We didn’t realize when Navaratri went by. We didn’t celebrate it at all. Like always, though I had grand plans, I didn’t do anything for the festival. So I decided to cook a marathon for one of my favorite festivals – Diwali/Deepavali which is just round the corner. Instead of waiting till the big day, I thought of bringing the mood in both at home and this blog. So I started today.

It didn’t take much time to decide which sweet I wanted to make today. I love Rasgullas or Rosogullas, but I have never prepared them at home. I always thought they were very difficult to make. I am not saying this is the authentic version, but I can say they were very good. I din’t have rose water mentioned in many recipes, so I used cardamom powder.

I took help from this and this. Then I realized, I had only brown cane sugar. Still I went ahead and tried. They came out very good but they were brown because of brown sugar. So I decided to make one more batch with white sugar. I could not believe the quality of the Rasgullas, they were simply awesome. I wish I had tried these before, I didn’t know they were so easy to make.

For chenna/paneer

6 cups milk (I used whole milk)
1-2 tbl spns lemon juice

For syrup:
1 cup sugar
2 and 1/2 cups water
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder

Heat milk in a heavy bottomed pan. When it is hot, add the lemon juice. Mix with a spoon and cook for a few minutes till the milk separates.

Sieve it through a clean cloth.

Tie the towel in a pouch and squeeze it to remove any extra water.

Hang the towel for about 30mins allowing all the water to fall down. Now the paneer/chenna is ready.

Take it on a plate and knead it very well to remove any chunks. This is very important to get good quality rasgullas. Now make small balls (of peda size), remember, when they are cooked, they increase in volume, so don’t make them too big. It is quite difficult to make these as they break very easily. So apply a bit of pressure to hold them together. Try to give them as smooth surface as possible.

In a big vessel, heat sugar and water. When the sugar is dissolved and syrup comes to boil, slowly add the balls. Remember they increase in size by 2-3 times. So make sure to use big enough vessel to hold them easily.
Now, bring down the heat to medium and close the lid (I made up this step. I didn’t want to cook them in cooker as mentioned in some of the links I saw, I felt by this way, I could take them off heat once they are cooked). Let it cook for about 25mins or until they are cooked. They are cooked when they have considerably increased in size. Take one rasgulla out and slightly apply pressure, if it comes back to original shape, it is cooked.
Add the cardamom powder and take off the heat. Serve them chilled.

Makes about 14 rasgullas
Preparation time : 60mins

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  1. Wow Shilpa…I feel that rasogulla is coming right into my mouth. It is my favorite sweet. V is so lucky to have Shilpa making rasogullas for him.

  2. Hey Shilpa,
    “Simply Delicioso”……….. Shilps you should not torture your blogger like this… look at that rasagulla on the spoon… slurp!!!!
    even I love bengali sweets. Thanks for step by step photo and explanation.

  3. Shilpa…you made rasagullas at home..???They look yummy and as always you have inspired me to try it at home too…hubby’s favorite sweet and am gonna surprise him!!!

  4. Yum! Yum! Yum!
    Aren’t you supposed to invite your friends to share in the diwali sweets;

    I think it is also an age old tradition to ‘send’ sweets to friends who live far away! haaaa haaaaa!

    These look so delicious! Salivating!

    Shilpa: I am not sure about the shelf life of these rasgullas. Otherwise I would have definitely mailed some :). I will keep this in mind when I make something else. Also, when you visit us, I will make these 🙂

  5. hi shilpa….. regarding the mouthwatering pedas in your earlier bog,, can i use evaporated milk that comes in the can and then reduce it for the pedas…those rasgullas can email some for me please,,
    thanks , keep up the good work

    Shilpa: Yes, you can use evaporated milk. But if you use sweetened evaporated milk (I don’t know if unsweetened evaporated milk is available), the pedas may turn out very sweet as this milk is quite sweet.
    Sure, I can email some of these rasagullas 🙂

  6. they look very yummy! i LOVE rasgollas! i’ve made rasgollas before and they tasted really good at first but then after they sat in the fridge for a day or so they became very dense. maybe i did not cook them enough. do you know if it is possible to overcook them? thanks!

    Shilpa: Sorry Rema, I don’t know. I have made them only twice as I mentioned above.

  7. Hi Shilpa…..these rasgullas are making my mouth water! They look so soft & spongy……must be really good. Thanks for sharing. 😉

  8. Please include me in the list of ur friends for this Diwali.Because i would love to taste a dish made by my Madam Shilpa.
    Thanks a lot for the recipe.will surely try it!!

