This is an honest attempt to follow my Aayi’s recipes and present them in the best possible manner on ‘AayisRecipes.com’. I’ve invested lot of time and energy in doing so and would be happy to hear success stories from you who have tried recipes posted here. It would be my pleasure, if you’ve benefited in some way by what you read on AayisRecipes.com. Read on…

In this notice, ‘Content’ on this site means, any and all text, graphic/images and photos. When we say ‘text’ it simply means ‘Recipes could be same, as they are passed on from one person to another or through generations and no one can hold copyrights on the recipes themselves, but the text used to describe/compose and author a recipe can not exactly be the same, as it will become a copy-paste job’

  1. Content on this site should not be republished, broadcasted, reproduced in any manner or media, without our ‘WRITTEN’ permission.
  2. If it is for non-commercial purposes, please ‘ASK’, before reproducing the content, by email at aayisrecipes@gmail.com
  3. It is ‘NOT OKAY’ to simply reproduce the content and accrediting/mentioning the source as Aayi’s Recipes.
  4. Reproducing the content without our ‘WRITTEN’ permission is a violation of this Copyright notice, for both commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  5. It is ‘NOT OKAY’, even if you’ve edited the photos, or removed the watermark, the material doesn’t belong to you, so you are not free to use it.

All text, photographs and any other content. Copyright © 2005 – 2014

Varada, Shilpa – Aayi’s Recipes.

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