Chapathi laddoo

It was some 10 years old story. I had been to my friend’s house for studying something. It was tea time and my friend’s grandmother, Mrs Diwan, served a laddoo. She asked me to taste it and guess what it was made of. I kept guessing, but every time I was wrong. The laddoos were just out of this world.

I don’t remember exactly how she made them, but I had a general idea. Yesterday I had 4-5 chapathis remaining from previous day. Since I am in festival mood, I thought of making these again. They came out great, we both enjoyed them a lot.

Preferably use 1 day old chapathis.

4-5 chapathis
1/3 cup jaggery
2 tea spns ghee
1 tbl spn each of raisins and cashews
2-3 tbl spn milk
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder

Tear the chapathis into pieces. Roast them on a large pan or spread on a cookie sheet and bake on a low temperature till they crisp up (do not burn them). I baked them at 250F for about 10mins and switched off oven and left them in the oven to get crispy in the warm oven. After sometime when I checked, they were totally crisped and became like papads.
Now grind them to a smooth powder (do not add water).
Heat ghee in a pan. Add cashews, raisins. Fry for few minutes and then add the powder and jaggery (preferably powdered or cut into tiny pieces). Keep mixing it for about 10mins on a medium/low flame. (Taste it at this stage, if you like more sweet, add little more jaggery). Take off heat. Add cardamom powder.
Now sprinkle milk one table spoon at a time till the mixture can be handled easily and laddoos can be made easily. Make laddoos and serve.

Makes about 8 laddoos
Preparation time : 20mins (not including chapathi crisping time)

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  1. Yumm! I love these! when I was small, my mom made a simplified version, use 1 day old chapati, tear into small bits, heat jaggery add roti + a little ghaee, mix, make ladoos! That was quick and very yummy!

  2. wow…………………………………………..
    I remember these ladoos….. are they same as madli ladoos… or maldi….

    well one more North canara special….

    thank u for the recipe

    Shilpa: Thank you pinks. I did not know about the North Kanara version. Aayi said her grandmom used to make them. So I hope she can post the exact recipe (which is slightly different from this one) here.

  3. They are my favourite since my childhood days. Thanks for the recipe! I would also like to ask if u know the recipe of ‘Malida’ which is similar in taste to the laddoos but has sugar and is in powder form.

  4. Innovative ! Rajasthan has a similar laddoo called Churma laddoo, where they crumble the bread ‘ bati’ and bind it with jaggery into a laddoo.

  5. HI there

    How interesting… You know I made chapathi cookies just last month. The only difference was I added egg and cranberries . They were just out of the world.

  6. Hi Shilpa..
    This sounds so interesting!… I’d love to try these.. would like to see how they taste… Thanks for posting the recipe…

  7. OMG…those laddoos look so pretty and one could never guess those were made with leftover chapathis..too good usual a rocking recipe..looking fwd to yummy diwali sweets!!

  8. Shilpa, there is one more easy version, while making chapatis, take the hot hot ones and put them directly into the mixer jar, add a spoon of ghee, some jaggery and some cardamom if required and grind it for two to three seconds. Since the chapatis are hot, they bind well with other ingredients and you can shape them into laddoos immediately!

  9. Wow a neat way of making use of left over chappatis. I have leftovers sometime 3 or 4. Will try these.

    I head only Mohan Ladoo, never heard abt them. Maybe what Maldi people are referring, i know them as Mohan Ladoo.

  10. I just stumbled across this site and it is so amazing!! so many cooking ideas. i absolutely love it. I will come back often!

  11. hey shilpa,
    my mom used to make these laddoos all the time. In India we really don’t refrigerate chapathis, so on days when there were more than 4 chapathis left over, mom would make these laddoos for next day, she would simply tear up the chapathis to small pieces(i now grind them for easy laddu-making) and she would also add saunf, dry grated coconut, khus-khus and coarse putana(roasted chana dal) powder and believe me they taste heavenly. I do these laddus once in a while and we don’t dry roast the chapathis, we just grind them in the blender and then heat ghee, add dry fruits, jaggery and once the jaggery melts add all the other ingredients and chapathi powder. I bet it tastes great and a sweet way of finishing the chapathis.

  12. hi shilpa,
    this brings back a lot of memories. poli cha ladu used to be a longed for treat in my lunchbox as a child.

    i have started a new blog and i hope you will visit.


  13. Hi Shilpa,
    what a great thing to see this on your website. My dadima used to make it and my mummy also used to make it and now I make something like this everyday for my kids and they love it. It is full of iron and good nutrition. I just don’t add raisins and cashews and I just use the fresh rotis I make and add warm ghee and gur.

  14. Its very good …. and not to mention healthy…..
    Shilpa can u tel me what is the shelf life for these laddoos….

    Shilpa: Since these are made of chapathis, I don’t think they can be kept for long. I would say finish them off within 1-2 days.

  15. I want to make these right away but I do not have any ghee at home ๐Ÿ™ Will have to make some ghee this weekend. Here’s a tip, you can microwave chappatis for about a minute to make them crispy – it’ll give you the same result as baking in about tenth of the time.

  16. Oh, this picture brings back memories. My Aai used to leave the chapatis in small but coarse pieces, so they were not as smooth looking. She also added some ‘badishop’ (aniseed)

    Wonderful looking site, btw! The pictures are really nice. Except, look what you’ve done, I am hungry now!

  17. hmmmmmmmmmmmm……… really very attractive color, n yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyy…
    thank u.. will try these laddoos very soon…
    bye n take care…

  18. Hi Shilpa,

    Awesome recipe ! Especially as it has only 2 teaspoons of ghee! Will try it soon and let you know how it turns out.

  19. In north karnataka something similar to this is called madli, it is made from chapatis but not in the form of ladu, just powder so you can eat it with Ghee or milk

  20. Hi shilpa,
    This reminds of rice ladoo.We used to make during krishna Astami.I remember going to Mahalingeshwar temple near Shri Krishna temple in Udupi to buy this roasted Brown rice powder.It tastes really Yummy.

  21. I am reminded of pinnis from haryana. I was in Rohtak at that time. they are essentially the same. I am going to try the same with day old donuts.

  22. I like the recipe and will try this.
    One input, please change the spelling from Chapathi to Chapati. It doesn’t sound more good to hear TH there!!

  23. Hi..I have been looking fr this recipe all over ..coz I rememebr one of my colleagues mom used to send this & it wud be yummmmm… we wud just hog on it all day…also its very nutritious for those who need to gain weight /kids. Only that the rotis were a little crumbly & not so fine ground (like daliya), but sure am gonna try this one..Thanx

  24. Wow Shilpa ! Nice recepies. Vissited ur site first time. we have another version of this ladoos, made of makai ki roti instead of wheat chappati.

  25. Nice.

    This recipe is known as MALIDA MUDDALU in telangana region of andhra pradesh.Its one of the famous recipe here where it is made from jowar rotti.where heat from jaggerey and cooling from jowar are balanced.

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