  9. thank you for this delicious recipie. my little sons loves rasagulla and i tried it home it became hard. now i will try this .will post the result very soon

  10. The first time I made the “squeaky balls” I also had only brown sugar, and hence: brown rasgullas! Ha ha… still good, but your white ones are beauties!

  11. Hello shilpa,
    They r looking really yummy4mytummy,seeing those rasgullas reminded me my college days and my roomie (she was Bengali and used to bring nice homemade rasgullas).
    Thanks for sharing the recipe I am definately going to try.

  12. Dear Shilpa

    I had left making rasgullas some 4-5 years back after trying them for N number of times. Sometimes it would just dissappear in the sugar syrup and sometimes it would turn out “kabutar ke ande” as my friends had termed them.

    but the post in ur website tempted me to make them try one more last time. i had high hopes dt it would turn good this time as wtever recipes of urs i’ve tried they have just turned out superb. but this time I was really really very disappointed. this time again. my rasgullas dissappeared in the syrup. inspite of making it the way u’ve mentioned.

    Shilpa: Samira, was the paneer very loose when you dropped it into syrup?

  13. Dear Shilpa,
    even my rasagullas disappeared. I am also very much fond of Bengali sweets. Yes my paneer was loose when I put them in the syrrup. Please guide me what to do. I prepare Rasamalai with egg, and comes out very nice always. in that I put eating soda. pls help me can I add something to this as binding.
    I am waiting for your reply.

    Shilpa: Nivedita, I have provided 2 links in the post which I referred when I made these. Please go through them. When I made these, I just made the balls by applying pressure from the palms to hold them together. Another thing was, I din’t hang it for a long time. I just hung the chenna for about 20mins after squeezing the water. I am not sure if that made any difference.

  14. hey shilpa,

    thanks a lot for this recipe..tried out this recipe yesterday and the rasgullas turned out to be “Excellent”..I added few saffron strands and made Kesar Rasgullas 😉

    A very Happy Diwali to you and your family..

  15. Shilpa… your rasgulla looks really yummy. I made the rasgulla’s at home and it came out very nicely. Thanks for the post. I read your blog almost everyday and this is my first time writing comments. I try almost all your recipes and it turns out really good. Happy Diwali to you and your family.

    I also made Rasmalai with the rasgullas.

  16. Shilpa Bhandarkar

    Hi Shilpa,

    I’ve been following ur website very closely for quite sometime now.
    I’ve tried ur date cake,which turned out fabulous.
    Now it’s a regular during any function at my home 🙂

    I tried preparing rasgullas 3-4 days ago…trying ur recipe given above.
    I used readymade paneer that I purchased from Namdhari’s here in Bangalore.
    I kneaded it for about 3-4 minutes & removed as many lumps in it as possible…to try to make it smooth.
    The balls turned out just fine….without cracks….. After boiling them in syrup too they were spongy…but did not increase much, in size. They did not double up as expected. But they were a little spongy.
    The consistency of the sugar syrup was fine…not too thick…just fine.
    I cooled them down…& chilled them in the fridge…..after which they turned hard!!!
    All the soft spongy texture disappeared!!
    Please correct me here.
    I plan to try them again this friday….31st Oct.
    Please help me!
    Why did’nt they increase in size….& why did’nt they remain as soft & spongy as before? 🙁

    Shilpa: I have no idea :(. I would suggest to try making paneer at home. It hardly takes any time. That may solve the problem. I had read somewhere that they need very freshly made paneer.

  17. Dr Rajesh khatwani

    Hello Shilpa Ji, I wish U a very happy new year.
    I would like U to clear my few doubts about the recipe.I have tried a lot many similar to urs.
    U have used whole milk.Why?/Every body advises cow milk or low fat milk.
    U have adv to cook for 25 min.All the sites mention 15 min cooking time.How did U arrive at the logic of 25 min.
    I just fell in love with Rasgullas made by U.Cant believe it.Can U help me to make similar ones??
    Dr Rajesh Khatwani

    Shilpa: I don’t know where to find cow’s milk here and the low fat milk is too watery. So I used whole milk because I thought that would give more paneer as this milk is quite thick.
    I haven’t used cooker to cook them. Also since I cooked in a vessel, I could keep checking when they increased in volume. Also I checked them to see if they are done. 25mins worked very well for me.

