Introducing Aayi

For the last 3 years, I have been managing this blog (601 posts and counting…) and it was my experiences and my memories here, but Aayi was my mentor, editor and force behind it. As many of you know, I started this blog for my aayi. Since she was not very comfortable using computer, I was doing it on her behalf.

So now, I have created a new account for aayi and she will be posting here once in a while. I will help her technically, but she will be posting from her author account. I hope she can do it once in a week at least. Let us see how that goes. Today will be her first official post from her account.  I will continue to post on other days, as and when it happens.

So please welcome – Aayi of Aayi’s Recipes, Mrs Varada

(Round of applause…) 🙂

57 thoughts on “Introducing Aayi”

  1. HI Shilpa,

    Thats a wonderful news!!!!!!!!!! really it needs a round of applause. Looking forward for lot of recipes from the expert.

  2. Wow..Shilpa, great news congrats to ur Aayi!! Aunty we are waiting for your lovely recipes!! Congrats for 601 meaningful posts!! Feeling very proud of you!

  3. This is terrific! Congrats on completing over 600 posts. A big welcome to your Aayi, the original inspiration of this lovely blog!! We are all eagerly waiting to see Aunty’s posts 🙂

  4. yayyyy <<>> It’s wonderfull to be learning from the pro. Thank you for sharing yr blog but yr aayi with us too 🙂 Welcome Aayi. Looking forward to your posts.

  5. Shilpa, congrats to you for maintaining this wonderful site for your Aayi, and a big welcome to Aayi and looking forward to her posts :)..

  6. Welcome welcome aayi. It is so nice to finally meet the person who made this blog possible. Cannot wait for some vegetarian recipes from you.

  7. So Sweet!!
    Hope aunty enjoy blogging ….:)
    I also blog my mother;s recipes , just to store all her recipes in one place and I wish she would also agree to do something like this one day 🙂

  8. thats a wonderful news…i hav been ur regular visitor even before i had a food blog…i l ike a lot of ur recipes…good to know that the expert is gonna post …waiting to learn a lot from her 🙂

  9. Wow..Thats really nice… Hope aunty enjoys this. Well i guess we can have a lot of recipes from both of you. Thanks for touching our lives 🙂 and a hearty welcome to your aayi who has indirectly taught us a lot of things through you 🙂

  10. Morning dear,

    Your mama is really a lucky person to have such a nice daughter.

    I am sure like me all r waiting anxiously to have some of her traditional receipes.

    Congrats once again and keep up the good work.

    With love

  11. A warm welcome to Aayi, Shilpa! This is gonna be one series i am totally looking forward to. Thank you soooooooooo much, to you and Aayi. My warmest regards to her.


  12. Hearty welcome Aayi. Great to know that we will get to see posts directly from the expert. Welcome once again.

  13. Welcome Amma! This is a similar site of mine as I am posting my Amma’s recipes in my blog. Am a regular reader of this blog since 2006. Am very eager to read your posts too!

  14. Its so Good to know and we are looking forward to more yum recipes from Your Aayi Shilpa …

  15. Great!! A warm welcome to Aayi – the expert……hope to see more authentic recipes from now. This sounds so exciting!

  16. Pratibha Prabhu

    A warm welcome to Aayi. You have indeed started off with a bang – my favourite pickle! Power to you and Shilpa -I look forward to your posts. tiba prabhu

  17. Hi Shilpa,
    Glad to be finally introduced to Aayi. I was wondering quite a lot about her – her name, stature etc. etc.
    I would love getting to know of recipes directly from Aayi.
    With regards

  18. Dear Shilpa
    You are such a wonderful girl to do this and vice versa too!! Looking forward to seeing some more wonderful recipes from this great mother-daughter team!! Best wishes to you both!!

  19. Wht a wonderful idea to bring in the expert cook, aayi
    Its not just the cooking and reciepes that our mom’s bring into our lives its also all the unconditional love that comes along with it.
    Congrats shilpa on the wonderful idea and our love to aayi

  20. Let me begin by saying I am not much of a cook . growing up i had my head in books and still do.. I cook out of necessity unlike you it’s not my passion
    . But at times when i am feeling blue i need that amchi food i ate growing up Thanks for your website i can go back to them . Thank you for keeping the amchi food and tradition alive.

