Poha masala powder(Phova pitto/Kumta masala)

Many people call this as “Kumta masala” as this is readily available in Kumta.

What is the first thing any Konkani person can remember when you say “breakfast or evening snack”? Almost 90% of people (especially I have seen guys like it more than girls, it’s just an observation. My father, brother and husband are absolute fans of poha prepared in this way) say it is ‘Kalayile phovu‘ (Kalayile means mixed, phovu is phoha/avalakki). This is a dish which is prepared when you are in hurry and want to have something very fast and that keeps you full for hours. So this is even given to people who work for long hours in sun. Basically it is a food very famous in rural areas.

Phova pitto (pitto meaning powder) is available in the market very easily at our place. Nobody actually prepares it at home. Long back one of the readers asked me about this recipe. My mom uses this powder not only for poha but also for a variety of dishes. I will post those dishes one by one in future.

Coriander seeds 1 cup
Fennel seeds (Soamp) 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds (jeera) 1/4 cup
Cloves 4
Cinnamon (dalchini) 2 inch
Chili powder

Keep the above ingredients except chili powder in hot sun for few hours (I dry roasted the ingredients instead of keeping it in sun). Measure the powder in cups. Add same amount of chili powder to it and grind them all.

Preparation time : 10mins

Some recipes were this powder can be used – kalayilo phovu, chudvo,  phanni phovu, potato sandwich, peas usli, potato bhaji

38 thoughts on “Poha masala powder(Phova pitto/Kumta masala)”

  1. Supriya, as I first posted pitto recipe and then kalayile phovu recipe, I forgot to update the link in this post. Please check it now…

  2. If I am not mistaken, this poha masala powder can also be used in many other recipes? I think my grandmother used to cook a nice potato curry with this powder. I was searching for this recipe. Thanks. I think my grandmother used to cook something called “charmurya upkari” with this poha powder too – it was sweet sour spicy puffed rice – charmura(Konkani) or kurmura(Marathi) or mamra(Gujrati)

  3. Thanks Vineela, Aruna.
    Sonam,You are right. As I mentioned in the above post, aayi uses it in many dishes. I will be posting about the potato bhaji etc soon here.

  4. shilpa what is d other name for fennel seeds?is it called as badishep in amchigali?I wanna try out this recipe 2day so plz ply ASAP.

  5. hey shilpa i didn’t try this bhaji but i did make potato sukki bhaji.all of us[including my mom,dad,uncle,me]liked it very much.but shilpa when i tried making kodbale they broke in d oil[coconut oil]i took 2 & 1/2 cup rice flour,1/2 cup maida & rest of d ingredients.plz rply as 2 what could b done.should i fry it in sunflower oil instead of coconut oil.anxiously waiting 4 ur rply as my mom & i have already prepared d dough.

  6. Anu, it looks like you have changed the proportions. As you can see it is 5:1 proportion should be used. Anyway…kneed the dough very well once again and try. I still have doubt they will turn good as the proportions are different. Oil does not make any difference.

  7. Shilpa, this is great…absolutely my most afvourite pha recipe is “kallayle Phov” and finally got the masala recipe… My mom used to add finely cut onions, chinche kolu and corainder leaves to this phov and it used to be yummy !!!

  8. Hi, I am from Kumta and I love phove. Is your recp for phova pitto is same
    available in shops. I thought it contains some secret ingredients which gives it its great taste and flavour ?

  9. can we use dhania powder instead of making it from scratch from coriander seeds.. because wehre i live , its not very warm

  10. Swetha, yes you can use dhania powder. But fresh coriander seeds is always better since they give more aroma. Sorry for the silly question..how warm weather and coriander seeds connected? don’t you get these seeds in Indian stores?

  11. hi shilpa,
    am very keen on making my dishes right from the scratch.
    i really liked the phove masala.sounds yummy.
    shilpa,can u plz plz post us the receipe to make ” RASSAM POWDER”.That wud be wonderful

    Shilpa: I will post it soon Shraddha. If you get some time, please put a request in recipe request page, so that I can keep track of it. Thanks

  12. Hi Shilpa,
    Thank you for posting all these wonderful recipes. Many years ago I had tasted shevio in Mangalore at an acquaintances place which were mixed in a red masala and served with tea – it was some kind of ground chutni I think. Haven’t been able to find the recipe anywhere. Do you have any idea of how to make this kind of shevio – If so could you please send me this recipe.
    Thanks in advance,

  13. hi shilpa,

    your site is wonderful. it made me nostalgic to read your recipes and also to hear of kumta from you. my mother’s native is kumta and i’ve spent almost all my school vacations there. your post has really good things right from the recipes to our G.S.B culture. it is a site i will frequent regularly.keep it u- pallavi.

