Spicy mangoes (Ambe humaNe or Ambe upkari)

Ambe (mangoes) must be one of the most loved fruit during summer in India. Konkanis make many different dishes with it. One such dish which has a distinct Konkani stamp on it is Ambe humaNe or ambe upkari.

There are many varieties of mangoes grown at our native which are not known to other parts of India. Most of these types are local (ganvti). Usually these mangoes are very sweet and have lot of pulp. They cannot be cut with a knife(these varieties are called “ghonta” in Konkani) because they have quite big seed(gorto) in them. So eating them is a messy business, but who cares when it tastes out of the world. The smallest variety among such type of mangoes is used for this dish. It is a spicy and sweet dish. Many times, over ripe or not-so-sweet mangoes are used because the addition of jaggery and green chilies, gives them a unique taste. It is a very common dish during mango season.

It is a bit tricky to eat this, and I think, the best way is to use your hands. The mango juices absorb all the flavors from the seasoning and it turns into an amalgamation of myriad tastes. Beause these small mangoes are not available here in US, I use mango pieces when I make this here. It tastes great too. But if you ask a Konkani person, we would say, humaNe should be made with these small mangoes and if you make it without them, then it is not called humaNe :).

7-8 small mangoes
4-5 green chilies
4-5 curry leaves
1 tbl spn fresh/frozen coconut
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
1/2 tea spn urad dal
1 tea spn jaggery (optional)

Peel the skin of all mangoes. Usually these mangoes have a very thin skin and they come out easily.

Heat a little oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add urad dal. Add curry leaves, green chilies slitted into two. Now add the mangoes, jaggery, salt, half cup water (if there is not enough juice in mangoes), coconut. Close the lid and cook for 5-6 mins. This helps the mangoes absorb all the flavors and thicken the juices.
Serve hot as a side dish with rice and some spicy gravy.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 15mins

34 thoughts on “Spicy mangoes (Ambe humaNe or Ambe upkari)”

  1. Surprising Shilpa…You never posted this authentic one before. Miss the ambe upkari. Lucky you, got to eat some goodies in India.

  2. Wow Shilpa, I am on a late night conference call and looked at your website and am starving now !!! The spicy mangoes looks tooooo delicious !!

  3. Guess what?? I just was thinking of making Humaane today, but the mangoes I got were a little too sour. This is my favorite dish with mangoes. Back home, used to this eat this as a main dish and keep the rice and ambat aside. Humaane looks great Shilpa!!!

  4. Hey Shilpa…….Nice pic….my mouth is watering!! I love this a lot & can eat it as much as i can 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  5. We use “sakri” ambe to make this in Karkala.. and i love it.. the “kaat” ambe are sweeter than any other i have eaten.. very sweet and a nice tang too..
    Thanks for posting this and bringing back sweet memories of the “sakri” ambe in the grandparents’ house 🙂

  6. OMG shilpa, from where did u manage to get this ‘kaat’ mangoes? this is my fav dish back at home and had it while i was there.

  7. Hi Shilpa..
    Looks yummy..My all time fav…I am currently in Shanghai.. tried getting hold of mangoes to make ambe upkari.. but the mangoes are niether sweet nor tangy.. i mean its just tasteless.. Lovely picture..

  8. Shilpa..the pics r makin me drool here! I was planning on making by ripening the raw mangoes which look ‘kaat’ to me, lot thready or fibery can easily get this dish…amma makes it same way, except no green chilies..its byadgi. Yours looks very very yummy!!

  9. Dear Shilpa

    Thanks for leaving such sweet comments for me..I really felt on top of the world ..ha ha !!
    I truly meant to shre the award with you..coz you really deserve it..Keep it going!!

    Love n hugs!!

  10. Humane is one of my favourite dishes Shilpa,will try making it using the pieces because we dont get ghontas(as we call them right?) here.hmmm …looking at the pics my mouth is watering 🙂

    Shilpa: I forgot to mention that Deepa. Thanks. Will update it.

  11. Hey shilpa

    gr8 recipe……..even i am back frm india….though it was a month ago…i still miss every1… is this wot we call saasam saasav…???


    Shilpa: Komal, At my place, sasam has a thick coconut masala (something like chutney) in it.

