Rava laddoo (Rave laddu)

Rave laddu or rava laddoo is one of my favorite sweets from my childhood. Aayi used to make these beautiful yellow colored laddoos with one kishmish(raisin) in each. I absolutely adored these. Though I always ran away when she made these (I was a very lazy kid), I promptly reached to taste them when they were done. Then there were some instances where I offered help and almost burnt my hands by putting them in hot laddoo mixture.

Aayi usually does not add saffron. She adds a pinch of yellow food color to get the bright yellow color to these. Her version is not too oily or too dry (which I observed in the laddoos made by others). Since I didn’t want to use the color, we used saffron. It gave a nice aroma.

1 cup fine wheat sooji/rava
1 cup sugar
2-3 cloves
Few strands saffron(optional)
1 tea spn raisins
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder
1/2 cup water
1-2 tbl spn Ghee

Slightly crush cloves and keep aside.
Heat ghee and add cloves, raisins. The cloves and raisins slightly puff up in hot ghee. Add sooji and fry on medium heat mixing continuously till a nice aroma comes out of it. Take out the sooji in a plate.

In the same pan, add water, sugar and heat. Add the saffron strands. Boil it for few minutes.

Switch off the heat and add sooji and mix well. Add cardamom powder and mix well. At this stage, the mixture becomes too watery which is perfectly fine. It gets dry as time passes. Close the lid of the pan and let it sit for about 15-20mins.

When it is dried and can be handled, apply some ghee to hands and make laddoos.

When they are cooled to room temperature, store in air tight containers. Finish them within 1 week.

Makes about 8-10 laddoos

PS: The cardamom powder should not be added till the end. If it is added before, the laddoos loose their aroma.
Some people add milk at the end when the laddoo mix becomes too dry. Avoid this situation as much as possible. This decreases the shelf life.
If the mixture does not get dry after keeping for about 20mins, you can slightly heat it to get it dry.
If the rava is not roasted properly, the laddoos come out to be very sticky. So fry till it turns slightly reddish.

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  1. that looks absolutely yummicious!! reminds me of all those ppl in my house who make them during festivals. I dont know how many recipes I have to bookmark in your blog.

  2. My Moms version is slightly different, she roasts fresh grated coconut after roasting rava for some time. Also a few pieces of cashews. Adding colour/saffron are new to me. She send me a lots of it, which lasted for 3 months in the refrigerator.

    Shilpa: Aruna, coconut should ideally reduce the shelf life. Yeah i think by refrigerating, it can be saved for a longer time. But I fee when it is very fresh, it tastes better.

  3. Wow..Shilpa..thanks for posting this recipe with details!I shall surely try them and get back to you…my mil makes best of ladoos (besan)i m not a fan of besan but rava ladoos i surely relish!tks.

  4. Yeah Shilpa….Fresh definitely tastes better, here too the shelf life is one week. After that if kept outside it will start smelling of stale coconut.
    At present for me in US, moms food is comfort food. I tried to refrigerate them , so that i could eat little every time.

  5. i read the receipe and liked the way u have explained the procedure. i do the same with a bit of variation i.e by adding half a cup of fresh scraped coconut after roasting it in little ghee.it ‘ll taste yummy.

  6. wow yumm my h loves the ladu this way! i usually make with coconut and milk. your way sound easy will give this a try :)but one question boiling for 5 mins do we need to check the texture of the pak? this is where i ussually go wrong.

    Shilpa: Roopa, usually it is said that a the pak should come to 1 string consistency. But this time, we took it off much before that, and the laddoos came out really good.

  7. Oh… i absolutely love these laddus…. my mom keeps sending it to me so i have been too lazy to make them…but now that i have the recipe will try them out

  8. THanks a lot Shilpa for your mouth watering recipe of Rava Laddoo. But can you tell us anoutthe Quantity of Ghee ?

  9. THanks a lot Shilpa for your mouth watering recipe of Rava Laddoo. But can you tell us aboutthe Quantity of Ghee ?

    Shilpa: Vipul, about 1 tbl spn of ghee for the above quantity is enough. It is basically added to fry the sooji, thats all.

