Stuffed capsicum

If you search stuffed capsicum recipe in the internet, you probably might get thousands of recipes. I have seen many stuffed capsicum recipes in many different recipe sites as well as blogs. But somehow I never tried any of them. It might be because I don’t like this vegetable. I buy it every time I go for shopping because my husband is a huge fan of it.

When I was chatting with our friend Vitz, he asked me if I have tried this stuffed capsicum. When I said I have never cooked it, he said his sister makes a very tasty stuffing of gram flour(besan) and it tastes awesome. From the day he told that, I kept on asking him to send this recipe. Though he sent it long back, I never tried it so far, even though I had picked up capsicums during my each shopping spree thinking of making this dish. Finally I tried it. It came out so good that even I took a second serving. The stuffing overcomes the strong flavor of capsicum. In all it was a great tasting dish. Thanks Vitz for the recipe.

4 big capsicums
3/4 cup chopped onion
3-4 tbl spn gram flour (besan)
1/2 tea spn chili powder
A pinch turmeric powder
3-4 curry leaves
1/2 tea spn tamarind extract or thick juice of 3-4 tamarind pieces
1/2 tea spn jaggery
A pinch asafoetida
1 tbl spn grated coconut

Cut capsicums into two pieces vertically.
Dry roast gram flour on a low heat till a nice aroma comes out, this was not there in original recipe, but I roasted flour to avoid any raw taste. Take out from heat.
Mix all ingredients, except oil and capsicum. Stuff the mixture into capsicum. (no need to add any water for stuffing).
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed or non stick pan and place the capsicums on it. Cover the pan with a tight lid. Cook on low/medium flame for around 15-20mins.
Serve hot.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 30mins

42 thoughts on “Stuffed capsicum”

  1. Shilpa, I don’t think I have been here before… Great recipes…The stuffed capsicum looks great, and I love your Chicken Tikka recipe, bookmarked in my to-try folder… Glad that you are eating non-veg again, hoping to see more non-veg dishes. 🙂

  2. I learnt a similar recipe from my mom. I saute the besan with onion & add all the masala. Also I don’t slit the capsicum. It’s very tasty!

  3. Hi, tried many varieties of stuffed capsicum, but never liked any. Need to try this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah we make this too. What I liked is you split the capsicum vertically so it stayed put with the stuffing staying in and making it easy to fry. I was stuck on slitting it horizontally as thats how it was always done in our family and it does not stand straight after stuffing and frying too becomes a task. Another version is to stuff same filling steam the capsicum and then fry for low oil consumption.

  5. i have made stuffed capsicum with other types of stuffings but never with besan. thanks for the recipe shilpa. will make this soon as i love caspsicum.

  6. Hi Shilpa,

    Till i arrive here i have same problem but oppose to yours like i like capsicum,while he doesn’t..
    I like the aroma it gives to the dishes….after coming i use to add it in most of the chinese dishes like noddles etc.,… slowly he got accustom to that veg now…
    Stuffed capsicum looks good.Thanks for sharing .

  7. Never tasted any kind of stuffed capsicum so far. Heard of such thing from my friend, she always used to mention about “tumbida badanekai and tumbida meNasu”.

    Go to try this one. You mentioned there is no need for water. Is it fried in oil? How much oil is required to make the capsicum fry? Is it like a deep fry?

  8. hi Shilpa
    just now i have posted my version of stuffed capsicum in my blog and visited ur blog and got another version for it.what a coincidence?same pinch dear!!
    will try urs sometime..looks good.

  9. Shilpa-
    I only have two recipes for stuffed capsicum- one stuffed with shrimp, the other with potato/pea combo as in samosas. This is a unique and delicious-looking recipe, as I am fond of besan and vegetable fry dishes. Good idea to roast the besan first; I would do this too! Will definitely try this one soon!

  10. Hello Shilpa ,

    Lovely pictures and a mouthwater recipe.. I generally cook eggplant with besan flour and it tastes very good..Should cook capsicum your way..

  11. Never tried Stuffed capsicum before.. recipe sounds interesting shilpa.
    Surprised that u don’t like capsicum.. iam a big fan of it. thanks for the recipe.

