Spinach(Palak) soup

I love most of the soups. When I saw an article about soups in my recipe collection from old Kannada weekly, I was very much interested in it. I tried most of them and almost all turned out great. But I was a bit hesitant to try the spinach soup. I am not very comfortable with the strong spinach smell, but still I tried it with few changes and it turned out really good. It is a perfect dish for cold weather.

1 and 1/2 cups palak(spinach)
1/2 cup onion(cut into small pieces)
1 tea spn corn flour or maida
2 tea spns butter
Pepper powder
1/2 cup milk(optional)

Heat 1 tea spn butter. When it melts, add spinach and fry for 1-2mins. Add 1 cup water and cook till spinach leaves become tender. Grind them into a smooth puree using mixer/blender.
Heat remaining butter and fry onions till they turn translucent. Now add spinach puree. Mix corn flour in milk or water and add this to the spinach mixture stirring continuously. Add salt and pepper. When it thickens to desired consistency, take off from heat.
Serve hot.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15mins

33 thoughts on “Spinach(Palak) soup”

  1. I too make this soup with a slight variation.I roast a pod of garlic and 1 tsp jeera along with the spinach and blend it.It gives a very nice aroma and adds a lot of flavor.

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    Spinich soup sounds delicious ……never made it. I make similar soup with tomatos. Picture with the hot vapours looks very tempting…..
    Thanks for the recipe of ‘Goli bajji’ its very famous in restaurants in mysore it also called mangalore bajji.

  3. Yep soups are very comforting and see the color, it gives us our quota of anti-oxidants. I made palak soup on the last weekend but I used different ingredients. Will share my version soon. I have taken pictures too.

  4. What a coincidence Shilpa….I have just posted Palak pulao in my blog n came here, n seen ur palak soup. Will try ur palak soup. Thx for the healthy recipe.

    Good day!

  5. Soumyata, I will try your version next time. Thanks.

    Madhu, good to see you back. I am heading to your blog now ;).

    Thanks Linda.

    Shaheen, Metallic?? if you can’t stand the smell of cooked spinach(like me), you might not like this. But still give it a try.

    Anjali, I am waiting for your version.

    Bhargavi, I saw your pulav. It looks amazing. I am going to try it sometime.

    Lakshmiammal, I have no idea about toddlers :(. I am sorry.

    Thanks Lakshmi.

  6. Hi Shipa,

    The other day my husband said he wanted to have Spinach soup and I had no clue how to make it.
    Tried your recipe and it turned our really good.
    I also added half green chilli, 1 clove garlic and half tomato to reduce the smell of palak.
    And it was quite filling also.

  7. Hey girls, here is my variation of the good old palak soup. Slightly cook spinach leaves with a little water, salt and cinnamon stick. Strain the leaves and liquidise them by adding little by little milk in a mixer. The colour becomes light green. Then cook the mixture by stirring lightly. Add little salt and pepper. For serving top with grated cheese.

  8. Hi,

    Your recepies are always simple but very tasty.

    I added Maggi Veg Cubes that I had in my refrigerator to the soup. It gave a very nice flavour to the soup, especially for people who do not like palak smell.


  9. I have very high cholesterol and was searching the net for healthy soup recipes. Why is it that everybody uses butter or oil in spinach soups? So how come its healthy? Do you have a simple recipe for different soups without the white sinful maida and the very dangerous butter? Thanks

    Shilpa: You could leave both sinful maida and dangerous butter from the recipe and it would still taste good.

    1. Just saw this comment and thought will add my secret health tip.I never use any types of flours as thickening agents instead add Soaked,boiled & mashed Barley or oatmeal flakes.It doesn’t alter the taste of the soup in any way 🙂

  10. Thanx for the recipe. I have tried this without onion. Just added little jeera and it tasted good. My son who don’t usually like soups, had it twice.

  11. For Anirban

    You could boil spinach and a handful of peas in water. Drain the water, refresh in cold water and puree it. It should be very smooth. Transfer to a container, bring it to a boil, add some low fat milk. You will see the soup a very light colour. Add salt and pepper and serve.

    For the non cholestrol group, could add finely chopped onions fried in butter. This

  12. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried ur Spinach reciepe yesterday, even after the stir fry in butter and the biol , the raw taste of spinach was there. Any idea what went wrong ?

  13. Hi Shilpa,

    Thank you very much. It’s very easy to made & definately I will try this for my 2 year old child & husband. Is it fine?

  14. Marilla Fernandes

    I go regular in this site and love the recipes.. the spinach soup is lovely i tried out and my 3 yr old daughter enjoyed it.. it has antioxidant and its healthy too. Thanks shilpa.. keep it going

  15. Hi Shilpa,

    I always prefer ur blog for any kind of recipe if I wanna make.
    Yesterday I tried ur recipe and it turned out to be awesome.
    Everbody in my home liked it.
    Even my 2.5yr old son had it.
    Thnx Shilpa, Ur recipes r always simple and tasteeeeeeee.

  16. very easy and nice palak soup receipe. thanks. i tried it out after reading all comments and made – little jeera (thickly grounded else it will not blend), 1 garlic, 1 small onion chopped and 1 cup spinach – all sauted in 1 small spoon ghee. then added 1 cup water and boiled it. on cooling, added 1/2 cup milk and blended it. reheated the mixture, sprinkled pepper & black salt and served. it was awesome!

  17. Hi Shilpa,
    Its an easy and delicious way to be healthy. I am on my weight loss programme and want to reduce weight. I am sure your receipe for palak soup will help me a lot.



  18. Lovely recipe Shilpa.I have a different version of Palak soup. What i do is i add Palak(1.5 cups)+ 1/2 onion + 1 tomato + small pieces of ginger. I pressure cook them together.After it cools down I blend the mixture(while blending use as much ginger taste as you can take in a soup) and heat it. i add ground jeera,salt to taste + little bit of sugar.. It turns out great every single time.Ginger gives it a lovely flavour.

  19. hey shilpa, whr. are you?i was searching your site since last week but it
    wasn’t open & yesterday again i tried to go on your site & your site has been open i am so happy. today i tried your spinach soup it was so delicious i prepared it for my 3 years old daughter. it’s so simple to prepare in less & whatever ingredients available in home. and my daugter finished it, means she also like the taste. thank you so much for this healthy receipe.

  20. those who are looking for the simple healthy palak soup here is the reciepe.

    Boil the palak leaves for 10-15 min and then grind boiled palak finely .Then take this palak in to container and then add some water and boil it for 20 -30 min at low flame ( I boil it till it becomes the 3/4 of it). Then add black pepper powder, Jeera powder, black salt and table salt remove from flame after 3-4 min.And serve hot.

  21. Hi shilpa,
    great and healthy palak soup .i made slight variations by adding jeera and 2 cloves of garlic while sauting before grinding. The soup is delicious . i am having the bowl of soup in front of me . very tastyyyyyyy..
    gr8 site. love lot of the recipes . will try soon . this was the first one from ur site . thanx a ton

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