Biscuit pudding

When it comes to my Pachi‘s cooking and sweets, I can think of only one dish. Biscuit pudding…Ahh..Its so tasty. Though I don’t like sweets or chocolates, somehow this dish is my favorite. Whenever I go to Pachi‘s house in Balgaum, I ask her to prepare this and then I request her to let me help in the preparation. Why? because, there is always competition about getting the empty vessel in which the dish is prepared!!!. Yes, my cousins and I like to eat each and every trace of chocolate mix from the vessel, in other words lick it clean, before putting the vessel for washing :D. Do you say its bad manners? Well.. I don’t really care about manners when it comes to Biscuit pudding :).

There are few people in my home, who feel extremely happy when they see me eating something with interest (as I said, I am a very bad eater). So here is the clue for them, prepare this dish for me and you will get the happiness :D. BTW…pachi knows this secret. So whenever I go to her house, she makes sure to prepare this for me and since I am the guest, I would get preference over others to get biggest share of pudding as well as the vessel . One should see the expression on my cousin’s face at those times!!!.

This dish takes around 10mins to prepare and it can fit any parties at home. ‘Britannia marie biscuits‘ (normal ones) are the best suited for this dish, they do not become paste after soaking. Pachi had told “Nice” biscuits also go well with this. But I haven’t tried it yet.

I searched a lot of American grocery shops to find any biscuits which are similar to Marie. The closest I found was “Keebler Toasteds buttercrisp” (these become paste when soaked and have a bit of buttery taste. So preferrably use Marie, but if you do not get them, use the buttercrisps). Please make sure to use unsalted, a bit hard biscuits similar to Marie.

This is a must try for all Tiramisu lovers since both taste almost same.It is much much easier to make, so that is an added advantage.

200gm biscuits
2 tbl spns coco powder
1 tbl spn drinking chocolate
1 tea spn vanilla essence
1 cup fresh cream
1/2 cup hot milk
8 tbl spns powdered Sugar
1 tea spn coffee powder
The cream used for cake decoration can be used for this.

Keep 2-3 layers of biscuits in a vessel (use large bottomed vessel) and soak them with 1/4 cup milk.

Inn a separate bowl, mix sugar and remaining milk till the sugar is dissolved. Then add coco, coffee, chocolate, vanilla and cream. Mix slowly to get a uniform mixture. Taste the mixture at this stage, if sugar is less, add some more to suit your taste.
Now pour this mixture on the soaked biscuits.

Chill in the refrigerator (do not freeze it) and serve.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 10mins

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  1. Preeti, do u mean something like Parle-G? if so, they dont work for this. the biscuits should be bit hard like Marie. and the biscuits should not be too sweet, since we are adding sugar again to the mix.

  2. Yes, I was asking about Parle -G. I bought a bunch of them from the Indian store and was wondering if I could use them here.

  3. Hi,

    I noticed you added my wesite as a link, thanks, I have done the same.

    My mom used to make something similar, but hers had fruits too I think. Now I need to ask her about hers ASAP. 🙂

    Will be trying your recipe out over the weekend. I have a few kids comming over and this might be just the treat for them.

  4. It looks like a great recipe. My mom used to make this dish using eggs and since im a vegetarian i was looking for an eggless biscuit pudding which i found here. My mom used to make 3-4 layers, starting with the chocolate sauce and then the soaked biscuits. I intend to try that out with your recipe. Am sure will turn out great. Thanks

  5. seems mouthwatering and easy for a student like me to make.
    by drinking choco, do u mean boost or a mixture of milkpowder sugar and coco??

  6. Naseela, drinking chocolates are usually in the form of liquid or powder. They are usually mixed with milk and drank. It is not boost. (I think these are available in Cake section in supermarkets).

  7. i cudnt get drinking chocolate here in middle east but instead made some homemade.the pudding was absolutely amazing and even my father who had stopped sweets had a bowlful

  8. I love this pudding — My friend Pranali’s mom used to make this — she also added some coffee dicoction (or maybe it was cold coffee) — oh soooo yummy.
    In the International/Mexican section of most grocery stores, we get Goya brand Marie biscuits — you can try with those.

  9. Hello Shilpa

    I was quiet famous for making this dish for friends and family when i was younger. I had completely forgotten about it. thanks for reminding me and bring back happy memories ;-)). instead of putting the biscuits in a tin,i used to layer the marie biscuits and put the filling between each layer and some on the outside. then wrap in clinfilm and chill. when you cut it,you get lovely layer of white and brown. yummy!!! i am based in the uk,so will have to think which is the best biscuits to use.


  10. Nuna, I have updated the post. The coffee is added along with coco and other dry ingredients. Its enough to mix it.

  11. A variation of how i make it. You could smash the biscuits in the milk. The chocolate icing as a layer, then the biscuits, a layer of nuts, then biscuits again and nuts again… until you finish the portion

  12. Hi Shilpa,

    The pudding looks amazing.I too make a similar pudding,but with a slight variance.
    I first make the chocolate sauce-boil 1/2 ltr milk with sugar,add cocoa powder,cornflour.Dip each biscuits in coffee decoction and place them in layers and pour chocolate sauce over each layer and chill.

