Dates sweetdish(Kharjura payasa)

About 2 weeks ago, we had invited our friends for lunch. I made a simple spread for them. At the last moment, I realized I had not made any sweet dishes. Somehow sweet dishes always slip out of my mind as we both don’t have sweet tooth. So I wanted to make something that gets ready very fast, but something special. I saw a big batch of dates and I decided to go ahead with this. This became a huge hit, infact the highlight of the meal.

I have seen many versions of this payasa with coconut milk. I made it with milk like aayi – she substitutes coconut milk with milk in all her payasas.

Some other versions of this payasa by Sia, Ramya, Bee

1/2 cup chopped dates
3 cup milk
1/4 cup sugar(or jaggery)
2 tbl spns cashews
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder
1 tea spn ghee

Chop the dates. Cook them in milk (if using dates with seeds, remove the seeds before cooking) for about 6-7mins.
Grind the mixture. Do not let the dates grind completely. Few small bits of dates gives an amazing taste and texture.
Now add sugar to the dates mixture and cook again for about 5mins till it thickens.
Heat ghee and fry cashews. Add them and cardamom powder to payasa.
Serve hot or chilled.

Preparation time : 20mins
Serves : 2-3

Updated 12/29/2013 : I prepared this slightly differently this time, it came out really good and took about 8mins from start to finish.
I used about 20-25 dates and about 10 almonds. Added about 3 cups milk to it and microwaved for 2 mins. Then grind it. This gets a thick consistency due to number of dates and gets good sweetness from them too. Then I just added cardamom powder and cashews fried in ghee. Served chilled.

15 thoughts on “Dates sweetdish(Kharjura payasa)”

  1. Hi..thats sure a quick recipe… I love dates recipes..but I dont get them here 🙁 So whenever I see dates recipes (cakes/cookies/sweets) I try to replicate it with Raisins ..But not sure if this will work out wiht raisins…

    Nice post ya… am thirsty for payasams 🙂

  2. Hi shilpa,

    I used lion seedless dates and the milk got spoiled.what type of dates should i use.


    Shilpa: I am not sure what went wrong. I used Lion dates too and it was fine. I do that for dates cake too when I don’t have time to soak them.

  3. shilpa – i am pregnant and doc says im low on iron . hubby bought this whole pack of lion dates which is supposedly high in iron – and i jus cldnt get myself to eat them 🙁 saw this recipe and asked ma to try it out – tastes wonderful shilpa thank u so v much 🙂

    Shilpa: You can try date cake too.

  4. Shilpa,
    I made this for my brother in law last week. I have a few doubts, The milk starts lightly churning as we heat, so i had to stop as it started boiling, why is it so? Pl tell how to make this with coconut milk. I served him chilled and he loved it so much, take care

    Shilpa: Nirupama, I will try it again and see what happens. When I tried, milk did not churn, so I posted it. You can cook the dates in water, switch off and then add milk/coconut milk.

  5. Shilpa,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes, could you plz post a party menu planner . It would definetly help for newly married gals to plan the menu for parties.


  6. Hi All,
    Ive seen many queries about milk churning while cooking with dates.Ive Tried similar kinda dish while i had excess milk and fridge wasnt working too well.. if the milk curdles then cook the whole mixture till it dries up so it takes the form of halwa.. just add sugar and the dry fruits fried with ghee or skip the ghee.. comes out as tasty as kheer.This was a hit in my office and at home…

  7. Hi Shilpa,
    Tried your Dates Payasa and it came out very well. Its a quick and easy recipe. I am a regular visitor of your blog and love your recipes.
    Am really amazed by the way you put forth the recipes.
    Thank you.


  8. Am a new enterant to your blog. This recipe of yours is simply wonderful . Thanks for sharing so many lovely recipes. I would like to share that I also added a little coconut milk .and the result was simply yum !

  9. hallo shilpa,i am from thane,maharashtra.last 2 weeks i tried ur murg makhani,prawns hariyali,batata che hirve n it rocks!
    ur blog is real guide for amature cook like me.thanx 4 ur i will try ur date payasam.let u know.thanx

  10. Hi shilpa,
    I am a regular visitor of your blog and love your recipes.Thank you for your wonderful receipes.
    Ihave one small suggestion, if we add jaggery with milk &reheat the dish,it will become spoil or curdy, instead using milk we can add cocanut milk it will give more taste & in the place sugar we can use jaggery, that is more healthy& rich in iron.

    Thank you,

  11. Your recipe is easy but at the same time very tasty…my baby is allergic to cow i made this using coconut was yummm.

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