Apple halwa

From my childhood, I have a strong aversion to apple. No matter how much I tried, I cannot get myself to like this fruit. My parents did everything they could to make me eat this. Even now, whenever we talk to them, they tell me to eat it. My hubby has a entirely different story. He has no problem in eating this, but he wants someone to cut it into pieces and give him. He promptly brings 4-5 apples once in a month and keeps them in fridge. On the first day, in full enthusiasm, he neatly cuts and eats one. Thats it. Remaining apples just sit there begging to be eaten. I don’t know how many times this has repeated. I have decided now to reduce such wastage as much as possible(yeah..I do think of making some new year resolutions, but whether I follow them or not is another story).

Yesterday when I saw 5 beautiful golden apples in the fridge, I was really irritated. We were just back from shopping and I had to cook for dinner. As usual, I wanted to make something new. So when I was going through my recipe books, I saw a recipe for apple burfi. One of the main ingredients was khova. I never buy khova unless I have preplanned something with it (which has never happened so far) and I was out of milk (with which I could have made it at home). Then there was a step to create one string sugar syrup, which is not my cup of tea. So I decided to take a chance and change the recipe completely.

I followed my mom’s bottle gourd burfi recipe, which happens to be my absolute favorite. I had very less hopes that it would work out. But it turned out great. It was more or less like the halwas available in India. The entire batch was gone within minutes. I think I am going to buy apples hereafter to make this halwa :).

2 cups grated apples (about 3-4 apples)
1 cup sugar
1 tbl spn ghee (this is just used for aroma, can be omitted if desired)
2 tbl spn chopped or coarsely powdered almonds
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder

Peel the apples and grate them.
Heat ghee in a thick bottomed (or non stick) pan. Add the grated apple and fry on a medium flame, till all the water is evaporated and it looks like cooked. It takes about 10mins or so.

Now add the sugar. Actually at this step, the apple should be measured and equal volume of sugar should be added.

Cook, mixing occasionally, till the mixture thickens and all the sugar is mixed well with apples. Towards the end, you need to mix continuously, otherwise it sticks to bottom of the pan and gets burnt.

Add the chopped or coarsely powdered almonds and mix it.

When it looks very dry, add cardamom powder, mix .

Transfer the contents on a greased(with ghee) plate or cutting board. I just used a wax paper. Flatten it with a rolling pin. To avoid sticking to rolling pin, grease it with some ghee.

Cut it into squares. Let it cool down a bit and then take out the pieces and press the ends to the board to get even shapes.

Makes about 15-20 halwas
Preparation time : 40mins

65 thoughts on “Apple halwa”

  1. Thats very inventive of you Shilpa and the result looks so great. No wonder it was all gone. I will try making ur recipe sometime too, considering the fact that we love sweets so much :)..

  2. just 2 days back, i was wondering what to do with the apples lying in my fridge for 2 weeks….and finally i added them in my salad…this is a nice idea…will try this sometime..

  3. u amaze me shilpa. halwa with apples!!!! and i hope u stick to ur new yr’s resolution 😉
    wishing u and ur loved one a very happy new yr 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Arvind loves all kind of fruits too, I am choosy!:)
    Apple Halwa is a great idea, looks delicious. I made Apple Cinnamon butter last week for sandwiches.

  5. Shipa,

    If you want to avoid watage and avoid the excessive calories of halwa, you can make apple raita.. just cube the apples, add yogurt, little sugar and chat masala. It tastes good with rotis.


  6. just lovely. do you have a juicer? get hubby to juice the apples with some carrot and ginger. it tastes wonderfu. you may love it too, ‘cos the carrot flavour will mask the apple flavour. this juice is also great with pears.

    Shilpa: Thats a great idea Bee. I am gonnu try it.

  7. Apple halwa looks just like Dumroot(pumpkin) halwa! Sweet start to the new year! Wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead and looking forward to a lot more wonderful recipes here on aayis!

  8. Lovely twist to the apples Shlipa! Keep up the passion for cooking and innovating going. Have added it to my must try list.

  9. Hi Shilpa,
    I just can’t blve that there are people besides me who dont like apples..same pinch :-).I shud show ur comments to my hubby who thinks that non-apple eaters do not belong to this planet!!! Same pinch to the way ur hubby is enthu abt them the 1st day & convieniently forgets abt it the next day.My hubby is ditto..I had 3 large apples lying on the dining table for about 4 days now & was wondering what to do with it.Lo & Behold ur recipe is staring right into my face.I tried it immdtly & am posting this comment after having made it.I must say its really yumm,thou mine has come out a lil hard.

    Is it supposed to be soft soft like the normal halwas or does it get a lil hard after cooling?

    I am a regular reader of ur site & must say that all ur recipes are explained so well & easy too.I have tried a few & they have come out well.

    Thanks a ton for ur innovative & easy recipes & all the best for much much more. Happy New Year to u & ur family.

    Shilpa: Liju, Ohh…I am so happy that I am not alone ;). Yes, it gets little hard after cooling. If you don’t want it hard, take out from heat a little early. Since I wanted it to be hard, I cooked it for long.

  10. I made this today and it was awesome. No milk /cream it was wonderful. My son liked it very much. Very innovative of you Shilpa, to make halwa out of apples. Thank you.

