Stuffed Okra(Bhindi)

stuffed okra2

V and I both are big fans of stuffed vegetables. I haven’t been able to make this as often as I used to. I tried this recently and we absolutely loved it. The recipe was for stuffed eggplants(brinjals), but I used okra instead.

Check my aayi’s recipe for stuffed okra.

20-25 okras/bhindis
1/2 cup onion

Spice paste :
2 tbl spns coconut
2 tbl spn chana dalia(hurigadale/putani)
1 tbl spn sesame seeds
1 tea spn cumin seeds
1 tea spn coriander seeds
1 tea spn poppy seeds/khus khus
4-5 cloves
2-3″ cinnamon
4-5 red chillies
1 tea spn jaggery
1/2 tea spn tamarind

Heat oil and fry cloves, cinnamon, chana dalia, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, poppy seeds, red chillies. Grind the spices with coconut, tamarind, jaggery, salt to a paste. Do not add too much water.
Cut off the tops of the okras. Put a deep cross-sectioned cut in them. Stuff the ground paste into them.
Heat oil and fry onion till they soften. Add the stuffed okras. If there is any remaining masala, add it on top. Cover and cook on a low flame till done.
Serve hot with rice/chapatis.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 30mins


stuffed okra2-1

stuffed okra2-2

stuffed okra2-3

stuffed okra2-4

stuffed okra2-5

stuffed okra2-6

stuffed okra2-7

stuffed okra2

11 thoughts on “Stuffed Okra(Bhindi)”

  1. Nice! Will give it a try this weekend.
    One question though – from the pic looks like you have used chana dalia (chutney dal) ?? Chana dal is the hard more yellow looking dal – the one we use for holige right?

  2. Susana Gómez Beldarrain

    Thank for this wonderful recipe. I love bhindi. In Spain is not easy to buy it but sometimes I can buy it in the Indian shops from Madrid. As soon as possible I’ll try this recipe and I’ll comment you.

  3. Bhaskar Perenenkil

    Looks great I should try this tomorrow I need to buy whole Bhindi for this, I have only cut Bhendi

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