Pani Puri

I guess this is the most popular chaat in India. Everybody has his/her own recipe for pani puri. We used to go to a pani puri cart near Madhavan park, Jayanagar, Bangalore. I never liked to eat at roadside carts before that, but once I tried it there, I became a regular customer. But where did I got the real taste of pani puri and how I grew up as a biggest fan of it, follows.
My maternal grandmother used to make the tastiest pani puri ever. I have tasted pani puris at many places, but her pani puri was, is and will be my all time favourite. I still remember, when I was a kid, we went to her house during every summer and october holidays. She used to sit on the ground with her gas stove(because making the puris by standing all the time was too tiresome) and whenever she made pani puri, she used to make over a hundred puris (she knew there was a small devil at home who had everlasting hunger to eat pani puris. No prizes for guessing who that was :D). My mom picked this recipe from her and even she makes these delicious pani puris often (that means whenever I go to meet her). These days life has become easy with the ready made pani puris!!!.

Some people at home felt eating pani puri is a headache. Because we had to stuff moong, onion, sev and then fill the puris with pani before eating. But I never bothered about that extra WORK :).

The most important thing which is different in this traditional recipe, and ofcourse the source of the heavenly taste, is the stuffing. Instead of normal potato stuffing, this has sprouted moong stuffing. The pani has a strong taste of coriander leaves as well as ginger. It is sweet, spicy and sour.

PS : If you want to have the correct blend of taste, use the sprouted moong stuffing, refrain from making any modifications to the recipe given below. I liked the taste without onions, but finely chopped onion(used as a stuffing) was also served along with this.

Puris – Ready made puris can be used.

Coriander leaves 3/4 cup
Green chillies 3-4
Ginger 2″ piece
Cumin(jeera) seeds 1 tea spn
Jaggery 1 tbl spn
Dates (Khajoor) 7-8 (I used 1 and 1/2 tbl spn of pitted ready to bake dates)
Tamarind extract(thick) 1 and 1/2 tea spn

Grind all the ingredients together to a thick chutney. This chutnet can be preserved for 2-3 days. While serving, dilute it with water to required consistency(do not make it too watery).

Sprouted moong 1 cup
Onion (finely chopped) 1/2 cup
Sev 1/2 cup

Wash the sprouted moong to remove as much skin as possible. Then cook with 3/4 tea spn salt and about 3/4 cup of water. (Approximately two whistles in cooker).
Serve puris with pani, onions, sev and cooked moong.

How to eat
Stuff the puris with moong, onions and sev (1 : 1/2 : 1/2 proportion). Pour pani in the stuffed puri. Enjoy :D.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 20mins 

PS: This is a version made at my home from 3 generations now. I am sure this version is not available anywhere else because it has very unique and different taste. I will post the more known version some other time.

Updated : I have removed puri recipe, will update it soon.

88 thoughts on “Pani Puri”

  1. Wow, pani puri made at home sounds great and easy to make ! have always relished this at a joint famous for chaats in Bangalore.

  2. Shilpa,
    Pani puri is one of my most fav street foods.
    Nice recipe, esp with sprouted moong and sev. Yummy!
    Making puris at home? Well, quite tedious I guess. But worth the effort..:)

  3. I am a big fan of chaats. I can literally survive on just paani poori, masala poori and bhel. The paani poori vendor near Madhavan Park, Jayanagar, Bangalore was an assistant to the paani poori vendor near Ashoka Pillar, Jayanagar, Bangalore. I was a regular customer here. I used to have lots and lots of paani poori from him.
    Thanks for the recipe on pani puri.

  4. thnx
    i cud get paani poori only from india as its 10 times costlier here.
    now i guess i dont think id have to travel all that way

  5. dats truly amazing………..
    it’l surely be my al time favourates……..
    thnx a ton………
    now m goin 2 hav loadsaa fun having it……..

  6. chat’s my staple diet, i almost suffer withdrawal symptoms if i don’t get it regularly. but these days the pani in the pani poori is suspect. and age has brought about weak digestion. so i try to make chat at home whenever i have people at home or when we go out on picnics. we did it quite a few times in lalbagh and in the outskirts. bangalore is graduating to be a decent chat city. not all chat u get in bangalore is authentic. surely not like in bombay. but bangalore beats bombay hollow when it comes to corn cobs. the butta wallahs in bombay merely smear salt n lime on the cobs. try resisting bangalore’s corn cobs with the lipsmackign green chilli paste on it. yummmmmmmmmmmm slurrrrrrrrrrrrp

  7. hey shilpa, i tried making puris a couple of times at home but u know wat my puris are becoming soft….they are not turning out crispy like the regular ones…..migele puri vattad kittya zattachi???? wat wrong am i doing while making them…im making them exactly the way uve mentioned….has it ever happened to you…pls give some suggestion so i can make good crispy puris at home.

