Dried Shrimp chutney (sukkil sungta kismuri)

Sukkil(dried) sungta(shrimp) kismuri (chutney) is one of the most popular seafood preparation in coastal Karnataka and Goa. Our dear friend Vitz (who is from Karwar) had requested for this recipe long back (He is one of the guys who is responsible for starting my blog. Thanks Vitz for your immense support). I had searched a lot for dried shrimp here (since hubby is also a great fan of this dish), but I was unable to find it. But last week when I again gave a detailed search in ‘ChinaTown’, I found a packet of small cute shrimp packet sitting quietly in a freezer. Finally now I know where to find any kind of seafood here in US :D.

This dish does not involve any kind of cooking (roasting of dried shrimp hardly takes any time), so it can be prepared in no time.

Mahek explains here the Goan recipe for this dish.

Dried shrimp 2 tbls spn
Coconut ½ cup
Onion pieces 2 tbl spn
Tamarind juice(thick) ½ tea spn (Soak tamarind in water and squeeze it to get the thick juice)
Chili powder ½ tea spn

Clean the shrimp (remove the sharp edges, they can be removed easily by hand).Dry roast (fry without oil) the shrimp for around 5-6 mins till the shrimps become crunchy and aroma (or bad smell for those who don’t like dried fish smell) of the shrimp comes out.

Mix coconut, onion pieces, tamarind juice, chili powder and salt (Mix thoroughly with hand). Just before serving, add the shrimp and mix (do not add before, the shrimps should be crunchy while eating).

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 10min

31 thoughts on “Dried Shrimp chutney (sukkil sungta kismuri)”

  1. Shilpa! You solved a mystery for me, too! When I saw the title of your post, I wondered where you got the dried prawns from! Now, even I know! There’s an Chinese grocery store in Boulder. I must stop and look for dried shrimp there. Thank you!

    I looked at Mahek’s recipe and if my memory serves me right, my mother used to make kismoor like your recipe. The onions were raw. In fact, she used to make this with finely chopped and roasted pieces of karela as well.

  2. oh man i cant believe….just yeaterday I used dried prawns in a recipe by Jeer Merya Kadhi recipe Ashiwni….and I was wondering how to make Kismur….you read my mind i guess….Cool!

  3. Very interesting recipe, Shilpa. Just last weekend, I spotted dried shrimp in a Chinese store and my hubby was longing for particular dish which uses dried shrimp and dosakai ( a kind of squash)…Will post that recipe soon….and thank you for this recipe…Will try this one soon…

  4. Manisha, yes, I saw the karela kismuri in a site and tried that too. It had amazing taste. Do let me know if you could get the dried shrimp in your place.
    Thanks Supriya, let me know if you like the dish.
    Chandrika, Mandira, I am sure you will like it. This dish tastes great.

  5. any particular brand name of the shrimp packet? i always refuse to bring the dried shrimp from kerala on teh pretext that it will stink up my clothes, but now i am crawing it.

  6. Shaheen, Actually I bought the shrimp packet from a chinese store. So everything is written in chinese on the packet :(. The only English words I could see were ‘Dried shrimp’. If you have any Chinese market nearby, give it a try. They have the best sea food, which is almost similar to what we get in India. I had spent around 1 week on the internet to search the chinese market in this area :D.

  7. Hi first post here…
    I am in NJ and have been visiting the chinese food markets for all my needs for fish…I am from goa and miss the fresh fish here. What i miss the most is kalli and crabs. I get the dungaree crab but they do not have the same taste. I have seen the other kind but they are ALIVE and freak me out!!! Can someone post how to’s with pictures or email me?

  8. ha ha….

    today iam not in any mood to cook…..guess what i ve some dry prawn fritters…….iam going to do this recipe with some variations…..will post to u after t experiment…..tnx…

    neways shilpa, i think u shud have another column where the guests or readers can put their “innovations” like i and / or everyone else does often….after trying tat maybe u can add to ur collection……u know even this small drop wud definitely a part of ocean…..wat say?

  9. Anisha, I had thought about putting a section for my reader’s recipes. But the problem is, it requires more hosting space which will cost a lot. I am already paying so much to maintain this site. So may be I will think about it after sometime depending on the kind of response I get.

