Sweet khichdi(mooga daali khichdi)

I don’t cook sweets very frequently. But when I cook, I have few favorites. This khichdi is one of them. There are many ways of making this dish, this is my Aayi’s recipe for khichdi.

At my home, sweet was prepared only during festivals and other special occasions. So this khichdi was a festival food for me. I think this is served in semi solid form in some places, but Aayi would cut them into square pieces and serve with ghee. They tasted simply amazing. I love eating this with ghee and little bit of mango pickle (I don’t have sweet tooth and to eat any sweet I need some spice with it :)).


1 cup yellow moong daal
1 cup cooked rice
1 cup grated coconut(fresh or frozen)
1 cup jaggery
2 tbl spn ghee
½ tea spn cardamom powder
1 tbl spn cashews(optional)


Heat ghee and add moong daal, cashews. Fry for around 2-3mins. Add ½ cup water and cook till moong daal is completely done.

Now add cooked rice, coconut and jaggery. Cook till jaggery is completely melted and mixed with all other ingredients – takes around 5-6 mins if powdered jaggery is used, if the jaggery pieces are used,they take a bit more time to melt.

Now remove from heat, add cardamom powder and mix well.
Grease a plate with ghee.

Pour the mixture on it and spread evenly. When it is cooled to room temperature, cut into desired shape and serve with ghee.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 20mins

PS: Instead of cooked rice, raw rice can be used and it is cooked along with daal. But that method takes a long time for rice to cook.
Do not add jaggery before daal is completely cooked.

19 thoughts on “Sweet khichdi(mooga daali khichdi)”

  1. Long overdue Shilpa….Khicidi. We call this Mooga Dali Khicidi and the other one is Chane Dali Khicidi. This month according to Hindu calender for we Konkanis is called Khicidi mass (month). My mom used to make it at least twice a week during the month and maybe rarely otherwise. Now offcource it is reduced being a high calorie food. I too used to like it cut diamond shaped as a kid. Hot khicidi topped with a spoon of ghee tastes heavenly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shilpa, I just love the aroma of sweet khichdi cooking. Can’t remember why but my mammama used to make it a bright orange color. Not sure if it was food coloring or what -like the color of jangri sweet. My m-i-l likes to stir in a small cooked grated carrot. It looks pretty with the yellow khichdi and does not change the taste much.

  3. i am so glad that all of my ghee is used up…otherwise i would be making this right now…but then, i am thinking it is nice to have some ghee handy…. maybe i’ll start my diet next week…. i have a terrible weakness for moong dhal sweets 😀

    is this sweet ever made with “red churio/adzuki” pulse? see? now i am thinking of this….thanks shilpa:-)

  4. Hey Shilpa wat’s up?As i’d promised u in my earlier comment that i would post a recipe i fulfill my promise by posting a very simple,delicious & everyone’s fav recipe[as in most of amchi’s fav recipe] i.e “BATATA SONG”.U know earlier my mom made song of 2 varities[without coconut & with dhana powder] & now she also prepares d variety u posted on ur blog i.e aayisrecipes.com.We all enjoy all 3 varieties.Neways i’m posting the 1 with dhana powder.So here’s it-Boil potatoes & cut them in cubes.Mix red chilli pwdr,a bit turmeric pwdr,dhana pwdr & salt in d potato cubes.Mix well.Now in a kadhai heat oil add a pinch of hing & fry onions till golden brown.now add d potato cubes & mix well.Finally add tamarind juice all over d mixture.Serve hot with either phulkas or rice & jeer mirya kadhi.

  5. Yumm…perfect post for kichidi meino..will make it sometime. Some also serve this with dosa for breakfast.
    Just like Banap said my MILs kichidi also comes out dark caramel colored. I guess she fries moong dal till its light brown, could also be because of different jaggery.

  6. Aruna, I had forgotten to mention that name. Thanks for reminding.

    Bhanap, thats a nice idea. I will try next time.

    Pelicano, u never stop amazing me. I am so much impressed by your interest in Indian cooking. I have no idea what is red churio/adzuki, but usually this khichdi is made of moong daal only.

    Anu, adding dhania powder to song is new to me. I am thinking of posting the no-coconut version soon, will try your version also. Thanks.

    Yes Asha, we too make hesru bele paysa. tastes amazing. This is almost similar but has slight different taste.

    Thanks Lakshmi.

    Manjula, I guess your MIL uses the watery jaggery (pattal God). that might also change color.

    Thanks Arjuna :D.

    Rajasi, try it, you will love this.

    Deepa, yeas it is almost similar. Like a dry version without milk.

  7. hi,
    this looks really tasty,&i would like to try it.i think it would b more tasty,if u add ghee fried dry fruits to it

  8. Hi Shilpa,nice recipie..my aaie also makes a similar recipie with lil difference.Its cald Moong dalichi kheer in Marathi.n yeah,we do nt use rice in it.Also we use coconut milk for it.Reminded me of same..
    Thnks for sharing….

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I love this recipe and the way u have asked to make it.
    I have a quick question thou,i do not understand how the jaggery melts?? I bought jaggery from the Indian store, but it is kinda wierd unlike the one in India.
    It doesnt melt even when heated on the gas. I have to put it in the microwave.
    Please suggest something.
    Also note i have bought various types of jaggery from all possible brands.Is this somthing to do with the place i live ( Minneapolis)?? its forver cold here 🙂

    Thanks in advance ,

    Shashwati Viraj Sankholkar.

  10. hi
    i would love if u could send me some good recipes especially of sprouted pulses and if u know any varieties of khicdis and time saving recipes as i m newly married and dont have any much knowledge of cooking

  11. This is my favourite too since childwood days.My Ayee decorates it with small pieces of banana.My family likes it too.

  12. Hey, I tried your recipe. All seemed good, but there was one problem, khichdi did not turn out to be perfectly sweet. How can i fix this error? Can i make fresh jaggery syrup and add it to the remaining dish?

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