Coconut burfi (soyi khadi or coconut vadi)

Soyi(coconut) khadi(burfi) is famous sweet dish at our native. It is prepared either with jaggery or sugar. Anu requested me for this recipe. This is the easiest of all coconut burfis. She even sent me the recipe, I am yet to try it out. So I thought of posting my mom’s recipe of this dish. I think this is the perfect dish for the row of festivals that have started in India (may be best dish for ‘Raksha bandhan‘ which is tomorrow).

Grated coconut(fresh or forzen) 1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Cardamom powder 1/4 tea spn
Ghee 1 tea spn

If there are big strands in the grated coconut, grind it a bit (without water). Do not make paste, just make sure the coconut is in fine strands.
Heat a heavy bottomed pan, add sugar and coconut. Keep mixing it. After sometime, the sugar will melt and becomes syrup. Add cardamom powder just before the mixture dries up. Keep cooking till the coconut becomes dry again.
Grease a rolling board or plate with ghee. Pour the mixture and spread it with rolling pin so that the thickness is around 2-3″. (While rolling, you might feel it very dry, but apply some force and try to bind it together with hand or rolling pin. Once it is cooled, it keeps the shape because of the sugar syrup). Leave it for cooling for around 10mins. Then cut them into desired shape.

After it reaches room temperature (say after around 30mins or so), carefully remove the pieces and press the ends to the rolling board to make sure even ends. Store in a airtight container. Remains good for more than 15days.Preparation time : 20mins

39 thoughts on “Coconut burfi (soyi khadi or coconut vadi)”

  1. Hi shilpa,
    I have never tried coconut burfi before.I am in a doubt whether it will become good.This seems to be an easy recipe.I will try it for sure.Actually I am regular visitor of your blog. you have a very nice blog and recipes.

  2. Hi Shilpa ….My mom adds sayi to this and mixes with sugar and keeps for 15 min. The rest is the same. They are quite soft and porus to eat. Must try without sayi. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey,

    coconut burfi looks so mouthwatering.
    I shall sure try this receipe and will let u know.

    Once i googled the receipe for it and finally got a chance to make it and shuld tell u that it was an absolutely flop.Ur receipe is so simple, i went on pouring some milk and what not ..hahah…
    And then baked it too… make it hard…hahha

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Shilpa, nice to see that you are posting all my favourite recipes..Thanks for sharing this, i love the burfi’s and also the Sevai, we call them as idiappam.Thanks once again for all those lovely recipes..

  5. We Keralites and Konkanis can never get tired of eating coconut in any form!! I too had posted a slightly different recipe called Thengapak long back…I do make this variety too but we call it ‘Thenga barfi and u call it Soyi Khadi…Isnt it interesting to learn how cultures merge…Shilpa u have an amazing collection of recipes many of which are in my to do list…thanx a lot dear…

  6. Thanks all for the lovely comments. All your comments and feedbacks mean a lot to me. Thanks again and keep visiting :).
    Shynee, Even I am amazed to see the similarity between Konkani and Malyalee cooking. I didn’t know its so similar.

  7. YUM ,YUM, …every time I visit your site…….I am awestuck with your drool worthy pictures and recipes….guess, you deserve the top slot in the bloggers list…:)

  8. Hi Shipla,

    This is one of my favorite sweets 🙂
    Looks easy and mouth watering..
    Will try it out today

    I am regular visitor of your site.. you have a very good collection of recepies

    Keep posting

  9. I am feeling nostalgic. My grandfather was expert in making Kobbari mithai. My mom makes them very well too. If themitai comes out very white then the consistency is good (my grandfather told me). You can add few things to make it more novel.

    Soak a handful of almonds, remove the skin and grind them, add to the coconut. This tastes very good. The other novelty I tasted was adding fresh mango pulp to coconut. This brings unique taste and ofcourse wonderful aroma.

