Ivy gourds in coconut sauce(Tendli buthi)

Buthi is a Konkani dish which is unknown to me. I had heard about this before, but didn’t know how it is supposed to look or taste. When I saw this recipe in Kannada magazine in Konkani GSB food section, I was really surprised. Then I remembered Vee’s almbe buthi recipe. Since I love ivy gourds, I thought of giving this dish a try.

I found a lot of different variations to buthi in different places. Some had ginger, some didn’t include coriander seeds, some had used fried coriander seeds. I decided to try the easiest of all (just coriander seeds).

Tendli(Ivy gourd) buthi is a very simple dish with few ingredients. Though the recipe looks extremely simple, this dish and daali thoy together can make an awesome meal. The ivy gourds give a unique flavor to the dish. I didn’t cook the gourds completely, so the slightly crunchy pieces of gourd in a spicy coconut sauce was a real treat.

1 cup ivy gourds(tendli) chopped into round pieces
3/4 cup fresh/frozen coconut
4-5 red chilies
1/2 tea spn coriander seeds
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract or 1-2 pieces of normal tamarind
1/2 cup onion
Coconut oil

Grind together coconut, coriander seeds, chilies, tamarind into a coarse paste with little water. Do not add too much water.
Heat a little oil and fry onion till they are brownish. Now add ivy gourds and half cup water. Cook till the gourds are almost done. Add salt, ground paste and cook for 4-5mins.
Serve hot.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

21 thoughts on “Ivy gourds in coconut sauce(Tendli buthi)”

  1. Even though I have eaten many typical Konkani Bhutti, I have not heard bhutti made with Tendle; anything vegetable should taste good when you use coconut and onion !

  2. Shilpa,I would die for a plate of that girl.Last time I went to Indian store,I bought some Tondekai and made like a stir-fry.This looks delicious.I will try next time.Thanks.

  3. Shilpa,

    Tendli Buthi looks good, with all that onion I think it might be better tasting than tendli sagle .
    Regarding the ginger thing, I think it is used only for mushrooms. I don’t remember it being used for any other buthi type.

    PS: I wish I had your energy to work, cook, attend classes. [sigh]…

  4. hey shilpa,
    this is too good,
    i just came across ur site and found this wonderful recipe …being from mumbai these konkani recipes just hit it right 🙂
    thanks a lot
    my tendli looks good already and i cant wait to eat it

  5. I wanted to ask if you actually use gherkins in place of tendli or tindora? From my experiences, a gherkin is nothing but a young, tender cucumber, whereas tendli or tindora is the fruit of another kind of plant (a type of gourd, if I’m not mistaken).


    Shilpa: Ajeet, I used Tindora or Tendi. I had thought both this and gherkin are same :(. Now I checked and you are right, they are different. I will change my posts accordingly. Thanks.

  6. Hi Shilpa

    My favourite Tendle recipe is the “Bhutti”.

    My mom used to make very thin rings of the tendle, apply salt, keep for 10 mintues and sthen squeeze out all the water and then fry it till crunchy. Then add the onions, Bhutti masala and cook….yuummm!! The contrast of the crunchy tendli with the soft onions is awesome !!

  7. Butti is also my favorite among tendli varieties… love love it. I just posted about talasani and mentioned butti in my blog today.

  8. This is how I generally make bhutti.Roast the tendlis is oil till crisp. Transfer them onto a plate, and in the same kadai, fry some onions. Later add the tendlis, salt and some jaggery , water if needed. Cook till done. Roast black gram, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, red chillies. Grind the roasted items with tamarind , coconut and garlic cloves. Add the ground paste to the cooked tendlis, water as needed and brought to a boil.

  9. I have quite a few bird house gourds growing.
    I have been growing them for a few years.
    We have plenty of bird houses.
    Do you know of any way that we can cook them?

  10. Shilpa, its amazing that any new recipe I cook, you have it on your website, shows how well thorough you are with all the Konkani Recipes. I just tried this today as my husband who hardly eats any veggies said he loves this and being a GSB, I had no clue about the recipe so I called up my sister in law and got the recipe from her. Little different from yours but I am sure yours must be tasting as good. If you want to try a little variation on it then check this one out http://pritissearch.blogspot.com/2009/01/tendli-bhutti-recipe.html

  11. Purnima Vinod Andar

    Dear Shilpa
    My favorite tendli dish was always talasani but after trying out my hand at the buthi, my husband and I have fallen in love with this fantastic “amchi” dish. Last Friday I made rice, dalisaar and chapati with the buthi for a super lunch.
    Purnima Vinod Andar

  12. Purnima Vinod Andar

    Dear Shilpa,
    How do you make Surna (Elephant Yam) Koot? Please suggest a recipe, my husband loved it when he visited Mangalore last month and had a chance to eat it at his aunt’s place. His all time favorites are Batatya Song, Tambli, Dali Thoy and Jeermeerya kadi. Thanks for all the wonderful “amchi” recipes.
    Purnima Vinod Andar
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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