I had invited one of our friends for Diwali dinner yesterday. I wanted to make an elaborate dinner for the festival. He and his friend brought a sweet vermicelli payasa with them. Everything was simple but I enjoyed cooking as well as eating it. Here is my entire Diwali spread, since this is a festival spread, I made everything without onion and garlic, ie, a ‘satvik’ food.

In the bowls – Varn, vermicelli paays, shrikhand
In the plate – Puris, capsicum & cauliflower bajjis, muga dali usli, tendli buthi, batate talasani, rice.

Now coming to Shrikhand ..

Shrikhand is a very popular sweet made of hung yogurt and sugar. I have seen this very frequently in Marathi menus. I tasted this for the first time when I was about 14 years old, we were in Mumbai visiting one of our relatives and I had to eat a small bowl of this. I felt it was a torture for me. After that I tried this in different places for 3-4 times and I never liked it. So I decided never to try this again.

About 4-5 months ago, Aruna sent me this recipe. But due to my previous failed attempts, I kept the recipe as it is without trying it. But then, while talking to my cousin day before yesterday, he said his wife had made Shrikhand and somehow I felt like giving this a try. Then hubby said he loves this dish. So I decided to give it a try. I am very happy that I tried. It was very good, my hubby and I instantly loved it this time. I followed Aruna’s recipe exactly. I served it with puris since that seems to be a super hit combo.

Aruna’s personal touch for this recipe is a little amount of sour cream along with yogurt. She said, “Do not forget to use sour cream, it gives the taste. I have tried both with and without using sour cream, but tastes better with it”. But she said if sour cream is not available, you can ignore it. Thanks a lot dear for sending me this. I also loved the almond taste in this. I think I am going to make this often now. Next time I am going to make Amrakhand Shrikhand with mango.

I am sending this to Vee’s Diwali special JFI.

4 cups ready made yogurt or yogurt made from 1.5ltrs of milk
1/2 cup sour cream (optional)
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup coarsely powdered almonds
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder
7-8 strands of saffron soaked in about 1 tbl spn warm water

Take a clean muslin cloth and take the yogurt in it. Tie a knot and hang it so that all the water falls away from the yogurt. Leave it like this for overnight or for about 12hrs. The remaining dry yogurt is called hung yogurt.
In a bowl mix hung yogurt, sour cream, sugar. Mix well.
Add the saffron, cardamom to get a nice saffron color. Now add almonds. Serve with puris.

Serves : 6-7
Preparation time : 10mins (excluding the time to prepare hung yogurt)

PS: – You can add pistachios for this along with almonds. As Aruna had mentioned I had coarsely powdered the almonds, but they can be roughly chopped and added.
– In Mumbai charolis are also added to Shrikhand.
– Mix very well after adding saffron to get a good color. You can also add food color to get a nice yellow color for Shrikhand. I added saffron but didn’t mix it well and didn’t add food color because I like the light color.
– Do not add all sugar at a time. It makes the shrikhand quite sweet, add 1 cup at a time and if required then add more.

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  1. I make this all time, when i mention abt this to my non Maharashtrian friends and neighbors they say how can you have a sweet with puri. Well that’s the way Mumbaikar’s have it. Shrikand puri aani Basundi Puri. Although the home made onces are a not as solid as the store onces (Amul and Chitale) , but they definitely pamper the taste buds. Thanks for sharing.

    Shilpa: Thanks a lot for sharing this with me Aruna. As I said it is first time I loved this dish. All credits go to you.

  2. This is a lovely thali, Shilpa. and the shrikhand is looking yummy! and love the pooris! they look so happy 🙂 and they are making me happy too :).

  3. Hey shilpa,

    Happy diwali and i must say that the pic is very impressive . Am sure ur friends must have enjoyed this… Just a suggestion ..yu may already know this but be sure to hang the mango slices like the yogurt to drain all the water…( in case u get the tinned slices Ratna) I tried it and it was absolutely perfect… all the best

  4. Like the whole thali. Can we use the regular non fat yoghurt we get in the store or do we need one with fat?

    Shilpa: Mitushi, you can use anyone. I used regular plain but I have seen some recipes with non fat yogurt too.

  5. I make it exactly the same way except the sour cream. Do you know if we can use Greek yogurt to make this(it might not require straining) ?

