Snake gourd sidedish (Padwale Randayi)

Shilpa had posted this recipe on Sailu’s blog along with an introduction to Konkani cuisine. This must be one of her favorite dishes, so she asked me to post this again here, so that we can have it in this blog’s collection as well.

I was not surprised when she had picked this dish while writing about Konkani cuisine. She has always loved this. My aayi (Shilpa’s grandma) used to search for snake gourd (padwale/paddale) and make this for her. We miss her every time we cook this dish. Though we make few different dishes with snake gourd, this is the one that always gets cooked when she is at home.

Randayi is a side dish prepared by Konkanis, which has a coconut base. Randayis usually have watery coconut base but are served as side dish. Like many other randayis, this too is a mixture of vegetable and dried beans. We usually don’t mix teppal with seasoning, since this randayi has teppal, we don’t add extra seasoning(of mustard, curry leaves) to it.

1 cup snake gourd pieces
1 cup black eyed peas(alsande)
1 cup fresh/frozen coconut
5 red chillies
4-5 teppal
2 kokum pieces
1 tea spn jaggery(optional)

Cook snake gourd and black eyed peas. The peas should not get mushy.
Grind coconut along with red chillies to a smooth paste.
Add the paste to cooked snake gourd and black eyed pieces. Add kokum, salt, jaggery. Slightly crush teppal in 1 tbl spn water (do not make a paste. It is crushed just to bring out the aroma). Add it along (along with the water) to the dish. Cook for 5-6 mins. The dish should not become too dry or too watery.

Preparation time : 25mins
Serves : 4-5

13 thoughts on “Snake gourd sidedish (Padwale Randayi)”

  1. Varadpachi you are posting the veggies which i love and the same are disliked by my hubby. Haven’t tried this combo anytime. I used to love teppal, but started being away from it for some time, but now i like it again. Last time gosale was a super hit, now it is time for poddale.

  2. hello……..Ive been here many times. kind of like my mecca for home cooked food and yes since Im from Mangalore can totally relate to your cuisine……so much of it reminds me of my Moms cooking you know. we used to make this dish pretty much the same way. its a pity really how much cholesterol coconut has the south Indian in me misses eating it in every meal….

  3. I tried this rcp and it was very good.Instead of snake gourd I added Opo squash(dudhi) as I had it on hand that day.It was yummy!!
    Thank you very much for sharing this rcp..

  4. okay, alsande beeyo, my all time favourite (esp. alsande beeyo saaru). So no surprises that I jumped right ahead to check out the recipe..

    keep it coming!! and keep it up! 🙂

  5. Hi,
    I’m frm Mumbai and just came to know about this site recenly.Had never used padval along with alsande.Tried it yesterday.Tasts yummy.Thanks.

  6. tell me shilpa, we do not get both kokum and teppal in hyderabad, i have both snake gourd and black eyed beans in stock what can i substitute

    Shilpa: you can use tamarind instead of kokum. There is no substitute for teppal, no you can just leave it out.

  7. Hello

    just got to know of this site… really liked going thru.. i m big fan of our manglorian food.. will try all the receipes.
    tell me what is teppal? never heard of it.


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