  14. Shilpa – Kalaylo pohv is one of my favorites. Every morning mom would ask, “what do you want to eat?” and I would reply: “Kalaylo pohvu.”

    And you are absolutely right – it must be a guy thing. M rolls her eyes!
    And, I picked a pound of fresh pohva pitto in Kumta!


  15. Hello Shilpa
    My husband and I are Germans living in Australia and love Indian food. I enjoy your Site, albeit I get dreadfully confused with a lot of the ingredient names and have to do a lot of cross referencing to get the English word: however, I box on and research their meaning. I am still stumped with an ingredient called “dalia” – could you please help me? I have all the other ingredients to make ‘chivda’. Keep up the good work. What a great idea that the Pova Pitto (powdered masala) can be used in other recipes too. Kind regards and many thanks, Gill

    Shilpa: Gill, Thanks for your kind words. I am working on a exhaustive glossary for this site which will have pictures as well as different Indian names and English names.I just uploaded picture of dalia. Click on Dalia in the post. Its roasted chana(chickpea) dal.

  16. Hi Shilpa… I made this powder yesterday. However, I have a slight doubt. U mentioned to put the same amount of chilli powder as the remaining ingredients.. At the same time u wrote 3 tbsp approx in the list, which is comparatively lesser than that mentioned in the recipe. For now i put 3tbsp.. Do i need to add more or something?
    The powder had a good aroma… & i just cant wait to try it out.

    Shilpa: You are right Tina. My mistake. Sorry. You have to add same volume as rest of the ground masala.

  17. pl sent me ingredients of goda masala and fish masala
    and how i will make in my house pl sent reply on my email address

  18. I am from Kumta and I love this pitto. This is a multipurpose pitto, you can use it in the preparation of many dishes. Thanks to Shilpa for mentioning its ingredients.

  19. hi!
    im a med student in china and i love your recipes! we’re not allowed to cook in the dorms (hehe)..but we cant help it because we miss the food at home so much. You’re doing a great job and its very helpful. I feel like cooking just looking at the recipes.. i tried the vindaloo, the aalu bhaji and now these sandwiches. Everything turned out really good.
    i have a few queries:
    There is no coconut powder or mustard seed available in stores here. The closest thing we have is mustard oil/mustard sauce for the latter and coconut milk/coconut milk powder for the former. Could you advise me on which alternatives wd be better? Most of ur recipes require one of the two and i am confused as to what wd be best.
    thank you,
    Kudos on your work, once again.

    Shilpa: Roop, Atleast in Konkani dishes, you cannot substitute mustard seed with mustard oil/sauce. I would suggest you to leave it out altogether if you cannot find the seeds. I think coconut powder or dessicated coconut would be more suitable substitute for fresh coconut(I have done that when I didn’t find fresh coconut before).
    take care,

  20. Hi..
    I am very very facinated with so many recipes of urs.. one of the recipes which i tried was – Sabudana khichdi.. Astonishingly it came out well… the best thing about your website is the additional information which u give.. which helps a lot for people like me who r a bit new to the cooking world..
    Thnx a lot..

  21. hi shilpa,
    i am from siddapur(nk),now living in sydney. whenever i go to india i used to bring this pitto from kumta.
    now no need to bring from there, as i can prepare it at home. thank u very much. i usually prepare mandakki with that and also masala corn. thank u once again.

  22. Hi Shilpa,
    I can not thank you enough for this recipe.
    I make ‘Kalayile povu’ once a week as it is family favorite. I literally panicked when I ran out of the powder and sure enough I was able to find the recipe here. Thank you so much for making my life easier. My aayee ( a Kumta resident) didn’t even know the recipe when I asked her. Her question was why would she make it at home as it is readily available there !!

  23. Hi Shilpa,
    For the Poha masala powder, you have mentioned to add the same amount of chilly powder. What did you refer to when you said the same amount? Please let me know.

  24. Astrid Fernandes

    Hi Shilpa!
    I thank you for the dink ladoo recipe. I would also like to have
    the Methi ladoo recipe. Could you please email it to me at
    my email address. Looking forward to the same.

  25. hi shilpa, really the thought of the kalaiyle poh brings the childhood memories when i used to eat it. i want to request you to pl post kashay receipe its my favourite.

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