  10. Sapna Sardessai

    Rawa ladoos are delicious. for longer shelf life, refrigerate and microwave for 10 secs before serving for freshness.

  11. hey shilpa…. this looks mouth watering…Hey i have started my own blog just 15 days back.. kindly visit it and give me ur suggestions…:)

    thanx and regards


  12. shilpa,

    thanks for so much for this recipe , i remember my aayi making this during diwali… our house and in fact even our bldg. corridor used to fill up with roasted rava aroma. I always thought making this was difficult but when u explain it with pics , that makes it so simple. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  13. sowmya venkatesh

    hi shilpa…. once we add sooji… we should switch on the stove isnt it? or should we heat it till it dries?

    Shilpa: Yes Sowmya, once you add sooji, you should switch off the gas. Leave it for sometime to cool down and it dries up.

  14. sowmya venkatesh

    hi shilpa….
    i followed the procedure… i cant roll it into roundshape…. its sticky…. should i give it shape when it is completely cooled off..??? its warm now…

    Shilpa: Apply some ghee to your hand before trying to make the laddoos. Its better to make the laddoos when it is completely cooled.

  15. sowmya venkatesh

    thank you :-)….. preparing it offer to God as its nag panchami tomorrow… i miss my hometown even more during time of festivals…

  16. Hi Shilpa,
    What’s the approximate quantity of ghee for this? Would 1/2 cup be OK or too much? Or did I miss the quantity?
    Looks yummy.

    Shilpa: Amit, About 1tbl spn of ghee is enough for the quantity I have mentioned. Its just to fry the rava. While making the rounds, you need to apply some ghee to your hands otherwise it gets sticked to hands.

  17. when i prepared the laddoos,i add too much of water so, the taste is like kesari. tell me the mistake i correct it.

    Shilpa: Deepa, how much water did you add? you could heat the mixture a bit to remove any extra water. But I suggest to use only 3/4 cup water for 1 cup sooji. You should add just 2-3 strands of saffron. If you don’t like saffron taste, don’t include it, its an optional ingredient.

  18. O i am so interested to prepare this fror aswin today evening.But i don have ghee at home ,can i jus use oil instead of ghee.

    Shilpa: Roopa, usually Indian sweets taste better with ghee. You can try with oil, but it wont have that authentic taste.

  19. This is a wonderful site.I ma jus a beginner when it comes to cooking and live in the gulf.When i see all this I am reminded of my grandmother.

  20. hi shilpa,

    i had a disaster with rava ladoos earlier, following the method given by a blogger,, it was neither a sheera,, nor a ladoo,,ofcourse i had to throw it out(too sweet),, your recipe looks very different,, Could you please tell me if the sugar syrup has to be one string consistency, thanks,, bye for now

    Shilpa: Jaya, no, the sugar syrup need not come to one string consistency. If you follow all the instructions exactly as I have mentioned, I am sure you will get proper laddoos.

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  22. Hi Shilpa,

    Rava ladoos luk yummy..!..planning to try same rgt nw..Actuly ths is d 1st time il prepare som Ladoo independently….Ur recipie luks so simple n outcome is delicious..!! :-)Iv already started getng d amazing aroma while these ladus are being made in d house..:-)….My Mom makes moatly rava,besan ladoos during Diwali….many of ur recipies jst remind me of my Moms cookings..!..
    Well, i hd a query here….wats d approx. qty of ghee to be used for roasting d Rava..??..

    Thanks n Regards

    Shilpa: Meenal, its just 1-2 tea spns of ghee. Lot of ghee is not required. Just make sure to roast it well.

  23. Thnks alot dear for d prompt rply.Wil surely let u kno how the ladoos became….im quite confident that they will turn out gud since its ur Recipie..!!
    Thanks again.Wud like to kno d besan ladoo recipie also frm u..N yeah, Wish u a V.Happy Diwali 🙂

    Best regards,

  24. Hey Shilpa,iv followed all ur instructions properly.Aftr ard 20 min The ladu mixture was cooled dwn but still lil watery n difficult to handle or roll into ladoos.As uv suggested,i heated d mixture n removed d water..Nw i hav to let it cool n thn try d ladoos right?..i hope they come to a proper consistency aft cooling for som time..pls lemme if any additional thng im reqd to do..