  18. Shilpa Bhandarkar

    Hey Shilpa,
    Me again!! 🙂
    I tried making rasgullas again today…but I read ur reply just now…a bit late.
    That’s ok….
    I made them with readymade paneer(again)….
    But this time,I kneaded it really really well….for 10-15 mins…..longer than last time. In addition,I added about 2-3 tsp maida. I read in many other rasgulla recipes about addition of a little starch or maida….
    I just tried it, to see if it would make any difference.
    This time, the rasgulla balls turned out extremely smooth…without cracks….& easier to roll out into balls.
    & after dropping them into the boiling syrup,they swelled in no time…:D
    They puffed up beautifully!
    But to my dismay…& short-lived delight…..out of a batch of 33….5-6 just broke open miserably..totally,into small bits…..
    I wonder what happened only to those selected few…:(
    Anyway….but after cooling the rest, they again turned hard…..
    I did not keep them in the fridge this time around.
    But still they turned hard & kinda chewy 🙁
    hmmm…..now I have to try it with home-made paneer.
    Anyway….thanx a lot Shilpa.
    I guess I’m not yet ready to give up on rasgullas….I won’t rest till they turn out to my satisfaction 😀
    Thanx once again for ur advice. Keep up the good work.

    1. Rasgullas should be made with homemade paneer. It requires fresh paneer. I hope this should work.

  19. Hi,
    Making rasgullas at home was something that i tried probably a zillion times before i tried using ur recipe.

    they came out well- no breakage, no stony hard rasgullas ! 🙂
    I used to put a bit of maida earlier as i had read that in other recipes.

  20. Hi Shilpa, Really a superb recipe and I like the way u present it with step by step process n pictures.Thanks a lot.Will try it for xmas.

  21. hi,
    tried at home but it’s size did not increase.
    may i know if it needs to be added something in paneer.

    Shilpa: No, the recipe is correct, nothing is added to paneer. Did you make fresh paneer?

  22. hi! Shilpa
    thanks for the recipe. it’s very nice i just have a quick question do you cook them in cooker?

    Shilpa: As I mentioned in the post, I haven’t cooked them in cooker. I cooked on stove top.

  23. dear shipa,
    i read your recipe as i’m a rasgulla fan too .was very impressed by your recipe and the easy method to prepare it. so i took no time to waste as i had all the ingredients and went on to prepare it. all went good except the boiling part where my paneer just dissolved in the sugar syrup . i need ur help .plz reply to my query as i’m eager to make it at home.

    Shilpa: I have no idea Saba. Whatever I knew about rasagullas, I have already posted.

  24. Hi

    Instead of kneading paneer by hand I put it in Mixer bowl nad ground it for a minute. this gave me a very smooth paneer and balls were made in ajiffy. I follwed your recipe and Rasgoolas were ready.

    But I found them slightly less sweet. Can I use more sugar?
    If I want to use cooker for making rasgoolas how it is used?
    Earlier I had tried making rasgoolas many times but always it was a failure.
    Thanks For giving such easy to make nice receipe

    Shilpa: Yes, you can use more sugar. Please check the links I have mentioned for cooking in cooker

  25. Hey thanks for u r recipe… I like this website.. I am just like a brand ambassador of u r website. I told each and every of my friend. U r pics of step by step recipe is great.. That’s why I like it. First time I am witting comment….
    Hey, I did my rasgulla as per u recipe but ……….
    It was total mess. First, I was not able to get paneer. My milk was just full of small particles .Then I kept it for some time( out of gas) but still situation was same… then I added some more milk…. I saw increase in density but not at all texture like curd. Then I repeated the procedure again with same milk,adding more lemon. After all I decided to go ahead. Then I got good dough.I danced….but after boiling balls in syrup.. What I got???? small eggs with total lemon tast they just expand one time the original size…
    What went wrong? why? I was not able to get that texture for milk but got good dough…

    Shilpa: Sorry Snehal. I don’t know. Please check the two links I have given in post and see if those help.

  26. Hello,

    Thank you very much for this very easy Rasgulla recipe. It takes very short time and very quict too. My family loves sweet dishes and I would love to try more sweet dishes from Aayi’s Recipes.

  27. HI Shilpa

    yday i tried your this recipe and the rasgullas were very good. My husband was not believing that they were prepared by me.

