This is a collection of top 10 authentic Konkani recipes, my favorites. These are like ‘must have’ in our homes, the ones that I grew up with. Many listed here are so popular in my native coastal Konkan region that they deserve a special mention on Aayi’s Recipes. This by no means is a final list and There are many more Konkani recipes on the site.
Give them a try and enjoy the unique flavor that comes with these.


Dali thoy
Simple dal with seasoning that goes best with rice, favorite to most Konkanis

A Konkani style sambar, again favorite to most Konkanis

Muga mole randayi
A must in devals (temples) functions, weddings and thread ceremonies

A sweet, sour and spicy delicacy, taste to remember

Another amazing randayi, a tough competitor to Muga mole randayi

Soyi polo
Breakfast in many Konkan homes, a favorite of kids and adults alike

Biscuit ambado
Konkan style vadas, a must in most functions, weddings and festival feasts

Coastal delicacy made from Colocasia leaves – Unforgettable taste

Jeer mirya kadi
A konkan style kadhi to savour with rice

An idli like dish made with Cucumber – a favorite in the rainy season

:: Non vegetarian

Khubbe/tisre vade
A konkan style clam vada

Sukkil sungta kismuri
A dried shrimp chutney

Alle kande ambat
A fish curry with Ginger and Onion flavor

Tepla ambat
An amazing fish curry with a special pepper flavor

Sungta hinga udak
A shrimp gravy, konkan style

Kurle ambat
A crabs gravy

Fish fry
A fish fry

Chicken gravy
A traditional chicken gravy

Egg curry
A konkan style egg curry

Khubbe/tisre ambat
A clams gravy with a unique unforgettable taste