Moong dal usal (Muga dali usli)

Moong dal(muga dali) usli is very dear to most of the Konkanis. Some people eat it as a breakfast and some as a side dish. For me, it is mostly known as a prasad of Ramnavami festival. However you eat it, this is a very tasty and filling dish with or without any combination. I love to cook this because it is very easy and very nutritious. Make it a bit spicy and it goes well with chapathis too(This is just my way of eating it, others might not like this combination).

1/2 cup moong dal
1 tbl spn fresh/frozen coconut
3-4 green chilies
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
A pinch asafoetida
1/2 tea spn sugar
4-5 curry leaves

Heat oil and add mustard seeds. Add curry leaves, green chilies, asafoetida and fry for little time. Now add moong dal, fry for about 5mins and about 2 cups water, salt. Close the lid and cook till dal is cooked but not mushy. Add sugar and mix well. Garnish with coconut.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

15 thoughts on “Moong dal usal (Muga dali usli)”

  1. i love muga usli with lots of curds mixed with it :). But i agree, it tastes best on Ramnavami day! Your picture is looking so fresh and bright, perked me up totally!

  2. Hi Shilpa…feels nice to be the first one to leave a comment…this is really a quick recipe and even I make it very often…but so far have not added coconut to it…will try it your way too. 🙂

  3. I remember this from my best friend’s home im Mumbai when I was in college – I used to practically live there half the time.
    Very different and protein packed!
    Bring’s back fond memories of S Pacchi who was such a mother figure to me – still is.

  4. Surprising you posted this authentic breakfast item so late …Shilpa. Lost in work !!!! The picture is so pleasing. I make this with Kalayile Powu on Saturdays at least once in a month.

    In native place rulav (upma) is also served. Mooga usli, rulav, powu and sev. Wow miss those childhood and teenage days breakfast in mamama’s house.

  5. Hi! Shipa it is true that all konkanis from mangalore love hot mooga dali usali. I make it as a dinner dish, all in one. have it with some fruit and curds. I wash and soak moongdal for 30mts, after seasoning with mustard seeds, curryleaves and dry chilli pieces, I add 1 tsp of ground ginger and chilli paste. pressure cook it with a little more water,. garnish with scraped coconut and coriander leaves. Eat it hotwith ghee. It really tastes yummy. If any thig is left over , next Day dilute it with water n add masal ,season once again and u have ready daal.

  6. Akshata Kamath

    Hi Shilpa,
    It was nice to see mugadali usli. We used to have it with chapati when we were kids. Though the recipes are at the back of my mind or a call away (to amma), your blog and pictures always motivate me to try them out rightaway. Thanks a lot. Hats off to your effort in maintaing this blog.

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