Hot and Sour Cutlet (Amshe Tiksani Phodi)

amshe-tiksani phodi

Phodis are very popular among Konkanis. Chilli powder and tamarind are used to marinate the vegetables to make phodis. In old days the chilly powder was not easily available. So they prepared a pulp of red chillies, tamarind, salt and asafoetida. This pulp was used to prepare phodis of different types. It can also be used to prepare fried fish – usually we do not use asfoetida is not used for fish fry. This pulp could be used for many weeks even without refrigeration. So a big batch can be prepared and saved to be used to make quick dishes.

Ingredients (for spice paste):
2-3 cups red chillies
1/2 cup tamarind

Grind redchillies, tamarind and salt to a smooth pulp or paste by using very little quantity of water. Save the paste in an airtight container.

Ingredients (for cutlets) :
2-3 tea spn grated coconut
2 tea spn ginger pieces
A pinch asafoetida (hing)
2-3 tea spn sooji (rawa)

Take required quantity of spice paste and add grated coconut, ginger pieces, asafoetida and rawa to it. Mix well.
Prepare small balls of this mixture and after pressing them on the palm to flatten, place them on a hot tawa.
Shallow fry them on both sides using oil on a low flame.

Serves : 2-3


amshe-tiksani phodi1

amshe-tiksani phodi2

amshe-tiksani phodi3

amshe-tiksani phodi4

amshe-tiksani phodi

Apply the spice paste to plantain, roll into rava and shallow fry them.

amshe-tiksani phodi5

amshe-tiksani phodi6

7 thoughts on “Hot and Sour Cutlet (Amshe Tiksani Phodi)”

  1. I’m sorry, but I can’t understand this recipe at all. You must have left out many of the ingredients. There are no bananas/plantains mentioned, but you show a picture of some. What goes in the patties? Is it just the spice paste with the coconut, ginger, etc. that is fried into the cutlets? How did you prepare the plantains? Maybe Indians just know what goes into these things, but you have a lot of non-Indian readers, and we don’t know. Sorry.

    1. Carolina, please read the recipe (for cutlets) for the patties.
      You can also apply the spice paste to plantains, roll them into rava and shallow fry them.

    2. what is in the cutlets- is it plain masala?
      understood about the plantain but for cutlets there should be something in it right?
      do you all eat fried masala? or is it masala coconut cutlet?–confused.

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