    Thnks n regards

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  26. hi,

    i tried your rava ladoo recipe and had to end up throwing the entire mixture. It was a total disaster. I wonder if water has to be added at all (at first I doubted but gave it a try). The mixture even after trying to dry it on the gas again doesnt even look close to the laddoo’s picture above.

  27. I remember some people also add mava to this
    called rava mava ladoo
    when mava is to be added to this?
    and how much quantity

    Shilpa: Kunjal, sorry, I don’t know about any such recipe.

  28. Hii Shilpa,

    tried your rava laddoos…they were just awesome…hubby and me, both loved it…it was just as tasty as my mom made…Now I am happy that I can make tasty laddoos. thanx a ton…

  29. Thanks for the recipes.
    Laddus is my favourite Indian sweet delights.
    I got attracted to it when I attended to my relatives’ wedding whom got an Indian decent. The laddu was given as a souvenir after the wedding dinner. It tasted so delicious ….

    Lily Rahman

  30. Hi Shilpa,
    Nice Recipe,, I am surprised you used cloves….Is there any reason for using cloves. in your Rawa ladoos.?..

    Shilpa: It gives a very nice aroma.

  31. hi…i made rava ladoo as you showed today…i followed all the instructions you gave but mine is still sticky..i heated it and let it cool and still sticky…so i kept in d fridge for a while to atleast get rid of the stickiness partially…i tried to mk the ladoo but as soon as i made them and put them onto a greased surface they became flat and sunk….ive kept them in the fridge again hoping they will harden….oderwise its gonna be difficult to take it off the plate…do u know wat may hv gone wrong???

  32. Shilpa,
    I am rashmi from singapore
    A week before i took printout of the receipe and made it yesterday … Its really helpful u have given tips and pictures .. and the ladoos were yummy… My mom in law was very happy .. as i gave this sweet surprise to her before she wakes up in morning..I mean to say its so easy and delecious …Surely I try with big qty in coming diwali also want the list of u r most delecious receipe …(I add some grated coconut with less sugar)

  33. hi I am Rashmi from singapore
    i tries this one … its so simple and tasty .. yummy … the most important is the tips and pictures are really helpful…I gave this sweet dish to my mom in law yesterday morning …she likes them… ofcourse she praised me but credit goes to you.. many thanks.. in coming diwali sure I will make these ladoos again..
    Give the list of all u r most delecious recipes..
    Again many thanks

  34. hi! shilpa
    My mom also used cloves for rava laddu and aroma was really great.
    She also made besan laddu which were great. For Besan laddu also she used cloves but I am not sure whether she powederd cloves with sugar or roasted in ghee or crushed but her besan laddus were the best unlike the ones with too much sugar or ghee .Aroma was heavenly. I never paid attention while she was making it as a kid but i really miss those laddus . If u can post besan laddu too it will be great .
    Knowing ur recipes and proportions it can never fail.
    Please post it whenevr u can.
    Thanks shubha

  35. Hi Shilpa,

    When u mentioned Aai’s …I knew it would be a mahrashrian version..I am going to make them this diwali, for the first time in my life, but with fresh coconut.
    Thanks for the pictures because that’s going to help me get the “pak’ right.
    thanks…tell me more of you aai’s specialities…any mom’s receipie has to be yummy…

  36. Dear Shilpa
    Thanks a ton for that easy and delicious laddus recipe. I am surely going to try them this diwali. The pictures are a great help. Wishing you all a very happy diwali.

  37. Hi shilpa

    Hey thank you so much for your recipe. I had done these on Diwali… it tasted just like the one which my mom makes in my home udupi The tips really helped………The first time i saw your site it just made me crazy. i just cant wait to try the other recipe.

  38. This recipe(rava laddoo) is very good.
    I like the procedure but i am little confused about the proportion of ghee.
    Could u tell me how much ghee we have to add.
    Thank you.

    Shilpa: About 2 tea spns

  39. hello shipa,

    i luv ur recipes…
    i prepared this laddos yesterday with little varation i used mava & coconut powder also.
    how long can i keep them on shelf?
    r u working?
    wer r u located? m in chicago..

