Maddur vada

Maddur is a place in Karnataka. In 2005 when we were in Bangalore, we used to make a lot of trips every now and then with my brother, SIL and sometimes with my parents. My brother used to plan all these trips, and whenever we went on Bangalore-Mysore road, he would plan a stop at Maddur to eat these vadas. These vadas are made with rice flour and onions. The vada is so famous in this place that, it is called “Maddur vada“.

Everyone has their own variation of Maddur vada. Aayi gave me this recipe few days back, I liked this more than the actual vadas that we get in Maddur.

1/2 cup rice flour
1 cup wheat sooji(upma rava)
2 tea spn all purpose flour or maida
1 tea spn cumin seeds
2-3 green chilies
3/4 cup onion pieces
2 tea spn coconut

I think the actual Maddur vada has more rice flour and less rava. But the proportion I mentioned above makes the vadas more crispy.

Make a paste of cumin seeds and green chilies.
Mix all the ingredients above with the paste. Add 3 tea spn hot oil and mix well. Do not add water. If required, add more oil till a vada shape can be given to the dough.
On a plastic paper, apply some oil. Take a ball of the dough and spread it on paper to get a thin vada.

Deep fry the vadas in oil.
Serve it hot with pudina(mint) or coconut chutney.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

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