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I have been baking a breads/pizzas a lot these days. Mainly because I feel they are very easy to make. I usually make pizza base at home, use half immediately and freeze the remaining, which I finish within a week. Making the base does not take long time. Once the base is ready, it is just few minutes work to put together the pizza. Recently, I started grilling the pizza instead of baking it.

I skip the sauces and just add cheese and vegetables on it. This is something I had watched on Food Network. Grilling the base makes it very crispy, the way I like it.

Pizza dough(store bought pizza base can also be used)
Cheese – mozerrella or Italian 3 cheese combo (parmesan, asiago, romano)
Chilli flakes
Olive oil

Roll the pizza dough into desired size and thickness.
Heat the grill to high temperature. Sprinkle some olive oil. Now keep the rolled pizza base on the grill and reduce the temperature to medium. After few minutes, flip the pizza base.
Now spread the cheese on it.
Then spread the vegetables, salt, chilli flakes.
Cover the grill with a foil (optional, this helps to trap the heat and cheese melts faster). Take off the heat when the base is done.
Serve hot. 

PS: – Keep all the toppings, cheeses ready and near the grill. Once the base is flipped, you need to work very fast to add all the toppings, otherwise the base gets done and the cheese does not get time to melt.
– Sauce can be added before the cheese if required
– The toppings do not get cooked well by this method, so if you like, stir fry the toppings for few minutes before adding it to pizza
– Do not make the base very thick. This method works best for thin crusted pizzas.
– Do not cook it on high flame, the base gets eaily burnt. So keep it on medium flame.
– It takes few trial and errors to get the base and temperature right.

17 thoughts on “Grilled pizza”

  1. Wow..this is unique n different, Shilpa! Loved the look of it n the simplicity wt which u hv directed…(yest I baked 4 pizzas – 11″ for a dinner wt close frnz, base+sauce homemade. It was quite an experience – to get it out on time! 😀 )

  2. Nice idea to grill the pizza.
    I tried the vegetable pizza recipe from your blog for lunch today and it tasted pretty good. When I logged to write a comment on it, i saw the grilled pizza 🙂 Next time I will try this.

  3. hi great pizza its looks so yummy , i will try to make it for my dinner , u solved my dinner problem
    thks for ur all recepies , i always try ur recepies n they r always yummy

  4. I know if you have pizza dough ready, it takes minutes only to grill. If you donot have a grill you can roll pizza and put in a big greased pan with some cornmeal spreaded and put sauce, toppings and cheese fast and cover and lower the heat, you get crunchy pizza and veges cooked. I learned this from Tarla Dalal’s show 5 yrs. ago and love it. One more tip, if you freeze one ball
    of home made pizza dough, in future you take it out and thaw it, and you make your regular dough from maida with warm water and mix in the thaw pizza dough and keep it in warm place for 2-3 hrs, your fresh pizza dough is ready without the hassle of using yeast etc. & then save one ball of dough and freeze it for future. Its good for 3 to 4 months.

    February @ 9.33 am.( Its my daughter’s B-Day today and pizza is her favourite dish)

  5. I love the idea of grilling the pizza. Looks like you have used artichokes, pineapple and corn in the veggies. Haven’t yet tried using these veggies. Must have tasted gr8.

  6. Looks Gorgeous. Just yesterday when we bought pizza we were discussing that we should make the dough at home now… fresh baked tastes so much better.

  7. Your pizza looks good. I like the crust crispy too. Of late, I have bought Pilsbury pizza dough(thin crust), and the pizza has come out pretty good. This is of course a last minute thing when the kids are screaming they are hungry, not an every day thing.

    Got to try your pizza. Freezing the dough is a good idea.

  8. Hi there

    Just wondering what veggies u’ve used on the pizza..I cud see corn..but apart frm that? appreciate ur reply

    Shilpa: Pineapple, artichoke, Jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes, corn

  9. Hi Shilpa,
    Gud to see ur pizza,it looks wonder full. I have got a doubt. What all purpose flour you use( US brand). Can we use bleached flour? Thanks in advance.

    Keep doing this gud work

    Shilpa: Yes, you can use bleached flour. I have used different brands.

  10. Hi shilpa,
    I’m new to the blogging world and came across your blog. I had to stop to commend you on the wonderful job you are doing.
    My blog is
    and anything about food goes as far as my blog is concerned. I love different cuisines and this grilled pizza looks great.

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