Vegetable omelet

The name is very misleading for most of us. Its not completely vegetarian in Indian terms. For us, egg also comes under non-veg. But this is what this omelet is called here in US.

For us, omelet always meant onion, tomato etc mixed with egg like this recipe. I had not even seen this version of omelet with vegetables stuffed inside egg before coming to US. We tasted this for the first time in Colorado Springs 3 years ago when we were staying at a hotel. We instantly became fans of this. Especially V, who is a huge fan of omelet, loves this version.

After coming back from there, I wanted to make this at home. It needs a big tava where you can spread a thin layer of egg. It also needs a lot of practice to learn when to turn the omelet. The omlet should not get brown, which completely spoils the taste.  I have tried different versions of it after watching innumerable TV shows. Recently, we have become regular customers of IHOP which has a variety of these. They have many different kinds of stuffings, from beans to vagetables to meat.

I am sure 99% of the people who read this blog know this dish and have their own versions of it. This is the exact measurements that V loves. I am posting this so that he can follow it exactly when I am not around.

You can add more vegetables to it as per your choice or leave out some. You can also add some cheese or spinach in this.

2 eggs
3 tbl spns bellpeppers (red, orange, yellow)
1 tbl spn onion
1 tbl spn tomato
1 tea spn jalapenos
1/2 tea spn hot sauce (optional)
1 tea spn coriander leaves

Heat a little butter and add onion and bellpeppers(do not add jalapenos and tomato at this stage) chopped finely. Fry on a medium heat till they become slightly soft. Add hot sauce, salt, pepper powder. Take care not to brown them. Take off the heat. Now add tomato, jalapenos, coriander leaves.
In a separate bowl, take egg, salt and pepper. Beat very well.
Heat a tava(I use 12″ diameter nonstick tava) on high flame till it gets hot. Reduce the heat to medium, spread butter and spread the egg on it.
Take care not to brown it, if required, reduce heat. When it is cooked ie when you can easily take it off the tava, turn it upside down. Cook for a min and turn again.
Now keep the vegetable stuffing on it.
Fold the omelet over the stuffing and serve hot with ketchup.


Serves : 1
Preparation time 15mins

27 thoughts on “Vegetable omelet”

  1. hi shilpa
    vegetable omlet is so attractive,and never heard of putting capsicum in omlet.i wish ur blog to come up with flying colours and all the very best.keep up your good work.

  2. What a lovely color! Did you use haldi or some special eggs?
    Thanks for the inspiration, will be making this for dinner tonight with loads of bell peppers. Like you mentioned Ihop, this kind of ‘thali’ is our favorite at Denny’s but it is too rich and we limit ourselves to about once a yr 😉 That skillet is too much and sometimes it comes with tortilla, salsa etc.

    Shilpa: No turmeric, just brown eggs.

  3. jalapenos maleri mirsang ve?

    Shilpa: Its a special kind of hot chillies. I used the pickled jalapenos which have a great taste and very hot. You can use normal chillies.

  4. Shilpa, indeed u hv brought across such a lovely omelet wt veggie filling! Unique! Can relate to ur way as my amma too used to beat eggs along wt onions, coriander chilies etc for that filling omelet! 😀 Tks for sharing girl is huge egg fan..surely this shd b a hit wt her! 🙂 Tks for sharing!

  5. This omletter surely looks quite tempting. The colour too is very appetising. Is is the natrual yellow colour or have U added turmeric to it ?

    Shilpa: No, I didn’t add any turmeric. Just used brown eggs.

  6. I always mix vegetables (capsicum, onons, jalapenos etc) with the beaten egg and then make omellete (which Im sure is common). Your version of vegetable mixture as a side with omelette must give it a unique taste. Will try it soon.

  7. Hi Shilpa,

    I have been making lots of recipes…thanks to your blog, I have recently entered the world of blogging and will add few recipes which I have mastered

  8. Great site Shilpa, I visit it very often. I dearly enjoy since I have roots from Karwar, so reading\making konkani recipes are a pleasure.

    A suggestion on the recepi, for those who want to stay away from yolk, try using just the egg whites with pinch of haldi, or you could also use the Egg Beaters. The omlettes come come great!

  9. I do this regularly at home but with a couple of variations
    The first is that I dont cook the omlette on both sides which means that I basically dont flip it. This also means that you can put the veggies on the omlette immediately after the egg batter has been spread on the tava. When you fold the omlette the heat is enough to cook the top side as well.

    The other thing that I just absolutely love to do is add some cheddar cheese on the veggies. when you fold the omlette the cheese just melts. When you cut it to eat it the cheese sort of begins to flow. So yummy yummy

  10. I forgot to add this tip. For those who dont want to use oil but want to make sure that the eggs dont stick to the pan here is what you should do

    a) Heat the pan till its very hot
    b) put a few drop of water and wipe them with a cloth (be careful the pan is hot and also the steam can burn)
    c) Now pour the egg batter, spread and immediately reduce the heat to the minimum setting
    d) wait for about a minute (if the omlette is thicker then you might have to wait a little bit more) and you will notice that the edges of the omlette begin to separate from the pan. This means that you can either flip it or fold it and its ready 🙂

  11. hey shilpa,
    I tried ur veg omlet sterday and my kiddo just loved it..then b4 3 days tried ur fish fry nd it was sooo delicious. I have posted on my blog. Please have a look. I am also konkani and my mom always refers ur website. Ur amazing shilpa , have nice blog and numerous recipes. keep cont..

    (Here there is a dish called egg fatayer or love it..on a 6 ” pizza base, one egg beaten well with 1/4C moz cheese+salt, is poured over the base, baked for 10 mins..cheese melts n egg cooks and its just too filling n tasty! I want to blog abt it, but never come around making it! 😀 )

    Shilpa: Thanks Purnima. So glad you remembered

  13. Hey Shilpa,

    Belated wishes on your birthday! Hope you had a great day with your family relished some awesome food!

    ~ Aru

  14. Awesome!!! though i am a vegetarian i love omelets a lot and my version is lightly frying different vegetables like onions,potatoes,peas, corn, carrots, beans, capsicum, cauliflower and tomatoes and adding then to well beaten mixture of egg with salt and pepper and little lal mirch, for the red colour, and spread like a thick omelet.
    Ur’s if very diff and nice, sure to try it asap 🙂

  15. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for this very tasty and filling dish. We had this for dinner. I added cheddar cheese on top of the filling.. We love the food in IHOP. When i made this, hubby loved it and said, this is very similar to the omelette in IHOP.. Delicious!
    Thanks again..

  16. dear shilpa – this is reallly common in india too !!! in fact instead of the veges, try putting some cheddar cheese and then a dusting of parmesean and then fold over ! this cheese omlet will be yummy and if u want a little difference then sprinkle oregano and thyme on the cheese. it is just faaaaabulas !! can be for breakfast and also very very tasty between 2 slices of bread as a snack !!1
    happy blogging !!!

  17. i hve seen the recipe

    but i din’t understand

    after beating eggs all these tomatos,onions to put in egg or in anther tava i idn’t understand pls explain properly

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