  6. Shilpa- to your poster who asked the question about greek yogurt. It is excellent to use for shrikhand because it is much thicker than regular yogurt found in American grocery stores. It really saves time because you don’t have to hang it with the cloth as you do regular yogurt. I use Trader Joes 2% greek yogurt for shrikhand all the time. I don’t use sour cream as the greek yogurt is quite flavorful on its own (but thats just my opinion- you should try both:))

  7. What a wonderful spread Shilpa and your srikhand recipe looks easy, shall give it a try when I have a larger number of people visiting, ‘coz then I need recipes that are quick and tasty

  8. We also add a little bit of nutmeg powder to this. This gives a whole new dimension to the dessert. You can also toast the nuts
    before adding them to the Shrikhand.

  9. wonderful site shilpa, i really got to see a lot of recipes that i had forgotten in a while, and by the way i did try shrikhand before without adding sour cream, and it did come great except that you have to let the yogurt get sour before you tie it up in the cloth….great site and i had fun browsing thru….have fun

  10. Dear shilpa

    nice site, kind of reminds me of all the recipes that i have been forgetting to make in a while, nice job, and by the way the shrikhand will come good without adding the sour cream if you let the yogurt get sour before you hang it in the cloth….good job

  11. Hi Shilpa,
    Kudos to you for your idea of ‘recipe request’. Having recently started my own blog, I can really appreciate your efforts and patience in doing this.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. hi shilpa,

    My long desire for Shrikand fullfilled after seeing your recipe. I will try this recipe quickly and will post my comment.

    Do you know shilpa, Though I am a telugu Brhamin I loved eating Shrikand with puri regularly in Mumbai, as i was born in mumbai. But after settling in South Africa for 5 years i missed shrikand terribally. I always wanted my husband and my kid to enjoy this. I will try your shrikand and konkani sambar


  13. hey shilpa,
    I really appreciate ur energy
    Ur diwali food looks so yummy and healthy..
    Thanks for posting this,even you were not in very good mood on diwali as your trip to india is postponed..
    Cheer up 🙂 friend.
    I never liked shrikand,but I really like to try your shrikand receipe..thx a lot

  14. Hi Shilpa,
    The items in the picture look awesome and must have tasted great.
    Was wondering where did you get the muslin cloth?

  15. I have tried Srikhand with plain yogurt specially works with good cultured curd available in Iranian market. Yogurt in American super market is treated and srikhad becomes watery even after hanging with Muslin cloth (available in Joan’s fabric chain store). Another shortcut is I have used Ricotta cheese most commonly available even in Costco. Lately, I buy srikhand at Gujerati sweet shop like Jay Bharat (also at ), Surati Farsan, etc. in LA area as for Gujju’s this is a must sweet dish for special occasion.

  16. ‘Hung Yogurt ” referred in the article is called ‘Chakka’ in Marathi. In the conventional Maharashtrian Recepe of Shrikhand powered Nutmeg is also added . Howeer this addition renderes a festive meal of Shrikhand- Puri rather heavy and one would want to doze off . Some individuals may be allergic to Nutmeg and may experience burning sensation while urinating for sometime after eating a lot of Shriknad.Ready made Shrikhand / Amrakhand always has Nutmeg and if you are allergic to Nutmeg make your own Shriknad .
    Shrikhand made from Cow Milk and from Buffellow Milk is distinct in flavour and fat content and taste. Shrikhand made from Cow Milk- Yougurt is more fluid and less creamy compared to Buffellow Milk -Yogurt. The longer you hang the yogurt tied in muslin cloath , thicker and sourer the shrikhand . Insted of hanging the muslin cloth wrapped yogurt you can also tie a knot at the top and keep the wrap to drain out under a heavy weight ( like a piece of stone ) taking care that the Chakka does not spill out of the cloth packet

  17. Hi,
    Thank you for the lovely recipes. I plan to try shrikhand. However, I was wondering, instead of hanging in a cloth etc….. can I simply use thick greek yoogurt? do you foresee any issues that way?

    shilpa: Jina, I haven’t used Greek yogurt. But I have heard it can be used without hanging. But I am not sure.

  18. I make Shrikhand all the time, it is quick and easy to make and is liked by most of them.
    You need to remember one thing while making shrikhand: leave the yoghurt tied in a muslin cloth (any strong but thin cloth for the water to drain out) in the refrigerator to avoid it from becoming sour. Although, the winters in Australia do not matter, summers can be really hot and make the youghurt sour. The first time I made Shrikhand in Mumbai, it became really sour and I always remember to leave it in fridge.

  19. I made it with Greek yogurt in the USA its called FAGE pronounced as (Fay-Yeh) this is strained yogurt and comes in non fat version too. Makes delicious shrikhand.

  20. Hi Shilpa,

    Do you need to keep the yogurt tied in muslin cloth in the refrigerator? I do not have a muslin cloth, what can I use?

