Garlic Dal (Losney Dalithoy)

Every Indian cuisine has a recipe for simple dal. The Konkani version is called Dalithoy. This must be the simplest possible recipe and the one learned by all newbie cooks. There are few versions of this comfort food, based on the region, people use different tampering/ingredients in dal and call it “authentic dalithoy”. At our place, the common dalithoy – which is also a part of almost all festivals and temple meals – is this one. I won’t be exaggerating if I say this is cooked atleast once a week at our home. A slight variation to this is the one with garlic(losney) seasoning. A simple dal cooked with green chillies and then seasoned with garlic. It is a garlic lover’s heaven.

1 cup toor dal
1 tbl spn chopped garlic
A pinch turmeric
4-5 green chillies
1 red chilli

Cook dal with green chillies and turmeric in pressure cooker till it is mushy. By the back of the spoon, mash it.
Heat it with salt and enough water to bring to required consistency.
Heat ghee and add garlic, red chilli cut into pieces. Fry till garlic turns slightly brownish. Pour this over dal.
Serve hot with rice and a spicy side dish/pickles.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 20mins

22 thoughts on “Garlic Dal (Losney Dalithoy)”

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Just wanted to say that I loooove your website! I came across your website a couple years ago (when I started learning how to cook) and I’ve been preparing dishes at home following many of your recipes and they have always turned out amazing! They taste very much like home-cooked dishes which my mom and grandmom make back home! Your recipes are always easy to follow, with clear instructions and that is a great help to a newbie.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post these recipes and I’ll be looking forward to learning to make many more new dishes and authentic Konkani food from you 🙂


  2. It was my understanding that the dal seasoned with ginger/ curry leaves and green chillies is called thoi/ thoy. I guess, it varies based on the region. I make this atleast once a week as it goes very well with any bhaji and also fried fish.

  3. Hey Shilpa,
    Bare asa tumgele website. Hav kalchaan access karook lagle already 2 items kele havi. Hav Karwar che, I hope u’ll understand Karwar konkani. First of all many many thanks to you for posting receipes here with detailed description. Aaj havi cabbage dosa kelle for breakfast. It turned out very good. And for a surprise I had made dali thoy and maanz fish fry for lunch. Wow what a combination. Thankyou so much.

    I love garlic. I am surely going to try this.I prepared eggless moist cake and it yummy.My son gorging on it.I never thought that without egg it will turn out so soft.
    thanks a ton .

    sudha borkar

  5. Hi Shilpa,
    Looks nice. Will try this out today.

    Just wanted to let you know – in firefox, the taskbar containing “About cooking tips” etc is overlapping the first pic in your post. Internet explorer, its fine

  6. This is fabulous!
    Ours was a traditional bhat-style home and very pure vegeterian with no onions or garlic. Then on sundays we got garlic-dalitoy! Yaay!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Hi!I’m aayi rather aajji now,married for 31 yrs!In Mumbai I’m very busy,workwise & socially so cannot think much about cooking.I’ve ample time& peace of mind when i’m in US.I love your blog,go through it for new ideas/brush my memory b4 starting when I’m in enthu cooking mood.Now i love routine NKGSB food now a days also my family relishes it so more reason to ref to your blog.

  8. Hi I tried this recipe. My best friend is a Konkani and her mum used to make this, without the garlic though.
    It came out awesome!

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I made this for my wife yesterday who was slightly unwell, she loved it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Congrats on the baby.

  10. Hi Shilpa,
    Your recipe looks good…..but Dalli Thoy(for me & many others) is always associated with the aroma of Ginger,haldi,green chillies & Curry leaves !!!! The consistency in particular is “very thick” unlike the other daals normally cooked ! Just another view & opinion okay ?!!

  11. Like you told every region would have a diff way to cook ths authentic dalitoy.
    back in Manglre havent seen anyone adding Garlic. Instead the “Panna” is of Red Chilli and Mustrd Seeds.
    However, this dal with loads o garlic in it, Luks super delicious, I am defintely gonna add garlic to the daitoyl whch I learnt frm ma mom..
    U rock Shilpa!! Love allll ur recipes… I dnt need to call up mum everyday fr a recipe. I jst log in here and i knw wht to cook, Tastes like wht Mum mkes at hme in Mnglre

  12. I made half portion of this today, adding only 1 chilli as I have an upset stomach. This dal is really tasty, especially if you like roasted garlic. Besides it took not more than 15 min. Great recipe!

  13. I made half portion of this today, adding only 1 green chilli (the green chilies we get in Bangalore are small but really spicy!) as I have an upset stomach. This dal is REALLY tasty, especially if you like roasted garlic. Besides it took not more than 15 min. Great recipe!

    Shilpa, I have a question, whenever you say red chillies in your recipes – you mean dry red chillies? I use dry Kashmiri red chillies and usually it’s OK but when I made prawns curry from your blog, it was way to spicy to eat for me and it upset my stomach although by now, after 5 years in India I am accustomed to spicy food and also cook it at home. Please let me know. Also, I’d really appreciate if you send me a link to a chilli tutorial/blog that explains about different chillies in India and their use. For example – when to use the round red chillies? Those which look like a ping-pong ball? Maybe it would be an idea for a blog post for you?

    Anyway, thanks for the great recipes, I’m a fan of your cuisine!

    1. Yes, dried red chillies. There are so many varieties of dry chillies available. Every one has a different spice level. So here the quantities are for reference only. You need to adjust according to personal taste. I will definitely check to see if there is any link that talks about different types of chillies.

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