  10. Hey Shilpa …. i tried making the burfi but somehow the mixture became too dry and did not bind together… i used 1 cup grated coconut and 1 cup powdered sugar… do i take out the mixture from the pan when it is still a little moist so that it retains shape after cooling? Please tell me what could have gone wrong… thanks

  11. hi shilpa.. great site.. this is the first time i happened to see this while i was searching for the recipe of khobra paak. My husband’s aajji used to make them and he wants me to make some for his birthday which comes up next week. The recipe sure looks easy. I am sure I will be hooked on to your site for all the typical konkani ajji’s and aayi’s recipes…thanks.

  12. Hi

    Tumha Sarvana Diwalichya Hardik Subhechaa

    Mee New Zealand Madhe rahate….ithe aalya pasun gharcha jevan aani aayi banavte tase pakwanna khaichi khup ichha asaichi…

    googla surf karta karta …aayi’s receipies disla aani janu kahi majha gharach majhya lap top war aala….

    aatach laxmi poojanachia naral utravun , khobra vadi karaicha tharavle….khara saangu mala mahit hota hyachi receipie mala ithe milel…

    aaj pahilyanda try karte aahe….hopefully bari hoil….

    thanks for such a wonderful site…


  13. hi friends
    my mother is expert in making Coconut Brafi
    there are some ways of adding value to this sweet
    Add boiled and well mashed potato while heating coconut,sugar and milk,that helps in making Vadi soft
    Grated carrot,mango pulp can be added in the same process to make Carrot barfi or Mango-Coconut Barfi
    i have tested one more type though i have not prepared it on my own,Thin Poha(the one used for Maharashtrian Chivda)should be roasted slightly and put grated cocnut and poha in mixie and follow the same procedure for coconut barfi

  14. Hi Shilpa,

    I have one suggestion..Whenver we are searching for any old recipes…When we click on any menu in the recipe index, it shows only 3 recipes at a time according to date & previous entries & next entries..So one can’t see all the recipes at one time…

    Can u please modify it to a sort of index so that we can see all the listed recipes at one time?..It will be easy …

    I hope you don’t mind..Just a friendly suggestion…Bcoz 2day, I had to search for coconut burfi..


    Shilpa: Yes Deepa, we are aware of this. It recently got changed because we were trying to solve some issues with the site. We will be putting the old thing(with all the recipes listing) soon.

  15. Hello I couldnt find recipe for Handwa and sindhi Karhi. Could you add these on to your website or email them to me.many thanks. Sonya

  16. Hi shilpa, u have given an easy receipe however instead of sugar we can use sweetened condensed milk which reduces the time for cooking. for 4cups of dry powdered cocunt powder use one 14oz sweetened condensed milk tin which we get it for $1.65. The whole process doesnt take more than 10min. Tastes really gud.

  17. hi, it is very nice service. in this busy timing we feel very happy and make werity of foods to family.thank you

  18. Hi Shilpa,

    The recipe is same as my mom’s. But she adds 1/4 cup milk and grated almond to it. It will add taste to your recipe. Thanks for posting it. Keep posting.

  19. Hi Shilpa,
    Tried out coconut barfi today. It was simply super.All my friends enjoyed.Thanks for the recipe.


  20. Hi

    thank you for the recipe. cocounut sweets are my favourite. However I and my family do not like much sweet. I have tried making this bufi with less sugar, and so it never turns hard. I cannot cut into nice pieces. I have to eat it with a spoon as pieces break

    your recipe with ration of 1:1 sugar and coconut is a bit sweet for me. I want to try with 1 cup coconut and 1/4 cup sugar. it will stay soft again.

    Any suggestion/tips helpful



    1. Sugar is necessary to help make the burfis hard. Otherwise you may have to use something like khova, but then it won’t have that very distinct coconut taste

  21. hey shilpa, i never try this as coconut burfi but i will try and make sure it will be good as your’s which is shown in this photo which is very delicious thnks for sharing this recipe.

  22. Shilpa i tried maling coconut burfi today but it was very soft not at all hard had to take a spoon to pick it up what must have gone wrong

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