Chicken With Garam Masala

I have this undying interest to make a new chicken dish every time I cook chicken at home. Sometimes it comes out well and sometimes it becomes a flop. Since V only eats dry chicken dishes, that is what I cook 99% of the time. This is one such dish I tried recently. It came out really well, so I tried it again for a small get together at home. Our friend’s two year old daughter loved this, which was a pleasant surprise considering it was pretty hot. It literally takes about 20mins to prepare this dish.

1 lb(half kg approx) boneless chicken breast
1 tea spn garam masala
5 green chillies (increase or decrease according to spiciness of the chillies)
1 tbl spn ginger pieces
A pinch turmeric
1 tea spn garlic pieces
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped tomato

Grind green chillies and ginger to a paste. Drain any extra water from chicken pieces. Add this paste, garam masala, turmeric, salt to chicken pieces and mix well. Leave it aside for about 15mins.
Heat oil and add garlic. When they turn brownish, add onions and fry till they turn brown. Add chicken pieces and cook for about 3-4mins. Now add tomato pieces, cover and cook till chicken is completely cooked.
Remove the lid and keep stirring the pieces on a high heat till all the water is evaporated and pieces get a nice thick coating of masala.
Serve hot as a starter or with rotis/chapatis.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 20mins


24 thoughts on “Chicken With Garam Masala”

  1. Wow! Mouth watering Shilpa as usual.. I make such dry chicken with marination of about 1 hr with curd, salt, turmeric & garam masala. and likewise, i dry all the water and make it dry.. my daughter loves it too.. but this with onion & tomatoes is now a sure try for me.. Thanks for such lovely recipes as ever.. Love you for that.. and yes, before i miss.. i just noticed from ur prev blogs, you got a new member into ur family recently.. Congratulations for that.. Hats off to you for the recipes u experiment and take pains & time to post them for mothers like us.. Lots of goodie wishes for ur li’l one.

  2. Thx Shilpa for another easy and lovely recipe.. trying to give up non-veg to reduce the bulge around our middle but this recipe is enticing me to try out! 🙂

  3. Hey Shilpa

    Iam a regular reader.not that I prepare much of ur dishes, simply because there is not many to eat them. Both my daughters r married,and stay in USA. They also read ur sight regularly. As i am from Karwar,ur dishes remind them of my cooking,and ur tips help them a lot. Thank u.


  4. Shilpa, hi your dishes are nice and simple – they are mouth watering and hope to find time to try them out – congrats. Mee too cooks well so will add your knowledge seeing these wonderful colorful pics. Ciao

  5. Super delicious! I must admit I have read this recipe many times before but never tried it cos it looked too simple to me to make a good chicken dish 😀 I mean no masala powders?!! But generally tried it today as I was short on time and hubby said he wants a dry dish. I’m glad I tried it…will make it often now. Deceptively simple 🙂

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