Sabudana sweet fritters (Shabutandla goD vadi/odi or Sabbakki sihi sandige)

Every recipe that I post on this blog has a special place in my heart. But the traditional recipes that I post make me immensely happy. It feels like I am digging into a bag of sweet memories. My parents are here for last 45 days and I am enjoying every bit of their stay. Not only we talk endlessly sometimes, we cook so many things (I mean aayi cooks and I eat) which I would not have cooked alone. Daily I come up with a dish name and aayi is more than happy to make it for me. The whole credit to make these sun dried items goes to pappa and aayi, since they are the ones making sure these fritters get dried perfectly by making sure they are always under hot sun (like dragging the sheet across the tiny balcony of my home). In the process I am sure, they? are also dried a lot :(.

Now coming to this sabudana fritters, these are my favorite among all such sun dried fritters. These are not only eaten during meal, but also can be devoured any time during the day as snacks or chips. They are so crunchy, lightly sweet, tasty and … I can’t explain more, I am salivating terribly.

At my native, we have a neighbor whom we call fondly as mami (In Konkani, all the women neighbors and fellow Konkanis are called as mamis or vainis and guys are called mamas or annas). This mami has a small business of making papads and vadis. When I was growing up, I was very fond of this mami and would go to help her. Of course I would demand that she help me make a big batch for me (which she always did happily). I picked up these sabudana fritter taste from her vadis. Now after some 15+ years, aayi made these again and I lived those days again.

Now, my next worry was, how am I going to eat them. I am avoiding deep fried items these days and I was fed up of drooling over these beautiful looking vadis for over a week now. Then my cousin came to my rescue. When we went to Boston last month, my cousin Ushakka had fried papads in microwave. I tried same with these, lined up few of the vadis in a single layer in microwave and let it go for 1 min. What did I see? A batch of beautiful looking, perfectly fried sabudana fritters. Did I mention that I was like dancing to I like to move it move it after eating them?

1 cup sabudana/shabutandul/sabbakki
5 cups water
2 tea spn sugar
1/2 tea spn salt

Wash sabudana in water and soak it in 2 cups of water for overnight.
Add 3 more cups of water (2 cups used for soaking and 3 more cups at this stage to make a total of 5 cups) and cook this mixture on a low flame mixing continuously. When the sabudana is cooked, it turns transparent. Now add salt, sugar and boil for sometime. The consistency should be somewhat like dosa batter. If required add more water (keep in mind, the batter becomes drier and drier as it cools down).

Line up a plastic paper under the sun. Spread some water on it (just sprinkle a handful of water and spread it).
When the batter is cooled down, spread the vadis.

Dry it till they come out easily off the paper and they have become crispy. Cool them to room temperature and then store in air tight container.

While using, deep fry them in oil (traditional method) or microwave them for 1 min(or less) till they have puffed up. Enjoy as a snack or sides with rice.

?PS: I am very unhappy with the pictures of these, but still I posted them because I feel it would help my readers to visualize how they look like in each step. Do not panic if they don’t look? good or look broken, they will be perfectly fine once done.

28 thoughts on “Sabudana sweet fritters (Shabutandla goD vadi/odi or Sabbakki sihi sandige)”

  1. hey Shilpa, this post of yours brought back warm memories. I remember vividly, enjoying these homemade papads when mom made it. It was hard (read impossible) to resist eating them before drying 🙂 Beautiful step-by-step pics!

  2. That truely brought back all the memories while making and drying these vadi’s when I was small….. but i have never seen this sweet version….. it was mostly the salty ones at my plce….. and your tip of microwaving is fantastic!! Thanks Shilpa. 🙂

  3. Shilpa,I heard of sweet sago vodis for first time(v often make the salted,masala version)..wd give it a try..the photos r truly useful..if u need apply little oil on both sides b4 shifting to mv ..v make papads also the same way..little oil on both high 40secs, turn repeat…use turntable its ok…its better than roasting on gas.
    tc..have a lovely week.

  4. You are amazing and you know exactly what I mean when I say that!

    I got a craving for sabudana papad the other day and bought a packet on Saturday. But I have been so busy ever since that I haven’t had a chance to fry any. Now, after looking at your post, I will do that tomorrow evening!

