Kala Jamun

I am not a great fan of sweets. But if I have to name one sweet that I always loved, it would be definitely jamuns. I love the fresh jamuns which are a bit crispy but have soaked the sugar syrup well. I had seen the dry jamuns before, but never actually tried making them. But when one of my reader requested for it, I just gave it a try and the result was amazing.

I could get khoya/mawa here easily. But this can also be made by boiling milk for a very long time, mixing continuously till it solidifies. Easy methods of making this at home can be found at bawarchi or Vaishali’s happy burp.

This was my first attempt at making jamuns at home. Before this I had always used the ready made jamun mix for making them. I did not get very good looking jamuns, but they had amazing taste. I got this recipe in an old Kannada weekly. Aayi made very good jamuns at home, will post her recipe some other time.

Khoya/mawa 1 cup
Maida/all purpose flour 1/4 cup
Cooking soda a pinch
Sugar 3/4 cup
Ghee for deep frying
Raisins(optional) 1 tea spn

Mix khoya, maida and soda with very little milk. Make balls of desired shape and size (I made them small).

Keep one raisin each in all the balls.
Heat ghee and deep fry the balls on a low flame. (Be very careful while handling the jamuns. They break very easily).Take out, let them cool for 5-10mins.

Then put them in sugar syrup. (I was lost my patience after frying few of them, so few of them were broken :().

Keep the jamuns in syrup for around half an hour to one hour. Remove from the syrup and store.

Sugar syrup: Add 2-3 tbl spn of water to 1 cup sugar and heat on a low flame. Boil till the sugar turns to one-thread consistency.

Preparation time : 30mins

PS: Most of the recipes I found on the internet had paneer in them, but I used the no-paneer recipe from the weekly.

20 thoughts on “Kala Jamun”

  1. Shilpa, my mom used to make it the same way, but when she mised the dough together, she added a bit of ghee and she said that helps it to prevent it from cracking

  2. Hi Shilpa ,
    My MIL used to make jamuns with milk and they would taste wonderful. I have only used the readymade mixes but though they look good the taste can never be matched with the ones made with real milk or khoya. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Shankari, thats a good tip. I will keep in mind next time. Thanks.

    I agree with you Prema. The store bought dough and the home made ones have a large difference. Home made ones are always better.

    Thanks Monisha. I posted the recipe well in advance for Diwali :).

    Anjali, you have a great blog. All the best.

    RP,Jayashree give it a try and let me know if you like it.

  4. Hi Shilpa,
    I made Gulab jamuns for my husband’s b’day last week,but
    can u tell me where did u get the
    khoya from,I would really like to make them from the scratch.

  5. Deepa, I found the khoya in Indian store. But heard it is not available everywhere. So if you want to try it at home, click the links I have mentioned in the post and there are few easy recipes to make it at home.

  6. hi Shilpa,
    thanks for the recepie.i will defnitely try this….. it looks grt!!!!!… so in future also if i need any recepie i’ll defnetly request…. i was waiting for this from a long time……. All the best…….

  7. Dear shilpa,

    Im a fan of your website.. I enjoy going through all your recipes and imagine that i would cook as well as you.. Well, i really hope some day id be a fantastic cook like you..

    There was this one recipe i saw sometime back and wanted to try but didnt get a chance. It was called bananofie or something like that. I cant seem to find the recipe here. Could you please repost it or send it to my email id, so that i can try it out.

    Thanks a lot

    Shilpa: Please check under cakes, cookies and pies. you can easily find it. Also there is a recipe index in the left bar. Please make use of it.

  8. hi shilpa,i like ur gulab jamun recipe.thanx for great recipe

    i have a question shilpa..u said that u bought khoa from indian grocery store.is it nanak khoa or any other brand?

    if its another brand can u tell the name.other wise i also found nanak khoa here.plzz reply..

    Shilpa: I don’t remember the brand sorry. I had randomly picked something.

    1. Yeah u r ryt i’m also amazed to see the pix given by shilpa, its really named kala zamun due to its color. Its look like maalpue/gulgule.

      but i really like the recipe shared by shilpa as its very easy and simple and all the ingredients will be easily available at our kitchen itself. better luck for other recipe.

  9. this is not kala-jamun dear– it’s just over-fried gulab jamuns. kala jamun and gulab jamun differ a lot in their taste due to presence of cottage cheese. also, the syrup is much thinner for gulab jamun.

  10. Although they must be tasty as described, they look very unprofessional. It’s OK for eating at home. Cannot serve them to guests.

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