Raw jackfruit sidedish (Kadgi chakko/kadgi sushal)

Kadgi‘ means raw jack fruit. ‘Chakko‘ or ‘sushal‘ is a kind of side dish with coconut. This dish is one of the most popular dishes among Konkanis. I had tasted it when I was a kid, but had completely forgotten about it. This dish is also called as “Kadgi sukke” (Sukke meaning a dry dish).

Gowri sent me this recipe many days ago. For few days I could not find raw jack fruit here. I am not very comfortable with tinned jack fruit, because I feel all the tinned products have a considerable taste difference compared to the fresh ones(I may be wrong in this, but I never prefer any tinned products). Then recently I saw the frozen raw jack fruit pack in Indian store. I used this frozen jack fruit for this dish.

As I was not remembering about this, I searched the recipe books and also asked my mom about the recipe that she had followed. All the confusion was due to one of the ingredients. Some people used urad dal in this dish and some used methi seeds. (According to my Aayi, Gowri and books, it is urad dal and according to Aruna and few more links that I got, it is methi seeds).

This dish turned out amazing. Thanks Gowri for reminding me about it.
In the following method, jack fruit can be replaced by Bamboo shoots (Keerlu) to get “Keerla chakko“.

1 cup green(raw) jackfruit
3/4 cup coconut(fresh or frozen)
4-5 red chilies
1 tea spn coriander seeds
1/2 tea spn urad dal 3/4 tea spn or methi(fenugreek) seeds
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract
1 tea spn mustard seeds
5-6 curry leaves
1/2 tea spn jaggery(optional)

Many people do not include jaggery in this dish.

Heat a little oil and fry coriander seeds and urad daal (or methi seeds). Grind them with coconut, jaggery(if using), red chilies and tamarind to a coarse paste (do not mix too much water).
Cut the jackfruit into bite size pieces. Beat them lightly with a stone or rolling pin.(If using the tinned jack fruit, open tin and squeeze all water from jack fruit. Soak in water for sometime and discard the water to get rid of saltiness. Smash the jack fruit with hand or shred it).
Heat 1 tbl spn of oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add curry leaves. Add jack fruit and fry for a minute.
Put in the ground masala, sprinkle a little water. Cook on a low flame for around 20mins mixing in between. Add salt (be careful if using the tinned jack fruit. Since it already has salt, add a little only if required). Mix well.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 30mins

23 thoughts on “Raw jackfruit sidedish (Kadgi chakko/kadgi sushal)”

  1. Thanks so much for the recipe!! I wanted to make Keerla chakko from a long time. The chakko which I had eaten, must have had Methi and jaggery in it – but this is just what I remember, I maybe wrong….I will try this one with jackfruit too….Thanks a bunch!!

  2. shilpa,

    not preferring tin products is very good.Not only taste difference now a days lot of threat is there in using them..always frsh vegetables, fresh productss are preferable.Thanks for sharing nice recipe

  3. WOW!! How do you manage to find all these!! You are making me nostalgic!! My estate grandmother makes raw jackfriut dishes all the time, haven’t eaten this in 18 yrs. :(( Are you in CA?? Lucky you!!
    You are right abt tinned stuff at Indian stores!!I bought some once, it smelled like metal inside ! Never buy them now!! Thanks for recipe!!

  4. You are welcome Rajasi. Let me know if you like the dish.

    Gowri, thanks again. It took me a long time to post it because I was not finding the jack fruit. This methi seeds and urad daal confusion is there in most of the recipes. May be everyone follows what suits their taste. Anyway…I loved this dish very much. Thanks…

    I agree with you Meena. I tried some tinned vegetables last time and it was horrible. I prefer fresh ones over frozen too, but fresh jackfruit is not available here.

    Asha, I stay in Kansick (oops..kansas) city :). Only good thing about this place is good indian and chinese stores. Almost everything is available here (not always…) but I think it is god’s way of improving my site more and more :D.

    Thanks Prema. Here also tinned food might have expired, bcos whenever I go to that store, I can find a thick layer of dust on them. Looks like no one buys them :).

  5. Wow! My MIL makes lovely Kadgi Chakko. I have not tried making it on my own, though. I really appreciate you going the extra mile to get the necessary ingredients for your posts.

  6. Isn’t it very tasty Vaish?? Thanks for the kind words, you are right, this site is drilling a hole in our pocket ;). My home looks like a mini-Indian store these days.

    Shaheen, IP, I am also very surprised to see so many similar dishes in Kerala and Konkani cuisine. It may be because we both are on the coastal areas and we love coconut :).

