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Vegetable Pulav

This is another one pot dish recipes that I have been preparing a lot these days. I feel these rice dishes packed with nutrition because of all different vegetables, they are very tasty and can even be served during parties/get-togethers. The spices and coconut give a very nice, unique flavor to this pulav. I use …

Side dishes

Val-eggplant subji

There was a time when I filled my pantry with all kinds of beans/lentils. Recently, I decided not to buy anymore till I finish all beans from the pantry. So this time, it was time for using up val/avrekalu. I have tried many dishes with these beans so far. This time I wanted something new. …

Side dishes


It was some 1 year ago, I was chatting with my friend Aruna and as usual we started discussing about food. She asked me if I have tasted the popular Gujarati dish Undhiyu. Though I had heard about this dish and tasted it before, I had not cooked it myself. So Aruna sent me the …