  12. We call this “Ambe Andurli” and was my favouritr summer dishes as a kid.

    Totally agree with Ranji, it is fun to dip the mango seed in the gravy and suck on it…yum !! yum!1 yum!!!

    Will definitely try this tonight – have some organic mangoes at home !!

    Thanks, Shilpa

  13. Man, will you look at the color on those things? Just amazing! You must have so much patience, because if it was me, they’d be eaten as soon as I got done peeling them 🙂 BTW, i haven’t seen this made with urad dal before… that’s really unique!

  14. hey shilpa
    what a coincidence… i made this dish today itself… i got the same local mangoes recently from superstore…i had it last when i was in India (mangalore)my native..


  15. Hi Shilpa,

    My mouth is drooling at the sight of those mangoes.

    My Bapama’s tip: once u peel the mangoes, add some salt to the skins and squeeze them thoroughly to get some more juices out. This juice can be added to the dish.

    Hope this helps.

    Warm regds.

    Shilpa: Yes, aayi does that too Mangala. But she does not add salt. I will try with salt next time. Thanks

  16. Gorgeous color, lucky you to get such wonderful mangoes there.I have to drive 25+ milse to g to Indian store!:)
    Dish looks yummy. Have a great weekend, hugs.

    Shilpa: No Asha, we don’t get them here. I tasted this dish in India. I have to wait till I go there next time to eat it again :((.

  17. I am a 63 y/o American ex-wife of a KSB. We lived with my in-laws in Mumbai for awhile. My beloved Amma taught me all of the incredible dishes that she learned growing up in Mangalore. I am now completely bedfast and terribly terribly ‘homesick’ and someone directed me to this site. The first thing to pop up is ambe upkari, which Amma always made for me especially. I haven’t seen any ‘ghonta’ mangoes but I hadn’t thought to look either. Now I’m totally jazzed. Thank you so many more times than I can express! (p.s. we didn’t use urid dal, either)

  18. Shilpa:
    This is simply too much!
    One of my favorites. Even though we used to make this in mumbai, the huMaNe in kumta and honnavar had a distinctive taste.

    My aunts were surprised I’d take it in a bowl and eat it as dessert! Yumm! :-))

    Hey, see this pic of a mango seller in the Kumta market and a bystander demonstrating how to eat a ‘gHonTa’, (in this case, a manik-bhat).

  19. Hi Shilpa,

    This was one of my favorite recipe back in India….like u said will try to do this with mango pieces hereafter in U.S.
    Thanks for the tips….

  20. Hey shilpa,

    ur rite…. hahaha… there is a ground masala in it…
    cool. btw do u have a good recipe for pineapple upside down cake??? mine turned out horrible and burned… after a misguiding recipe from some website. thanks

  21. I love this Ambe upkari, the only thing that we used to add to this gravy is a spoon of maida to make the gravy a bit thick it tastes really good maybe you could try it next time when you prepare it again.

  22. Hi Shilpa,
    V make ambe-upkari this way :Peel the skin and squeeze all the pulp from the skin in a pan with clean water and clean hands. Boil the gonthambos( mangoes) in this water(throw away the peels) along with some Green Chillies and Salt, for about 5-10 mins till mangoes bcome soft. Add Jaggery and Maida (1 tbsp) / cooked Sabudana (sago)( 1 tbsp) and keep stirring till the randai reaches boiling point…Season with mustard seeds, 1 Red chiili and 1tsp udid dal . The whole mix shud b tikkse-mittse(SLURP-SLURP) !!!!!!!!
    I will b making it tonite for dinner along wid dalitoy and batate-songg… U r welcome….

  23. I had this kind of dish at my friends place and i loved it but it had coconut and i avoid coconut coz of calories oderwise i eat coconut and lo! behold i found ur recipe i prepared it without coconut and i added some Bedekar sunday masala when i was seasoning it OUT OF THIS WORLD ….. keep going fantastic website aayis recipes 🙂

  24. Yep, this is the way my mamamma used to make it!! But, must admit, of all the mango preparations, this one was my least favorite. My fave is ambe sasama, closely followed by ambe gozzu. I remember mamamma making another mango dish, but I forget. Made ambe sasama with my mamamma’s recipe this mango season – loved it!!

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