  12. Shilpa, good to see you becoming adventurous with food. First chicken, now capsicum. Both of which I totally love!

    So your husband is having a positive effect on your food choices. What positive effect are you having on his? 😉

  13. Other than in chinese stir-fries, this is the only way I like my capsicums too !! Stuffed. I too split the capsiums and after stuffing them, steam it in microwave for 3-4 minutes, then in a pan make a bagar of hing and mustard with very little oil, add the steamed capsicums, sprinkle a few drops of water and fry them or then bake them in the oven.

    I have another recipe, where the batter for dhokla is used as the stuffing and then the capsicums are steamed in a pressure cooker like idlis and then the bagar is added and sprinkled with cocount and coriander leaves. This one is yummy too !!

  14. Welcome to AR Sig. So happy to see you here. Let me know if you try tikkas.

    Richa, I have seen stuffing full capsicum in many places, but I feel that would take a lot of time to cook and somehow I was not comfortable making it. But slitting it makes the cooking very easy.

    Aruna, I think you will like this version. Let me know how it turned out.

    Anjali, I feel cutting it horizontally it would take a long time. So I think I interpreted my friend’s recipe as I wanted :).

    Mahesha, thanks. I will wait for your recipe.

    Sia, let me know how it turned out.

    Thanks Asha.

    Usha, I thought I am the only person in this world who does not like capsicum :). Try this recipe and your husband might like it.

    Manjula, when you keep this capsicum on a hot tava with about a tabl spoon of oil and close the lid tightly, it leaves some water and that is enough to cook it. Make sure to cook on low to medium flame.

    Daapz, I am not sure about baking because the inside filling might remain raw. So I prefer cooking it.

    Swapna, your version is so unique. I will try it next time :).

    Pelicano, I think the widely used stuffed capsicum has potato stuffing. But somehow it didn’t catch my attention as much as this version. But I want to try it sometime.

    Sushma, eggplant with besan? I would love to try that :).

    Prema, yes I have weired tastes :(. But I try to eat all the veggies.

    Manisha, he never likes any non veg other than seafood. Its me who forced him to eat. These days he eats chicken(only boneless). I made him eat non-Indian food also. But there are few things which I can’t get him to eat :(.

    Thanks Hema.

    Sunita let me know if you try this.

    Chetana, your method looks good to me. I will try it next time

  15. hi shilpa,
    is jaggery an optional ingredient or an important ingredient? asking this because the capsicum that i get here are sweet, i mean they are not very hot in taste. and one more thing can i increase the amount of chilli powder to cut the sweetness?

  16. Sowmya, jaggery gives a very nice taste to the stuffing. You can leave it out if you don’t like sweet. Yes, you can increase chili powder amount. What I have mentioned is just approximate.

  17. Hi shilpa,
    i would like to know whether jaggery is an important ingredient or an optional ingredient? and can i increase the amount of chilli powder to 1 teaspoon? asking this because the capsicums i get here are usually very sweet in taste.

  18. Hi Shilpa,

    I have tried baking stuffed capsicums in an oven and it does turn out pretty well. Actually its easier to do it in the oven when u have larger quantities, as u can put 2-3 baking dishes in one go in the oven. Just cover the baking dish with Aluminium foil, spread a little oil on it and put the capsicums with the flat side down and smear little oil on top of each capsicum. Put it in for 15 mins at 350 and its done. I think it consumes less oil this way and its kind of hands-free job, u don’t have to monitor and flip the capsicums or anything. Let me know if u try it anytime.

  19. This recipe is wonderful, i love capsicum but cant stand the stuffed ones…i tried this recipe after reading the reveiws…its yummy after u roast n cook the besan a bit.

  20. Hello Shilpa, We learnt the paneer chilli from your site and I have to say it is a staple in our household now. Not as a appetizer, as a side dish with chapathis! Thanks for that one- a life saver when we are hungry and theres nothing. I am a bit puzzled by this dish here though- how do you know when its done? When we thought it was done(ie the capsicum was fried quite well), the besan stuffing was all soggy and not dry and crumbly as your pic shows. Could you please tell me what ive missed? Did we need to turn the capsicum over? I only fried the capsicum side, should we have fried the other stuffing side and scooped it from the pan to not spil the stuffing or something? Sorry im all thumbs when it comes to cooking as you can probably tell! Thanks again!

