Macaroni soup

A fresh bowl of soup is something I want to have when I reach home daily from work. Sometimes when I am not very tired, I make something special apart from usual dinner. This is one such soup I tried. We loved it.

1 cup finely chopped vegetables – I used bellpeppers(capsicums) of 3 colors, cauliflower, green beans, carrots
1/2 tea spn fresh chopped ginger
1/2 cup macaroni
1/4 tea spn pepper + 1/4 tea spn red pepper flakes
1 tbl spn chopped basil
2 tbl spn milk
1-2 tbl spn Parmesan cheese
1 tea spn corn flour

Cook macaroni till it is done.
Cook the vegetables and ginger in enough water till they are almost done with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes. Add macaroni.
Mix corn flour with milk. Add this to vegetables, macaroni mixture. When the soup becomes thick, take off the heat. Add cheese, basil. Serve hot.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 20mins

19 thoughts on “Macaroni soup”

  1. I make it a little different. Must try this one. Picture looks like the soup bowl is right in front of you. I can imagine how comforting it must be on a cold day.

  2. And I can trust u to cook a storm when u r lazy! 😀 (‘apart frm usual dinner’– i wont cook dinner if i make this, its so filling n nutritious!) 😀

  3. Ooooh… I love soup too!
    Shilpa instead of adding corn flour to thicken it, just puree the veggies. Its healthier and tastier! Also some dried oregano really takes the flavour to a whole new level. Try it 😀

  4. This looks really delicious…Your site is really a treasure of recipes…love the aamchi recipes you have here..its my quick reference for sunday cooking, especially the fish recipes 🙂

  5. This is a good one and pretty simple to make. I am going to try this out. I suppose I can use whole wheat macaroni too with this, isn’t it?


    Shilpa: Yes.

  6. I made this last night immediately seeing your recipe, except i used goat cheese, since i did not have any others variety. We all liked it very much. Thank you

  7. Hi,
    i made this soup today and it was a big hit..
    One problem I had was when I added milk and corn flr to the veggies ,it one could make it out but it was not a smooth mix..
    what could be the solution for this??

    Shilpa: I am sorry, I don’t know.

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