Peanutty eggplants and potatoes

Peanutty eggplants

This is another quick fix dish that I have come to love. I am a fan of ennegayi which has a combination of eggplants and peanuts. But I had only the huge eggplant that we get in any grocery store here (and sometimes I am very lazy to do stuffing). So I made the normal stir fry with eggplants and potatoes and added crushed peanuts. It turned out very delicious. It has become a regular at our home for couple of months now.

It tastes great when made little spicy, so increase the chili powder if you can handle more spice. Fry for a bit longer to make the eggplants and potatoes crunchy.

1 cup chopped eggplant
1 cup chopped potatoes
1/2 tea spn chili powder
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract(optional)
5-6 curry leaves
1/2 cup peanuts

Roast peanuts and grind into a coarse powder.
Heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add curry leaves.
Add eggplants, potatoes, salt and fry for 5-6mins. Now add chili powder, fry for sometime, close the lid and let it cook on a medium heat (do not add water). Add the tamarind if using and mix well.
Now add the peanut powder. Mix well. Serve hot.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 20mins

21 thoughts on “Peanutty eggplants and potatoes”

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    This is a great recipe as usual & I simply love eggplant. I am a regular visitor to your site, but posting a comment for the first time. I love your recipes & the simplicity with which you write them. I am a fairly new blogger myself; check out:
    Looking forward to more delicious recipes from you 🙂


  2. Wow, looks yummy !!!

    Try adding a hint of jaggery and the poha masala (your own recipe), that will make it yummier !!!

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    You have a great blog, simple and great recipe again. I use same process for making Capsicum and it turns out great, will try it for Eggplant now.


  4. thts a yummy combi. I usually add sambar powder for this veggie. Peanuts is a nice addition and will make it crunchier! Will try it out ur way next time 🙂 …

  5. That’s a very tasty-looking photo, and the recipe sounds yum, fun, and easy!
    I don’t care much for those big eggplants either- they tend to be a little bitter; so, if I’m stuck with those, I salt the pieces and let ’em drain awhile first. But that’s only if the Thai/Lao grocers are totally out, which is rare where I am!

    Shilpa: I thought u would love this. Peanuts and all :).

  6. I forgot to mention: I LOVE the photos of you and your aayi on the sidebar!!! Now I know what the two of you look like! 😀

    Shilpa: Ohh thanks. Glad to know you noticed :D.

  7. Jyothi shankar

    recipes is good!!!!
    i use to prepare this recipe very often…but i like suggest u some thing here. u add grated coconut and ginger gatrlic paste…really it give very good taste..try it
    hope so u like my suggestion

  8. This recipe is inviting…We prepare a similar kind of sidedish with potatoes and eggplant.In which we dont add the tamarind extract and the peanut powder.But use to saute onion initially and at the end mix it up with some grated coconut.

  9. Hi Shilpa,
    I must say ,the snap of the dish looks very yummy.I usually do not leave comments, but after reviewing your website, I love it and had to say so.Keep up the good work and thank you for the simple, yet mouth watering recipes.Looking forward to more dishes.

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for this recipe. I tried it just now but included onions first and also put tomatoes in the end instead of tamrind. That came out yummy… Can’t wait for husband to try and comment 🙂

    Keep up the gr8 work! Kits

  11. Hey Shilpa,

    I got married very recently and i confess i knew nothing about cooking until then.
    I started cooking the typical konkani dishes by visiting your website.
    I truly appreciate your efforts, and thank you for being a great help to all the konkani foodies..

    Keep up the good work,


  12. This dish is just so delicious. I cut the brinjal and potatoes into tiny pieces though..It cooks fast and tastes great 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these recipes.

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