  8. Nandini, the puri dough should be very hard and the puris should be rolled very very thin. They should not be put one above the other. This should help. Please give a try and let me know.

  9. when I was a little kid, I ate it first than in north india where our family stayed for 4 years.And and that age I did not know what magic it created, I used to eat and never count how many….GOL GAPPA as they call it there and pani puri as popularly known is also one of my most liked dish.
    THanks shilpa

  10. Pani puri khanyasathi marat hoti.. Aata tayar karoon baghen.

    I was missing it very much, I’ll try to make it now… Thanks

  11. I tried previously so many times to make puries at home…but no result…but this is THE BEST recipy to make puri at home….to day i tried it…and feel very great to make thats so good test of pani puri…i never tried this kind of test…thanks a lot …

  12. Thanks Pooja, Shraddha.

    Praveena, Ankita, Thanks for trying and letting me know :). I am happy to know you liked it.

  13. hi

    i tried making puri at home using your ingredients, i used all ingredients at the propotion u told. but it is not coming crispy and it is not puffing up. i am really upset. pls tell me in detail ho to make puris.

  14. Jyothi, I am not sure what went wrong. First thing is, the dough should be very stiff. Second is, you should not pile the puris one above the other. They should not be kept for a long time before deep frying. The puris should be rolled real thin.
    Next time try making puris only with sooji. One of my friend makes it with only sooji and says it works well for her.I always use the recipe given above. I will see if I can find out more about these puris.

  15. thank you very much shilpa. i kept the dough for 4 hrs in a damp cloth, is it this problem?

    if i do it in sooji what is the time i should keep dough before deep frying?

    waiting for your reply


  16. Jyothi, it is enough to leave the dough for maximum 1hr. i think when you left it for 4hrs, it might have become soggy. With sooji, just leave the dough for 30-60mins.

  17. thankzzz what to say i just love it and i m in abroad so you people can understand how i m living with out paani poori..thanks onezz again. bye n take care…..

  18. hi, just a suggestion. when we were in australia , my friend used to make pooris with just sooji kneaded with soda water. getting pooris outside india was a task and more so in australia with very few indian shops. soomebody should try this recipe and let us know the results.

  19. Some interesting things to stuff in the poories (I am a pani puri freak and love the way they are made in Mumbai. These are the things I have picked up from various different stalls)

    1) Boiled mashed potatoes with a dash of chat masala
    2) Ragda
    3) Fried namkeen boondi
    4) Sprouted Moong sauteed in oil+ hing+ jeera+ chat masala

    Try these fillings in different permutations and combinations

  20. wah… brings pani in my mouth…. definately gonna try this at home as coz of rumours I stopped eating lari wali pani puri. Thanks…

  21. hi shilpa!

    i have tried making poories with sooji 2-3 times.
    if the dough is too hard then its difficult to roll the poories and even more difficult to roll them thin. i failed every time πŸ™
    please advise.

    Shilpa: Ketaki, I have not tried puris with only sooji any time. So I can’t tell anything on that. But usually when the dough is very hard, I apply little bit of oil around it so that it gets very easy to roll. Use a plastic paper to roll and apply some oil to the paper. That way you can easily take them out from the paper.

  22. For the pani, you can also add some pudina leaves. It gives a good flavor and is good for digestion also..

    Shilpa: For this version of pani, pudina leaves are NOT added. It will completely mess up the taste of this. The recipe with pudina leaves it different and I will share it some other time.

  23. Hi,
    Wanted to know how much oil and water needs to be added. Thank you

    Maida or all purpose flour 1 cup
    Sooji (rava) 1 tbl spn

    Shilpa: Sunil, just add water a little at a time till you get a hard dough.

  24. Thats amazing recipe. Since I am in Uk I am missing a lot this Paani puri and masal puri. Sice I got this recipe by u, I am preparing at home. Its coming out well

  25. Thats amazing recipe. Since I am in Uk I am missing a lot this Paani puri and masal puri. Since I got this recipe by u, I am preparing at home. Its coming out well

  26. I have never ever made rotis or puris. I am very excited to try this out tonight as the thought of fresh puris is awesome. I will let you know how it turns out. I will also ask for help if needed.
    Thank you,

  27. Hi
    I saw this recipe. I did try it out. But when i tried making pooris, my pooris came out like biscuits i.e it did not puff ,it came out hard.Could you tell me what may be the reason behind it.

