Tomato soup

Before learning this, I used to make soup from the ready made packs. But it is always good to make it fresh than making from ready made powder. This I learnt from Ajji(Mrs Diwan, unfortunately I forgot her name, used to always refer to her as Amit’s ajji). Ofcourse I have done some modifications to it, since I could not remember the exact recipe told by her ;).

Tomatoes 4
Potato(small) 1
Ginger 1″ piece
Garlic 2 flakes
Corn flour or maida 1 tbl spn
Pepper powder 1/2 tea spn
Maggi taste maker(optional) 2 cubes
Fresh cream(Optional) 1 tea spn
Bread cubes(fried in oil or ghee)(Optional) 10

Cook tomatoes, pealed potatoes, ginger, garlic(if more ginger-garlic is added, the soup gets spoiled) in sufficient water. Cool & grind to a smooth paste using the water used for cooking. (There should not be any lumps).
Boil water & add taste maker. When they are dissolved, add the tomato paste. Add sufficient water and salt. Bring it to boil. Add some water to corn flour(or maida), make a smooth paste & add this to soup stirring continuously. Add the pepper powder.
While serving, add cream & bread pieces(directly into soup bowl).

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 20min

13 thoughts on “Tomato soup”

  1. Shilpa~
    This is an amazing collection of recipes! There are so many that we at Naughty Curry want to try!

    We recently made one of your potato dishes and we’d love to feature it sometime on our blog. Please email us so that we can talk with you about it. 🙂

  2. Hi courtney,
    Thanks for your comment. Saw your website. It is very interesting. I will try some of the dishes from your site. I will be trying them when i go to US next month(since I will be completely free from my busy schedule). I will send an email soon.

  3. Shilpa,
    I just love your site. The recipes out here cater to everyday meals and I just love that!
    Tried the soup last night and kept me wanting for more!
    Thanks again

  4. hi dear , this rcp is really yup my 5 yrs old son loves soups n this one is his fav now thnx khup chaan ajun soup recp astil tar plz kalwa


  5. Shilpa, I made this last night and came out very good. My 35, 4 and 1.5 year olds drank to heart’s content and kept asking for more.
    thx for such a simple and delicious soup recipe. I will stick to this tomato soup recipe going forward.

  6. hi shilpa there is yet another method of making the soup and this would taste just like the ones served at restaurants here in india if u hv tasted it in bangalore.

  7. Try adding 1/2 apple while boiling tomato. It makes the soup thicker, a bit sweet & healthy. Then adding corn flour to make it thicker is not required. But otherwise, good job!!!! Keep it up!

  8. wow !! am i the first guy to comment in ere ?!!
    gonna try u recipe in a few hours, i was facinated my a little potato doin in the tomato soup, so defo gonna giv it a try, and u keep up posting new recipies…:P cheeers to ya

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