    Could you post some receipes for tambli ..

    Dev Bhare karo !!!
    Thanks Shilpa ,

  21. A warm welcome Aayi… It’s great to know that we will get recipes directly from the expert. Congrats on learning to blog 😀

  22. WElcome to your Aayi Shilpa! Cannto wait to see mor ewonderful recipes from your aayi who has inspired you to post all these wonderful recipes!

  23. A warm welcome to your Aayi. I am eagerly waiting for more authentic konkani recipes .Hope to read them soon on your blog.

    Shilpa: Ketaki, she has been posting here already (Mango pickle and urad papad). Please check out.

  24. Hi .. This site is really really very helpful for the ladies who wants to learn new and nice recipe 🙂 Thanks a lot for introducing the blog. I m looking for south Indian dishes recipe…as m going to get married with a South indian Tamil guy. As maharashtrain i know maharastrian recipes.. but South dishes are needed to please my mother in law 🙂 If you have those recipes .. pls help me out …
    I ll be visiting regularly to see new recipes…
    Thanks in advance…

  25. hey Shilpa

    Good on you ………..warm welcome to Aayi.will look forward for some lip-smacking receipes.

  26. hey shilpa,
    why u always posts in konkani recepies only even u do so specify their names in english .

    Shilpa: Sorry Hrushita, I didn’t get which recipe you are talking about. As much as possible, I have always given the translation, so if you specify which recipe you are talking about, I may be able to help!!

  27. hey shilpa,
    my husband is a konkani and am a maharashtrian. he longs to eat konkani recipes. i saw ur blog and felt like i found some treasure. am surely gonna try a lot of them. please tell aayi to post some more konkani dishes.
    thanx a ton.

  28. Hi,
    Dear Shilpa (pachi, if i may call u so). came across ur (wonderful) site a couple of days, courtesy Google. Having lost my mother (i used to call her “Amma”) a very young age, i longed for authentic amchi recipes. but never knew how 2 prepare them. (though i can prepare some basics like stir-fried potatoes, talaasani, etc.).
    a look at ur list of recipes reminded me of my Amma, & brought tears to my eyes. Now with ur recipes, i’m sure that though i’ll miss my Amma, i’ll not miss her cooking.
    However, i’d like 2 see some of my favourites (they may already be there. if so, please guide), such as Sprouted Moong Ambat (Mooga Mole Ambat, onion & without onion version), Sheppi Bhaajji Idli (i dunno the English equiv. of Sheppi Bhaajji)
    Regards & Thanks a ton, Keep up the good work.

    Shilpa: Ameet, so nice to know you can cook amchi dishes now. Check the muga mole randayi here. (we call it randayi). Sheppi idli I will post sometime. Please refer the recipes link at the top to find more Konkani recipes.

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  30. hi, I’ve just discovered your website. I love it. I’m kutchi and some of the recipes remind me of the food my naani used to cook. Will be telling all my freinds about your website. good luck for the future.

  31. A very unique and good receipe site, especially made in Maharashtrain style (words used).
    Your site not only introduces new receipes but it also gives HEALTHY & NUTRIFULL RECEIPES.

  32. hi,

    I hav gone thro lot of cookery websites … ur’s is unique and has lot of new dishes. Crisp descriptions and good photos to support. Thanks and keep it up

  33. i like all the foods of aayi’s reciepe…..
    whenever i want to try some spl. foods i check only aayi’s reciepe. thank u so much..

  34. Hi,
    One great compliment I would like to give you is for the patience and effort you are putting in for all your recipes.

    I am a person who relishes food with eyes…I always want to see something interesting and beautiful to try and taste it. Even the regular cooking, i always like presenting it well so that it looks inviting for others to eat as well.

    I have been searching for websites which provide good recipes along with pictures. And I am afraid, most dont! I am very happy that I found your website because it helps people like me to know how our recipe must look when finished and also to decide whether it is a dish I would like to try or not!

    Hats off for that. And also, your recipes… I have tried many of them and they have come out really well… I am not a great cook, honestly… there are very few of them which I cook well and I have been trying my hands on varieties to provide healthy and tasty food for my family. I am thankful to you for helping me that way! 🙂

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