Broccoli – Leek Soup

broccoli-leek soup

If there is one vegetable that I want to include in our diet and miserably failed, then it is broccoli. My friend keeps telling me how great this vegetable is. Lately I have been a little successful in my broccoli mission :). I include it in soups and pastas, but don’t make it ‘star of the dish’. I see better result with the approach!. Recently I made this soup and it came out really good.

2 cups chopped broccoli
1 cup chopped leeks
1 tea spn chopped garlic
Pepper powder

Heat butter and fry garlic for few seconds. Do not let it brown. Add broccoli and leeks. When they are cooked, grind them to smooth paste adding little water.
Bring it to boil. Add cream, salt. Cook for few more minutes. Add pepper. Serve hot.


broccoli-leek soup1

broccoli-leek soup2

broccoli-leek soup3

broccoli-leek soup4

broccoli-leek soup

7 thoughts on “Broccoli – Leek Soup”

  1. Definitely something I would like to add to my son’s diet. He will not eat broccoli if he can see it in his food. What he can’t see, he won’t know :)Thanks Shilpa

  2. Hey shilpa
    I am tempted to give you one broccoli recipe i tried…take broccoli cut into medium size and sauté in olive oil with 4-5 garlic crushed ,red chillies crushed or whole for flavor ,cover for 2-3 min but don’t overcook it.
    garnish it with peanut powder and lemon juice .It tastes yummy try it and share it for good health!

  3. I usually make this with white onions and milk. Since I don’t always have leeks or cream on hand. Add some shredded cheddar at the end and it becomes broccoli cheddar soup. It also works if you substitute zucchini for the broccoli.

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