  40. Hi Shilpa
    I had read your recipie and found it very simple.It s so nice of you to share your recipie with others. Usually people do not share their secret recipies with others.

  41. hey shilpa,

    I have been trying the recipes from you site for quite some time now..say around 7 mnths…and i must say they are absolutely awesome..
    Specially the ingredient proportions are quite accurate..Rava ladoo was the first recipe i tried..And i thought its about time i show my appreciation..:-)

    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes..It’s a great help for amateur like me who was never interested in cooking..

    Thanks once again for sharing…

  42. Hi shilpa..

    I made the ladoos and they turned out exactly lik the onez in ur picz.. but i added saffron color but still it came out very well.. n my husband was all the time found lik in the pantry lookin for the ladoo box..

    thankz again..
    ur website is of great help to cookin beginerz lik me.. so keep it goin.. nice job 🙂


  43. Dear Shilpa,
    I’v always wanted a proper rawa ladoo recipie. I liked urs becoz it didn’t have much ghee.It turned out too watery . I added dessicated coconut. and managed to make the ladoos. Lets see how the taste turns out . for that i’v to wait for my husband to try it out. Thanks .Take care .Bye .

  44. Hi Shilpa, How much ghee to use in this recipe? I’m planning to make these tonight.
    Please let me know at the earliest if possible.
    Thanks, Pallavi

  45. I’m sorry I missed it. I just scrolled up and read that you mentioned 2 teaspoons ghee.
    I think its too less. Wont the ladoos become very dry?
    When I make besan ladoos the proportion I use is 1/3rd cup ghee and 1 cup of besan.
    I know Rawa ladoo recipe is different but would the proportion be so much different?
    Please reply soon if possible.

    Shilpa: We just add 2 tea spns. If you want, you can increase it.

  46. Shilpa,
    I made these laddoos today and followed your instructions exactly as given.
    I roasted the rawa till it was pinkish red, infact slightly brown but I am still unable to form the laddoos into rounds. They keep collapsing. Now what do I do? I need to have them ready for Naivedya to Ganpati tomorrow before our Pooja. Please advise. Should I roast more rawa and add into this? Or probably roast some coconut and add to it.
    Thanks in advance, Pallavi

  47. Hi Shilpa,
    Since I cant wait till you reply as its almost midnight here and Ganpati pooja starts at 8 am tomorrow.
    I just formed the rawa into ladoos as best as I could and kept them in the refrigerator so that they can harden better by tomorrow. I really think your measurement of 3/4 cup water is incorrect. I made double the quantity so I used double of each ingredient.
    Thanks for your recipe anyways,
    Regards. Pallavi

    1. You could have heated the mixture for a while (from your comment, I think it became too watery for you) I had already mentioned this in the post. There is nothing wrong with proportions. I have tried it many times. So many people have got it right

  48. Shilpa, Yes it became too watery. After I closed the lid and let it sit for 20 minutes and it was still watery, I did heat it for 20 more minutes. I was worried it would get burnt as the rawa was turning dark brown in colour. I formed the ladoos into rounds as best as I could and kept them in the refrigerator. The taste is simply AWESOME!!!! even though the ladoos didnt form too firmly. Next time I make these, I think I should reduce the quantity of water.

    I shall try more of your recipes as required and surely inform you about it. Thanks so much for having such a lovely website. You not only share your recipes but we get to interact with you and read all the comments from others 🙂

    THANKS AGAIN! 🙂 Pallavi

  49. hi shilpa
    just tried this recipe but i think something somewhere went wrong
    or i feel it has coz the final mixture seems very very sticky.Is it normal?
    hope they taste good…………

  50. Hi shilpa,
    i followed ur recipe for this diwali ,i even added less amount of water(1/2 cup) but still the the final mixture was watery and i couldnt make balls out of it.i heated the mixture,then added 4 spoons of roasted rava,then some sugar,finally i could make somewhat ok laddos,it took me around 3hrs making this simple dish.i was very disappointed as this wasnt a hard dish to go wrong,i should hav followed the normal easy version posted in other sites which doesnt require heating the mixture in water.

  51. Hi Shilpa,
    u really have some great receipes.Can u help me by posting the receipe of Chanadal Burfi and Besan laddoos.

