Dates – Puffed Rice Laddoo (Khajoor – Phulayil Phova Laddoo)

khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo

Wish you all a very happy Sankranti. Hope this festival brings you lots of happiness.

Like every year, I am going to celebrate this festival by distributing tilgul(kante halvo) and tila laddoo to family and neighbors here. I am also going to make a small amount of sweet pongal (muga dali khichdi). How do you celebrate this festival?

Recently I came across these delicious laddoos. I tried this at my sister’s place in Belgaum. I gave them a try when my son and his family were here for Christmas holidays. These are crunchy and delicious with great flavor. 

Also check out puffed rice laddoo.

2 cups phulayilo phovu/chirmure (puffed rice)
1 cup chopped dates
2 tbl spns chana dalia (hurigadale/putani) or cashews or peanuts
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup butter (1/2 stick of butter)
1 tea spn cardamom powder
1/2 cup dry shredded coconut(or desiccated coconut) (optional)

PS: You can reduce the amount of sugar if the dates are very sweet (like Mejdool dates).

khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo1 khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo2 khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo3 khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo4

Heat butter and add dalia, dates. Fry for a minute and then add sugar and let it melt.
khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo5
Add puffed rice and mix well. Take off heat and add cardamom powder.
khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo6 khajoor - phulayil phova laddoo7
When the mixture is cool enough to handle, make laddoos.
Take coconut on a plate. Roll each laddoo in the coconut. Serve.

Makes about 12 laddoos
Preparation time : 30mins

6 thoughts on “Dates – Puffed Rice Laddoo (Khajoor – Phulayil Phova Laddoo)”

  1. Mine won’t stick together! What a mess – but the taste is fantastic.
    I would love some suggestions as to how to make these properly. More dates?
    Being from Canada, I was wondering if some maple syrup would help the ingredients stay together. I made these as a gluten-free treat for our great-nephew. I guess that we can sprinkle them over ice cream.

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