Sweet chana daal(Hayagreeva maDDi)

Hayagreev maDDi is a sweet dish from Udupi. There is a story behind the birth of this sweet dish. A goldsmith was making Ganesh face from gold. But every time he tried, he got a horse face(Hayavadana in Sanskrit). He remelted the gold and tried again with same outcome. After trying many times, with the same outcome, he got frustrated and threw it in dustbin. Same night Shri Vadiraj Swami (a famous pontiff who started Vadiraj math) got a dream in which lord Hayagreev – Lord Vishnu’s avtaar(incarnation) with a horse face, appeared and said, it has fallen in dustbin after getting beatings from goldsmith and requested him to save it and worship it daily. Same day it showed up in goldsmith’s dreams and asked him to surrender to Shri Vadiraj Swami. Swamiji saves it from the dustbin and worships it daily. Since horse likes chana, Swamiji used to cook chana, make a paste of it, then add jaggery, ghee etc and prepare a dish called maDDi, and then offer it to Hayagreev. (This information is from the ‘Udupi special’ article from a popular Kannada magazine).

One of my readers asked me for this recipe. Though this dish is prepared very commonly in our place, the name was new to me. Initially when I heard it from my aayi, I thought it is very simple dish and nothing special about it. But still I went ahead and tried it. It was one of the tastiest sweet dishes. It has a very great aroma of cardamom and ghee. Try it and I am sure you will love it.

1 cup chana daal
1/2 cup jaggery
2-3 tbl spn fresh/frozen coconut
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder
7-8 cashews
7-8 raisins(dry grapes)
1-2 tbl spn ghee

Wash chana daal, cook in enough water(approximately double the water, more water can be added if required) till it is soft and all water is evaporated (I cooked on the stove top). It should still hold shape, but cooked.
Add jaggery, raisins and cashews(broken). Keep mixing till all the jaggery is melted and well mixed with other ingredients. Add coconut, cardamom powder, ghee mix well and take out from heat.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 40mins (to speed up, cook in cooker)

24 thoughts on “Sweet chana daal(Hayagreeva maDDi)”

  1. I had eaten the same dish in one potluck party on new year day. The one who prepared it is a kannadiga and had added poppy seeds(khus khus) minus the coconut. Tastes gr8.

  2. Shilpa……this sweet is loved by all at our place, we also call it as kadale maddi.
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. I had bought a cookbook on Traditional udupi cooking (with lots of stories, traditional way of preparing the God’s food) during my recent trip back home. Unfortunately i forgot to bring it along with me. But i do remember reading this story. This is a nice recipe to start… thanks, Shilpa!

  4. yummy!, kadle maddi nange thumba ista! i prepare this for varamahalakshmi… good of you to give an overview of th estory behind it!

  5. Lovely recipe! But how did you get that yellow colour? Whenever I use jaggery it gives a brown colour to the dish.

  6. Sonia, I added jaggery after the daal was cooked and mixed till it was melted and mixed with daal. I didn’t cook for long time. That might be the reason for the color.

  7. Thanks,Shilpa.Very nice of you to reply so promptly.I’ll definitely try this out and let you know how it turns out.

  8. hi shilpa, can you please ask latha, the details of traditional udipi cook book, the name, publisher, where it is available and the contents etc. i would be interested in buying that .Have you read a new book called COOking with pedhata. it is written by President VV giri’s daughter and has traditional andhra recipes. The book is too good.IT;s by jigyasa and prathibha jain.Thanks

    Shilpa: Swati, I haven’t read cooking with Pedatha. Heard it is good.

  9. Hello Swati, Sorry i don’t have a blog but happy to share this info thro’ shilpa’s. The book is Udupi Cooking by U.B. Rajalaxmi. It’s available in kannada and english translation as well. I bought this in Landmark, bangalore. But I must add the recipes are meant for someone who already understands the basics of south-indian cooking methods:) hope you find it!

    Shilpa: Thanks Laths. I am sorry, got confused between you and Latha of Masala Magic. I have corrected my comment. Thanks a lot.

  10. Hi,

    Nice recipe, tried it and it has come out very well…
    I have alos heard that it is Lakshmi’s favourite, is it true???

    Shilpa: Mini, I am sorry, I don’t know.

  11. This my favorite sweet.. my mother used prepare for my b’day every year.yummy sweet and easy to prepare also… but i never new the story behind his… Can u tell me which magazine did u subscribe her.. can u send me a link of Kannada magazine. can we get here. thanx for recipee .. i will try.

    Shilpa: Sushma, I don’t have subscription to any magazine. My parents buy Sudha, Tharang and many more. They cut the recipes from those and bind into a book. I have such books with me now.

    I just wanted to try something sweet.. as a child i always loved dishes made with chana dal . in payasa i loved the kaddale bele payasa as we call in kannada. and next i loved this maddi. usually i would get to eat it while i go for a upanaina or other functions of konkanis.
    In our home we make this dish on yel amavasya where we in udupi used to have a holy dip in malpe beach thrice or five times… then coming home my mom makes this which is to be eaten with urad Dosa. hmmm it was so yummy.
    going through ur site i found it and just rushed to make it … it came out to be tasty. me and my husband both loved it
    Thanks a lot.. cheers to aayis recipes

  13. Hi,
    Am a Madhva Brahmin and this is a signature dish at our place.
    Our version: dry roast poppy seeds and dry coconut along with elaichi and grind it a fine powder. We can add a spoon of sugar to get fine powder texture.
    Then the most important ingredient is the Dates(bend karjura). Cook this for a while in water and grind it to a smooth paste(it’s ok to have bits of pieces of those)
    Then melt the jaggery and add this dates paste and the poppy seeds powder and finally add cooked chenna.
    Add a small pinch pach karpoora(edible camphor),Laung,lots of ghee along with nuts roasted in it,grated dry coconut again and mouthwatering hayagriva is ready:-)
    I am sorry I couldn’t resist sharing this info to all becoz this is one of the best test and tried out version of hayagriva.
    U can delete it if u want to .
    Best regards,
    Loved ur blog.

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