    The only thing is sweetness was little less.
    will changing the sugar water ratio help? but sometimes it all happens that with excess sugar, they become hard

  28. the recpie is so yummy i took it to school and my friends couldnt belive that it was made by me thank u very much shilpa

  29. hello shilpa…..
    this is one of my favourite recipe…i hav tried at home before but it did’nt come good…but later i tried in the same way u have told…hmmm…it had come really vry vry good…thank u verymuch for this recipe…

  30. what else can be used in place of lemon juice???coz it dont work some times……

    Shilpa: Sorry, I am not aware of anything else

  31. Comments @snehal
    My experience with milk and making paneer .. I get best result when the i bring milk to boil once and then reduce the heat. Also instead of adding the lemon juice at one go i add it using a spoon few drops at a time to some milk in a big laddle and stir it in the curd and whey start separating .. then i pour the mix back into the milk and take a fresh laddle full of milk and repeat the process till the i can see almost pale green colored whey and white colored curd separated. then straining it for some time helps. Straining the paneer too much also renders it dry.

    After you have slightly moist paneer knead it well to make a smoot mix and then divide into smaller balls.

    @ bhavani: What works best is the Whey stored from previous experience but since most of us dont make paneer frequently enough it is hard to come by.

    You can trying using
    A) Freshly Squeezed Lime or lemon
    B) Ciitric ACid granules dissolved in water
    C) Dilute white Vinegar
    D) Bottle Lime Juice available in the market.

    Be careful while using other co-agulating agents as if you use too much you may get sour taste in the paneer.

  32. Dear Shilpa,

    Wonderful step by step picutres of the preparation process of Rosgulla…. Howver would like to help you make a small correction…. Rasgulla is NOT a Bengali dish but an Oriya traditional dessert which has been made and prepared for centuries in the Sri Jagannath Temple of Puri. Infact it is also known as ‘kheer Mohan’ and is served as a Prasad “Prasdam’ to Goddess lakshmi or Vimala during the Rath Yatra festival for Centuries. It is said that the dessert is served to her to pacify her as she is left behind during the Rath Yatra… where the Lord Vishnu ( Jagannatha) goes to his Aunt’s home with his elder brother Balaram ( Balabhadra) and sister Subhadra leaving her behind.

    Rasgulla is mistaken to be a Bengali dish as in the late 18th century and 19th Century Affluent Bengali Brahmins who patronised the Jagannath Temple at Puri took back with them Brahmin Oriya cooks , known as “Ode Thakurs” back to West Bengal.

    Gastronomy connossiers and excellent foodie bloggers like yourself have a large and deep impact on so many people who surf the net for recepies….hence when you set the records straight and give the correct information and authenticity of a dish it would have a huge impact….

    keep up the good work.. and let those wonderful recepies keep comming. ( I do hope you would surf the net and autheticate my findings … it’s all up there… when you search for ‘orgin of rassgulla’

    Shilpa: Chandan, I never mentioned it is originated in Bengal. But I just mentioned as Bengali sweet because it is very popular in other parts of India as a Bengali sweet. Anyway, I have edited my post now, to remove where the sweet is from. Thanks

  33. I have prepare as same you mentioned but it doesnot increase in volum it remain same and to taste also very bad please help me how to preapare it i could not do it


  34. hi simran try many times as possible.because at first time we dont get it.Doing it many times we would get it.As above said 6cups of milk,when at beginner stage 2 cups milk is enough.Take a tea vessel and prepare sugar syrup and rub the panner ,the more you knead paneer softer the rasagullas are….and make a dough .Now make small balls,while making these balls it should not have any cracks and rest do as above said.you have to close the plate of tea vessel.

  35. shilpa’s recipe doesnot work simran….
    simran try this out
    …. mix the chenna in a mixture grinder to get a fine paste and then add about a pinch of soda and then when u make the syrup, add small balls and put them in the syrup and pressure cook for 7 t0 10 mins… u ll really love them..

  36. Hi Shilpa, I made the rasagullas and they turned out well. However, the rasagullas had a slight lemon taste. Could you please advise on how to remedy this?

  37. Thanks for this fantastic recipe. I tried you recipe and the result was excellent rasgullas! Never thought I would make rasgulla, I always imagined it to be too complicated, but it is one of the easiest Indian dessert now for me.

    Once again thanks! 🙂

  38. i made that but they are broken and taste very bad. i dont know why. please help me my husband likes rasgullas very much and i want to make them perfactly

  39. I tried your recipe. The chenna was so dry so I added water. In the end the rasgullah broke in a million pieces and now it looks like milk that has gone bad. I’m going to try again and I hope I will be successful.