    Thanks,and do reply…


  52. Hi shilpa,

    i tried this ladoo but then it didnt come out well. i added all the ingredients correctly even then it didnt come out well. it was watery so i heated for sometime as u said. then it became very hard. then mom asked me to add some water n heat it. finally i made it but the ladoo was not like rava ladoo. it tasted like seera.

  53. hi shilpa
    im a konkani from kerala…i used to do these laddoos as sweets at any functions which my mom taught me once…we do not use water at all…but i roast the rava well till the the raw taste goes …switch off the gas nd add powdered sugar,flavouring agent to this followed by req amount of boiled milk(condensed milk) …after well mixing ,roll into balls applying ghee on palm..after sometime it becomes dry nd get shaped dry delicious laddoos…though shelf life is short as we use milk here,surely it can be kept at least for 1 week..

  54. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried your laddoos today. I am making these for a fund-raising event but I must admit that I have never had laddoos in my life so I am not sure what they should taste like. I followed your instructions and was able to make them into nice balls. However, when I bite into it, it feels like the sooji is not quite cooked through. Should I have cooked it with more ghee or ?? After 20 min, I was not able to form nice balls so I put the fire back on and stirred it for a while longer and then it was ok. Also, they are quite soft. Hopefully, they will harden a bit over night. Many thanks for your help and for sharing your recipes.

  55. hi shilpa,
    tried your recipe again today (i ve tried it earlier), but was again disappointed.dont know what goes wrong but just cant form balls.first i thought because the mixture was hot but even after cooling it i couldnt form good looking round ladoos.whats wrong?

  56. Hi Shilpa,
    I love Rava laddus, my aaji makes them with coconut in it too. I tried your version too and I liked these ladoos too. Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

  57. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks for this recipe. when i added rava to the pak (sugar syrup)it became watery, but aftre 15 min the mixture is harden then i added little milk to it. I was able to makr iaddus but lets see the taste after Naivedya.


  58. Hi Shilpa,
    I made rave laddoo for the 1st time, came out really good but pls. can you mention the amt. of ghee to be used that will be useful 4 many, I also made puranpoli 4m your site and believe me, it was great. Thank you.

  59. Hi Shilpa,
    I made rave laddoo using your recipe. I found that sugar may be reduced. It came out excellent. I added 2.5 tsp ghee. Was it enough? Please comment. Thankyou.

  60. Hi shilpa,

    It seems very nice recipe, surely going to try this evening but please tell me adding cashew & blended cocunut will give a taste..? if so in which step i should add it…. Please reply……….!

  61. Hi shilpa,

    I followed the recipe but my rava mix is sticky and I’m unable to make balls? Any tips will be helpful.


  62. Hi Shilpa,

    Thank you for ur wonderful website. Have been going thru ur recipes and have made beautiful and tasty cakes using ur recipes.

    Wanted to try Rava laddoos. Went thru your recipe and the comments. In the ingredients u have mentioned to use 1-2 tbsp of ghee and in one of the comments u mention to use 1 -2 tsp of ghee. So a bit confused could u plz correct the recipe.

    Those laddoos look too tempting, cant wait to make them. Plz reply back with the right amt of ghee to be used.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for all the wonderful recipes. 🙂


  63. Hi Shilpa,
    This recipe does not work – the amount of water 1/2 cup is too much. I made 4 times the recipe so i had 2 full cups of water and let me tell you that the water should have been boiled to string consistency before adding the rava mixture as the ladoos are soft as atta. They were left in the pot for 20 mins as you mentioned covered but it did no good. should they have been heated becuase your recipe says to turn off the gas when adding the rava and does not ask to heat again. im so sorry for trying this, was a failure and i have so much of sheera type ladoos in my freezer that still wont harden. is there any fix to this?

  64. I tried above receipe. After colling for about 15 mins, the mixture became too try and now am not able to roll the ladoos. Is there any workaround?

  65. shilpa i had tried these ladoos and they came out good. Please post the recipe of boondi ladoos also keep up ur wonderful work

  66. Please let me know when chashni is very thick and my mistake i have put rava in it,now it very dry and hard ,let me know what to do

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