  7. hey shilpa,is raw jackfruit,neerpanas? (the small green jackkfruit thingy)

    let me know via email..i bought frozen breadfruit from indian store…and was wondering if this recipe will work for it


  8. Supriya, raw jackfruit meaning “the jackfruit which is not ripe”. It is not Neerpanas. There are two other types of kadgi used in cooking, one is ‘Neerpanas’-which is dark green and has many thorn kind of things and ‘Palapanas’- parrot green color with no thorns, also called breadfruit (some people call the first as ‘palapanas’ and second ‘neerpanas’). These two types cannot be used for this dish. You will get frozen “Raw(green) jackfruit” in Indian stores. That can be used for this dish.

    For breadfruit dishes, search for breadfruit in the search box on the top.

    (I get a lot of requests, queries daily and it is impossible for me to email everyone. If you wish to get my replies via emails, just click “notify me….” at the bottom of the comment window, while posting comments, and you will automatically get the replies).

  9. “Palapanas’- parrot green color with no thorns, also called breadfruit (some people call the first as ‘palapanas’ and second ‘neerpanas’). These two types cannot be used for this dish.”

    If I may Shilpa..Palpanas and Breadfruit are not same. One is ‘pachponos’ other ‘jeev Kadgi’. Palponos can be eaten when ripe just like jackfruit and also has so called ‘thorn’ and small in size. Bread fruit is commonly used for ‘Soyi bajjil ghashi’, ‘Bajo’ and ‘Phodi’ only when it is raw and mature!
    I am going to make ‘Beansa Sukke’ and daali thoy this afternoon…
    By the way where do you get your energy from? Is there a recipe for that too..may be you can share with us all one day!:);)

  10. Shilpa,
    I bought a palm size Kadgi,wasnt sure if it is raw or turned ripe..as per ur instructions, used lot of coconut oil for hands and knife,was quite an ordeal, but after half an hour of cleaning, i got a three cup full of bite pcs,luckily,it was tarney..wt marble size biccond,which cd b used in chakko…and it came out really well! Tks for posting.

  11. Hi shilpa..

    I stay in KC too.. can you tell me where you obtained the jackfruit from… great blog by the way.


    Shilpa: Shalini, it is available in Ambica. Sometimes he has fresh also, but usually i buy the frozen ones.

  12. Hey Shilpa,

    You are doing such a wonderful job! Thanks a lot.

    Was reading thru your posts and learnt that you are from Kansas city too. Where did you find Kadgi here? I once found frozen raw jackfruit in Indian stores at overland park but it was already ripe when I opened the pack.
    Pls let me know, would love to try out some kadgi dishes.:-)

    Shilpa: Ambica has raw jackfruit sometimes. I had found this there.

  13. it was really very useful especially the photo of items .
    though i recently married and settled in Doha
    being born & brought up in Dombivili,
    we like all maharastrian, gujarathi dishes apart from our own
    south indian item.

  14. Kadgi had made way in Devaraja Market, Mysore. Hence, I started my culinary osmosis on the savory on Kadgi in you Site. Took the printouts of Kadgi chakko/ kadgi sushal and Kadgi randayi receipies and read it out to my Aayi. My Aayi (her name is Shardakka in Kagal and Shamala M Bhat here in Mysore) happens to be from KAGAL, Kumta and Kadgi Sushal prepared her is entirely different from yours. So I told her about your site and asked the recipe to pass on to you.

    Cut Kadgi (Tender and Palm size is ideal) into small pieces. Cook it adding water and salt. See that it is done, must be smooth. Keep aside. Coconut, Red Chilly Powder, Tamarind extract, Jaggery and salt is grinded into a paste. Now take the cooked Kadgi pieces squeeze and remove the water and add to the paste. Grind it roughly (Ek Suththu Kas Kasi Vatka). Season (pann/tadka) it with Methi, Mustarad, Udadadal, Curry leaves. Asafetida. And sometimes it is seasoned by Garlic pann.

    My sister is put-up in Mangalore, each time I visit her place by BIL takes me to the Restaurant – Ram Bhavan, Near PVS Circle, in the evenings they serve Gujja Manchurian. Do you have this recipe Shilpakka?

    Shilpa: Sorry Rajesh, I don’t have the recipe for gujja manchurian. Thanks for your version of the recipe.

  15. Hey Rajesh,

    its “Ayodhya Restaurant” near PVS circle in mlore…its the best starter I have ever tasted. They make manchurian from idli’s too. I havent tasted it. U reminded me nostalgic 🙁
    Shilpa…you really got to search that recipe, try and post it here…its an amazing dish..:)

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