    Shilpa: I keep it outside(if it is very hot weather, then keep refrigerated). You can use a clean hand kerchief.

  21. Hi Shilpa,

    Was a good recipe. Good to read comments. Especially on Mango slices.

    I would like to ask you one question if you dont mind. Please send me the reply on my email id.
    ” Can I add some powdered milk to get a thick consistency to the Chakka”.

    I have started making shrikhand in bulk only using pure milk – 3.5 and 6.0 fat mixed. This is only for the working folks who would have to buy the stuff.
    I feel ” Khavoche welaka shile kityak khavoche. Fresh khalile taste bharti vagele astat.”
    Shrikhand gets fairly viscous and thick. One thing I noticed, We need to refrigirate the same for at least 4-5 hour before serving so you get the thickness of may be Amul, Chitale….
    Look forward to hear form you.

    For all my sweet tooth friends, I am introducing Shrikhand Powder. you do not need to labour to make curd, chakka, mix etc. Just add some water and instant shrikhand on your plates.


    Shilpa: Arun, I don’t know, I haven’t tried it yet. Sorry.

  22. Rahul R Hegishte

    Can you guys make the recipe only in a downloadable or printable format since it would allow me to print the recipe part only instead of printing everything. I would really appreciate if this is considered since I refer to this website for the recipes of a lot of dishes.

    Shilpa: Rahul, I am working on it.

  23. Hi Shilpa,

    I need some help!!!!!
    I need to have thick chakka so that the shrihand made is also thick. The one like Warna or Chitale.
    Can you help me with this pls.
    The Shrikhand I make is more viscous than semi solid which people have told me. They would like to have it more on the solid side.

    Await your reply.
    Warm regards
    Arun Prabhu

    Shilpa: Use thicker yogurt (like greek yogurt if you are in USA)

  24. Hi Shilpa & Aruna,

    Thanks a ton for this recipe.Tried it yesterday as my husband and me love shrikhand. I did not use sour cream but the end result was still amazing. To bad it got over too quickly. I served it with puris. I wanted to make puri dough from scratch as per your instructions but ran out of time and use Rotiland rotis and using a glass cut out puris from it and fried as per your instructions. They came out really well and didnt soak up much oil and were soft.


  25. > Renuka says:
    > Do you know shilpa, Though I am a telugu Brhamin I loved eating Shrikand with puri > regularly in Mumbai, as i was born in mumbai. But after settling in South Africa for 5 > years i missed shrikand terribally. I always wanted my husband and my kid to enjoy > this. I will try your shrikand and konkani sambar
    > Bye
    > Renuka

    I don’t understand when Renuka says “Though I am a telugu Brhamin I loved eating Shrikand…”. What does caste have to do with eating and relishing Srikhand??

  26. Oh my god..shrikhand is my childhood favourite… 🙂 I love it…im in australia and im going to try it out with greek yoghurt ..i hope it works.. the thali in the pic looks very nice … love this website..great work!

  27. Today is GudiPadwa. I wish a very happy new year to all srikhand lovers. I am maharashtrian and I love this menu beyond words. Happy new marathi year to all. Enjoy!. Very good site yapee! yummi!

  28. Hi, the shrikhand I’ve had has a lovely lemon flavour, do you know how this would work as I think it would curdle putting an acid in with an alkali, or would this not matter?

  29. Hi Shilpa,

    How r u?? i am born and brought up in belgaum.
    your recipes are really gr8. Really helps new learners. I am in UK and as its Diwali my husband wanted to have shrikand. I prepared it same as u posted, it came out really gr8!!! shrikand and puri ( yummy). thanks a lot shilpa.

  30. i had one question

    the curd should be sour or not
    and one more question

    after mixing sugar ; can we serve imediately or ; do we need to refrigerate for couple or hours

  31. If you don’t have a muslin cloth use coffee filters. I have a strainer set (you know, the one that has two bowls one that goes in the other). I line that strainer on the inside with many coffee filters and put the yogurt inside the filters. The water keeps draining out and I just empty it.

  32. We intend to store the shrikhand for abt 20 days before using it in a wedding occassion.can u pls advise suitable temperature of storage n tips on defrosting?thks

  33. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks a ton for this. Just made it for dinner and everybody absolutely loved it. I followed the recipe word to word and it turned out fabulous.
    Actually I am quite a novice cook and your website is my life saver.

  34. For straining the yogurt, I do not have any place where I can hang it. So I use a strainer and lined it with a thick kitchen towel or a clean handkerchief and then pour the yogurt in it. Collect all sides of the towel and tie a knot with one of the sides. I place a bowl under the sieve to collect the water.

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