLe. This year we have relocated to Gastonia, just sow the seeds. People use Ghardudhi (soraikkai or bottlegourd) and prepare sasam too.
    2. Pleased to know that you have a green thumb – vaaLi plant looks great in your garden.
    3. Art campus is lovely addition. Try metal embossing on Heavy Duty Al foil. Stuff cotton at the back to get more thickness/depth.
    Gastonia NC (relocated from Morristown TN)

  27. Chandrakanth Shenoy


    My name is Chandrakanth, from Manipal (near to Udupi), and i love Amchigele / Konkani food. I am now staying away from house … faroff in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), away from home. Never cooked food in life time, just started learning. Found this site very very useful, started cooking food from recipe on the site. Very happy to find konkani food recipe on internet. The food i prepare cannot beat my mom’s recipe, but happy i have mastered quite a few of them.

    Thank you. Keep the good work going.

    Chandrakanth Shenoy

  28. Purnima Brahmbhatt

    Hi, I am Gujarati & one of my friend in college days is Manglorien Konkani & I love konkani food a lot, I always use to eat at her house, after marriage I move to Chicago & I forget Konkani food (not taste) but I don’t know how to cook. After a long time accidently I found this site & thanks a lot now every weekend I try new Konkani dishes & my whole family love this food.
    I regularly visit this site
    Thanks a lot for delesious receipies
    Purnma Brahmbhatt

  29. MMMM yummys! when i just read about them.
    Now time to make christmas sweet(kuswaar)and iam looking for riceflour ladoos recipe.Any body knows how to make? I remember my grandmother uset to make when i was in india.

  30. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. I love cooking and have been looking out for the konkani food ever since. Usually one went to the restaurants but in a place like punjab where food=Tandoori, difficult to get this taste.
    As a after thought it will be really great if you cam suggest alternative to some of the difficult to get spices.

  31. Simon Lasrado, Bangalore, India

    Dear Madam,
    Please send the recipie of all veg and non veg foods.

    thanking you for your co operation.

  32. I am a South Kanara GSB married to a NK GSB. Slurrp! Slurrp! I chanced upon this website and I got a chance to learn recipes to please my husband’s tummy…

  33. Thank you for posting these recipes! I’m a new vegan and am on the lookout for new ideas. I’m having such a difficult time. I keep getting cravings for meat. I miss chicken nuggets so much 🙁 Do you have any suggestions or fake meat recommendations? I’ve tried Morningstar products, but didn’t really care for it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  34. Mrs. Vaishali pai

    Hi I am Konasta Brahmin married to GSB . As per my knowledge Biscuit ambado is only for shradha purpose so u cant make this in festivals. is it true?? pls let me know.

  35. aamchi gele recepies are awesome,any body from any caste would say kya baat hai,after tasting our recepies,some recepies are without onion and garlic,still tasting very very good….

  36. Deepa Koppikar

    I am proud that a Chitrapur Saraswat has put up some of our well known dishes, specially Jir miryachi kadi. I was just browsing for a recipe of chicken biryani when I came across your site. I tried it out and it was really awesome. Thank you Shilpa.

  37. hai was searching for the recipe frm pumpkin which is called dudhya khatkhato n made in temples for samradjanas….if u cud pls help me in this matter.saw som where in ur description that u know som of the recipes frm karkala so thought of trying here …will waut for ur reply thanks

  38. hey shilpa … I was looking for tirphal’s english name n landed on your site. 🙂 I was so happy to find that you have all authentic konkani recipes 😀 . I am a goan and most of the sites that i have browsed through have tampered konkani recipes 🙁

    Gr8 writing!! 🙂


  39. My friend is a maharashtrain and we were colleagues, we worked in a office in Mumbai. We have kept in touch. I enjoy reading his emails in which he writes about the different maharashtrain foods his wife cooks for him. I now live in Melb Australia. I came across your site and loved and enjoyed looking at your receipes. I thank your mother very much for all the inspirational receipes. Those were the days of good food and health. My grand mother was goan and i enjoyed her cooking though i was just a small kid. Thank you very much Shilpa.


  40. hey thank you Shilpa..your list of konkan food is vast and very helpful..i am a beginner and learning konkan food…

  41. Hi Shilpa,

    I love to cook food and i had try ur some dishes, its really good in test its like my friends to, i expected some more dishes with veg, in konkani style….


  42. Hi,
    I am a working professional from Mumbai and it gets difficult for me, even after staying in India, to decide the Menu for the day. And that’s when your exhaustive website with fantastic snaps comes handy. A quick search through and my menu for the week is made in a jiffy. The quick fix list mentioned here is actually “Food Therapy”. Good Job done there, Shilpa. Thanks for making it easier, yummier and very nicely catalogued!

  43. Very nice post…. I have made a document of most of the common konkani breakfast and lunch items…if anyone needs let me know.

    Jitendra kamat

    1. good evening Mr kamat i am from karwar, living in mumbai can u let us know ur websidejust reply me regards

    1. Rajagopalan Padmanabhan

      I need a Konkan recipe for Arbi Masala or Arbi fry. I tasted such a fantastic one in Nagpur in an Ordinary Thali restaurant long ago. Please help.

  44. Hi
    Your website has interesting recipes..can you please update me death anniversary recipes list(varshik randap) if possible early..Thank you…

    1. Yes it would be good if share the whole list as well as the items/vegetables that are not supposed to be prepared

  45. Hi, ur blog has amazing konkani recipes..can u plz update recipes usually prepared during Varshik (shrad Anniversary). I will be grateful to u if u guide with these recipes..Thank you

  46. Dear Shilpa, how are you doing? I came across your site about 8years. I have been a sort of regular visitor from then on. My folks are from Goa n NK and I’m married to an SK. Just love our konkani recipes esp the ones with no onion and garlic, yummm. Reason I write to you after all these years is to let you know that when I go through the recipes I kinda relive the sweet memories of my childhood of savouring all those dishes.
    Will start trying some of the dosas soon, hubby loves dosa.
    Thanks and you have done well 😊
    Regards, Ruhi

  47. Hi shilpa very happy to read our type of recipes on the net. If you can help me with a recipe it would be great on your part. I want the recipe of theek sandan( it’s red idlies which we can have with ghee on it)

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