Asian Ginger Broth

asian ginger broth

We have become big fans of Sweet tomatoes which is a soup-salad buffet restaurant. We visited it for the first time many years ago and at that time we were not very impressed. We became regular customers here after Ishaan was about 1 year old. This soon became the only restaurant where Ishaan would sit and eat!. V loves the salads and muffins, I love everything they serve – from salads to soups to bread. They keep changing their soup menu often. There was a time when we visited this restaurant every week.

During one such visits, we tasted Asian Ginger broth – very tasty and soothing, having a great ginger taste. We became instant fans. Then we started watching their menus carefully to figure out when this soup was on the menu!. The next step was to make this at home. Just an easy google search landed me on this page with the recipe. If you know me, you also know that I like to make things from scratch. So instead of vegetarian base mentioned in the recipe, I wanted to make it with a vegetarian stock prepared from scratch – that way I could control the quality and taste of broth. I took help from this recipe to make the stock. This soup tastes so great and is very very soothing. Give it a try.

Ingredients for vegetable stock:
3 cups celery
3 cups carrot
2 cups onion
2 bay leaves
1 tea spn black peppers
1 tbl spn chopped fresh ginger
1 tbl spn chopped garlic
8 cups water

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and bring it to boil. When it starts boiling, turn down the heat to medium for about 45mins to 1 hr till the broth gets all the flavors. Make sure the vegetables don’t get mashed up. Sieve it to remove all the vegetables. Save the water.

For Broth:
Vegetable stock
1 tbl spn corn starch
2 tea spn ginger pieces
1 tea spn garlic pieces

Heat oil and add ginger, garlic and fry for few minutes. Make sure they don’t get browned. Add vegetable stock and bring it to a boil. Mix the corn starch in 2 tbl spn water and add it to stock. Let it boil.
Serve hot.

PS: You can serve chopped green onions, sliced mushrooms, grated carrots or wonton strips with the soup. While eating, add these to the soup and enjoy. We like the soup on it’s own, without any toppings.


asian ginger broth1

asian ginger broth2

asian ginger broth3

asian ginger broth4

asian ginger broth5

asian ginger broth6

asian ginger broth

18 thoughts on “Asian Ginger Broth”

  1. Shilpa, even we are fans of Sweet Tomatoes and go there every weekend, it is the one place that offers the little ones many options and they are content those. That was the main reason we went and now we lie it for ourselves too, lots of salad and soup = Good meal!
    Interestingly, I have never seen this soup on the soup bar. These days, in our area, they have tomato basil and I am Happy!
    I would like to try this soup, I am down with a cold and I need something like this.

  2. Manasi, we found this only few times and it is supposed to be one of their most popular soups, but still they make this very rarely!. Let me know if you try it.

    Indiamap, Thanks.

    Rashmi, I don’t know if it is available in India. Sorry. It does not have a Konkani name.

  3. Just went to Sweet Tomatoes yesterday and had Asian ginger broth. It was my first experience with asian ginger broth and I absolutely loved it. Was itching to make it again today and viola! I found this recipe.
    I am definitely making it today and will let you kmow how it turns out.

  4. I love this broth at Souplantation and was eager to try duplicating it. For some reason, my vegetable stock did not come out with much flavor, maybe I needed to use more veggies. After straining it and following the rest of the recipe, I had to add one chicken bouillon to give it more flavor; I also added a few slices of raw ginger (in addition to the sauteed ginger). In the end, it came out pretty good.

  5. Tried that restaurant recently in Florida & was a big hit with my 2 young girls (2.5 & 6.5yrs old) especially this soup, they even had thirds! So found this while searching for the recipe, how funny it is this popular & rightly so.

  6. Do sweet tomatoes use a Chicken stock as a base or Vegetable stock. Just got home (uk) went to sweet tomatoes and got hooked on the Asian Ginger Broth.

  7. I loved their broth! the manager gave me the recipe once but it was all in gallons, etc. and I struggled to reduce it. But it was so simple and so good. That’s what brought me here–trying to find one that is similar in normal sized ingredients!

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