    Shilpa: Jenny, no it is not turned upside down. Fried from only one side. Do not add water to stuffing or while cooking. Keep the heat on low or medium to stop burning. If you close the lid and give a little shake once in a while, it does not burn. I am still wondering how you got it soggy as there is not water added.

  21. Hi Shilpa,

    I should say this receipe was just delicious. Came out really good and my husband and kids (usually dont like vegetables and definitely not capsicum) enjoyed the dish so much were asking for more. So surely going to make this dish more often

    Thanks for the receipe

  22. hey shilpa,
    This is a gr8 blog and i have now so many different recipes to try.Yesterday night i made stuffed capsicum for dinner.The taste was nice.but i have a question.What i did was i flipped the capsicums to the otherside for them to evenly cook.Is that correct?Because of that some of the stuffing came out.For 15 -20 mins only some part of the capsicum is roasted some part is like green itself.Should this be eaten like that?I am bit confused.Hope u will clarify my questions.I will try some more recipes and will post u the results.Have a gr8 day!!!

  23. Shilpa ,

    I have a question about this recipe. Is this the same as the way we make it without stuffing the capsicum?
    My mom used to make besan along with capsicum in a similar way but i think without stuffing it in.
    Let me know please.



    Shilpa: This recipe is different. Here you stuff the besan and don’t sprinkle on top.

  24. Hi shilpa…i’ve been a big admirer of ur blog! i love the recipes n the care u take to share the details of the process.
    today i tried the stuffed capsicum but it got burned at the bottom with the stuffing still left uncooked!:( any clue abt wht i must have done wng?? i made sure the flame was on medium to low…
    i wud love to try this again…without burnin the base!

  25. Hello Shilpa,

    Its first time that I am looking for recipies on net. Checked many websites but your recipe matches my taste… A question for you… Can the stuffed capsicum be cooked in oven? I am trying to avoid oily stuff…

    Shilpa: I haven’t tried baking it. But I think you can steam it in cooker.

  26. Shilpa,

    I made the recipe over the weekend for a party and it was a big hit! Everybody loved it 🙂 I used vangibath powder instead of chilli powder. Thank you so much for sharing the recipes with us.

  27. Hi Shilpa,the recipe seems to be very different from the other stuffed capsicum receipes.My husband would really love to have it as likes capsicum a lot.i will definitely try this out.

  28. this is not a good recipe..i mean it might be tasty…but whoever has put it up has not described the complete way of makin it ..4 insatnce hw do u go bout fryin the capsicum…m tryin it rite now..nd its a biiig disappointment.

  29. Hi Shilpa,

    I made this excellent recipe today and we all enjoyed it. The besan stuffing is definitely lighter than the usual potato one i make and stuffing in halves is a very neat idea. The capsicums were evenly cooked and the stuffing had a sort of steamed taste which was very nice. I blanched the capsicum shells for 2 minutes and then stuffed – this reduced the shallow-frying time. I also added a tablespoon of roasted and crushed peanuts that gave a nice crunch. thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. i made stuffed capsicum after a long time and this is definitely also a quicker one to make.

  30. We stuff the capsicum with boiled mashed potatoes, chilly powder, turmeric powder, salt, kasuri methi. We slit capsicum and fill this inside it . we shallow fry it in kadhai with a cover on it. it is really yummy .

  31. Hi Shilpa!
    I tried this recipe for stuffed capsicum and it came out
    I shallow fried it, but the heat was high and it burnt the skin of capsicum. So I decided to microwave cook it and microwaved it on high for 5 or so more minutes and had it hot and tasted heavenly.
    A good, simple and yet fast preparation recipe!
    Keep it up!

  32. Swatee Chaturvedi

    Hi Shilpa, I tried this recipe today and it is the first time that I have visited your website. The capsicums turned out to be delicious. Instead of cooking it in a pan, I baked it with a bit of olive oil sprinkled at the top of the capsicums and baked at 160 degrees for about 10 minutes. It was really tasty. Thanks, will also check out other recipes here.

  33. hey Shilpa,

    I always tried to find some different kinda recipe of capsicum …. Love the recipe ….. Gonna try it today 🙂 …

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