  11. Thank you so much Shilpa, for ur sweet comment on my blog.. :)) It was indeed very touching..

    Reg this burfi, ur pics so good n the color is just amazing!


  12. Great recipe, Shilpa! You finally found some way to enjoy apples :). A’s suggestion of a raita sounds great too. You may also use it in salads along with some watermelon and greens, plus some feta cheese or just make good old fruit chaat after roasting the chopped fruits on tava :).

    Shilpa: Roasting sounds great musy. Raw apples is something I can’t handle (even though I quietly eat them if someone offered it, I can’t enjoy them).

  13. Hi Shilpa,

    I was just browsing internet for some recipes and came across your website.. Thanks a ton for all the wonderful recipes that you have shared…. and also your art work is amazing!!

  14. Hi Shilpa,
    I was browsing thorugh the sites and I came across your site.For couple of days I was going through all your recipes and found very interesting.I tried ‘Apple Halwa’ It looks delicious but for some reason it did not get hardened after cooling so I could not make them into blocks.

    Qty Apple -1 cup so I used 1/2 cup sugar

    Also my hubby says it is little tangy too.
    Am I doing any wrong here?

    I will keep trying ur great recipes.Like ur website so much…

    Thanks a ton for making me a great cook!


    Shilpa: Sireesha, I think it should have been cooked for a bit longer. This one is more like halwa than a burfi. They don’t harden completely like a cashew burfi. It is tangy because of apples.

  15. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried your apple halwa recipe and it came out well.
    Simple steps to follow, thanks…
    This is your Bangalore friend remember….Rashmi Gokhale.
    Very proud, your collection has grown soo big.Keep it up.

  16. hai it looks so crazy .it so mouth watering.and i really thankfull for u to present such a wonderful recepe with apple.also u explined it very clearly withstep by step that others couldnt do . thank you

  17. Dear shipla,
    i have tried many of your recipes..all have come out good or very close to ur results.

    but when i tried apple halwa, dont know why, halwa has become dark (black) in colour & its rock hard.

    what could have gone wrong?
    different type of apple?

    Shilpa: Which sugar did u use? I am not sure what went wrong. Probably you should have removed it early.

  18. Dear Shilpa,
    thank you for your reply.

    i used normal sugar. Followed your procedure as much i could remember.
    Also, re-checked again but didnt find any vast differance.

    Anyways i would like to try this again. wish me luck.

  19. This halwa can be made even healthier. Taste the apple ,if it is sweet enough like many of the indian apples no need to add sugar. If no khoya powder milk can be used. Finely grated nuts and saffron can be added while cooking.To avoid ghee anonstick pan can be used. I’m aregular user. It came out to be low calori & heart,diabitic patient friendly. hope to be in touch. Aroti

  20. This halwa can be made even healthier. Taste the apple ,if it is sweet enough like many of the indian apples no need to add sugar. If no khoya powder milk can be used. Finely grated nuts and saffron can be added while cooking.To avoid ghee anonstick pan can be used. I’m aregular user. It came out to be low calori & heart,diabitic patient friendly. hope to be in touch. Aroti

  21. Hi,

    This recipe has become my new favourite. Its very easy that i make it more than once in a month. Thank you. BTW i added some candied papaya, which comes in different colors and it looked very cool 🙂

  22. Thanks for the recipe, I need to try this, I was wondering whether we can use applesauce instead of grated apple for this recipe, let me know. Thanks again I love this site and even have told my friends & family about this wonderful site

  23. Sapna Sardessai

    I hate apple too but love apple pie, apple tart, pancake, now this halwa and a kheer I make with chopped apple and milk. Thanks for sharing this. I publish a lot of cookbooks, including the bestseller Ishtann and love what u post. All the very best dear.

  24. hi shilpa,
    u are an “Awesome chef”.
    all ur recipes are delicious& perfecto.
    tried ur apple halwa and my little ones loved it.
    thank u.

  25. Dear shilpa,
    Tried this one today, which turned out awesome!! Me and my hubby both loved it as it has a unique taste of sourness of apple..(we both are sweet lovers, thats a diff thing;) ) Thanks for the recipe.. I made it few mins before and now i can see only 3 remaining in my plate 😀 🙁 Thanks again for a wonderful sweet:) Keep up the good work!!GOD bless

  26. Dear Shilpa,

    Thanks for such an easy and wonderful recipe! I’m a CIT (cook-in-training) and this was my first attempt at an Indian sweet. I thought I’d try and make something for Ugadi and I was surprised at how easy it was to make this and how yummy it turned out to be 🙂
    I will definitely keep trying more of your recipes!

  27. I m just a beginner in cooking so i try to made halwa with dis recipe but it become caramel brown in color as well as too sweet inspite of adding less suger in comparision to apple because of this reason i m not able to shape it in form of barfi

  28. hmmm..this looks delicious ! I will try it this week…I am living in India and started cooking a various range of dishes but my dessert list still needs some overhauling ! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this nice recipe !

  29. Hi shilpa, tried this recipe, the taste was very good. No body could guess it as an apple halwa, everyone thot it as a bottle gourd halwa. Keepup the good job of posting innovative ideas of cookin..

  30. I am a big fan of your food blogs… I have tried my own version of different dishes, that you have posted, but Apple halwa????? really, will it taste good enough, and not BABY FOOD?? let me try with 2 allples, first… I’ll upload the experience. 😀

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