Pumpkin idli/cake (Dudde kaDamb)

‘KaDamb’ is one of the most popular Konkani breakfasts. It is usually prepared using pumpkin or a special kind of cooking cucumber called as ‘Magge’ or ‘Mangalore southekayi’ (See this for more details of this cucumber). The cucumber version is more popular than the pumpkin version. Pumpkin(dudde) Kadamb is usually made sweet.

When I heard about Meeta’s FMR event, I did not know what would be my entry. Then I remembered, Aayi had mentioned about this dish a few days back. Since we usually preferred the not-so-sweet cucumber version, pumpkin version was prepared very rarely at home.

The authentic version of this dish is prepared on turmeric leaves. Since I could not get hold of these leaves, I used Banana leaves. I got these banana leaves in the frozen section of Chinese store here. Usually the rice rava is prepared fresh by soaking rice for around 1 hr, then dry it for sometime and make rava, but I used the ready made idli rava. I used ‘Butternut squash‘ for this.

The other simpler version of this dish is Tausalli.

Grated pumpkin 1 cup
Coconut (fresh or frozen) 1/2 cup
Rice rava/sooji (idli rava) 1/2 cup
Jaggery 1 tbl spn
Cardamom powder 1/4 tea spn
Banana/ turmeric leaves

Use banana leaves only if the turmeric leaves cannot be found. Turmeric leaves give a great aroma to this dish.

Mix all the ingredients and leave it for around 30min. The mixture leaves some water. This makes the dish more tasty.

Keep two leaves on a flat board in following manner.

Keep a handful of mixture on the leaves.

Fold tightly the bottom leaves followed by top leaves as shown.

Keep these bundles in a vessel.

Steam in cooker/steamer(without putting whistle) for around 10mins.

Discard the leaves. Serve with ghee or chutney powder or asafoetida chutney.

Makes 3-4 Kadambs
Preparation time : 30mins
Note: I will write the cucumber version separately as I don’t want to confuse between the two.

17 thoughts on “Pumpkin idli/cake (Dudde kaDamb)”

  1. Wow!! this looks complicated and delicious!! I also had to use Butternut squash for this event , pumpkin is not available yet!! Good job, I will post mine tomorrow,not traditional like your’s but something easy!

  2. This one is totally new to me ! how do u come up with such innovative recipes shilpa !!

    Btw i tried your cilantro saar !! it was awesome. Thank you for the recipe

  3. Hi Shilpa ……A wonderful way to do it on the banana leaf. I dont think we will ever see turmeric leaves here in US. But off late i have seen banana leaves IN Indian stores too. I have eaten the cucumber version, but never tasted the duddhi. Thanks for sharing. Butternut squash is avble plenty in US so no probs.

  4. A great recipe explained with step-by-step instructions, Shilpa. I have eaten stuff steamed in turmeric leaves. So, I agree fully when you say that banana leaves are an inferior substitute.

  5. Lakshmi, as I said in the post, I got the leaves in frozen section of Chinese store. I heard they are also available in frozen section of Indian stores.

    Thanks Meeta for hosting the event. If not for the event, I might not have cooked this.

    Thanks Bhanap, Jayashree, Deepa, Meena, Shilpa.

    Asha, I will be waiting for your recipe :).

    RP, just check the patholi post.

    Priya, this is a traditional dish. I did not change it :).

    Aruna I heard they are available in Chinese stores, but till now I haven’t found them. May be sometime in future…

    MT, are you a Konkani??? You seem to know many of the Konkani dishes.

    You are absolutely right Vaishali. the banana leaves does not give any kind of aroma. So we can easily feel the difference. But can’t help it, they are better than using parchment paper. I would have used paper, but fortunately fund banana leaves here.

  6. As usual this is new to me.. this traditional recipe sounds easy .. I will try for the leaves and if i get it sure i will make this.Thanks for the recipe

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