  40. Here are few tips to make perfect Rasgulla.
    1.To avoid smell of lemon use vinegar instead of lemon juice & wash the paneer in a sieve with running waters for 5 minutes.
    2.Add some fine sugar( 1 tsp for paneer made out from 1ltr milk),while kneading paneer.No need to add maida/flour.
    3. Add 1 tbsp of Soapberry water to the syrup while boiling it will make bubbles which help in increasing the size of Rasgulla & also give that spongnyess to rasgulla(boil 2 deseeded soapberrys in a cup of water, drain & use 1tbsp)

  41. Hello Shilpa,

    Thanks a ton for this recipe. It definitely worked for me , I followed every step and my rasgullas
    have turned out just amazing! Fortunately I had rose essence/water and the flavour was just as
    I remember eating all those years ago in India.

    This has been my favorite sweet but I had not eaten it for the past decade here in US. You have made
    me truly happy and in turn my family who are at this moment relishing your rasgullas.

  42. I tried the exact same way it was a great success .kids looked them.I am planning to make them in large scale for the party.Thank you so much for the recipe.

  43. Hi tried your recipe n it came out perfect puff but as soon as i took out in the vessels it came back to original size , it was soft but the size was not 2 to 3 times bigger. What mistake I have done plz help

  44. To all the ppl whose rasagulla’s didn’t come out good:

    1.To remove the lemon taste , while filtering the milk in the loin cloth, wash it with fresh cold water.Putting the separate milk under the running water removes off all the bitterness .
    2. To get the spongy rasagulla, knead well. Kneading is the key.
    3.There is no need to use baking soda.

  45. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for your recipe. I tried it yesterday and it was delicious. My Husband, 3yr old daughter and specially mom-in-law loved so much that they asked me to do it again for next days dinner.

    Thank you very much.

  46. This recipe works and it tastes good. I made rosogullas for the first time using this recipe and it works. If you are having problems then it is because of the curd. You have to let the milk come to a boil slowly and stir occasionally.

  47. This recipe did work for me.. Rasgullas taste really yummyyyy.. But d only prob i felt was that d size did not increase much… But dis tastes really good.. Even the texture have come out very well.. I am very happy with this recipeee…. Thanks :)…

  48. In the process of preparing the rasgullas as mentioned in the recipe here for diwali…… its coming out so wellll …..the recipe should be followed strictly and the results are soooooo gud

  49. Thank you for the easy recipe. Taste was good. Size of rasgullas remained almost same. I will try few more times to make it perfect!
    One mistake I made is that I used saffron powder in the syrup. Big mistake, color of the syrup is not appealing at all! I guess trial and error is the key to make anything perfect!

  50. I prepared Rasgulla with the same procedure as mentioned by Shilpa. It has come very good. I used to fry the balls in oil but it will break into pieces. I tried boiling in the syrup it has come good now.

    Thanks for the good recipe. 🙂

  51. hi I try many time but ploblem because
    when i boiled with syrup my rassgula hard
    please introduce why and how to make spong
    solf thank you

  52. My rasgullas turned out yummy…the only problem was they went a little hard. What went wrong? Did I overcook it? Please advise.

    1. I used her recipe to the T and it was perfect. you have to ensure you cook the milk with lime juice for long enough to perfectly separate the whey. Also lots of kneading with the palm.

  53. Prachi Masurekar


    I am a lill lazy.. can I try this with instant Paneer.. we get a very good one..


  54. Hi ,
    I made this today for the first time and fed it to my hardcore Oriya in laws & husband who loved it. Apparently the consistency and sugar measurements etc were perfect. Thank you.
    Minal Mohite

  55. Hi, this was my first attempt to make rasagulla and I failed. I don’t know where I went wrong. I used what was available to me, which was low fat milk, lime juice and a good portion of cottage cheese . I cooked these ingredients until it turned into this thick creamy mixture and I saw that it had curdled a bit. I tried using a colander but there was no whey. It was a just a paste and impossible to roll so I spooned it into the water and sugar mixture. As I type, the chenna balls have disintegrated and is now a cheese and sugar soup. Could you give me any tips for my next attempt or point out what I did wrong. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,

  56. hi, shilpa
    i dint get in wat u need to cook the pedas?? sugar syrup or just plain water
    .thanks for the post

  57. hi ,thank u very much for ur such a lovely recepi..i follow ur recepi n its come out with so perfection..my family loves it…dear..

  58. Sound yummy. However, my rasgullas keep falling apart when cooked in cooker. Tried drying out overnight too. Any advice? Thanx

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