    Shilpa: Ragini, please read my response to previous comments.

  28. Hi when i say pooris i refer to pooris after frying them. They turn out very hard after i fry them.They do not puff while i fry them

    Shilpa: Ragini, as I said above, make the dough very hard and puris very thin. Also, you can try making them only with sooji, skip maida completely(I haven’t tried this, but heard it works very nice that way).

  29. Dear Shilpa,
    I tried making it, but its not that crispy.It got soft after getting cold. πŸ™
    I followed your recipe for making puries but it came out like our wheat puris.It looks like pani puri puris but too soft. Can you predict the reason. I think i have made the dough really soft.I made it like chapati dough. Do I need to make it really hard?

    Shilpa: Udita, you should make the dough very hard. Also make the puris very thin. Its bit difficult when dough is hard, but still. I heard some people make them only with sooji. You can also try that. Please read my replies to above comments.

  30. hi shilpa – thanks so much for this wonderful recipe. i tried ut yday ofcourse with ready made puris . i did not have dates so added some more jaggery- but was divine :)) its also a healthier option as compared to potato stuffing- my husband loved it .is there any other option other than dates ?

  31. seetha murugesan

    I made pani puri, following your recipe…Though it was south indian recipe, it was delicious…thanx…seetha

    i found ur recipee very different
    i think onion and shev go into a shev puri not a pani puri
    ur recipee is more like shev puri recipee
    sindhis use boondi and moong
    some use mashed potato n moong
    and some use ragda in the pani puri
    plus many people make the pani separate and the the sweet and spicy chutney separate

    and mostly it is mint not coriander that is used and stuff like ginger lime juice pp masala or a mix of amchur, rock salt, b pepper and many more things go into it

  33. oops u must be talking about some south indian recipee as mentioned in ur comments

    i was describing mumbai staple recipee

  34. Thanks for the pani puri recipe. But as far as I know, pani puri NEVER had any onions nor sev in it.

    Original pani puri is stuffed with boiled spouted moong, boiled potatoes, sweet date tamarind chutney, spiced pani and then you eat it.

    Nowadays instead of moon, pani puri walas will put in boondi (soaked in water) and the spiced pani as a short cut.

    But pani puri never ever has onions nor sev.
    Unless its a chaat you are making.. with puris, potatoes, mung, sweet chutney, dahi (curds), chaat masala and sev. I just made it yesterday and it was YUM!!!

    Shilpa: Pallavi, as I have mentioned, this recipe is the one made at MY HOME and I am not claiming this is the version available anywhere else.

  35. thats good you shared your version of pani puri

    i wana share my version with you

    try it and tell me how did u like it…

    for pani try these Ingredients-

    half cup tamarind pani
    2 cups cold water
    2 tbl roasted jeera powder
    2 tbl jeera
    3 hari mirch
    half tbl lemon juice
    half cup coriander leaves
    half cup mint leaves
    half tsp chaat masala powder
    1 tsp ginger
    2 tbl jaggery
    1 tsp black salt
    1 tsp garam masala
    1 tsp lal mirch powder
    1 tsp dhaniya powder
    3 tsp pani puri masala
    1 pinch of black pepper powder
    half tsp clove powder

    believe me it tastes really gud when you you refridgirate the water for whole day

    let me know your opinion

  36. I never know that we can make the puris at home. I am in US now, but when i was in Pune (India), i brought puris from shops. I don’t like to buy ready to eat food from stores, but i thought there is no alternative for puris. Now i wll defenitely try these puris.

    This is my next reciepe after those delicious modak.

  37. hello , i ttried to make puriis at home..when after cooling it became soft…i want to know how to make it crispier
    i used the same recipe..1/2cup maida, 1 cup sooji, salt, little baking soda, warm water to knead, little oil
    is this the correct one,?

  38. Hi!
    I am thinking to try pani puries but I am not sure shoud I roll a big “puri” and then cut small puries or should roll all pani puries one by one..(god it will take time)

    Shilpa: As I mentioned in the post, roll into chapathi size and then cut.