  13. Hi shilpa,
    i stay in Singapore and came across your website recently ,like you and others i love cooking and i just love Sanjeev kapoor , but i must say you have put in a lot of effort and dedication and have made this site a huge success.
    I have written an e- book on simple Indian vegetarain receipes which i have learnt in my 8 yrs of marriage.
    once it is on web i will let you know so that i can get a cooking gurus feed back.
    thanks in advance

  14. Hai,

    I am a frequent visitor to ur website, this one was really liked by both my kids and husband.

    I was just wondering why ur section dont have jackfruit recipes, which i think is very popular among konkani recipes.


    Shilpa: There are few “kadgi” (raw jackfruit) recipes on the site. I will post some more in future.

  15. hi there,

    thank u very much for this simple recipe, i just love sweets n happy when i get a simple recipe. i just want to know 1/2 cup milk is how many ml? and once u keep 2-3 layers of biscuit in a container does the 1/4 cup of hot milk soak the top layer? the bottom layer will get soaked but what about the ones above it? could u please tell me 1 cup is how many ml? aand i do have to keep the biscuits in a vessel n then pour the hot milk to soak them right? do help me out, i m dying to make this pudding.

    Shilpa: Sanya, 1 cup milk is 250ml. The biscuits need not get soggy. Just have to pour milk(on every layer) so that the biscuit absorbs it. If you feel it is very dry, increase the milk. Yes, you have to keep the biscuits in a wide vessel and then pour milk over it.

  16. hi shilpa,
    thanks so much for ur help. i made the pudding n it was very tasty.only in your picture the mixture is whitish whereas my mixture was dark brown. any ingredient i missed or what. as u said 1 cup=250ml therefore i have to use 125ml, but after using about 60ml for soaking the biscuits the remaining milk is a bit less to dissolve the other ingredients so i did add a bit more milk for dissolving n added the cream last. it turned out very tasty only the colour was dark. but u know shilpa the measuring cups that come with all the measures like gms, oz,ml markings on it says that 1cup = 200ml. n i used amul fresh cream where the tetra pack is 200ml. is it ok or since as u say 1cup=250ml , the cream to be used is also 250ml or can i mix 50ml milk? sorry for these annoying questions but i m very much addicted to measurements.

    Shilpa: Sanya, I used google to convert. Infact in this recipe, it is not even required to measure everything perfectly since it is not baking. The color also depends on kind chocolate, mine must be light in color.

  17. Hii..
    This seems like a grreat recipe.. Also, the comments and responses suggest the same.
    I am going to try it and I brought Marie biscuits for the same.
    I just have one question..For how much time do we need to refrigerate the pudding?
    Kindly reply..

  18. tried it & it came out so good
    i think this is the best thing for the kids..
    can we decorate with some choco chips or gems i
    think with that it’ll look more yummy..

  19. tried & came out so good & yummy
    i think this is the best thing for the kids.
    tell me can we decorate it with some gems & choco chips…i think it’ll look yummy…
    write some more receipes like this easy & fast..

  20. Delicious. Normally my dad won’t eat sweets. But to my surprise he is the one who ate half the dish. Very easy recipe. Even takes less time. Thank you so much. Splendid recipie.


  22. hi
    this is nice recipe. actually i m looking for pudidng like this with ice cream added in it. if u such recipe plzzzzzzzz send me.

  23. Its been a great helpfull to me to know the varisties of biscuit pudding. Its easy & very less time consuming.I tried the most & everythink came successfully.

    Thanks a lot.

  24. hi.
    this looks simple n yummy..we make a very different kind of buscuit pudding here in srilanka..v beat butter n sugar till its creamy,then seperate the egg york n white..beat em really well.add em to the batter.add melted cookin chocolate.and then make buscuit turns out good.:)



    20 britannia biscuits
    1/2 cup milk
    1 cup fresh cream
    1 teaspoon vanilla essence
    8 tbsp icing sugar or regular sugar

    Next time I added Plain Pasta to it…soo Tasty!

    Same procedure… Superb taste… Hit among my in-laws 🙂

    Thanks so much for the recipe!

    What other recipes of urs is soo simple and a big hit???

  26. Hi!

    loved your recipe,tried it for a party at home and it was lapped up by young and old alike. Just added a marie variant by using glicose biscuit and topped it up with gems to add colour. Thanks you so much for posting suck wonderful recipes. You are a bible for food!

    Cant wait for you to share more!!

  27. Hi Shilpa,
    I love this recipe. Kaushal always tells me to “make it the way roshni mami makes it”, and now i have a place where her recipes are written down. I’m going to try it this weekend to see if it holds up to roshni mami’s cooking.
    Thanks for the wonderful recipes. and keep going.
    Mayura Rege

  28. Hi Shilpa,
    Just curious to know whether drinking chocolate can be replaced with chocolate flavoured syrup??
    Thanks in advance.

  29. please tell me whether the chocolate sauce is to be heated or just mixed?? if heated does the cream have to be added later??

  30. I’ve made it for the first time..came out nicely… i used coffee essence instead of coffee powder…very yummy..Thanks Shilpa..

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