Shrimp Vada (Sungta Vade)

shirmp vada

There is a very beautiful river very close to our home, this means we get very fresh seafood. Most of the times the shrimp we get here are alive when we bring them home. One of our favorite dishes to make with these shirmp is this vada. Use small or medium sized shrimp for this. If you do not find them, cut the large ones into small pieces. Serve them hot when they are still hot and crisp.

3/4 cup shrimp
1/2 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1 tea spn coriander seeds
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract (or 2 pieces of tamarind)
3-4 red chilies
1 cup sooji/rava

shirmp vada1 shirmp vada2 shirmp vada3 shirmp vada4

Heat little oil and fry coriander seeds. Grind them with coconut, red chilies, tamarind, salt without adding too much water.
shirmp vada5 shirmp vada6 shirmp vada7
To this paste, add shrimp and onions.
Mix all together and make balls. Roll the balls in rava/sooji, slightly press them with hand and shallow fry on tava. Serve with rice as a side dish.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 25mins

shirmp vada

12 thoughts on “Shrimp Vada (Sungta Vade)”

    1. Shrimp cooks very fast. About 7-8 mins on the first side, flip over and then 5-6 mins on the other should be enough

  1. The Depressed Doormat

    I’d recommend pulsing the shrimp in a food processor so it isn’t a paste. You’ll get a richer mouth feel and texture, although I would still blend to a finer paste, a smaller quantity of the shrimp, since shrimp is a natural binder.

    I’m really curious to try this recipe out. What would you recommend serving this with? Perhaps some jeer-mirya kadi?

    I do wish there were more “konkani” “entrees”, rather than just the appetizers, but it is still a great source of recipes for a novice like myself. I do wonder where you source some weird ingredients (I have yet to see jackfruit in Chicago!).

    1. I think it will go well with a simple dali thoy or fish curries. I get most of the ingredients at a Kerala store here in Kansas. Many posts on this site are done by my aayi and brother who live in India.

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