    Shilpa: Hehe..Manisha, I didn’t know what else to do. So broke some rules :(, will tell you more sometime

  5. Thanks for your recipes. My children love this. I will definately try this. I am from Udupi I love Brahmins food. Keep posting very interesting. Wish you all the best.
    Sheelu-Abu Dhabi,UAE

  6. Hi Shilpa,

    I simply love this sadige so much that i would skip the lunch & eat only this!! ;p
    This brings back childhood memories too. Thanks for a step-wise details.

  7. hi Shilpa,
    It is great to post such recipes.One could make these spicy by adding grinded green chillies,hing with or without onions while boiling the mixture.Alternatively you could use grated carrot or tomatoes finely grinded into a paste,this gives a different colour and taste to the sandige.

  8. hi shilpa

    u have got back old old memories when my aaji used to make this as well as kurdayas every summer holidays oooooo iwas thinking the other day abt aaji and all we did during summer and kurdayas is one thing i remembered a lot and was wondering where i would get to eat them ……..thanks a million for these sadubana vadis could u please ask ur mother id she knows how to make kurdayas too im waiting for aai to come to US so i get pampered too oooooo i really miss my childhood

    love and warm regards to ur mom

  9. Shilpa, preparing the sweet one at home is new to me. I used to get the readymade onces to avoid all the process of making and drying. My MIL made with whole sabudana abt 2 months back. I had soaked excess of sabudana on a Tuesday and did not know what to do with the same. Will try your way this weekend. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  10. Shilpa, these sweet fritters remind me of my childhood. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I remember the good old days in Mulki……

    My mom’s mami who is no more, used to make sweet fritters but not with sabudana. It used to be called sakre hapolu. Does anyone out there have the recipe for it?

    The best part about it is that there is no need to fry the sugar papad. It is eaten raw.

  11. Hey i love sabudana vadis..wish i was staying closeby then I would borrow some from you..hahaha,I remember during summer holidays I would sit out in the patio to guard these vadis from cattle and all kinds of creatures…hahaha
    my aayi used to add a hint of cumin seeds(jeera) to these.

  12. Reminds me of my mom. She prepares this every year during summer and sends it across to us. I prefer to have it fried using MW (no oil isn’t it)
    Thanks for the post.

  13. Another tip for microwave roasting. If the papad is little thick, just hold it under running water just until the water runs all over, then microwave for a min.
    Mast odi recipes pura yettas 🙂 Perfect recipe for the summer. Good use of the scorching heat!
    Nice to see all the traditional recipes, the very essence of konkani cuisine.

  14. oh those look so yummy….Your parents are great getting these to dry in the sun! BTW I am laughing out loud imagining you eating the fritters and moving it 😀

  15. Wow, like most of the readers of this article, I got reminded of the time my mom used to make it. She makes the spicy version. Love the way the papad looks when fried..yumm!

  16. Hi Shilpa,

    Your blog is so good..i made masala dosa and it was sooo yummy;and about the fritters,whole process looks so interesting..i’d never prepare any papad or fritters like this..but i want to ask that if it can be prepare with rice and it’s bite size along with some cumin or any masala..,what would be the procedure Thankyou so much for your time and waiting for your reply..good luck for your blog.

    Shilpa: Samreen, I am very sorry, I did not understand your question.

  17. It’s ok Shilpa i’m asking u again,that if replace sabudana with rice and remove sugar and add some cumin or any chillie what will be the procedure i hope u got it this time..

    Shilpa: Dear Samreen, I think it is better to try some other vadis than trying to completely change these vadis. Just rice and cumin might not taste well. I think the most suitable one would be onion vadis which have rice, chilies and onions(for taste).

  18. My husband keeps asking me to make gulgolay. It seems like they are fried pakoras made from wheat Atta and sugar,and then fried, that his mom used to make in Hyderabad, India. Please help with the recipe. Thanks

  19. Shilpa your recipe is great,but i was wondering is it completely traditional because im doing a project and i need to know. Of course I will obviously cite your page.


    Shilpa: Yes Tanis, it is a traditional recipe.

  20. Sorry to bug you (again!) but i was wondering where i might find some sabudana. Is it easy to find?

    always wondering,


    Shilpa: Tanis, its readily available in any Indian store.

  21. Great recipe yet again! You have made the traditional dishes seem so easy to prepare. Its wonderful to read your versions cos they are simple… must be a good cook too

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