NeerPanasa Randayi

As I mentioned here, we could not find the English name for Neerpanas. So I am using the Konkani name as it is. Read more about Neerpanas here.

We have a Neerpanasa kadgi(A tender jackfruit is called kadgi. This applies to all the different varieties of jackfruit) tree in our garden. It gives fruits twice a year. The tree looks like a bread fruit tree. Both kadgis are different in their outlook. This variety is not known to many people.

We like this Neerpanas as it has got some different taste. Moreover it does not produce gas in the digestive track like some other varieties of jackfruit. Neerpanasa kadgi cannot be used for randayi(a sidedish with coconut base) or phodi(tava fries) when it is fully mature and ripe. It becomes too soft.

When it is very tender, the seeds can also be used in the dish as they are. When they are little mature, the seeds get a little hard cover. So you need to cut them open and discard the outer hard skin.

Please note again, Neerpanas and paachpanas (second picture) are not same. We don’t know if paachpanas can be used for this dish. If you cannot find Neerpanas, it can be replaced by tender jackfruit.

2 cup Neerpanasa kadgi pieces
3/4 cup grated coconut
1/2 cup toordal or vatana
4-5 red chillies
5-6 teppal
2-3 piece kokum
A pinch turmeric

Apply some oil to palms and the knife to avoid the sticky gum. Cut the kadgi into two pieces. Discard the green outer skin and the white part in the center. If the seeds are hard, peel them. Add the pieces to water. Discard the water (water turns black sometimes due to the gum).
Cook toordal( or vatana ) and kadgi pieces separately in a cooker.

Grind coconut,red chillies and turmeric. Add the masala to already cooked kadgi and dal. (or vatana). Heat it and add crushed teppal, kokum pieces and salt. Cook for about 3 minutes. Serve as a side dish with hot rice or chapatis.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 30mins

14 thoughts on “NeerPanasa Randayi”

  1. Hi Shilpa,
    The curry looks great…has a lovely colour and seems very appetising ! The English name for Neerpanas is Breadfruit. ( You could confirm this on Yahoo images of ‘breadfruit’). Thanks for the excellent recipes you’ve been posting despite your busy schedule.

    1. Sujata, as aayi already mentioned in the previous post, breadfruit and what we call as neerpanas are two different varieties. Please refer the link. Breadfruit does not have any seeds in them. I will again update the pictures of Neerpanas in this post

  2. Happy New Year to Shilpa and your aayi, first of all, hats off to you both for hosting such a wonderful site.I just love the recipes you have postd ..that too with authentic GSB names , brings back memories of all the dishes that my mother makes .Bec of this site, I too want to try these and impress my kids..
    Hemangi Naik

  3. This is a lovely receipe even the phoodis taste nice.I love this vegetable very much.You can try this receipe by adding brown chanas.

    1. Priya, thanks for the link. But that is not the one. Note the leaves of the tree. The one you mentioned looks like second picture in this old post(I am not very sure about this one as I have never seen this fruit before, Dr Mallya had sent me the photo. I am sure about Neerpanas because we have the tree at home).

  4. Hi Jayashree paachi,

    I think we should get “theppal” in any of the Mangalore stores in Malleshwaram..
    I am gonna go to one of them this evening, will find out and let you know!

    Jyotsna Sarkar ( nee Bellare)

  5. Prabhakar Rao Nanyam

    Artocarpus altilis – (jack fruit that is edible on ripening — leaves are thicker oval type.)

    Artocarpus communis — Breadfruit — leaves are big in lobed

    Both can be used for curry purpose In Andhrapradesh exclusively in Godavari Districts
    these curries are famous and deliciously prepare in great parties and functions.

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