  39. Its the rava (sooji) which makes puri crispy and not maida. Those who are not getting the crispiness try this method. Use 2 cups of sooji. Add some salt as per taste. mix it. Now add water slowly. You can take little warm water too. Start kneeding. Do not kneed fully, just enough that you see entire sooji almost absorbed the water. Now take just half teaspoon of maida and sprinkle it all over the water absorbed sooji. Then mix it well and again add some water and kneed it well. Keep kneeding it till you get little stiff dough. It should not be very soft. Now take 1/4 or 1/2 tsp oil in your hand and sprinkle it on dough and again kneed it well. Once the dough is done. Keep it wrapped in some damp cloth or in some vessel for atleast 45 minutes. Later make small small puris and heat oil well. Make it sure you are using fresh oil and puris take long time to fry. Heat it well and then drop one puri. To puff there is a technique. After dropping puri in oil use your, before it puffs up, press it little with your drainer (or puri remover. Dont add all the puri at once. Add one at a time, puff it up by pressingit little and then second one and son on. You have to fry it on medium heat till it become golden fry….hope this will help you. Happy puffing and crisping…!!!

  40. i have tried making poories with sooji 2-3 times.
    but it turn out to be soft.
    plz give me any sugesstion wat shud i do??????

  41. dear sir/mam,
    I want to manufacture pani puri in wholesale can you guide me for bulk mfg and machinery mfgs for the same product.

    waiting for yr reply

  42. hello,
    wemade puris by adding the same qty of ingredients but they were not crispy. they were soft. i think u need to add more semolina to have crispy puris.

  43. I tried the puri recipe , it did not go well the puri puffed but were soft and not hard and crisp. how do you make them hard and crisp.

  44. recipie seems nice..but i have a problem while making puris. whenevr i made puris these r always soggy like ordinary pooris.. i tried 100 times by taking tight dough or even on low flame but nothing worked. puris puff well but upper thin layer bcomes soggy.what is amiss?
    i am living in uk and cant find readymade puris often.

    i have read so many respose with same problem like me. is there anybody here who has made puris at home nice n crispy like proffessionals one

  45. hi this is me nasreen. i was looking at your pani puri recipe but i was wandering what should i put in the dough to make the puriz puff up.

    Shilpa: Nasreen, I will try at home and then update the post.


  47. hello again
    pani puri hmmmmm…
    mouthwatering chaat i love them
    you have posted da recipe of pani
    if you can kindly post the recipe of puri
    i’ve always wanted to make it at home and i hope i’ll be able to wid ur help

  48. Hey,

    Loved your writeup and pics. But I don’t think ur recipe for pani is authentic one. Key ingredient “mint” is missing. The street vendors in India add 2 types of pani in puri – “meetha pani” with imli,date and spices and teekha pani with mint,coriander and spices.

    Shilpa: Vaishali, I really don’t know the definition of “authentic”. If you read the post, I have mentioned it is something that is followed at my home and not the version available at street vendors. In this version, we don’t add mint. There are many different recipes for most of the dishes in India, so what is authentic and what is not is debatable. If you are saying street vendor version is “authentic”, then you should know, you will find different versions at different vendors – In bangalore, we get a very thick very spicy and hot pani, in belgaum, we had pani which was on sweeter side, I have also tasted pani which is served cold and very watery.

    1. Pani puri originated in Uttar Pradesh. The authentic recipe calls for mashed potato filling and tamarind water. The mint water is used more in Maharashtra. As the pani puri became famous, people adapted the recipes to suit their tastes. So I guess each to their own. Personally I do like the hint of mint in my pani puri but the coriander recipe is awesome in its ow way too. πŸ˜€

  49. Hi Shilpa
    I would have loved to have the recipe for the pooris for pani puri. The recipe makes mouth watering as it is. As my grandson loves puri for pani puri hence I was looking for them.

  50. mmmm…yummy recepie…….was tempted to eat panipuris 2day, and its raining here in Ky,USA rt now… wow,thnks for this mouth-watering recepie…….gonna try it 2day…..gudjob….

    after u done making puri leave them in oven 0n 200 for 20-30 minutes and it will get nice and crispy

  52. i made poori twice at home it came out very crispy,my hubby loved it.Instead of eating pani poori,he couldnt wait till i do pani for it,yummyyyyyyyy.

  53. no shilpa.this is realy not a unique recipe,we make this recipe exactly the same in our home for years..moreover it is available in dis same method in near our home in a famous chat shop in tamilnadu..

  54. hi..
    just tried your paani recipe. it’s just awesome. we just loved it..! thanks a tonne.

    i was just so fed up with readymade MDH/Everest paani powder . This recipe is just so fresh and stellar.
    keep up the good work and more such recipes pls..
    and i am a hard core kannadiga from bangalore.

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