  10. Hi Shilpa….,

    Sorry for t delayed response…yeah last night we had the yellow rice….variation is tat i used par-boiled rice for tat, since i don eat basmati much…it was wonderful…yeah i added “Omam” seeds instead of Jeera…i dunno wat u call them in kannada/ english….ajwain seeds i hope..

    he he……and had this prawn chutney….yummy….as i said i altered it a litl…

    i had some dry frozen shrimp fritters, which i oven baked at 350degreeF for sometime, once flipping and added to this mixture. in t mixture i added lime juice instead of tamarind…as my hubby dislikes its use…and added a freshly chopped tomato…deseeded. Wow I fell in love with tat one…Thanks Shilpa…In fact i thot, a pinch of chaat powder would have made it prawn chaat…gr8…chalo. I feel like Iam writing to some of my schoolmate..ha ha. Byeee

  11. Shilpa .. thanks for the recipe. Was browsing looking for this since I have had it at my son’s wedding in Goa and loved it. Wedding ??? you might say 🙂 Yes, it was part of the traditional Goan dishes.

  12. Hi,

    Try this dry prawn chutney using green chillies

    1 cup dry prawns(just run under water and dry with a tissue)
    1 cup fresh coconut
    green chillies 3
    1 flake of garlic
    salt(if needed)dry prawn will already have enough salt in it.

    dry roast the prawns for 3 mts. add a tsp of oil(optional)
    coarsly powder the rest of the ingre and then mix with the roasted prawns.

    for a change you can also use red chilles instead of green chillies and then just before serving season with 1/2 chopped onion slightly fried (pink) in oil and add to the chutney. mix well before serving.

  13. This is not proper Goan kismur……its done without tamarind water…..this recipe is more like bhel.
    Please go for the Goan kismur its yummy and much more tastier.

  14. Hey shilpa,
    How ru doing??
    I got some dried anchovies from farmers market & tried this way.. it tasted too good… I had never tried this before.
    thanks a lot shilpa for the recipe….

  15. This is an eminently readable, informative and interesting websites for Konkani / Karwari recipes. The pictures are illustrative and very good too.

  16. Thank you Shilpa! Your suke sungta kismur made my mouth water, I love this dish, but could not make it since I had run out of my India trip stock. But your fantastic idea of getting the shrimp from the chinese store solved this problem. I now have a packet of sukke sungta and make the kismur often. My hubby and I both love this dish, but my son turns up his nose at it, bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad!

  17. Hi!

    I love dried shrimp pickle, one of my friend from mizoram used to get it in hostel. Her version of the receipe was deep fry onions and garlic in oil and put aside. Grind the dried prawn in a mixer and fry it in the remaining oil. Also grind some dried red chilly. Fry the grind prawn in the remaining oil and mix onions, garlic and chilli powder.

    I love this receipe but sometimes the prawn becomes bitter, i guess I have fried the prawn in very hot oil.

    1. hi lakshmi,

      liked your recipe of dry prawns cant wait to try it out…i have loads of dried prawns waiting to be cooked and i wasnt sure of the recipe…so will keep you posted how it turns out…

  18. hi shilpa, here is another sukkile sungta kismuri rcp for sungat lovers…dry roast the sungat same way like u have done … in pan add oil, when hot add crushed whole garlic with skin(more the better), when brown add onions and curry leaves, when roasted well add haldi pd and chilli pd and roast on small flame, add tamrind pulp , mix well and then add the roasted prawns , salt if necessary and little bit of water so that all of them mix together, cover and cook for 3-4 mins..top it up with freshly grated coconut if needed…prep done..if planning to keep for more days then roast these prawns in oil and use more oil while frying onions and use less of water….i never measure ingredients and cook so i cudnt give the measurement of any of these ingre…do try it and publish ur measurements if u like this dish…

  19. hey,
    ur recipe is too good.
    I am from New Jersey,can anyone plz tell me where can I buy the dry shrimps.I am unable to trace any stores which sell dry shrimps.

    Shilpa: Priya, look for some Chinese store. I have never lived in NJ, so I do not know about any stores there.

  20. Looks good – i’ll try.

    FYI, you can buy dried shrimp in Louisiana or some southern places. Small packs (maybe 1 oz) will be $3-4. You can also buy by the pound at some places ($16+ depending on size); if you use a lot this is the most cost efficient. For example, http://www.driedshrimpintl.com/

  21. Hey Shilpa!
    I bought some anchovies. I used half of the pack. Do u have any idea how to store the remaining dried fish?

  22. Assalamualaikum.amjst22yr old.sana. I plan 2get marid2kokani muslim in d mid dis yr so i am at dis site its nice2note dis recipe pls am nt any cook i wana learn sum kokani basic dish.pls people email me sum {[email protected]

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