Sabudana spicy fritters (Shabutandla tikshe vadi/odi or Sabbakki khara sandige)

This is the last among this year’s sun dried items. I know summer is over and no one might be interested in making these in this weather, but still, if I don’t post these now, I am sure I will forget all about these by next summer. I definitely don’t want to forget one of my favorite vadis, so for my own reference and also for those who like to read about these, I thought of posting them today. One of my reader had very interesting suggestion for drying these during winter.

These are the tikshe(Konkani) or khara(Kannada) – spicy and salty versions of sweet sabudana vadi that I had posted earlier. I love these as much as the sweet versions. The whole cumin seeds that you can feel in your mouth give a very smoky flavor to these very simple vadis. Adjust chili powder and cumin seeds according to your own taste.

1 cup sabudana/shabutandul/sabbakki
5 cups water
2 tea spns chili powder
1 tea spn cumin seeds
1/2 tea spn salt

Wash sabudana in water and soak it in 2 cups of water for overnight.
Add 3 more cups of water (2 cups used for soaking and 3 more cups at this stage to make a total of 5 cups) and cook this mixture on a low flame mixing continuously. When the sabudana is cooked, it turns transparent. Now add salt and boil for sometime. The consistency should be somewhat like dosa batter. If required add more water (keep in mind, the batter becomes drier and drier as it cools down). Add chili powder, cumin powder and mix well.

Line up a plastic paper under the sun. Spread some water on it (just sprinkle a handful of water and spread it).
When the batter is cooled down, spread the vadis.

Dry it till they come out easily off the paper and they have become crispy.

Cool them to room temperature and then store in air tight container.

While using, deep fry them in oil (traditional method) or microwave them for 1 min(or less) till they have puffed up. Enjoy as a snack or sides with rice.

19 thoughts on “Sabudana spicy fritters (Shabutandla tikshe vadi/odi or Sabbakki khara sandige)”

  1. Wow…Shilpa..this is exactly the sabudana paapad that my mil makes.Its loved by one and all! My kids relish on it as evening snack! (Btw-thks for the link to reader’s comment. My oven too has a function of Dehydrating and I was wondering what it might be for as the manual doesnt specify anything!My query has been resolved!)Thks for posting.Take care.

  2. Shilpa,
    I recalled one childhood event, my neighbour used to make lizzat paapad and during rainy season, she used to get a huge basket,keep the pump stove on low, wd place two aluminum dabbas on each side of this stove and place the basket upside down over it and wd neatly place the rolled out paapad for drying over it..used to take only few minutes! We at my inlaws place used to keep it in sun, and when it turned cloudy or wd rain wd bring the plastic sheet wt sabudana paapad(it is made in 5x2feet plastic sheet) and place it on floor overnight so that its just below the ceiling fan and wd dry overnight.My mil is amazing wt ideas! tc.

  3. Hi Shilpa,
    Lovely recipes and great pics! This one especially brought back memories of summer vacations when we would help mom make these. I remember eating the half-dried papads and they used to taste yummmmmmy 🙂

  4. Hi Shilpa

    this reminds me of my amma.. she does this by just adding salt. i lov the way it expands when fring.. i can eat just that .im sure this will be nice to thnx for sharing..

  5. Shilpa,

    Don’t hesitate to post such sundried stuffs recipes now… coz it’ll be very useful to those of us who live in tropical countries with hot sun all thru the yr…:)

  6. Hi Shilpa!!
    I had tried ur sabudana khicidi n loved it. Will try this one too for sure.

    Can you give the recipe for batate happolu also…

  7. Hello Shilpa
    Nice receipes……….actually receipes sent by you are not new, but the way you present and tell how to make is really surpurb……….as like there are many good teachers but there is only one teacher who knows how to explain……….and you are that TEACHER…….Thanks….

  8. Hey ,
    We stay in an apt in California… Though summer time is good for doing sandige, am a little concerned abt the dust that accumulates on the batter when we put them to dry… Can u plz lemme know how u do , any alternative to avoid the dust?

    Shilpa: No, I just sundry them in the patio.

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I prepared it today. It came out very well. My daughter loved it. Thanks a lot. My daughter likes chips, papad and sandige as side dishes.

  10. hi shilpa….
    i tried sabbakki sandige in the morning. n i put that batter on cloth.i saw that in the evening but it was sticky.the batter was bit watery. what is the reason for this. m really disappointed. tell me some tips.should i spread the batter in early morning itself. coz i spread batter at 12 noon

    please reply me

    1. It needs very strong sunlight for a long period. Try keeping it under sun early morning so that it gets more sunlight throughout the day

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